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U.S. Stars in the British Press

If I was a lesbian, I'd definitely go after her.

 Tom Cruise Not Gay

Cruise dating Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.

 Full Monty

  Lucy Liu dumps Ally McBeal

Ling moving on to greener pastures, may come back for story arcs.

 Full Monty

I'm really disappointed to read this. Where else on television could you find someone who could get away with this sort of behaviour? Who will misanthropes look up to now?

 Mary McCormack, Minnie Driver attend London premiere

Fans of Howard Stern will recall Mary McCormack, who played his tortured wife, Allison. Everyone knows who Minnie Driver is, hopefully! High Heels And Low Lifes opens across the UK on Friday.

 Full Monty

 Eddie Murphy Look-alike Escapes Prison

Fools Prison Guards By Using Murphy's Picture.

 Full Monty

How stupid would you have to be to fall for THAT one? What would your excuse be? "Uh, sorry sir...but they all look alike to me."

 British Pupils, Inspired by Eminem, Slit Wrists

Pupils at Oldham, Manchester, slit wrists after watching Eminem video.

 Full Monty

Come on boys, you could have just changed the channel.

Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel!

Let's Look In The Mirror

 Elizabeth Hurley Finds Boyfriend
  Howls Across UK As Men Discover Boyfriend Is American

"Both remained coy about the relationship, with the young American confining himself to the dramatic disclosure: 'My name is Mark Reynolds.'"

 Full Monty

Need I say more?

 Saudi Daddy Thanks Allah For Septs

"Saudi Arabian school teacher Fahad Qahtani, 29, said: 'God took two of them and he gave us seven. We thank him for it all the time.'"

 Full Monty

Maybe now everyone will ignore the McCaughey Litter.

Top Of The Pops

For the week ending July 15th, Eminem's outfit D12 snags the #2 spot behind Robbie Williams' soppy "Eternity," written in honour of Geri Halliwell. The American quartet Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil' Kim, and Mya saw Lady Marmalade fall from #2 to #7. Scottish band Texas managed to claw their way into the top 20 with their new single, "I Don't Want A Lover," and Jessica Simpson and Blink 182 are nearly off the charts.

 Full British Top 40

Speaking of music...a joke making the round in the pubs this week.

Q: How do you know it's bedtime at Michael Jackson's house?

A: When the big hand touches the little hand.

TV in Britain

(Might want to make other plans)

Tuesday's lineup was no more interesting than Sunday's. On Sky One, they're showing the American show "Fear Factor" after the Simpsons double bill at 19:00. Before Fear Factor, we had Boot Camp. Seems like Fox is sending ALL of its castoffs to Sky as soon as America is done with them! After Fear Factor, they always show something beginning with "World's Most (fill in blank)." This week, it's "World's Most Elaborate Hoaxes." Later tonight, they're showing Alien. I guess it's a theme, since the bloke who played an android in Aliens narrated "World's Most Elaborate Hoaxes." The Weakest Link is back on regularly on BBC2 at 17:15, now that Wimbledon and that blasted golf tournament are over.

Slang Corner

British Lingo Gaining Popularity in America

According to the BBC, British lingo is hot in the United States. I hadn't noticed, but I haven't lived in the U.S. for a while. What's funny, however, is the slang discussed in the article is either hopelessly outdated or used solely by working class yobs. It's the same as English people trying to sound like what white trash sounded like 15 years ago. Nobody says "naff" anymore. And Boyzone? When was THEIR last hit?? I thought they had broken up. I recall one hit by them...from way back in 1998...but I haven't heard a peep out of them recently. They've been shoved off the racks at HMV by the likes of S Club 7 and Hear'Say. It's true that we call bangs "fringe" and kissing "snogging," but I wasn't aware that this wasn't common knowledge.

While we're on the subject of Americans sounding like us, don't think for a second that Gwyneth Paltrow and Renee Zellweger have convincing English accents. They sound incredibly posh for the vocabulary they're using and the types of people they hang out with (in films like Sliding Doors and Bridget Jones's Diary). If you want to know how English people really sound, rent films like Little Voice, The Full Monty, or Four Weddings and a Funeral.

BBC Article on Slang

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