Subject: "Dr." Whora and Civilization

 Hey, BartCop:

 [Sorry about your toe. But as a recovering Catholic, I've never been in
 enough pain to call out the names of Mary, Jesus, and the saints. It must
 suck getting old.]

 Getting old is more if a bitch than Kato Burn.

 I was just visiting and reading some of those anti-gay
 quotes from "Dr." Whora, and one of them claimed that if we regard
 homosexuality with equal regard to heterosexuality, then this will
 "undermine the very foundation of civilization."

 I know that "Dr." Whora wasn't a history major, but this kind of ignorance
 is utterly unforgivable. Ancient Greece--arguably the birthplace of Western
 civilization--had not only homosexuality but pedophilia rampant within it
 (and accepted, as well). I am in no way equating homosexuality with
 pedophilia (which "Dr." Whora does), but if the birthplace of Western
 civilization was so tolerant of pedophilia AND that (I would argue)
 99.999999% of gay people today do NOT want to have sex with children, then
 how could mature, consenting adults engaging in whatever they choose to do
 in the privacy of their own lives POSSIBLY undermine the "foundation of
 civilization?" Let me also add that Ancient Greece was rife with misogyny,
 slavery, and warfare. Is this the "foundation" about which she's talking?
 As far as I'm concerned, anything that undermines a foundation of
 pedophilia, slavery, war and above all misogyny is a good thing.

 Is--as I suspect--"Dr." Whora *that* ignorant of history? If so, should
 anybody be listening to someone that ignorant who purports to be able to
 comment on our culture in general?

 Then again, the "family values" mob is against education, too.

 Hardly surprising.

 --Aaron Snyder

 Medical science tells us homosexual men are statistically LESS LIKELY
 to abuse a child than "normal" men.

 Religious fools reject science and logic.
 They reject it so they can continue to demonize gays and raise more money.
 Anyone who demonizes gays to raise money is a whore.


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