Vol 164 - Hannity Plays the Fool

The Pulse of the Nation

I've seen several articles lately about how the late night talk shows
really hold the barometer of the nation's gusty political winds.

Wednesday, Jay Leno asked. "Who was our smartest president?"
Someone in the crowd screamed, "Reagan," which drew a huge laugh.

Then, he asked who saw the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" where
some dumb-ass missed the easy $100 question, and the crowd cheered.
Then, he put up a picture of the dumb-ass - it was the Blow Monkey.
The place went scooters.

Leno said the easy question Butch bungled was,
"Who was president just before Clinton?"
The place went scooters again.

Trust me.

BartCop will be president before the Blow Monkey.
Snorkleboy has the same "Buffoon-thing" working that Quayle had.

Great Debate Quotes

"In Texas, we don't look at the color of a person's skin.
 In Texas, we're just all Texans."
  -- Former Front-runner Governor Blow Monkey.

'scuse me, Guvner, isn't Jasper part of Texas?


"Bill Clinton can't find Pakistan or India on a world map."
  -- Goofyboy Steve Forbes

ha ha

You want to get into an I.Q. battle with Bill Clinton?
Koresh, what I wouldn't give to see a Clinton-Goofyboy debate.


McCain just looked the camera in the eye and said, "I'm ready."


Goofyboy just rocked the Blow Monkey with a hard left.


That Gary Bauer woman is a pitbull in a skirt.

Bauer: Mr. Forbes, how will you handle the Chi-Comms?

Goofyboy: I will criticize them - ...harshly.


Waco Kid: I used to be in the oil business.
                   I wasn't big oil,
                   I was really little oil.

Bernie the Coward: How would you stabilize the price of oil?

Waco Kid: I'd tell OPEC to knock it off and play fair.

Hey, Snorkleboy!
Let's tell OPEC to eat and drink their goddamn oil.
Let the price rise to a reasonable level and let Oklahoma and Texas
pump enough oil to ween our economy off the teat of the Jew-hating Arabs.

What do you have against the state of Texas, Governor?

Screw OPEC.
Screw our OPEC dependency.
Be a man, goddammit.
Stand up for America, you coward!


Bernie the Coward: Should it be a crime for the president to lie?

Mrs. Bauer: Clinton was on the phone with a congressman
                      while doing disgusting things with a woman.

Bernie the Coward: Yeah, that's what I asked.


Blow Monkey: The election is just around the corner.

Crowd:  Ohhhhhhhhh.....  He's sharp!


The Keyester: You gotta trust people.
                          I jumped into the mosh pit to demonstrate my faith in man.
                         More people should jump into mosh pits.


Blow Monkey's Best Moment

Bernie: Should we have open debates where everyone is included?

Blow Monkey: If we have open debates, we'll have 50 people onstage.
                          That'll turn into an Oprah Winfrey show.

McCain:  Fine, George, let's you and me debate man-to-man.

Blow Monkey: No, I want our friends to join, too.

McCain: So make up your goddamn mind, you pinhead.
                Should we have open debates or not?

Blow Monkey: I yield my time...


Bauer: Governor Butch says "Roe vs. Wade is a reach?
             Defend yourself, Guvner Butch!"

Blow Monkey: I think like Ronald Reagan does.

Bauer: That's your defense?


McCain: My wife's better looking than any of your wives...

All: You've got us there, John...


Blow Monkey: I object to the way you characterized my position, John

McCain: Maybe I'll just come over there and kick your bony, white ass, rich boy.

At  bartcop.com  we scored it another win for McCain.
I tried to watch the Democrat debate, but they put me to sleep,
so I watched West Wing, instead - the best show on Free TV.

This is a little different.

He's Back!

By Popular Demand,
the new and improved Tom Delay is back on the front page.

Of course, it works with Netscape,
but if you're using Internet Explorer,
you can hear the music that makes Tom dance.

More Sex

This isn't a big problem, but it bothers me.
What the hell is wrong with Playboy Magazine?
Have you seen the latest issue, with supermodel Angie Everhart?
(Yeah, they're all supermodels.)

