Vol 149.5 - Butch Watch II

Letter in USA Today

Death For Drug Dealers

The best way to end illegal drug use is a quick trial and the death penalty for any dealer,
as far as I'm concerned, if he or she is found guilty.

I'm tired of wasting time and money on these dopeheads who insist on destroying lives
and the lives of anyone with whom they come in contact.

The measure I propose will never happen as long as the bleeding-heart liberals
and our "elite" trial lawyers continue calling this self-inflicted suicide an "illness"
and not what it really is a complete failure of individual responsibility.

Richard J. Pauley
Lunenburg, Mass.

Mr. Pauley, a quick question from Ol' BartCop:

Are you going to vote for the liberal next year or the coke head?

Be sure to check out  http://www.sonofbush.com

Geez, this section is dead.

Butch is hiding in Austin, afraid to say anything.

The Bush People say he'll eventually tell America where he stands on the issues,
but as long as he's their crowned king, why should he bother?
The minute he opens his mouth, or takes a stand on something,
he'll piss off a section of the party and somebody else will get stronger

The GOFP is so goddamn hungry for a winner, they'd vote in a coke whore
if it meant they could have the White House for another four years.

If Butch ever does anything or says anything, check back here.

...by the way, Go, Pat, Go!
If Buchanan goes to the Reform Party, Butch is in trouble.

From jleno@nbc.com

>BartCop, got one for you:

>Today, Bill Bradley launched his campaign for president in Crystal City, Missouri.
>which is not to be confused with George Butch Jr.'s home town, Crystal Meth, Texas.

Do you realize it's been over 72 hours since Butch re-defined his drug history?

From a USA Today Editorial

Wrapping up the week at an Ohio fund-raising lunch on Friday,
Butch reverted to his sanctimonious position on cocaine.
Namely, that he's not going to discuss further details about his past,
so that he can take a firm stand against "trash-mouth politics."

The notion that the Governor is sacrificing himself on the altar of principle defies credulity.
He is merely protecting himself, and not very effectively at that.
His flip-flops have only heightened the mystery and invited deeper scrutiny.

Butch essentially has admitted to something,
but he refuses to say what, creating a political paradox.

If his offense is trivial, why hide it?
And if it's substantive, why should voters be denied the facts?

Guest Columnist

From  pmaranci@sunspot.tiac.net

Subject: Bush Weasel Words Figured Out?

Hey, Bartcop -- I think I just figured out Bush's game!
He hasn't been saying "I didn't do/sell cocaine 25 years ago" -- he's been saying
"I could have passed a *security clearance* 25 years ago."

Of course he could -- his father was head of the CIA!
He could have had more drugs in his system than both Woodstocks combined,
and the report still would have come back snowy-white with a word from Daddy!

The ultra-right has always been so sure that Clinton's people were all
snorting coke every night in the White House. They were SO sure that the
clearances were all crocked. Maybe they were just assuming that the
Democrats were doing what *they* would do under the same circumstances?


Rush keeps saying,  "Al Gore is so boring, he can't get any press."

Al Gore hasn't been caught in any felonies,
so he's not making the headlines Butchie is.

Once again, Rush is right!

For the newer readers, a quick flashback because they're both in the news.
My 11-year old friend Timmy asked this question:

>BartCop, I heard a joke, but I don't understand it.

What's the difference between David Koresh and Bill Bennett?

The answer?

Bill Bennett is still smoking!

That's one of the best jokes I've ever heard.
Our old friend Vern is back in the news. (See the Latest)

...and our old friend Bill Bennett, who doesn't have the intestinal fortitude
to stop killing himself with the demons of nicotine, is always news.

He was on CNN over the weekend, and I must give him some credit.
Most of the Simian Collective is making excuses for Governor Blow Monkey.
Bennett said, "The use of cocaine is a felony."

How is the admitted felon going to survive that statement?


From:   ANLarryC@mail.rapid.com

Subject: Tattoo?


If it was a regular practice to brand new frat members at Yale,
that means Butch Jr. has a Delta scar on his lily-white ass, right?


did the coward ambush others into enduring the searing pain of the red-hot brand,
only to pussy out when it was his turn?

Will Governor Blow Monkey drop trou and let us see the scar?

