Best Note Taking Android Apps

I don’t do a whole lot of Note taking on my Android,
but I can see how making lists would be helpful, with that in mind,
here is a rundown on some Android not taking apps:

AK Notepad: Barebones, simple to us, open it up and use it. It does allow you to set reminder alarms
and pin notes to your Home screen. You can also share notes with social networking sites such as Twitter,
Facebook and so on. If you want something quick to help you remember stuff, AK Notepad is it.

Color Note: More bells and whistles, allows you to format notes as checklists, sounds like a “duh”,
but not a lot of note takers for Android do that. It also lets you color codes notes for organization
and share them as well. You can also set reminders as well as notes on your Home screen.

Note Everything: You can do text and voice notes, not problem.
You can even do Barcode notes, no idea how, maybe younger readers could figure out the value in this.



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