Subject: Fuck you PETA

 1. The PETA assertion that the Clinton's didn't care for their pets is the truth and nothing but.

 2. They also lost a cat in a traffic accident before coming to WA.

 3. They gave Socks away....!  Their beloved cat, Chelsea's pet.

 4. They left Buddy with servants and/or repairmans while they vacationed in Mexico.

 5. Poor Clintons they couldn't afford to take Buddy along with them.

 6.  It's clear for all to see that Buddy became an added obstacle and responsibility for them
 once they moved out of the White House, and left the army of servants behind.

 7. I like Bill Clinton and voted for him but their behavior toward their pets is despicable and irresponsible.
 8. Now go ahead and tell me to fuck off, since that's your classic response
     to anyone who differs with your opinions.
 Stich, (can I call you Stich?) how nice to hear from you again.
 No, I won't use coarse language with you.
 I don't usually curse at 60-year old grandmothers, no matter how much they deserve it
 Plus, you're not a political whore trying to score points - you're just wrong.

 Let me count the ways:

 1. PETA is a political machine trying to get publicity for their cause, and there's no cheaper,
 faster way to get publicity than to attack Bill Clinton. That guarantees you worldwide coverage,
 even if you're wrong, lying and without proof. If PETA wanted, they could go on every TV show
 that Bernard Goldberg is going on (see the list) especially the Fox Whore News channel.

 What's puzzling about PETA's attack (besides whoring for their cause) is that Clinton is their natural ally
 and they're aiding the enemies of their cause. The Clinton-hating GOP thinks the only thing more stupid
 than giving rights to blacks and women is affording any rights at all to animals.

 You've heard Rush play "Born Free" while firing the machine guns?
 That's what Clinton's enemies think about animal rights.
 2. The Clinton's are in their mid-fifties, so yes, as the decades roll by, the odds increase
 that they could lose pets to accidents, traffic or otherwise.
 3. The dog and cat didn't get along.  Maybe it was a mistake for Bill to get a dog when Chelsea already
 had a cat. At the White House it wasn't a problem because it's a huge place, but their house in Chappequa
 doesn't have East and West wings. I don't know what most families do with the daughter's pet when the
 daughter leaves for college because I was in college when I got my first pet. I guess if Chelsea loved Socks
 she would've moved him into her dorm room at Stanford?

 4. They left Buddy with probably the most highly trained people on Earth.  It's my guess the Secret Service
 personnel are more highyl-trained than NASA's astronauts, so it's also my guess they assumed the pet would
 be well taken care of since his baby-sitters are well trained and well armed and have license to kill without
 asking permission from anybody.

 Your position seems to be "accidents don't happen."
 That tells me you're not playing with a full deck, Stich.
 To assume the dog died because "the Clinton's don't care" is Rush-like hatred.

 As far as their vacation in Mexico - you wanted them to take the dog?  Maybe I live a sheltered life, but I
 never heard of taking a big Labrador on a plane so they could enjoy his company while sipping Mai Tai's
 in sunny Acapulco. Besides, the Clintons travel at taxpayer's expense. can you imagine the howls of outrage
 at the thought of the taxpayers paying for Buddy's trip to Mexico?  Why do I think you'd then swith sides
 and say, "How dare they drag that poor dog to Mexico to assume them while on vacation?"

 5. Now you're just being stupid.   "The poor Clintons?"  This is about money?
 Apparently, you take your extra-large animals everywhere when you're on vacation - good for you.
 You take your giant dog to the Grand Canyon?    To New York City?   To the Lincoln Memorial?
 To the Super Bowl?    To Disney World?    You're a nice lady, Stich.

 6. I don't know what 6 means. Sure, pets need care and attention - what's your point?
 That "army of servants" horseshit tells me you have big-time anger at Clinton.
 To attack him for having "an army of servants" shows intense hostility on your part.
 Whatever it is you're attacking, I doubt it's the care Clinton gave his dog.
 Have you considered seeing a professional about this latent anger?

 7. I would say you're a typical Clinton "fan."
 You claim you like him, you might've even voted for him, like you say, but when anyone attacks for any
 absurd reason, you side with the attacker and insert the knife into your president's back. They say that's
 why Bill got the goddamn dog in the first place - because he was surrounded with people like you,
 people who wouldn't hesitate a millisecond to rake him over the coals for being so stupid and heartless
 as to leave his pet with the best-trained agents on the planet.

 8. Nah, I'll let you off easy today - you caught me in a good mood.

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