Larry C.

Larry, most, ...most excellent point.
If Governor Blow Monkey has any balls at all,
he'll prove to America that HE took the branding like a man.

A true leader would never ask his troops to endure something
that he was too pussy to endure himself.

What's it going to be, Governor?

Are you going to drop trou?

Or admit you can dish it out,
but you can't take it?

The Butch Campaign releases official Portrait for 2000.


What do we really know about Butchie?
What do we know for sure about this man?
Let's look at the facts we already have:

 1. Born with silver spoon in nose to filthy rich Connecticut old money family.
 2. His rich daddy bought his way out of combat during Vietnam.
 3. Has admitted history of repeated sexual torture in college.
 4. Severe alcohol abuse, cannot remember drinking binges and blackouts.
 5. Has admitted drunk driving, assaulting neighbors' trash cans.
 6. Married librarian after knowing her 90 days.
 7. Tried to assault vice-president of United States under Reagan.
     (not charged due to daddy's political connections)
 8. Profited from daddy's friends at Big Cancer and NRA.
 9. On record as tax-raising profiteer
10. Never worked an honest day in his life.
11. Has Margarita and a little habenero on the side.
12. Uses tax loophole to avoid paying state taxes, just like his daddy.
13. Very, very, very evasive about past (?) cocaine addiction.
14. Father was traitor, used pardons to avoid long prison term.
15. Brother Kneel stole $300,000,000 from Silverado S&L in Colorado.
      (money never recovered, swept under rug by powerful daddy)
16. Brother Jeb married to convicted tax cheat/duty-smuggler.
17. Mother crime-free, as far as can be determined at press time.
18. Ordered murder of one Karla Faye Tucker with lethal drug overdose.
19. Was videotaped picking up two kilos of cocaine.
20. As far as his positions on the issues, we know he's
      a straddler on the Kosovo issue,
      a straddler on gun-control and
      a straddler on affirmative action.

   Yeah, we should elect this guy president....

Mail Bag


I don't get it!
Shrub Jr. says because he has turned his life around we should forgive his past crimes?
And yet Carla Faye Tucker turned her life around, didn't she?
She didn't even ask to be forgiven (or elected president), she just didn't want to be killed.


That's true as Hell.

Casey Jones says he deserves a second chance,



yet after he ordered Karla Faye Tucker assassinated,
he mocked her with his little "Please don't kill me" impression.

I'd rather see a candidate cheat on his wife
than murder a young Christian girl who'd turned her life around,
and then ridicule her pleas to stay alive for another day.

Did you know Goerge Hoover Walker Butch does impressions?

This story comes from Tucker Carlson, ditto-monkey extremist.
You might've seen this guy on CNN and elsewhere.
Seems like he might work for Newsweek.

Tucker Carlson is a nazi-pig conservative who wears a bow tie.
When a nazi-pig tells a story about a Republican,
I assume it's true.

This is from a couple of weeks ago, around the time of that Iowa bullshit straw poll.
Tucker Carlson rode around with Butch in his I'm-richer-than-you limo.
Carlson wrote a column where he said Butch curses like a drunk sailor who stubbed his toe.

The Butch camp denied this, and said Carlson didn't really get "an interview."
They said Carlson just "hung around to get the flavor" of the Bush people.

Carlson replied that when you ask a series of questions and get a series of answers,
that's called an interview.  I agree with the ditto-monkey extremist.

But here comes the killer, so to speak.

Butch did an impression for Tucker Carlson.
Butch said Karla Faye Tucker (that's a coincidence, right?)
the young lady Butch ordered murdered with a drug overdose,
constantly tried to contact Butch to plead for her life.

Butch refused to take her calls.

Carlson asked George Hoover Butch what Karla Fay wanted to say to him.
Butch answered that question with an impression of Karla Faye, the dead Christian woman.

Carlson said Butchie leaned over so nobody else could hear
and he pursed his lips and said, in a teeny, tiny feeble voice,

"Please don't kill me."

I don't care what anybody says, that's compassion.

Say what you want about Governor Casey Jones.
Anybody who can make jokes about a murder he commissioned
must have a healthy sense of humor and an abundance of self-esteem.

I've been sitting on this story, waiting for confirmation, but it's exploding all over the Internet.



