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 The biggest unreported crime in history:
  Nixon operative tanked Vietnam peace talks
   just to ensure Tricky Dick's 1968 victory

 By Tamara Baker

 ST. PAUL, Minnesota, June 26 -- I just found out something that makes me
 physically ill.

 The next time some Freeper or Limbaugh-lover tries to tell me that Nixon
 was better than Clinton, or that old CIA hand George Herbert Walker Bush
 wouldn't cut deals with Khomeini in order to ensure Ronald Reagan's
 election, I'm going to hit him (and it will be a "him" in all
 likelihood) upside the head with this little tidbit from an April 27,
 1998 U.S. News article by Ronald Brownstein

 * ...Compare any of this with the final hours of the 1968 presidential
 race, when Hubert Humphrey learned that Anna Chan Chennault, one of
 Richard M. Nixon's most active supporters, had worked to sabotage the
 opening of peace negotiations in Vietnam -- and yet withheld the
 information, which might have devastated Nixon's campaign, because he
 believed his rival had been unaware of her intrigues...

 Read that paragraph again. Let it sink in.

 Richard Nixon and the GOP were so anxious to get back into the White
 House in 1968 that they deliberately arranged for the Vietnam War to be
 prolonged in order to achieve their goal.

 Tens of thousands of young Americans, and hundreds of thousands of
 Vietnamese, died in the seven years from 1968 to 1975, all so Richard
 Milhous Nixon could become president.

 Every American since 1968 who lost a loved one to the Vietnam War,
 whether in combat or by fleeing to Canada, has Richard Nixon to blame
 for their loss.

 This is genuine, impeachable cut-and-dried treason, folks. As offenses
 go, this makes getting adulterous nookie from a willing partner look
 like the action of a saint.

 Yet why, why, WHY have we not heard more about this?

 Meanwhile, it seems that Republican operative Anna Chan Chennault, for
 whom Claire Chennault, the head of the anti-communist "Flying Tigers"
 CIA-sponsored air group, left his wife of 35 years and eight children,
 is still alive and still active in politics, this time in Sino-American relations:

 From The U.S. Flying Tigers

 * ...Even Today " Flying Tigers " (fei hu dui in Chinese Pinying) is
 still a household name. Anna Chan, the wife of general [sic] Chennault,
 the creator and head of Flying Tigers, is still active in building the
 sound friendship between Amercans and Chinese. Recently, the publishing
 of Anna Chan's Chennault and me [sic] is an influential event in China....

 Ironically, an "Anna Chennault" turns up as a contributor to John McCain, of all people:

 * Mrs. Anna Chennault $100.00 DC

 If this is the same lady as Claire Chennault's widow, is she perhaps
 feeling that her $100 pledge might compensate him for five unncessary
 years as a POW in a war she herself prolonged, at Richard Nixon's command?

 And I wonder what John McCain would do, if he knew that he need not have
 spent five brutal years as a POW, had Madame Chennault not carried out
 the GOP's orders?

 You know, conservatives like to mock the concept of the "October Surprise,"
 wherein George Herbert Walker Bush used his CIA and Big Oil ties to cut a deal
 with Ayatollah Khomeini to keep holding the American captives hostage until
 Reagan had beaten Carter in the 1980 elections.
 Despite the mountains of evidence that show otherwise, they keep
 claiming that there's no proof that the GOP ever tried to do anything so
 vile, and that in any event, the GOP would never do anything so vile.

 Richard Nixon's treachery in Vietnam proves them wrong. Dead wrong.

 The vast majority of the names on the Vietnam Wall in DC were put there because
 of Richard M. Nixon and the Republican Party. If they were willing to keep the war going
 just to win the White House, they certainly wouldn't balk at making sure Khomeini held onto
 the hostages long enough to ensure Jimmy Carter's defeat.

 And now, George W. Bush, the son of the GOP's point man in Iran (and
 later, Iran-Contra), is running for president.

 It is your patriotic duty as an American to vote against him in November.

 Copyright © 2000 Tamara Baker. All rights reserved.

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