The Titanic Oil Disaster

 Rush was whaling Tuesday.

 The oil tanker Prestige broke in half and sank off Spain,
 carrying 77,000 TONS of crude oil that will screw Spain silly.


 Rush knows a giant oil spill would make the Oil President look stupider,
 (is that possible?) so he starts attcking anyone who says the glaringly obvious
- that this is  a hueueueueuge environmental disaster.

"You just know the wacko environmentalists will call this 'a disaster,' "  said El Vulgaro.
"They'll whine about how it hurts the wildlife, I can hear them already."

 Bird fakes oil disaster to make Bush and Rush look stupid.

              Here's another one - Liar! Liberal!

"They always pretend these oil spills are so awful...
  What about the Titanic?
  It was full of oil, too.
  Who died from the Titanic oil spill?"

  ha ha

 You know, I make lots of mistakes writing this page, and sometimes I outright lie.
 But even so, I'm so much more accurate that Rush, the apologist for the Rebastardcan party.
 Not only that, but he swears he's always right, because he's got "Talent on loan from God,"
 and God doesn't screw up that often, so how did he get this one so wrong?

 Hey, Pigboy, I got a thunderbolt for you.
 The Titanic wasn't "full of oil," it was full of people.
 It didn't even use oil for fuel, it used coal.  How do I know?
 Because I own some coal from the Titanic.


 I paid $18 for this much Titanic coal.

 So Rush has embarrassed himself again with his stupid lies.
 He's a serial liar and an truth molester.

 In his panic, trying to pretend harmless oil spills happen everyday, Rush claimed the
 Titanic's monster oil spill didn't kill anybody, trying to protect the illegal oil president.

 Then he goes to a commercial, and when he comes back, he says his mailbox is overflowing
 with ditto-monkeys explaining to him that the Titanic ran on coal, not oil like Rush hoped.

 So, being the terribly intelligent monkey that he is, Rush says, "Well, coal pollutes, too."

 ha ha
 Yeah, Rush, we ALL remember those devastating coal spills.
 Nothing screws up a coastline like a coal spill - lying monkey!

 Rush is paid $30 million a year to protect the illegal Usurper Bush and tell lies about Clinton.
 He's the clumsiest liar of all time, yet millions buy into his bullshit.

 If we had BartCop Radio, we'd make him pay.

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  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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