By Michael C. Ruppert

In the July 28 issue of From The Wilderness I reported on recent
statements made in Los Angeles by author Terry Reed concerning his
participation in a 1985 DEA drug sting with legendary drug smuggler Barry Seal.

In that DEA operation, set up after receiving information from an FBI informant
placed close to the highest levels of the Medellin cartel, George W. and Jeb Bush
were videotaped at Tamiami airport outside of Miami.

They arrived on the Bush family King Air from Texas, presumably piloted by George W.,
to pick up two kilos of cocaine which was delivered for the Bush's by Seal, after flying
from the Intermountain Regional airport located at Mena, Arkansas.
Reed was the unwitting co-pilot.

At the time the sting was arranged, the "buyers" of the cocaine were unknown.

As documented in previous issues of From The Wilderness, President George Bush
went to great lengths to eradicate top leaders of the Medellin Cartel, and lent support
to efforts which ultimately killed Medellin founders Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa
and subsequently saw co-founder Carlos Lehder and affiliate Manuel Noriega
sentenced to life prison terms.

George Bush also ordered the 1989 invasion of Panama which toppled Noriega and
replaced many Medellin allied bankers with political and financial leadership more
closely allied with the rival Cali Cartel.

As indicated in Reed's best selling 1995 book Compromised, both Barry Seal and the
Medellin Cartel believed that they had a blackmail lock on the Bush family, especially the sons.

Coincidentally, Carlos Lehder was released from prison in 1996 in a move which I
personally suspect was connected to the leaking of critical information regarding CIA
cocaine operations connected to the elder Bush during the Contra era.

Key information, which sparked the San Jose Mercury News Dark Alliance stories
by Pulitzer Prize winner (and now very vindicated) Gary Webb, was provided to
Webb by Coral Marie Baca.

Baca is the wife of Carlos Lehder and now resides with him in the Bahamas where
she recently delivered a son to the cartel founder who is reportedly "back in business,"
according to several sources.

Coincidentally, the sentence of Medellin ally Manuel Noriega has also been recently reduced,
and sources indicate he may be out of prison before Bill Clinton leaves office.

At the time he made his public statements, Reed indicated that he had both the tail number
of the Bush Aircraft and the DEA (NADDIS) file number of the investigation at his home
in Missouri. He also said, as I well know from LAPD experience, that once the tape had
been logged in and a number issued, it could easily disappear from law enforcement records.

Reed is currently in Los Angeles working on a feature film project based on Compromised.

What made Reed's story so compelling to me was that he and I both shared the long-term
friendship of retired Army CID investigator Bill McCoy. McCoy had been almost a
ubiquitous feature in some of the greatest CIA intelligence related investigations of the
last fifteen years including the Cristic Institute case, the theft of PROMIS software from
Washington, DC's INSLAW corporation, the murder of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro,
Mena Airport and several others.

I visited the home of Bill McCoy in Fairfax, Virginia on many occasions and I recall him
describing to me in 1995 how he too had spoken with the FBI agent/informant in the case,
Darlene "N". McCoy told me that he had spoken to Darlene several times and that she had
advised him of videotaped evidence which would sink the Bush's if either one of them
(Jeb or George W.) attempted to run for the White House.

I am aware of the full name of this informant who, to my understanding, was not present in
Florida when the incident occurred. I have reached out through a mutual friend to her but
am not releasing her full name until I hear from her.

Bill McCoy died, under what I consider to be very suspicious circumstances, two years ago.
I miss him.

News stories in the major media concerning possible drug use by Presidential front-runner
George W. Bush began surfacing this week after the Bush bulldozed the field in Iowa.
My story on the DEA operation was mailed to my subscribers two weeks earlier.

Yesterday, at approximately, 0830 EDT I was a guest of Joe Maddison on WOL,
a major Washington, D.C. station and we discussed my Bush story.

Apparently reaction was swift for both Joe and From The wilderness.
I had over 200 sessions on the FTW web site www.copvcia.com  yesterday
from the Washington area and about half of them were from inside government agencies
including Justice, NASA, the EPA, the Senate and the House.

Today George W. Bush appears to be back pedaling on earlier statements about drug use
and indicates that, if it happened, it happened before his father's term as President.
Well, 1985 was indeed before his father's term as President.

