Vol 150.5 - Butch Watch III

Report - October 18

Gov. Butch Arrested for Possession of Cocaine in 1972

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It's all very clear.
Butch is willing to brag about his monogamy - no problem.
Butch is willing to admit his addiction to alcohol - no problem.
Cocaine?  Why, he refuses to dignify that "terrible, baseless accusation."

It's clearer than Lake Concha.
It's clearer than Buchanan's Master Plan for non-whites.
If Butch said he'd never done cocaine, and then this arrest report sees light,
then he's been caught in a big, fat lie.  And since he's caught before the election,
we have time to consider other candidates, instead of lying Governor Blow Monkey.

How dead is dead?

GB Monkey has $50,000,000, but he's not going to be the Fascist's nominee.
How are they going to nominate a felon?
Cocaine is a felony is Texas, no two ways about it.

To make things worse, (if that's possible) he didn't do any time in prison for this felony
because Daddy ran to rescue his little boy, like any politically-connected millionaire would.
According to the Salon magazine article, Daddy used his influence to switch judges,
switching to a judge he got elected. Then that judge ordered some community service
and ordered the arrest expunged.

Isn't that obstruction of justice?

This isn't the private love life of an elected official.
This is the cover-up of a drug felony!

Yep, GB Monkey's message of "Individual Responsibility" rings true, doesn't it?

I'm just mad that all this hit before Butch got closer to the nomination.
I wanted Butch to win this election, so he could appoint maddogs like
Dornan, Barr and Burton to cabinet positions, thereby making  bartcop.com  bigger than,
well.. bigger than Texas, and launching the bartcop.com  subscription service.

Damn the bad luck...

I don't know about you, but my nose is running...

Great True Quotes

"Governor Butch doesn't know much about how Congress works."
  -- Tom Delay (R-Prick) after Butch told the GOP to "Nazi off."

October 14

ha ha

What's the McVeigh wing going to do?

Gov. Blow Monkey told them to knock off the Fascist hate, and his poll numbers went up!
The left, the center and the sane right loved hearing it.
Common sense says he should go after them again.

Trouble is, he's pissed of his right-wing money supply, and the election is still 13 months away.
Suddenly, Pat Buchanan is looking like a patriot to them.
Pat swears he's going to leave on October 25.

Do you believe him?

Hey, Blow Monkey - Use your damn head!
You don't NEED a bump now, you nut.
Your mystery ass is ahead of all the known candidates, and you take your bump now?
It's like using your time outs early in the third quarter.

What can the GOP do?
They've put all their eggs in the basket of the guy
who says they need to rejoin the human race if they want to win.

If they dump Butch, what happens to the money?
Does GBM get to keep it?

Can he simply donate it to whichever candidate he endorses?
Will federal election laws allow that?

You people remember that you heard it here, first.
Months ago, in June and July, I said, "Butch will not be their nominee."

The press is waiting until he has the nomination almost sewed up,
then they're going to ask about the DWI's, his secret habanero,
the truth about his baseball-tax-raising-opportunism and the rest.

When they dump him, all the networks will say, "We never saw it coming!"
Trust me, it's as clear as Lake Concha.

What's the McVeigh wing going to do?
Who will be the nominee when they dump Butch?

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