Subject: My Wellstone memory...

I heard about Paul about 1 hour before I left work on Friday.
Where I work, it's full of highly paid union workers...most of them however seem to
embrace their angry straight white male genes judging from the comments about Paul.

I was numb and by the time I got to my car I just fucking sobbed.  The good guys don't seem
to be getting a goddamn break lately. Anyway, I got home and had 36 glasses of wine and
went to bed at 7pm...LOL... I love indulging my moods...

Here's my Paul and Sheila memory.....

One of the very coolest things about living in Minnesota is our State Fair. It really is a magic thing.
Harkens back to simpler times....everything you eat is "On a Stick" Including Macaroni and Cheese On a Stick
...a newcomer this partner and I go every year without fail. It's tradition...

This year, Paul and Sheila were going to be there so we stood in line as I wanted to meet him and say thanks
....about 40 minutes later to our surprize and pleasure we got to meet Sheila....she was a complete doll....working
the crowd brilliantly...everyone felt as if she was hosting them at her home....I got to the front and was wearing a
button that said "Don't blame me...I voted for the guy who got more votes"  She did Paul...
I whispered to her something nasty about the idiot chimpster and her comment was...
"You should try sitting through one of the moron's speaches and smiling for an hour."
I was amazed that she felt so comfortable to be so candid.

When I got to Paul I was a bit tongue tied so I just said "thanks" and then added "You know you do great Paul,
a bit conservative for my blood (refering to DOMA) but you're okay" Wellstone threw back his head and howled
....and screamed to the crowd..."Hey, there's a guy up here bitching at me that I'm too conservative!"
It was priceless

I read your extra issue and balled all the way through that....geez...

 Anti-Wellstone mailing featured ''R.I.P'' tombstone

"A piece of literature attacking Wellstone's support of the estate tax, featuring a large tombstone
 and the letters "R.I.P.," was mass-mailed last week by a lobby group for small businesses.

 The double-sided mailing from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) carries
 an eerie illustration of a tilted tombstone beside an open burial vault, illuminated by a full moon.

 On the flip side, the mailing urges recipients to "Tell Paul Wellstone His Votes are Killing You."
 The copy also says, 'Paul Wellstone's taxes can even reach you even in the grave.'"

 Subject: thanks bc

 ...for your great Wellstone page.
 You honored the guy and raised the question others are afraid to.

 If Wellstone was murdered, I think it was because he  voted
 against Smirk, on Iraq  AND then his rating went up 15%.

 It might give the pink tutus ideas if he got away with that.
 It's a huge loss


Subject: Paul Wellstone

I couldn’t post yesterday. In fact, I couldn’t even bring myself to read or post at Bartcop,
or at DU, without crying. When I met a friend for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, I began to
cry when the waitperson took my drink order. I knew that sooner or later, someone might
wonder why I have not posted my thoughts about the tragic loss of Senator Wellstone
—a beautiful, progressive mind who’s passing will be felt for generations to come.

There are no true words that I can say. My anger and sadness are just a continuation of the emotional
roller coaster ride that I have been on this year. When one loses friends, and comes face to face with
Mr. Death all in the same year, there comes an emotional fragileness that can't be explained.

I never met Paul Wellstone. I have met Debbie Stabenow; a meeting I will never ever forget.
I watched Wellstone with great interest over the years. He was a lone eagle sometimes, but he
was always true to himself. His passing has touched me in ways that I cannot explain, because
sometimes I feel like a lone eagle myself.


Why do the beautiful minds—Gandhi, Dr. King, JFK, RFK, Malcolm X,
John Lennon, Paul Wellstone, etc.—leave us before their time?

As I type this, I am watching the protest on CSPAN.
I sense that Mr. Wellstone is there in spirit, with bells on.
I am there in spirit too, with bells on.

I now go to walk with a candidate that I care about very much.
Maybe that will help heal my broken heart.