Joe told me today that he had received calls from CNN and other major
media outlets asking for further information on my interview yesterday.

What Joe told them was that I will be on WOL (1450 AM) tomorrow morning (Aug 20)
at 8:00 EDT to describe what the majors "should" do if they really want this story.

It's not difficult.

George W. needs to put this story to rest quickly or it will kill him.
Joe Maddison and I figure that he has about 48 hours to do it.

From The Wilderness has had some bragging rights before, but I think we do have a
small claim to saying the damn tape exists, and if the media wants it badly enough,
they can damn well get it and we should damn well see it.
You heard it here first.

 Share your thoughts with other readers o Send us feedback by fax at
(313) 557-4189 or through e-mail.

This Special does not necessarily reflect the views of the Editor and staff.
Copyright 1999, Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications.
All Rights Reserved.

Michael C. Ruppert is a former LAPD narcotics investigator.
His newsletter From The Wilderness is published monthly.
Annual subscriptions are $35. Back issues are $4 each and available at
www.copvcia.com. correspondence may be addressed to FTW - P.O. Box
6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.

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For more, check   http://www.copvcia.com/bush_drugs.htm


Maybe I owe Rush an apology.
I always said the Mena Airport story was a joke.
Turns out it's true.

We just didn't know the Governors Butch were flying the damn planes.

Governor Blow Monkey, how could you?

Between former DC mayor Marion Berry and Governor Blow Monkey,
I wonder who could ingest more cocaine in a 24-hour period?

Have you ever watched Howard Stern's show?
Do you know who Crackhead Bob is?

The Top Ten Differences Between Gov Butch and Crackhead Bob.

10. Governor Blow Monkey is taller.

09. Governor Butch has yet to have his stroke.

08. Crackhead Bob gets laid more often.

07. We know where Crackhead Bob stands on the issues of the day.

06. Governor Butch has better teeth than Crackhead Bob.

05. When Crackhead Bob speaks, we can believe what he's saying

04. Crackhead Bob has never been arrested for drunk driving.

03. Crackhead Bob isn't paying anyone to remain silent or hidden.

02. Crackhead Bob never called a Whore Street Journal reporter a "mother-fucker."
      ...and the Number One Difference Bewteen Crackhead Bob and Gov. Blow Monkey,

01. When you get right down to it, is there really a difference?

   In November of 2000,  just say, "No" to cocaine.

Rush and the other pro-cocaine apologists keep saying the same thing:
"We don't know that Butchie has actually done any cocaine."

Sure we do, Rush.
That's ditto-monkey wishful thinking on your part.

A fat fascist I know used to say Words Mean Things.
Is that no longer true, Rush?
Butchie said he hasn't done coke lately

What's the last word in that red sentence, Pigboy?
Butchie said he hasn't done cokelately, and I semi-believe him.

Do you remember Godfather II?

Michael told his personal bodyguard,
"As long as my mother is alive, I don't want anything to happen to Fredo."
(Fredo sold the family out with his stupidity and greed and
 almost got Michael & the kids machine-gunned to death.)

His message was as clear as Lake Tahoe.

The day their mother died, Michael didn't even have to say the words.
He looked at his bodyguard and gave him a small nod.
So the bodyguard took Fredo fishing and the family became more safe.
The bodyguard understood the meaning of words, and so do the American people.

Stop covering for the Blow Monkey, Rush.
America knows what Butch meant, and you know what he meant.
Koresh, I'll bet even Bob Dole knows what he meant.

Why are you lying to your own ditto-monkey soldiers, Rush?


Last Tuesday a "27-year-old mother of two... appeared as a first-time offender
in Harris County, Texas. The woman had been in a car with two other people in Houston
when the police rolled up and said they were "illegally parked."
The police said the woman made a 'furtive movement.'

'You touch your nose, it's a furtive movement,' said her attorney Bob Scott.
The police said they searched the car for their 'own protection.'
A handbag in the backseat contained a glass pipe.

The pipe had no visible traces of drugs.
A New York cop would have thrown it away.
But these Texas cops went after her like Kenneth Starr
They submitted the pipe to the lab....

Yee hah!

