Subject: Clinton MUST be hiding the Y2K disasters

Since it is impossible that Rush and 20,000 militia members were wrong,
the only explanation for the lack of news about Y2K disasters is that
the Clinton White House is hiding them in order to help Hillary get
elected to the Senate.

Civilization as we know it DID end at midnight New Years eve.
Power systems failed, planes fell from the sky, food shipments stopped,
nukes flew around the globe wiping out huge swatches of cilivization.


As I type this on my non-functioning computer hooked to the now dead
internet, bands of starved heathens are stalking God-fearing people who
prepared for the end of time by piling up food, water and ammunition.

Proof? Do I have proof?
Well, have you seen any of the Liberal Media deny any of this?
Have you seen Bill and Hillary together since the turn of the year?
Sounds to me like proof enough for those who have the courage to see.

Yes, this is another Clinton scandal. Either the Y2K hysteria was right,
and the awful truth is even now being hidden from us by the antichrist
from Arkansas OR it was all a made up deal, propogated by the Clinton
White House to create a buying panic and hype the economy so that Gore
will look good for the election next year.

EITHER WAY, it's a plot, and a plot that needs to be investigated.
But, Janet Reno must be in on it (otherwise how would all or those
Clinton Loyaists in the FBI be kept quiet), therefore, once again,
she'll refuse to appoint an independent counsel--which all God-Fearing,
Right-Thinking Americans are clamoring for even now.

Again, the cammo wearing crazies couldn't possibly have misunderstood
technology. Clinton is hiding something.  We must find out what.

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