Subject: Your "Wait a minute..." piece of 1-3-02


If it was so obvious to everyone, why was W on vacation for a month before
the attacks and reading to school kids in Florida the morning of the attacks?

Also, during the 2000 campaign the Repugs chanted over and over again that the booming
economy had nothing to do with Clinton. If that's the case, how can they say the decline was his fault?

Finally, Bush and Cheney kept telling everyone during 2000 about the sorry state of our military.
Based on the way we have to "watch what we say, watch what we do" since 9-11, don't you think
this statement was unpatriotic? As I've read in recent days, the military Clinton left behind
looks like its kicking Taliban ass.

You're the best!
Chris, Elmhurst, IL

Chris, yes, the Clinton military is the best we've ever had.
Bush promsied "Help is on the way," but have they gotten a dime from him yet?
Have the soldiers on food stamps gotten an extra penny from Herr Bush?

Besides a tax cut for the super-rich, can anybody name
a campaign promise that Weak & Stupid has kept?

Oh, wait - he promised to take America in a new direction ...and he's damn sure done that!

Trouble for Scot Lehigh



Subject: Pseudo-article

Why do you blame everyone BUT the captain of the ship for Sept 11?
President Gilligan ignored the Hart-Rudman report.

He didn't create the Office of Homeland Security until AFTER the attacks.
If all this was SO obvious, why did Weak and Stupid wait until after
these terrible events occurred to do anything about them?

Do you think bin Laden took any of the 43 million dollars THIS administration gave the Taliban in March?
I can't wait until the elections in 2020.   Maybe THEN, journalists like you (and I use that term loosely)
will find someone other than Clinton to blame for any and every tragic event that happens to occur.

By the way, which president gave the terrorists weapons?

Doesn't appear that you went into too much detail on that one.
Who CREATED bin Laden? Couldn't have been Saint Reagan.
Nope, MUST have been Bill Clinton.

If you want to look for someone to blame, you better go back more than 8 years.
Start with the 80's when Reagan decided to ally himself with these monsters.
Are you sure Richard Mellon Scaife isn't paying your salary?
Or do you get paid on a per slur basis?


Mike K

From: Rude Rich in NY

Subject: You're not?

> If I was gay, I'd have a bunch of beefcake pictures, I suppose,
> so I believe it's wrong for you to hold my heterosexuality against me.

You're not gay?
What about that crappy music you listen to?
Come gotta be gay.

ha ha

Glad I didn't say that...


Subject: GOP Dead Pool

Heya, Bart. I, too, entered the Republican Dead Pool, and scored even
lower than your correspondent with no hits. But it was sponsored by Volt,
and I think I found out about it through your site in the first place.

You'd think that Strom Thurmond would have been a shoe-in, too...


Subject: your little lib lie

I won’t try to change your mind about this.
But I somehow doubt that Barbara Olson would rise from to dead to write a book.

Have a little decorum and remove her name from your propaganda


Robert, the point was, Olson wrote a book, "Hell to Pay," so she could
make a lot of money milking the Clinton-hate machine.
"Hell to pay," was a semi-cute quote from an "unnamed White House staffer" in 1994.

I just thought it was kinda ironic that her next screw-the-Clinton's book
would be offered posthumously, after, "careful consideration" by her heirs.

I wonder if they took as much time deliberating whether to release her latest
low blow/cheap shot attack against the best president we've ever had compared
to the consideration TIME put into whoring Rudy as "Person of the Year."

Remember what Glenn Frey said in Smuggler's Blues.
"They lure of easy money has a very strong appeal."

You think Ted would hesitate for a milli-second to use the dignity
of his dead wife to launch an attack on Bill and Hillary Clinton?

Robert - meet today's Republican Party


Subject: NewsMax vs. Gene Lyons

Since you're the web respository for Gene Lyons, I thought you might be interested in a story from my site,
ConWebWatch, about the folks at conservative wacko site NewsMax and their latest feeble attempt at
attacking Lyons and Conason's "The Hunting of the President."

Hope you like it.

Terry Krepel
Editor, ConWebWatch

Terry, great stuff, and nice page you have there.
I'm adding you to my links.


Subject: Media Bias

You are so full of yourself and such a whore for the liberal side
that you cannot see the fallacy of your proposition.

