Dennis Miller gets a history lesson


 TAE: Do you dislike Senator Clinton’s political ideology, too?

 MILLER: I have an across-the-board disapproval of her. In 1998, when Bill was first accused
 of having an affair with Monica, Hillary went on NBC’s “Today” show and attributed the allegations
 to a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” That seemed extremely stupid to me. Name the people.

 Dennis, how incredibly ignorant can you be?
 Like a lot of loud-mouthed whores, you have no clue about the facts of which you're so certain.

 You want to know a little about the vast, right-wing conspiracy?
 You want names, Dennis?
 I got names, and a few pictures, too.

 Christ, there are so many - where to start?

 Gennifer Flowers was paid $30-50K to call a press conference and claim she had an affair with Clinton.
 Last I heard, Flowers said under oath that overall, she had made $2-3 million claiming to be Clinton's girlfriend.

 In the old days, when you paid someone for a story it was considered tainted, but when the Clinton are involved,
 there are no rules, you just go for blood and make as much money as the scandal-hungry press is willing to pay.

 They used to have rules, like "Get two sources or we don't print it," but for the Clinton's, the rule was changed to
"Fuck it - if someone makes a claim, it's the top story on the evening news."

 Robert Fisk was hired to check into the phoney Whitewater allegations, which had already been investigated
 by the Bush administration which found nothing.   But the "Clinton loving" New York Whore Times kept banging
 the Whitewater drum and the Republicans piled on to create a scandal when they knew nothing was there.

 Years went by and Fisk found nothing. He declared Vince Foster's death a suicide, but this was after Rush gave a
 Nancy Grace guarantee that Hillary murdered Foster, so three crooked GOP senators, Lauch FairclothDavid
 Sentelle and Jesse Helms had lunch one day. As the senoir senators in the Fourth Judicial District, they decided
 they needed a meaner dog chasing the Clintons, someone who would dig all the way to China if he smelled even the
 slightest whiff of perceived impropriety, so they hired sex-fiend Ken Starr.

 If Starr's not a pervert, why was semen found on his copy of the impeachment referral?

 Starr started allllllllllllllllll over, retracing Fisk's every step but he, too, came up 100 percent empty.
 Meanwhile, Bob Barr (R-African American) drew up impeachment papers, and he'd never heard the name "Monica."

 On another front...

 Richard Mellon Scaife paid David Brock $80,000 to go to Little Rock and interview the
 Arkansas state troopers who were also paid $80,000 by Scaife.  Scaife didn't pay the troopers
 to tell the truth - he was purchasing a scandal that he hoped would harm the very popular president.

 When Brock's article came out in the American Spectator (financed by Scaife) Paula Jones got word
 there was "a Paula" in the book, so she immediately ran into the national media spotlight screaming,
 "Me, me, I'm the Paula in the book! Me, me, I'm 'blow job Paula.' Everybody look at me!"

 ...and then, blamed Clinton for exposing her.

 Vultures like Susan Carpenter McMillan descended and convinced Paula to file a lawsuit,
 and the last last thing she could ever do was to settle this abortion of justice out of court..


 Did Paula sue David Brock who wrote the story she was suing about?
No, this wasn't about Paula getting justice - it was about getting the Clintons.

 Did Paula sue the state troopers who told the lies she was suing about?
No, this wasn't about Paula getting justice - it was about getting the Clintons.

 Did Paula sue the magazine who printed the lies she was suing about?
No, this wasn't about Paula getting justice - it was about getting the Clintons..

 She sued Clinton, who had never said a word about her.  None of these people were there to
 help Paula Jones.  They were there to screw the president, and poor Paula got passed around
 like a pack of no-filter Camel's in Cell Block D.  Few people know or remember, but Ken Starr
 helped Paula file her early papers, but they said he was "impartial" in this matter.

 Meanwhile a crooked judge named David Hale was arrested in Little Rock, and Ken Starr
 told this crooked judge that he'd go free if he could give them some usefull dirt on Clinton.
 Hale had a mountain of claims, but nothing he could prove, so Ken Starr had Ted Olson
 fly to Arkansas to represent Hale in an effort to make Hale more credible and once again
 try to overrule the wishes of the majority of voters who elected Clinton twise.

 That's a Republican sacrament: The majority does NOT win.

 On another front...

 Clinton was stupidly messing around with (but no intercourse) Monica.
 Monica stupidly told her friend, who unfortunately for her was a Clinton-hater named Linda Tripp,

 "I'm a good friend to have."