The lab said the pipe had 'traces of cocaine residue.'

The woman knew pleading "None of your business" was not an option.
She didn't have a rich daddy with political connections.

She took the eight months in a prison system whose ultimate boss was busy.
Yes, Governor Blow Monkey thinks his sore nose belongs in the White House!!!

She will finish learning from her mistake by next spring.
If only she had a rich daddy with political connections.

Governor Bush, how could you?

How could you?

Breaking News...

Dan Quayle sent a note to the Phoenix Gazette that said,
"I have never tried kokane."

More as this breaking story developes...

Rush is quoting Gennifer Flowers about Clinton's use of cocaine.

"He told me he did so much cocaine at parties his head would itch."

Now, when I was running that rock n' roll club, I knew a lot of blow monkeys.
I once had a guy show me a 54-gram solid chunk of cocaine.
This was real cocaine, not cut.
It was about the size of my fist.
The son-of-a-bitch brought that into my club.

There's a couple of people reading this that know who this cowboy was.
This guy did so much coke, he sweated cocaine.

He said his skin became oily and took on a sheen as the cocaine worked it's way
through his bloodstream and it eventually oozed out of his pores.

This guy did so much cocaine, he called the police and said,
"I've got an ounce of cocaine on me right now!"

Koresh, that's a lot of cocaine!

This guy's girlfriend called me at the club and said,
"He's gone crazy. He just called the cops and told them he's holding weight.
 The cops are on their way here now.
 I can hear the sirens already.
 Can you come over right away, BartCop?"

I said, "No, I'm stuck here."

Minutes later I drove past their house.
It looked like a goddamn police convention.

So, we have first-hand personal knowledge of a man doing so much cocaine,
he sometimes carried a 54-gram chunk around to show people.
He did so much cocaine, he sweated cocaine.
He did so much cocaine, he called the fucking cops on himself.



yet I never once saw him scratch his head.

Funny, alllllllllll the interviews Gennifer's ever done,
has she ever mentioned something this wild about Clinton?
Is it in her book?

Funny, she claims Bill offered her cocaine, but she never saw him do any?
Bill never wanted a line before, during, or after sex?
Maybe cocaine doesn't go with sex, I just don't know...

Bill Clinton did so much coke it made his head itch, and she never saw any?
Even though she claims a twelve-year affair with him?
How many cocaine addicts can hide their addiction for twelve years?
From the bitch, ...I mean the woman he's sleeping with?

Gennifer Flowers sees her sun of fame setting.
Who would want to talk to that old hag once Clinton retires?
This poor woman is still clawing at Clinton's cock, after all these years

Come January of the year 2001,
Gennifer will have nothing left but her singing career,
her pet snake,
her right hand,
and her Harley Davidson vibrator with the kick start.


Rush just said the Blow Monkey will not answer the question,
"Have you ever driven a car while drunk?"

ha ha

Y'know, I'm starting to feel a little omnipotent.
I'd feel better if one of my predictions failed to come true.

Remember a few months ago, Honest Matt Drudge said there were
photos of Elizabitch Dole dancing naked on a bar?
That's what his home page said. remember?

The newest rumors say those pictures are of our Junior Butchie.

When those pictures surface,
we will publish them on  bartcop.com

ha ha

Why did Rush say this?

"There are rumors floating around that the Blow Monkey paid for an abortion."

Thanks, Rush.
I'm sure the Bush people feel better since you're spreading that rumor.

Poor Rush.
He's stuck like we were last year.
He doesn't have a clue what tack to take.

He doesn't have any idea what to say, so he's saying everything.
He's taking all sides of the issue, hoping it clears up before he gets pinned down.

"Butch didn't do any cocaine. There's no evidence at all."

Sure there is, Pigboy.
Butch could stop all this with one sentence, but it would be a lie.
We don't tolerate liars in the White House, remember?

"If Butch did cocaine, why aren't witnesses coming forward?

It's not time for that, ...yet.
Those people would get pennies if they came forward now.
But if the Blow Monkey gets sworn in,
dozens of witnesses will be on TV every week, Pigboy.

"Even if he did cocaine, can't we forgive him?
 Shouldn't we have compassion for the hopelessly addicted?"

