Why Bush is Pissed at Kenneth Lay
    by Bart Cop

 There's a reason why the Bush Family Evil Empire is furious with Kenneth Lay.
 You see, George and Kenny Boy play by the same rules.

 Kenny had those thousands of families pool their money together
 and put it in an account that Kenny could manipulate.
 This is the same reason the Bush Family Evil Empire wants Social Security privatized.

 Because as it is, the Bush Family Evil Empire can't get their greedy thieving hands on it.
 But once they privatize those trillions of dollars, they can pull an Enron and steal it.

 Just like Bush is doing on a bigger scale, Kenneth Lay made sure he & his buddies got theirs,
 and left the little people with nothing but shattered dreams and buyer's remorse.

 With the Bush tax cuts for the super-rich, he & his buddies get theirs
 while the little people can just work three jobs instead of two.

 We've already seen this in action - Bush has given away hundreds of millions of dollars
 to the richest corporations on Wall Street, essentially erasing the Clinton surplus.

 Again and again and again we hear the media excuse his greed and bungling because of September 11th,
 but I was fortunate enough to have saved this clipping from the day before Bush hit the iceberg.

 Bush's risky tax scheme us just Enron on a bigger scale.
 George and Kenny Boy play by the same rules.

 Enron Executives took big bonuses for themselves
 Bush gives rich corporations big bonuses in the form of retroactive tax breaks.

 Enron executives raided the employees pension plan,
 Bush is raiding social security to pay for the huge tax cuts

 Lay filed phony FTC reports,
 Bush files phony budget projections.
 Republican presidents have been doing that since 1928

 But now?  All is lost.
 Lay gave away the Smirk blueprint for raping America, and now we're on to him,
 so President Rude and Greedy can't use it.

 ...and the Bush Family Evil Empire isn't too happy about it.
 They lost out on stealing billions because of Kenny Boy.

 You people in California got a clue what it's like dealing with Enron and the Bush Family Evil Empire.
 If we let him, Bush will do to us what his favorite-tasting teat did to those poor Enron employees.

 Bush once even remarked that Enron was a model for how Social Security should be run.

 Should we allow Bush to "Enron" America?

 I say no.

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