I am not.
Whores get paid.

Here is your Exhibit B.
Go buy the book and get educated.

James P. Daffron

Media Bias

"Bernard Goldberg, former CBS Evening News correspondent and author of the new book 'Bias')
explains matters like the strange way (TV network) anchors have of identifying conservatives as such
but not those on the other side of the political spectrum. And so CBS identifies the famously radical feminist
and leftist Catharine MacKinnon as a 'noted law professor' while Phyllis Schlafly is a 'conservative spokeswoman.'
Rush Limbaugh is the 'conservative radio talk show host' but Rosie O'Donnell, who [while hosting a fund-raiser
for Hillary Clinton] referred to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani as 'New York's village idiot,' is not described as the
liberal TV talk show host. What this says, Mr. Goldberg notes, is that conservatives require identification
because--in the world view that prevails at the networks--they are outside the mainstream."

- Wall Street Journal editorial, 1/2/02

Now, the Whore Street Journal - there's your murder of harlots!
Goldberg's book has been thoroughly discredited by everyone with brains.

James, if you want an education  Click  Here


Subject: The Dr. Laura Board Game

Last weekend, I went to the mall with my dad.
He needed to buy a gift for a seven year old and we went into KayBee toy store.
I went to the board game section and, to my horror, I saw the Dr. Laura board game.
In a children's store.

I almost gagged.
I can't believe it exists.

Dude, don't let your kids play that game!
To win, the children have to take off their pants and straddle a camera lens!!!

To just qualify to win, you have to parade around your balcony showing
your hooters to every over-sexed teenage boy in the neighborhood!

 I'm so proud of my hooters!

If she doesn't want these pictures posted for everyone to see,
why doesn't she sue and ask the judge to order me to stop?

ha ha

Hey, Laura, you know I'm going to run these pictures forever, right?
Don't you want to try to stop me?

ha ha

I can't wait till her precious Deahereyche gets online.
He's gonna love


Subject: Bart, you're not turning Republican, are you?

> That's why Clinton was impeached.
> It's why the Trojans built the giant horse.
> It's why the Visigoths sacked Spain - don't you know your history?"

Do you?

No Trojans built any giant horse.
The "trojan horse" was built by the GREEKS to successfully invade and obliterate the city of Troy.
The "why" in this case was to commit genocide.

Perhaps you're thinking, instead, of how the Trojan Alexandros (a.k.a. Paris)
seduced Helen away from her husband Menelaus.  That started the "Trojan war"
-- the horse strategy ended it, a decade later.

This lack of historical (more like mythological) knowledge is worrisome
-- I think you've been in Oklahoma too long, Bart!

Hey, no doubt about that!

 I'm the first guy to admit I don't know my history.
(I know the Reagan/Bush history because I survived it.)

Point is, that war was fought over a hot, maybe not-so-young babe.
That's what the male species does - it fights for the female species.
That's why lions and bears and mice eat their young - the testosterone makes us crazy.
That's also why men cheat on the woman they swore before God to honor and cherish..

I'm not glorifying it - I'm saying it exists.

More Trouble for Scot Lehigh



Subject: Your 1-2-02 Column


Any failures of the Clinton administration in battling terrorism prior to 9/11, the Bush administration repeated identically.
Bush had 9 months to change course, and not only didn't do so, but didn't even propose to do so.  Bush's response
to the threat was indistinguishable in every respect to the prior administration.  So why do you attack Clinton and give
Bush a pass?  Is it because you have some interest in promoting Bush?

It is also telling that you would quote an obvious lie from Morris.  Don't you realize that 90% of that portion of your
readers with a college education can recognize a self serving lie like Morris's when they see one?  Why can't you?
Do you publish those lies because you and your newspaper are ultimately paid by the corporate interests that installed
Bush in the White House?  I understand the pressure on the paper, but don't you care more about your own credibility?
Do you want to be taken seriously or not?  Or are you unable to tell the truth because you are living from one Globe
paycheck to the next, and can't afford to lose a job working for an editor who forces you to broadcast obvious lies?

Maybe you would have more options if we were still living in the full employment economy of the Clinton administration.  Seems Bush has got you coming and going, doesn't he?


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