I stopped subscribing to Playboy years ago, but I re-subscribed
this year (along with EW, People, Premier, Content, and others)
so I could write if off on my taxes as a  bartcop.com  business expense.

Anyway, the pictoral for Angie Everhart is maybe the worst ever.
Angie's never been a favorite here at  bartcop.com  but she's
certainly an attractive woman - except when Playboy shoots her.
(non-Playboy photo)

Have you seen those ugly Playboy pictures?
(I refuse to post them here.)

The first picture is probably the best.
It looks like they were just getting started, before the dumb-ass
photographer put her in all those funny, out-of-this-world poses.

Most of the pictures look like a women's prison movie starring Linda Blair.
A few seem like a trip to the gynecologist's office, and one looks like the
poor woman was thrown off a building by Tony Soprano and that's how
the boys from Homicide found her the next morning.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Playboy is hiring photographers who
moonlight as morgue attendants. Maybe I'm just getting too old to
appreciate the "new style" of photography, but it's almost gross.

Why take a pretty girl like Angie Everhart and ugly her up
to where a red-blooded American male wants to look away?
Maybe it's an inside joke on that vampire movie she did with
Dennis Miller, but the joke was lost on ol' BartCop.

...and how does that sell more magazines?

Let me hear from you if you've seen these pictures.
E-Mail BartCop

Maybe I'm just weird.

There He Goes Again

Bob Squier, close advisor to top Democrats ranging from
Humphrey to Clinton to Gore, died Monday of cancer.
I don't know if you recognize the name, but you'd know his face.
Next to JFK Jr., I thought Bob Squire was probably the
most handsome man in the Democratic Party

As always, the ill-mannered Pigboy had to kick him around.
Rush Limbaugh enjoys kicking the dead more than food.
Rush Limbaugh enjoys kicking the dead more than tax cuts.
Rush Limbaugh enjoys kicking the dead more than kicking Hillary.
...and you know what makes it even worse?
He's so goddamn proud of himself when he's done, too.

It is more certain that the Disgusting Prick will kick around the
recently departed than the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

...and he's a perfect role model for the Republican children?

To his credit, (I can't believe I'm saying this) the disgusting Pigboy
only kicked Squier's memory around for 20 minutes or so.
Usually when a prominent Democrat dies,
the disgusting Pigboy spends an entire hour, if not the whole
goddamn afternoon kicking the recently deceased all over the place.

How 'bout an old-fashioned "Fuck You" for the Disgusting Pigboy?

Rush Limbaugh - King of the Cheap-Shot Bastards

Saw it on Salon's Table Talk

"Clinton's State of the Union will be a great speech....it will be
interrupted a gazillion times by hysterically happy applause.
Watch for the camera showing Tom Delay and Dick Armey smirking
at each other like a couple of gangbangers being sentenced to death."

ha ha

Restricted Access?

From: CharfromER@webtv.net

Subject: bushwatch.com

Why does every bush site including one above today say
"restricted access?"  Is there something going on?


Char McLoughlin

It does seem to be down, but I'm sure it's temporary.
Rest assured,  bartcop.com  will always have open access.

...and congrats on the second language.


From:  sniper@cei.net

Subject: George of the Jungle

So if George wins, he would support a constitutional ban on abortions,
right up there with the right to carry firearms. Have you heard the NRA has
a new pitch, taking quotes from the founding fathers to reject gun control?
I guess we will then see bumper stickers:

If abortion is outlawed,
only outlaws will have abortions.

Sonny Scott


Crazy House Whip Tom Delay's office announced yesterday
that puppet Speaker Dennis Hastert's colon is polyp-free.

No further details were released.

Lawsuit Mania

I see where Jerry Falwell has joined Larry Klayman, Paula Jones,
Dan Burton, Bob Barr, Tennesse Tuxedo, Dolly Kyle Browning,
Linda Tripp, Gennifer Flowers and Lucianne Frankenstein
in suing President Bill Clinton for no goddamn reason.

