Let's start with a VCR alert, we have five.

Tonight is the Country Music whatever, which is usually an automatic skip,
but Shania Twain is performing, and that woman can perform.

Koresh help me if she wears that black micro-mini she wore for the Grammys.
That's the best musical performance I guess I've ever seen

Also, exhibitionist Ashley Judd is on Letterman tonight.
Remember, she has it in her contract thast she must expose herself
or she won't do the show, so how will the Letterman people pull this off?

The new Star Trek Voyager starts tonight.
I thought they were losing steam until Seven-of-Nine showed up.
I didn't like her at first, cause she's no babe, but her character is great.
The Star Trek franchise continues because of her.

The new season of  "Law & Order" starts tonight, too.
Angie Harmon is the best reason to own a TV on Wednesdays.
Trust me, she's a Republican. Her most memorable quote so far was
from a case where they weren't sure who was guilty. Her solution?

"Let's hang them all."

Lastly, 'The West Wing" premiers tonight.
Advertising people say this is the show they'll put their money on.
How interesting can a show about the White House be?
They say the prez is a good guy - how entertaining is that?
I guess we'll find out soon.

The new TV season looks pretty good so far.

Of the shows that have been on so far, "Action" has been the best.
"Action" is on that awful Fox Network Thursdays against Frasier.
It's a little like "Pretty Woman."

It stars Jay Mohr as a weasel movie producer negotiating the back-stabbing
and friend-raping that goes on in Hollywood. (and Washington)

The best part is the only person he can trust is a hooker, Illeana Douglas.
Douglas isn't very cute, which means she can act.
Snappy writing, and a "real" feel like the Larry Sanders show, which I really miss.
So far, and it's early, but "Action" is the best new comedy.

I also watched "Law and Order SUV," which is all-sex-crimes-all-the-time.
The producer of "L&O, SUV" is Dick Wolf, the man who hates Janet Reno's
guts even more than the right wing of the Grand Old Fascist party.

He's wanting a later time slot than 9 Eastern, and you can tell from the writing.
In the opener, a cabbie got the Lorena Bobbitt treatment, so for the rest
of the show we got a collection of  pickle-cutter jokes.

It's a pretty good show, but it's so damn dark.
I don't know if America can do very dark every week.
It has John Munch from Homicide, which is OK, but he's just the cranberry sauce.
I was hoping he'd be the turkey or the mashed potatos.
(and don't write about potatos. It's impossible to spell potatoe wrong on this site)

Margarita Haritang, or however you spell it, is much better here than she was on ER.
On ER, she was just a whiner, and she was Anthony can't-act's girlfriend.
(By the way, did you know she was Jayne Mansfield's daughter?)

I missed Heather Locklear's debut on Spin City.
Was she good?
Great looking, but no acting talent.
However, she does have a talent for saving sagging shows.

I mistakenly watched, "It's Like, You Know," which is the old Seinfeld producer.
The show has better babes than Seinfeld, but the writing really sucks.
However, I do like the bald guy.

I even caught a few minutes of "Once and Again."
Sela Ward is real easy to watch, and the writing is very thirtysomething.
I never saw that show, because they said it was about feelings.

Soon, we'll have the beginning of the last season of "The X-Files."
I hope they go out with their dignity intact, but I have a nagging feeling
they're going to go out like Bob Dole and David Brinkley.

And I can't wait to see who got married on "Friends."
There's a show for you - babes and great writing.

"Frasier" is also tomorrow, that's always good.

Agree or disagree?

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