 Linda Tripp betrayed her friend in an effort to bring down the Clintons.
 Tripp had a friend who was a literary agent named Lucianne Goldberg  AKA Lucy the Bat.

      "Got a light, soldier?"

 Lucy the Bat kept gossipping with Matt Drudge, (who owes his entire career to The Bat) and in
 a third example of the anything-goes new rules to smear the Clintons, major papers and TV networks
 began using rumors Drudge printed to lead off their nightly newscasts.

 On another front...
 Newt Gingrich was directing multi-layered investigation teams led by Henry Hyde, Bob Barr and Dan Burton.

 On another front...
 Pious bastards like Orrin Hatch were running multi-layered investigations in the Senate.

 On another front...
 Larry Klayman (R-Penisless) was filing one idiotic lawsuit after another, and still is to this day..

 On another front...
 The Arkansas Project, which is just a gaggle of black-hating klansmen, was feeding gossip and rumors
 directly to Henry Hyde and Bob Barr, but it was all horseshit - none of it was true, but that didn't prevent
 the major media outlets for running every "Clinton fathered baby with crack whore" story Drudge fed them.

 On another front...
 The print press. The NYWTimes created/fabricated this whole Whitewater mess to start with.  Then you have the
 Wall Street Journal printing the most vicious lies every day.  Then you have the Moonie Times trying to outlie the
 WSJournal, then under these new rules, most papers in America went with money-over-dignity.

 On another front...
 Tim the Whore was relentless at demanding answers on the Constitutionally important matter of Clinton's sex life.

 Tim had no problem calling Florida for Bush in 2000.
 His boss/owner, Jack Welch, wanted something from this tight election night.

 Would evil men call an election early for $5,000,000,000?

 On another front...
 The vulgar Pigboy lead the 24/7 talk radio assault, which made hundreds of hack writers into stars
 if they were willing to get behind a microphone and SCREAM lies to people who were listening for updates.


 On another front...
 George Stephanopolous also known as Judas Maximux, was the very first person in DC
 to mention impeachment on the air. Hey, that's what friend are for, right George?

 In a fourth example of this "Get the Clintons" feeding frenzy, entire networks appeared like mushrooms
 so more babbling, racist, tobacco whores could prattle on and on about how evil the Clintons were.
 FOX News, CNBC and MSNBC couldn't get enough.  They poured on all the gas they could afford.

 It was all-Clintons-all-the-time, and the fire just kept getting hotter and hotter.
 When the babbling racists weren't distorting the truth, they flat-out made shit up.
 Looking back, wasn't Herendo Revolver the ONLY person in the entire electronic media
 who tried to balance out the other 99 percent that was screaming for Clinton's head?

 If you say Alan Colmes, I'll be at your house in 15 minutes.
 Don't we need to do something about Alan Colmes?

 Alan Colmes is the enemy.

 Alan Colmes is not an affable doofus for Hannity to kick around.

 He knows he's selling out and lying through his lying teeth.
 How dare he look the camera in the eye and say, "FOX is fair and balanced."
 Only a whore on the payroll could say FOX is fair & balanced.

 On another front...
 The we-didn't-know-then partisan and crooked Supreme Court was green-lighting one no-foundation lawsuit
 after another.  Paula Jones was never more than one woman making a no-proof claim, but the Whore Court
 decided it was OK for individuals to file no-proof lawsuits as a way to attack a president politically.
 Those bastards.

 It's in the back issues, but do you remember when the Supreme Court ruled that Clinton had no attorney-client privileges?
 Can you believe they took that power away from Bill Clinton?

 All you need for a "conspiracy" is two people.
"Vast" is imprecise, but how many dozens/hundreds of people do we need for "vast?"
 And "right-wing" pretty much speaks for itself.

 We should include the B.F.E.E. collective in this, too.
 They didn't hire Ted Olson just because he's a powerful lawyer.
 They paid him back for his efforts to overturn Clinton's election wins.

 They went after Clinton for three reasons:
He was a Democrat
He was very, very, very successful at whipping GOP war heroes in presidential elections.
He's a friend to African Americans, and that they cannot stand.

 ...and Dennis Miller (R-Punk) wants some names?

 That was probably the worse recap of the VRWC you'll ever see.  Anyone could've done better.
"The Hunting of ther President" by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons is The Bible of the giant
 spider web of the right-wing, vast conspiracy to takedown a beloved, legally-elected president.

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