Mark "Mad Dog"  Barringer

 The Senate loses a giant

 Principled to the very end, only this month Wellstone voted against giving congressional approval
 to President Bush to fight a war against Iraq, even though he faced a tough re-election battle in
 Minnesota. He was the only Democrat in a tight race to do so. Not for him the politics of the
 focus group or telephone poll.

 Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

 In a senate that is one heartbeat away from Republican control, Wellstone was more than just
 another Democrat. He was often the lone voice standing firm against the status-quo policies of both
 the Democrats and the Republicans. As such, he earned the special ire of the Bush administration and
 the Republican Party, who made Wellstone's defeat that party's number one priority this year.

 Subject: Why Democrats are suspicous

 This was posted by Mary Schumacher at Table Talk.
 I thought it was worth forwarding for the way it explains why so many
 of us are so worried and suspicious over what happened to Paul Wellstone.

 Here is the direct link to her post:


 From: RF

 Bart, we have motive.
 Big Time.

 Subject: Wellstone knew where to trim the shrub-

 Pollster John Zogby (R-ForSale) released a survey on September 22, three weeks before Wellstone
 voted against authorizing unilateral force, and another on October 13, two days after: In the interim,
 Wellstone shot up 15 points. "The Iraq debate has boomeranged," says Larry Jacobs, professor of
 political science at the University of Minnesota. "Far from providing unequivocal help to Republicans,
 it's created a new problem that's bedeviling Republicans, at least out in Minnesota." No one can
 confidently predict what will happen at the polls on November 5.

Subject: Feeling Minnesota: Rest in Peace, Paul Wellstone

Hi bartcop,

Just finished reading your Wellstone Tribute Page from the weekend, and I'm so moved and
touched by your community of readers, and their eloquent, and at times angry and accusative
(of which I'd count myself, sadly, in the latter), memorials to the truly great and brave Paul Wellstone.

To the people of Minnesota, our fellow countrymen, I say Bravo!  Bravo for consistently having the
lucidity and bravery to vote your consciences.  As a political junkie, I've curiously watched your state's
election returns for a few decades now, and find myself often thinking, "Wow, kinda wacko, sorta
out-there, unabashedly liberal," I've always admired you and wished I'd been born and raised in a state
as honest as yours.  I wish I lived in a brotherhood, a community where people are not only unafraid to
buck conventional wisdom and trends, but are in fact proud and downright boastful of their independence
and intelligence in choosing their leaders and innovators.  Bravo, Minnesota!

Thank you for Humphrey, Mondale, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, Wellstone, and yes, even Ventura.
You might just be the only state brave enough to save us all.

In mourning for one of my last living heroes, Paul Wellstone,

Jennifer in Cincinnati, Ohio,

 Subject: Wellstone Conspiracy

 Hey Bart...

 You've printed opinions stating that Senator Wellstone was murdered by (fill in the blank).
 That's all well and good, but I want to know what YOU think.

 That's why I read your stuff.

 R. Adams
 Battle Creek, MI

 R, I'm that rarest of "pundits" who doesn't form an opinion until I gather some facts.

 We know Bush would do it if he could.
 We know he can do it since the CIA has worked for his Daddy over 30 years ago.
 But hell, we still don't know who killed JFK, RFK or MLK and that was over 30 years ago.

 The big question is -

 Would evil men murder to take over the planet?

 My guess is "yes."

 Remembering Paul Wellstone
  A longtime staffer recalls how the Minnesota senator took
  principled stands and cast principled votes -- and used them to win.

 Some have called Paul Wellstone the first 1960s radical elected to the Senate, but that misses the mark.
 He was the first "justice organizer" elected to the U.S. Senate. Instead of spending the '60s listening to
 the Jefferson Airplane and hitchhiking to Woodstock, Paul married his high school sweetheart and
 attended the University of North Carolina. He quit the UNC wrestling team after winning the Atlantic
 Coast Conference championship because he had to support Sheila and the first of their three children.
 Paul was not a '60s radical, but a person committed to family and justice.

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