The BartCop Tax Plan

The self-styled "President of the United States" says the American economy is faltering
(mostly because of the lack of consumer confidence in him) and that we need tax relief for all the people.
And we need to get the money to them right away, he says.

Smirk's plan offers $1600 to a family of 4 making $50,000, but they don't get it for 5 years.
(Notice the report on Bush's windfall for the rich won't be in until his second term.)

Seeing how his plan fails on both counts,
I thought I'd offer a better tax plan that fits his criteria better than his own plan.

There's one way we could give consumer confidence a boost, and, big surprise,
the plan doesn't involve giving Smirk daddy's rich friends a trillion-dollar windfall.

The BartCop Tax Plan

Rebate $1500 to every taxpayer two weeks before Thanksgiving.

Rebate 10% of any income,  for a total of $1500.
Families with two workers could get $3000.
If Dad, Mom and two teenagers are paying taxes on $15,000 or more,
the family would get a rebate of $6,000 from the federal government.

Every person with income qualifies.
Retired people, people on Social Security - anybody with taxable income.
What could be more fair?

Think of the economic benefit.
It would be the best Christmas ever for millions of families.

The sad news is, the rich will get the same $1500 we get under The BartCop Tax Plan,
and that's only if they have actual income. They won't get a dime if they just hang around
exclusive country clubs all day and whine about the how big their tax burden is.

Bush says that $1600 over five years is enough for a hard-working family of four.
Wouldn't you love to sit across from Cokie Roberts or Tim Russert and ask them
to explain why $1600 over five years should be enough for a working family?

Of course, the super-rich won't get their Lexus if they only get a $1500 bonus,
but maybe the super-rich need to learn that sometimes life just isn't fair.
Unlike the rich, when a working family gets their rebate, they're not likely to gobble up some
cash-starved small business and fire the employees and sell off the carcass to the highest bidder.

What would happen if the middle class had some spending money?
The middle class would use that $3,000-6000 to make a down payment on a car,  buy a washer-dryer,
a computer, maybe make some needed improvements on their home - all of which would bring down
factory inventories, causing Mr. Small Business to need to replenish his stock, so factories
will need to hire more workers to increase production.

$1500 is about the price of a computer.  Let's get everyone online.
If The BartCop Tax Plan results in the revival of  high tech stocks,
that'd just be another bonus that Bush's reverse Robin Hood scheme doesn't provide.

With tech stocks coming back, everyone's 401k will be on a roll again.
With their rebate, people might even pay off their credit cards, and increase the National Savings Rate,
which is something the Republicans claim they've wanted to do for many years.
Well, now's our chance.

Can we afford The BartCop Tax Plan?

Cost:  If 200 million taxpayers get $1500  =  0.3 trillion dollars
Compare to Smirk's windfall to the rich      =   1.6 trillion dollars

We save over a trillion dollars with The BartCop Tax Plan,
and we put the money into the people's hands, not  Wall Street and not big oil.

If the economy comes back to Clintonian levels and we still have a surplus, we can run
the same plan next Thanksgiving, and have the two greatest Christmases in a row.

The Democrats need to stop kissing Bush's ass and get behind The BartCop Tax Plan
and make it their plan so they can put their time and energy into protecting the non-rich from Bush's
reverse-Robin Hood scheme. My plan puts more money in the hands of more people faster than the
Bush plan for the rich and, as an extra bonus, we save over a trillion dollars

As the deadline gets closer, let's pressure Bush and congress to get with OUR program.

Who could be against The BartCop Tax Plan?
Do people making $30-50K want the super-rich to pay less taxes?

Don't let the billionaires define what "fair" means.
"Fair" means putting food on your family.

The BartCop Tax Plan does that.
Smirk's plan does nothing more than pay back his contributors a thousand times.