Sorry, Pigboy.
The rule of law - remember?
Without laws, we're no better than the animals - remember?
The flag is falling, you ugly mother-effer.

"It was so long ago."

Gee, Pigster.
How long ago was the Juanita Brodderick rape fabricated?
She was raped, and never even told her husband?
Only a ditto-monkey would buy that.

"What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty in this country?"

You bastards threw that out last year, remember?

"The very mention of the word cocaine has the press in a feeding freenzy."

Gee, Rush. What did the word "intern" cause?
You jumped on that bandwagon from the first second.
Now that you're boy is under the microscope, it's not fair?

"It's not fair!"

ha ha

Eat it, Pigboy

To quote your favorite inquisitor, "Your boy's getting rolled!"

Rush got his theme song back, and I'm OK with that.

Anything's better than Men at Work and Fine Young Cannibals.
Rush said he was having to pay P.E.T.A. for the song, which is funny.

Pigboy hates animals, women, children and minorities.
Chrissy's making him pay P.E.T.A. for the song.

Good move, Chrissy.
Make him pay some for AIDS research, too.

Monday's Jay Leno (Dave was a repeat)

"It was so hot in Los Angeles today, Governor Blow Monkey was snorting crushed ice."

"Butch held a fund-raiser, it was $1000 a toot."

"Yes, George "W." Butch, the "W" stands for "wasted."

Butch's campaign manager hit the roof when he realized these charges aren't going away.

"This is the last straw," he said.

Then Governor Blow Monkey said,
"Don't worry. We can roll up a hundred dollar bill."

Butch complained that there was, "no evidence" that he'd done cocaine.
Gee, I wonder where it went?

Stick George Hoover Walker Butch with a fork.
He's done.



>Morgan Fairchild is a pro-choice liberal. She does Democratic fund-raisers.
>She defended President Clinton during the impeachment.
>I hope she hasn't changed.
>She's originally from Texas.

Damn, those pics are hot, too.


I saw Morgan Fairchild on Cannity and Holmes, or one of those Fox shows

She never committed to either political side, saying vague generalities like,
"Texas loves their Governor."

Does anybody know if she's a Nazi or not?

If she is, she's eligible for BartCop's Hall of Shame.
I have a lot of Morgan Fairchild.

If she's in the DMA,
I'll need more web space.


From PGreen


>One comment on the George Jr. issue --
>If he DID do the coke as a child, as Governor Keating has suggested,
>does that mean we could get George Sr. arrested on neglect charges???

>Just thinking....


Great, True Quotes

"A lot of people have invested an awful lot in George W.,
 If his campaign were to crash, it could be an even more spectacular crash
 than we've ever seen before, because it has been so propped up."
         -- Bill Kristol,  who was once Dan Quayle's Chief of Staffe.

ha ha

He said, "...if..."

Hey, GOFP, you know what this is?

It's called  ...PAYBACK!

Meet the Whore with Brian Williams

Issue One!

Governor Blow Monkey's Cocaine Addiction

Issue Two!

Governor Blow Monkey's Lying About his Drug Addiction

Issue Three!

Will Governor Blow Monkey Ever Come Clean?

B'Orrin Hatch is POUNDING Gov. Blow Monkey

"He needs to tell the truth!" B'Orrin says.

Fucking exactly!
All Butch has to do is admit he's a goddamn felon, and we'll move on

ha ha

Brian Williams says Butchie is undergoing "anger management" treatment.
Oh, really?
I heard he was at Betty Ford, shaking.

There are 13,000 men in Texas prisons for using cocaine.
Cocaine is a FELONY in Texas.
Even less than a gram gets you fucking jail time, and Butchie supported that legislation.

Can we elect a FELON to our nation's highest law enforcement position?
A FELON who himself committed the very crime he's jailed 13,000 others for?

John Kasich (R-Homosexual) says it's unfair to look into a candidate's past,
even though that son-of-a-bitch was all for Starr dragging Clinton's past out into the light.

I just thought of a joke:
What's the difference between Clinton and Butchie?

Butchie is a Felon!

Kasich says, "There is no evidence of cocaine use by Butchie."

Of course there is, you lying gun-grabber.
There's the Governor's admission of omission.
There is the Governor's unspoken truth we have to consider.

