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< Publisher's dilemma

< A fellow wrote and sent me a column to publish.
< There was an allegation that I consider false in his story, so I sent him this reply:

 > Dude, what is this about?

 > "And Clinton and Reno burned some folks alive down in Texas."

 > I can't publish that because it's not true.
 > I would enjoy that debate, tho...

 > bart

< I reminded him that Senator John Danforth, (R-MO) Clinton's "political enemy,"
< gave him a resounding "100 percent not guilty," on that false charge.

< Besides the impossibly wacko talk radio crazies, doesn't everyone agree
< with Danforth that Koresh set that fire and killed his own people?

< He wrote back that I was censoring him, which I guess I am. So, a person in
< my position - should I have published what I consider to be an untruth?

< Let me hear your thoughts because there will be a next time.

 Well, I'm in a tough spot here, because this guy is a good friend and also has spent
 a good amount of money advertisng here in the past, but this needs to be said.

 He sent me a video called "On the 7th Day in Waco."
 I watched two minutes of it and unquestionable this is - foegive me - the most
 horribly irresponsibile tape I've ever seen, second only to another tape just like it,
 which was "The Clinton Chronicles" which alleged that Clinton murdered 44 people.

 Jerry Falwell (R-lying bastard) must have made millions off that scam, selling it for $70
 a pop to the - forgive me again - incredibly naive dupes with $70 and a hatred for Clinton,
 blacks, liberals, Jews and every group Hitler pushed into the ovens Bush's grandad built.

 To my friend, I'm not accusing you of anything but falling for a poorly-produced hoax.
 Even tho I only saw two minutes, the narator's choice of words was so instantly telling.
 Koresh was portrayed as a peaceful Bible scholar, who just wanted to help the children.

 Granted, I only saw two minutes, but when something is so many light years from the truth,
 it doesn't take long for an intelligent decision to be made.

 The tape was produced not to provide a clear understanding but to sell copies to anyone
 who might be easily fooled, and it's scary as hell to wonder how many millions of Americans
 think Clinton woke up one day and spent time trying to figure out the best way to kill those kids

 Even the title, "On the 7th Day in Waco" is a handjob.  Sure, something must've happened on
 the 7th day, but this standoff went almost two months, but "On the 7th Day in Waco" sounds
 so much more biblical, doesn't it? That bit of falsehood was maybe good for another 20% in sales.
 Also, the first Google search for that title brings This  Page  which for some crazy-ass reason
 features the late great Bill Hicks, who was spoofing the Davidians. So, the same people who
 produce and sell Hicks making fun of the Davidians sells "the truth" about Waco?

 In closing, my good friend, you have been duped by some bad and greedy people.
 I'll understand if you feel you must sever the relationship, but you are 100 percent dead wrong
 about the validity of this tape and the charlatans who produced it. As far as I'm concerned,
 we just disagree on this, and this explains why you think Clinton and Reno killed those kids.
 This tape says they did, but that's galaxies away from the truth.

 Senator John Danforth, a political enemy of Clinton's was assigned the task of looking into Waco.
(Unlike today, where the president puts his friends in charge of a sensitive investigation.)
 When you say "Clinton killed those kids," you're saying the GOP conspired with Clinton
 to cover up the intentional murders of 87 people and a LOT of Texas children.

 How can you be into politics and think that really happened?

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