James Woods Attacks Bill Clinton


It turns out that not every Democrat in Hollywood is a close personal
friend of Bill's. Just a week after stars such as Barbra Streisand,
Jack Nicholson, and Ted Danson rallied in support of the president,
James Woods is standing firm in his opposition.

"He's a certified liar, a card-carrying liar, and lying is the cancer
at the base of the spine of every crime ever committed,"
the actor rants to the Washington Post.

Woods, 51, believes Clinton deserved impeachment,
and is certain the Senate will end up removing him from office.

"I don't even like Republicans by and large, but if they're doing this,
maybe they're doing it because they believe in it," he tells the paper.

In fact, Woods is more upset over the fact that Clinton gave
China access to militarily sensitive technology than the whole
Lewinsky mess, but says that the impeachment is like
"getting Al Capone for income tax evasion."

Woods, last on screens as a hunter of the undead in
John Carpenter's Vampires, concedes that he's no monument
to honesty. "When I lie, I'm wrong," the actor explains.
"I'm not a perfect person, but I have perfect ideals.
This guy is a [expletive deleted] sociopath.
I'm ashamed to be a Democrat."

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