Kasich says, "The specifics of the crime don't matter."

Hey, asshole!

Have you read the Starr Report?

Starr found it necessary to include in his referral,
"The President and Monica engaged in oral/anal contact."

...but Kasich thinks the details aren't important now?

Nuh-uh, Johnnie!

This is PAYBACK!

ha ha

Hey GOFP, would you like a little tartar sauce with your payback?

ha ha

Paula Begala and James Carville are advising Butchie to remain silent.
Butch is exploding too fast!
He'll be Governor Who? by the end of the week.
We need more time to kick him around.

We've got years of pent-up payback to deliver.
The GOFP needs a strong candidate - one we can maul to death for fucking years.


Butchie says he's going to put his dick in the ground?

Why would...



Oh, I misunderstood.
He's going to "put a stick in the ground," whatever the hell that means in Texas-speak.


The Governor of New Mexico says he's ALSO Governor Blow Monkey!

This is GREAT!

ha ha
I'm going to have a drink.

ha ha
I'm watching Meet the Whore with a goddamn drink in my hand.

Governor Blow Monkey (R-NM) tells Brian the Whore 78 million people have tried cocaine.
He says "Everybody's does it, why pick on me?"

Hey, asshole!

How many more millions of Americans have cheated on their wives?
Without a doubt, more than have ever tried cocaine.

That's how you bastards TRIED to get Clinton,
because he whipped you like a runaway slave at the voting booth.


"Everybody does it?"

That's the Republican's explanation why our next president likes doing cocaine?

ha ha

And what about the children?
Their next president is a blow monkey.

Seems like just a few short months ago, this was a nation of laws.
The Republicans said the Democrats were tolerant of criminal activity.
The Republicans said "an eye for the ladies" was criminal!

But George Hoover Walker Butch should get a free ride on felony cocaine abuse?

ha ha

We need Dana Carvey right now.
(How often do you hear that sentence?)
Carvey doing Butch SR., the Traitor.

Now, Junior, I told you that cocaine was a bad thing.
 Bad thing

Cocaine Bad
Alcohol Bad

Cocaine Bad
Alcohol Bad

ha ha

I can't wait to hear the Pigboy Monday.

We still have This Whore with Sam the Jackal and Cokie Jackskirt, and...
Have I ever told you how Cokie got her nickname?
She knew Butchie back in college...

Wait a Minute!!

I just caught the Beltway Boys on the non-biased Fox Network.

Fox says Gov. Blow Monkey won the week!

Are you serious?

The crash-and-burn, former candidate-cum-felon won the week?
So far, they haven't even mentioned the biggest news story of the summer.

You can always get the true story from the Fox News Network.
They report the facts, then you decide.

This Whore with Sam the Jackal and Cokie Jackskirt

Issue One!

Governor Blow Monkey - Fit to be President?

Governor Keating of Oklahoma says, "What's a little coke abuse?"

Cokie asks the Governor how many men are in Oklahoma prisons for cocaine?

Keating couldn't say, saying, "That's not the issue here!"

Oh, really?

It's OK if Butchie likes his coke, but others should go to prison?
Is Butchie trying to be king?
Is Butchie above the law?

Check out Gov. Keating (R-Ditto-Monkey)
"It's doesn't matter what we did as children!"


Koresh, talk about putting a wild, outrageous spin on the truth.
Butchie snorted cocaine as a child?

I think Governor BM has just taken another torpedo.

Children, Governor Keating?

Hey, Frank,
If I'm ever in trouble, don't help me, OK?


Quayle's up next!

ha ha

First thing, the Cokester asked him a question about Butch and cocaine.

Quayle: Huh?

Cokie asked him the question again.

Quayle: "Governor Butch, Welcome to Prime Time!"

ha ha

Good one, Danny.

Go, Danny, Go!

Danny has advice for "the Bush people."

"They need to make these charges go away," the Loveable Spud told Cokie.

ha ha

"The Governor is caught in a trap," Quayle says.

Quayle looked good.
He was sharp, intelligent and he looked very presidential.
He looked tanned, and rested and ready to lead!

The GOP needs to take a good long look at who their best candidate is.
Quayle said he was battle-tested and up for his next challenge.
He said the GOP should make the governor earn the nomination,
just in case he's not able to pull that straw out of his nose.



then they go into some bullshit piece about airlines not running on time.


