Tim Russert is such a sellout whore

 I watched Meet the Whore Sunday morning, and every time Russert asked,
 "Should we delay the tax CUT until we get out of the recession?"  Paul O'Neill
 and John McCain both said, "We'd be crazy to RAISE taxes during a recession."

 Nobody said anything about raising taxes, but Russert the partisan dullard just sat there
 and let both O'Neill and McCain twist his question like a drunken pretzel.
 O'Neill said it twice and McCain said it once and Timmy just took it.

 Remember during Monica, when Russert was a pit bull?
 He'd ask Charlie Rangel if Clinton licked Monica's left breast first or her right breast first, and when
 Rangel said, "Tim, I have absolutely no idea because I wasn't there," Russert would scream,

 The Bush cash giveaway to the super-rich affects hundreds of millions of Americans
 but Russert the obedient puppy knows his place is to remain silent on the big issues.
 After all, he works for Jack Welch who ordered the election called for Weak & Stupid.

 But when the "issue" was what's inside Clinton's pants, he's a goddamned determined bulldog.


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