West Wing took a pot shot at W
     by Jeff Crook


I don't know if you saw this, but there was a carefully disguised potshot at Junior on West Wing last night.
It happened during a scene when Bartlet is talking to a doctor about his sleeping problems. It went like this:

Doc - What about environmental factors. Too much light in the room?

Pres - No.

Doc - Temperature extremes? Too hot, too cold?

Pres - No.

Doc - Too much noise?

Pres - What do you mean, too much noise?

Doc - I don't know. Planes flying over, things like that.

Pres - Planes aren't allowed to fly over the White House.

Basically, they are saying, there are questions that need to be officially asked about what happened on
9/11, and one of them is, if the airspace over the White House, Congress, and Pentagon is restricted,
why wasn't there a more immediate response from the Air Force base eight miles away - why did they
send fighters from a base over a hundred miles away? The plane that hit the Pentagon had to have
raised some alarm bells before it hit, simply because of where it was flying.


Jeff, good point.

Did you also catch that Donna considered leaving her job to work for the
very opinionated "Capitalscoop.com" that offered her a hueueueueuege salary?
Her proposed salary was so big, she assumed it was the dot.com's production budget.

In what universe do political dot.coms make money?

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