We were right in the middle of the spaghettification of the GOFP's Sacred Golden Boy,
and Disney/ABC switches us to flight delays?

Oh, well...

If they pound him too hard,
he'll quit and turn his nose up at us and it's not time for that.


Maybe Face the Whore with Bob Sheiffer will be better.
I hear he's got that Oreck guy on.

Evans and Novak et al

B'Orrin Hatch is swinging elbows.
"George Butch can't win this campaign.
 Al Gore is too sharp for him, plus, the media loves Gore.
 The media is out to get Governor Blow Monkey!"

ha ha

Hatch is really pissed, interrupting and refusing to yield the floor.

Hey, B'Orrin, it's Novak's show.
You have to shut up sometime.

Hatch just reminded America Governor BM has no foreign policy experience.
Go, B'Orrin.

I got the ticket: Quayle-Hatch

Please, God, please.
I'll go back to the church.
I'll even ....

Uh-Oh, Hatch just said he'd appoint judges that were pro-choice!

Bye, B'Orrin,

Face the Whore

Question One:  Can we forgive a cocaine addict and let him be president?

Haley Barbour: Sure. It's only cocaine.

Ralph (Beat My Baby) Reed:  Butch is "too strong" to let this stop him.

Some GOP Lady: We just want to do the people's business.
                             The GOP doesn't like the politics of personal destruction.

ha ha

Stop it, Lady.

Hate is the only glue you have.
Well, maybe ignorance and hate.

"George Bush has given a half a dozen different answers today to this story.
First, he said that hadn't done drugs in the past 15 years. Then, later, he changed that.
He said, no, no, he hadn't done drugs in the past 25 years. Then, really, just like an hour ago,
what he really meant to say was, he hadn't done drugs since he was 28.
And then, finally, he admitted, he said, 'Look, I'm so high, I don't know what the hell I'm saying.'"

           -- Jay Leno discussing Governor Blow Monkey

I watched the TV news shows Saturday.

Top story on CNN's Reliable Sources:

Can Butch Survive the Cocaine Trap?

Top story on Capital Gang:

Has Butch's Clintonesque Weasel-Speak Mortally Wounded Him?

Poor stupid Butchie.
You stupid mother-effer.
You don't have the brains to be president.

What are you, ...like, ...stupid?

You're trapped like a Galveston wharf rat.
You've got nowhere to go, Governor.

You can't say you never did cocaine.
If that's the case, why the braindead tango with the cocaine story?
You stupid mother-effer.

Your only chance is to come clean now,
and admit you were/are a dirty, rotten cocaine whoredog,
and we wish you all the best luck in raising your next dollar, you clueless idiot.

Did you not notice the worldwide Clinton Cock Hunt?
Nobody in the history of this planet has gone through what he went through.
I'm glad he lied, and I'll get into why some other time soon.

But your Nazi partners spent the last seven years grabbing at Clinton's cock.
Sixty days after that circus dies, and nowyou say it's time we all played fair?

Not on your fucking life.

Screw fair.
We need to get even before we can talk about fair.
We're gonna screw your first four nominees this year.

We're going to give the fifth guy a walk, cause Gore's gonna kill him anyway,
but you need to decide which four you want to sacrifice.

And if you ever want to see the White House again,
I suggest you start with Tom Delay.

Koresh, if Butch gets out of this,
I'll say, "That's one lucky bastard!"

C'Mon, America.
Ditch this loser.

We can do better.
I know a man who's been tested, goddammit!
His name is Dan Quayle and he's up for the jobe.

Dan Quayle - Less Stupid Than You Thinke.
J. Danforth Quayle is a serious man, a man with medal.

A great party like the GOP needs a great nominee.
Tell me, what candidate is more representative,
what man better exemplifies the Republican party than the Loveable Spud?

Let's get a chant going...

Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000,

C'mon, you in the upper decks..

Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,

C'Mon, you in the back!

Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,

Can you feel it?

Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,

Now everybody!!!

Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,
Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000, Quayle 2000,

I love this country.
God Bless You,

God Bless America,
and God Bless the next president of the United States,

Dan Quayle for Presidente!

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