Trust me, the last thing I want is for  to become "kook central."
 ...and there's a difference between asking questions and saying they are facts.

 Why did VNS bow out the morning of the election?
  Did somebody get a horse's head in their bed?

 Think back to Florida 2000.
 VNS said their exit polls had Gore winning handily.
 But Bush called reporters to his hotel suite and said, "You watch - I'll win Florida."

 How could he look at VNS and tell them they were crazy unless the fix was in?
 Tuesday was such a shock because nobody predicted such a huge Republican wave.

 Why did VNS bow out the morning of the election?

 Why would the official numbers lean so far to the right,
 so much more than the polls in 2002 or the exit polls in 2000?

 When you see a question like this, you always have to ask two questions:

 1. Would evil men cheat, murder and steal to control the world's only superpower?
 2. Is the CIA capable of this?

 The B.F.E.E. can afford to offer $5,000,000 bribes.
 And those honest people who refuse to play ball?
 The CIA has ways of making you (or your kids) vanish.

 How the hell did Mondale lose Minnesota?
 That should've gone to Mondale 65/35.

 If I had a staff, they'd be looking for answers, but I don't have the resources to do it.

 All this could be explained away as mere happenstance, but how in the world did Dubya
 know he could guarantee victory in Florida in 2000 when the exit polls had him losing big-time?

 Click  Here  to see Networks examine VNS after election night failures

"Obviously, we're taking a very hard look at what happened yesterday and are reassessing
 our future participation in the consortium," said ABC's Jeffrey Schneider.
 CNN said it too was evaluating its future course.

 Well, sure.
 If you have some magic software, you can't have some geeks with pencils and clipboards
 coming back to the office with a bunch of "George Bush loses" data.

 I know a little about software - I worked for a video game distributor for 12 years.
 Those chips are the brains of any program. It's like the chips these use in Vegas slot machines.
 Those chips have programmable odds.

 In 1990, I had the technical skill to program a jukebox into playing a Guns & Roses song
 at forty minutes past every other hour.  If Tequilaboy could do that 12 years ago, what makes
 you think that the CIA and GOP-owned Diebold (provider of the election software)
 can't make every tenth vote a vote for the GOP?

 I'm not saying that this is the definite answer to everything, but sometimes when one simple
 idea answers alllllllllll kinds of different questions, it should be considered.

 1. VNS surprises everyone and backs out the day of the election.
 2. All the surprises Tuesday were pro-Republican surprises.
 3. How in the world could Mondale lose Minnesota, and buy such a big margin?
 4. The new Diebold software has no paper trail - it's accuracy can't be checked.

 They say the Democrats just didn't get out the vote this time.
 If the machines were programmed to make every tenth vote GOP, how would we know?

 1. Would evil men cheat, murder and steal to control the world's only superpower?
     That's a stupid question.

 2. Is the CIA capable of this?
     If I could program a computer twelve years ago, that's a stupid question.

  Of course, the Democrats are too timid to investigate this or any other goddamn thing.
  Mr Rove would be offended.

  Can't have that...

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