This was a tough day

I got up and put on the Senate hearings and heard your Senator Inhofe say he's "most outraged by the outrage," that Saddam
treated Iraqis much worse than anything we're doing to them - in other words, as others have put it, "USA! Not as bad as the
worst people in the world!" Kudos to Senator John McCain, who walked out on Inhofe's moronic rant.

Can't let this go without mentioning Lieberman's ridiculous comments on Friday - that "no one has apologized for September 11," etc.
- as if our soldiers, and the SOBs who hijacked planes on that day, are somehow comparable. As if Americans should not be held to
a higher standard; as if somehow what happened in Abu Ghraib wasn't so bad because, after all, our people didn't dip the prisoners
in acid or drill through their hands or ram an aircraft filled with innocent people into the Twin Towers. Geez, thanks for pointing out
that rape and humiliation and dog attacks are not as bad as murder (this of course overlooks the fact that apparently several prisoners
at Abu Ghraib were, in fact, murdered). How low do you want to place that bar?

Tonight when I got home I found and downloaded and watched the video of the murder of Nick Berg. Have you seen this?
(It's on the web, but you won't get the link from )) It's incredibly upsetting, to say the least - vicious, cruel, inhuman.

Here's my point: you and I both know that, starting tomorrow, FAUX NEWS and Rush and the rest of the "Mighty Wurlitzer" will
begin to spin the current situation precisely this way (trust me, the RNC BlastFax message has already been sent): "You think what
Americans did to Iraqi (read: terrorist) prisoners in Abu Ghraib was bad? Look at this video - THAT'S evil. This is who we are
fighting, this is why prisoners were 'softened up' in Abu Ghraib - to stop just this sort of thing. Sure, it's ugly - but there's a reason
for it. Keeping America free and safe isn't always pretty."

This argument, of course, fall short in terms of logic (and sense) - there's no connection between the thousands of Iraqi prisoners
(most of whom, according to the Red Cross, are innocent of any crimes) and the terrorist SOBs who slaughtered Nick Berg.
But, since most Americans believe Iraq was in some way responsible for September 11, 2001, this (latest) right wing lie will likely be effective.

I don't buy the idea that Berg's murder was perpetrated in response to the torture of prisoners in Iraq - thugs like these don't need
an excuse for murder (see: IRA, PLF, IDF, etal). But the torture images provided these Islamic fundamentalist fanatic m.f.'s a perfect
PR opportunity, and they've taken full advantage.

You and I know that what should have happened in response to September 11, 2001: a world-wide prosecution of terrorist groups
and individuals, in cooperation with our allies and in conjunction with international police. Terrorists and their supporters should have
been dug up whereever they were - Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. - and brought to justice. The invasion of Afghanistan was correct,
but it would have been much, much better had we caught bin Laden there and then, instead of relying upon local militia to find and
capture him (also, if we'd left sufficient troops to keep the peace there - by all accounts, the Taliban has made a comeback, and
warlords run the country).

The invasion of Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the "war on terror;" I believe Smirk determined, the day he decided to run for
President, that no matter what he'd find an excuse to invade Iraq. Polish Poppy's image, lots of money to be made, etc.

As a result, terrorists around the world have found a new rallying point - if people in the Arab world didn't hate us before, they certainly do now.

According to MSNBC and other sources, Smirk had three chances to capture Abu Musab Zarqawi, the asshole who apparently was
responsible for Berg's murder. But he let these opportunities pass, because they would have jeopardized the Iraq invasion.

OK, right-wing loonies: tell me how CBS and Hitlery Clinton and Ted Kennedy were responsible for what happened to Nick Berg.
Tell me how Bill Clinton's "crimes" were worse than what your "steely-eyed, determined, courageous wartime President" has done.
I point my finger directly at YOU, as you and your support for the out-of-control megalomaniac who lives in the Peoples' House are
solely responsible to this man and his family, as well as all the families of those killed as a result of this elective, unnecessary, foolish war.

I call each and every one of you: traitor.

Sean O

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