Subject: Re: Hey Bartcop

 Hey Guy, I was wondering if you could help me with a small problem.
 I recently sent a letter to my local paper crediting Clinton with the
 good economy. A ditto-monkey wrote back and needs a snappy reply.
 Do you have any heavy sarcasm for this guy?
 This is the text of his letter:

 Dr Tobor.

 Glaring Ignorance

 The letter that Dr. Tobor submitted on March 23 ("GOP funny
 business") displayed a glaring ignorance, totally void of a well-reasoned
 argument, that is seen all too often in pseudo-political discourse.

 First of all, I agree with Dr. Tobor that the GOP is disintegrating. Good!
 It should reap the rewards of its complacency and incompetence; in particular,
 its inability to convict a sitting president for obvious obstruction of justice
 and lying under oath. There is no honor in the fact that Bill Clinton was not
 convicted. The facts speak for themselves and are undisputed. That a
 GOP-controlled Congress was so disorganized and self-serving as to allow this
 thug to remain in office is nothing but a farce.

 HIS GOP Senate voted there was no crime, yet he says the facts speak for themselves?
 It's not our problem if the GOP has no balls and no conscience.

 Dr. Tobor brings up "Clinton's economic policies, which are arguably the best."
 What policies are those? Can he tell us even one of them?
 Surely he doesn't mean the "economic stimulus package," which raised our taxes.
 Or does he think that it's great economic policy to plunder other people's money
 and redistribute it to others?

 You could start out by saying,
 "I don't know much about economics myself, but allow me to quote some experts."

 Speaker Newt Gingrich:
 "The tax increase will kill jobs and lead to a recession,
 and the recession will force people off of work and onto unemployment
 and will actually increase the deficit."
 [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/6/93]

 GOP Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete Domenici:
 "April Fool, America. This Clinton budget plan will not create jobs,
 will not grow the economy, and will not reduce the deficit."
 [Dallas Morning News, 4/2/93]

 GOP House Budget Committee Chairman John Kasich:
 "This plan will not work.
   If it was to work, then I'd have to become a Democrat."
 [CNN, 7/28/93]

 GOP Majority Leader (and economics professor) Dick Armey:
 "This plan is not a recipe for new jobs, more opportunities for our young
  people; or more secure retirement for our parents. It's a recipe for disaster."
 [Congressional Record, 8/5/93]


 That takes away his main thrust.
 He's wrong and he'll be fucking seething after he reads this.

 Now, onto the rest:

 As for his pride at being a Clinton supporter, is he proud of his
 administration's performance at Waco or at Ruby Ridge?

 First, George Herbert Traitor Butch was president for Ruby Ridge.
 This is partly Pigboy's fault.
 Pigboy keeps blaming Clinton for Ruby Ridge, but Clinton was the
 Governor of Arkansas when the president ordered Lon Horiuchi
 to put a bullet in the brain of Randy Weaver's wife..

 Clinton took office January 20th.
 Waco burned April 19th after a 55-day stand-off.
 Clinton HARDLY had time to change the FBI and ATF from
 "decent men doing their best,"  to "a pack of cold-blooded killers."

 Besides, Reno was his third or fourth choice for Attorney General.
 Remember how concerned the GOP was with nanny taxes?
 Remember how concerned the GOP was with nanny taxes?
 Remember how concerned the GOP was with nanny taxes?
 Remember how concerned the GOP was with nanny taxes?

 Maybe things would've been different if Clinton got his first choice
 for AG, instead of the testosterone-heavy Janet Reno.
 Besides, Koresh set that fire and killed those kids, even Pigboy admits that.

 Is he proud of the fact that his administration will not be
 prosecuted for the possession of almost 900 confidential FBI files?

 That's a really stupid goddamn thing to say.

 Clinton's not being prosecuted because Robert Fiske couldn't find a crime.
 Clinton's not being prosecuted because Hardon Kenny couldn't find a crime.
 Clinton's not being prosecuted because Robert Ray couldn't find a crime.
 I know he wants Clinton to confess, but to what?
 To what???

 This poor, confused bastard wants to prosecute when his own party
 investigates and finds no crime?  He belongs on the Supreme Court.

 Does he know that Charles Colson, who worked for Richard Nixon,
 went to jail for 14 months for simply acquiring one FBI file?

 Colson was fucking guilty, that's the difference between him and Clinton.
 I forget if Colson was found guilty by a jury or pled guilty, but either way,
 Colson was found guilty in a court of law and all three GOP prosecutors
 say the Clinton's are guilty of nothing.

 Does Dr. Tobor admire this behavior?
 Just curious.

 ha ha
 What a douchebag!
 That question needs to go to confession.

 Want to piss him off?

 Say, "Well, I admire Robert Fiske, Judge Kenneth Starr and Robert Ray
 for being so honest when it came to Filegate. They did the right thing and let it go.
 Sometimes it's hard for a fierce partisan to let go of these imaginary "scandals."

 ha ha

 Telling him he's no Hardon Kenny should piss him off

 Let me know how it goes, if you get printed,
 and let me know if I missed anything.

 Sopranos coming on, had to type fast.


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