Last night I taped Star Trek Voyager, so I don't have a report on that yet.
I suspect they'll continue their winning streak.

I also taped the Country Music whatever.
I understand Shania did not wear the Dress-of-the-Century.
USA Today says, Shania finally wins Entertainder of the Year.

Oh, please.

How could anyone but her win that award?
Either they don't allow men to vote or Nashville has
a much bigger gay population than we've been led to believe.
Koresh, that dress could win Entertainer of the Year, by itself!


I need a moment to calm down...

I missed Ashley Judd on Letterman.
How did they handle her "must-expose" codicil in her contract?

I did see West Wing, tho, and I liked it.
It looked a lot like L.A. Law, which was once a damn good show.
It had the right amount of streetwise, and I like that.
I've always liked behind-the-scenes movies and TV shows.
That's another reason I like Action, which is on tonight, too.

The Steppinoffacliff character banged a pot-smoking hooker, which was fun.
The minute she said, "Gee, our pagers are identical," I knew where that was going.
It was a little fake when the president told the Coathanger Coalition to,
"Get your fat asses out of my White House."

No president speaks that way.
If Clinton didn't call Barr and this man "mother-effing sons-of-bitches,"
then no president can call anybody anything.

I think it was a mistake to make the president a good guy.
The story possibilities expand exponentially if the prez is a slick,
conniving, get-away-with-it type of guy, instead of a goody two shoes.
Maybe they'll figure that out.
Maybe they'll have Sheen slowly turn from a nice man into a greedy prick,
hardened by a city that destroys people and calls it, "Blood Sport."


Then came Law and Order.
I wasn't prepared for that opening two minutes.
That was spooky seeing that many dead kids.

The show was a little too anti-gun for my tastes.
You can't explore an issue with 80/20 coverage.
That gun producer should've been sued in civil court, not criminal.
I missed Angie Harmon over the summer.
I like watching her argue with her boss.
McCoy is the liberal, and she's the "Let's hang 'em all," conservative.
Of course, she's so sexy, I'd watch her read a phone book.

The new guy, Jesse something (Ally McBeal's old boyfriend) was hard to figure out.
Looks like they're giving him a complex personality, part compassionate liberal
and part screw-the-constitution-cause-he's-guilty-anyway Republican.

When he had guiltyboy in the box, he went over the spirit of Miranda,
and may have crossed the letter of the law, too. His interrogation was so
one-sided, his boss called for an attorney for the ignorant, mass- murderer.
That's never happened on any cop show I've ever seen.

So, West Wing and Law and Order are off to good starts.

Tonight is the season premier of Friends and Frasier.
ER isn't on tonight, which is fine by me.
Just like with Mad About You, they gave everyone so goddamn much money
they've forgotten how to write, act and direct.

Did you know it costs $13,000,000 per episode of ER?
That's the Kiss of Death.

Chicago Hope is on the same time as Frasier.
Did you see the last Chicago Hope?
Mandy Patenkin called a staff meeting, went around the table saying,
"You're fired, you're fired, you're fired" to most of the cast.
CBS told David Kelley they'd give him one last chance or they'd pull the show.

Hey, CBS!
You dumbshits put the best medical show on TV against the other best
medical show on TV, and now you're whining that it's sagging in the ratings?

They always do that - like Fox putting Action, their best new comedy
on Thursday nights so it can be slaughtered by Must See TV.

So tonight, I'm going to watch Friends and  Frasier and maybe that new show
Third Watch which is on instead of ER.

I'm going to tape Action to watch between Frasier and Third Watch.
I resent having a good show at 7, (CST) crap at 7:30, good show at 8, crap at 8:30 etc.

(Correction:  ACTION is in the slot between Frasier and ER.
  So after Frasier, go to Fox for this great show.)

Also, don't forget Pamela Anderson on Leno tonight.
She looks so much better without her implants, don't you think?
I've always found smart women more attractive, and somehow
super-giant hooters give the unfair impression that the woman is stupid.
Another male chauvanist remark, I'm sure, but an honest one.

Oh, we're also packing for our trip to Durango and Telluride.  will be dark for a week, so don't think they got me with a car bomb..

If you want something to read, this might be a chance to re-visit old issues.
The 1996 convention stuff started around Volume 63 or so,
and the Monica fiasco started with Volume 111.

If you're in Durango this week, look for the guy with a BartCop hat
and the Hershey Kiss-shaped tequila bottle near the back of the train.

Oh, can you keep a secret?

The bathroom windows on the Durango train open.
...and they have no smoke alarms on those trains,
so there's no telling how much fun I'm going to have.

On October second or third, I should have a bunch of new stories.

See you then...

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