Rep. Robert Wexler Questions Starr about Julie Hiatt Steele

  By Federal News Service
  Thursday, November 19, 1998

  REP. WEXLER (D-FL): Do you admit or deny that your office threatened Julie Hyatt Steele,
  a witness in the Kathleen Willey matter, that they would raise questions about the legality of
  the adoption of her eight-year-old child, unless she changed her testimony?

  MR. STARR: Before I engaged in an admission or denial, I would want to see the question. And I
  would be delighted to receive the question, and I would then give you a written admission or denial.

  REP. WEXLER: Didn't I make it simple?

  MR. STARR: I would be happy to respond -- With respect to the question on Ms. Steele. As I said
  earlier, I believe that our agents are going about their work in a way that is appropriate to test credibility,
  to inquire as to areas that, in their professional judgment, go to credibility. But if there are issues with
  respect to how particular witnesses handle it -- and I've heard a number of those questions -- I think the
  right thing to do, is for the individual, especially for one as Ms. Steele is, represented by counsel, to say
 "I've been treated unfairly," and to see what the remedy is.

  But for me to try to engage in almost an adjudicatory function here, is somewhat odd, to take certain
  selected facts, to come to an ultimate judgment.

  REP. WEXLER: . Mr. Starr, I did not ask you about the legality of the actions of your agents. All I asked you
  was a factual question: Did your agents or did they not, threaten Ms. Steele with the legality of the adoption of
  her 8 year old son ? It's either yes or no, not the legality.

  MR. STARR: I do not -- I know what Ms. Steele has said. I would have to conduct an interview with
  my agents to know what the position of the office is.

  CHAIRMAN HYDE (R-Ill.), : The gentleman from ---- (laughter) ---- The gentleman from Arkansas.

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