In the last few days, Michael Weiner, who must have a small one because he changed his name from
"Michael Weiner" to the formidable "Michael Savage,"  (perhaps to give himself a little courage?),
 has been suing people like his brother-in-law was Larry Klayman.

 The first I heard was a lawsuit against

 From that site:


 ha ha



 As you might imagine, I'm extremely jealous that he was sued by this lying asshole.
 Hours ago, I wrote  and offered to help in any way. I wait for his reply.

 Next, I checked the BartCop Forum and saw that he has sued my very good friend
 and Fest attendee American Stranger for his fine work at

 I sent e-mail to Stranger, and asked what I could do to help.   I offered to represent him
 while sipping Chinaco Anejo, but he said he'd want to talk to a real lawyer, first.

 You watch, Stranger's gonna be on Larry King before you know it!
 He's gonna be on the cover of Time and Newsweek!

 Next I went to

 I think I know why this loser is lashing out at the smaller web sites:

 Look at his most recent ratings, according to

 UPDATED:  04/28/03

 LA 0.0,

 Chicago 0.0,

 Detroit 0.0,

 Atlanta 0.0,

 Denver 0.0

 Isn't that a f-ing scream?

 ha ha

 Hell I think the ratings for BartCop Radio are higher than that,
 and this monkey has MSGOP standing behind him - what a loser!

 I'll tell you what's really sticking in this loser's craw -
 He's so nuts even the Nazi right rejects him.

 By comparison, he makes Rush look like Thomas Jefferson.

    ha ha Does this guy scare you?

 Maybe his name should be MIchael Dragon?

 Oh, Mikey, please don't sue me for saying that - please?

 ha ha

 This scumbag doesn't want any part of me on the witness stand.
 I'll sell court transcripts of what I do to his lawyer for $29.95!

 Make me stop!

 Hey Mikey, apparently all your advertisers are dumping you.
 Have you considered doing commericals for Tide?

 ha ha

"Hi, I'm Mikey the Weiner and when I come home a from a cross-burning,
  I need my dragon suit nice and clean so I can get to tomoro's cross burning!"

 ha ha

 Opinion:  This loser is in a panic because his entire career is slipping away, and he's desparate.
 I've called Laura the Unloved and Rush the vulgar Pigboy so many names over the years, yet they
 had the brains NOT to sue me because the FIRST thing you do when a radio Nazi sues you is you
 subpoena tapes from EVERY show they've done in the last three years.

 With an army of volunteers, we could go thru thousands of tapes and pick out the most
 inflammatory horseshit  ths crazy prick has ever said, and prove to a jury that it wasn't  or  or
 that caused Weiner's advertisers to dump him - it was his Nazi bullshit.


 I'll bet real money this is all a bluff because if I had those Weiner tapes, I could get a jury
 of Linda Tripps and Laura fans and Pigboy fans to agree it was Weiner who screwed himself.

 Weinerboy will NOT allow those tapes to leave his possession.

 Prediction: He will drop these suits and then we can all dance on his once-"savage" carcass.

  ha ha

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