Yet, they say the trial lawyer's best friend is Bill Clinton?

I guess an old Okie like me just isn't sophisticated enough to
understand how the victim can be best friends with his tormentors.

Great True Quotes

"Women - Half the time they don't know what they want,
 the other half of the time, they don't know what they want."
     --Popeye, circa Max Fleishman era

Close Call for Gov. Blow Monkey

The ubiquitous George W. Butch was questioned and detained by
Manchester, NH police after a bizarre campaign incident Tuesday.

While whoring for votes before the New Hampshire primary,
Dubya was rushed by an older, balding man screaming,
"Tell the truth about how you raised taxes in Texas."

Biff  Todd, a Butch spokesman, described what happened next.
"The Governor was not prepared for this man's attack,
 and he instinctively used the Vulcan Death Grip."

The man, whom authorities identified as Marty Brenneman,
a member of Pipefitters Union 404, died instantly.

As emergency medical personel removed the body,
police temporarily detained the popular Texas governor, but a call
to his daddy in Texas made the whole matter disappear like smoke.
"Laws are for the little people," said Todd, the governor's spokesman.

The Governor's wife, Pickles, was not injured in the "attack."

Very True Quotes

"There is absolutely no question in my mind that whether
 Roe vs.Wade is scrapped depends on what happens in
 the presidential election.  To pretend otherwise is naive."
    -- President Bill Clinton

The next president will pick between 2 and 5 Supreme Court Justici.
Remember what happened last time the GOP picked?

We got a LIFETIME of Clarence "Slappy" Thomas.

Wayne Knight knocked on my door Friday.
Like a fool, I let him in.

Now, I feel worse than Trent Lott on MLK Day.

Pass Me the Bucket

Is there anything more sickening than watching Bill O'Reilly
read his praise mail on the Fox Whore Network?
He reads this crap, one after another, as though he's pulling
them out of some kind of mailbag at fucking random:

1 - "Oh, Mr. O'Reilly, you're so smart and so handsome."
2 - "Oh, Mr. O'Reilly, I've been a big fan of yours for years."
3 - "Oh, Mr. O'Reilly, your fairness is overwhelming."
4 - "Oh, Mr. O'Reilly, after all these years, I can't tell
       if you're a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican,
       because you're so goddamn fairand impartial all the time."


Bill O'Reilly on the Fox Network?
(Fox News - We Whore, You Call Us On It.)

Answer this:
Would Dr. Laura get wet for a guy that was fair?
I don't think so.

What kind of insecure bastard reads his fan mail to his audience?
What, they're not convinced he's fair and honest,
so he reads them a dozen praise mails to convince them?

Then, just to fool the sheep, he'll read one that says,
"O'Reilly, you're a lying hypocrite," and he'll smile and say,
"You seem to be in the minority with that opinion."

Here's another one.
5 - "Mr. O'Reilly, your committment to fairness is so inspiring..."

If I ever get that full of myself, slap me, would you?

Gag Me!

I need a drink...

Is it my imagination, or is Doonesbury on a roll?

Alan Keyes is NOT Insane, Not Like They All Say

"I think that we need to put someone in as Attorney General who,
 among other things, will enforce the law and then get to the truth
 on behalf of the American people and there's nobody that has been
 doing that with greater courage and effectiveness--even without
 any kind of official position--than Larry Klayman."
   -- Alan Keyes, according to the Dec 11, Judicial Watch

Sure, and while we're at it,
let's give the ATF to Tim McVeigh.

More on Larry Klayman
(From Microsoft's Slate Magazine)

Klayman is a piquant choice for attorney general. At the moment,
he has libel suits going against David Segal of the Washington Post
and Harvey Berkman of the National Law Journal. He apparently
feels victimized by Jewish journalists because (he wrote recently),

"as a Jew with close ties to social as well as economic conservatives
--and as a Jew who believes in Christ--I guess they perceive me as
a threat to the liberal Jewish creed, a kosher Uncle Tom."

Taking a deposition from former Clinton aide Paul Begala,
he pressed Begala for the name of his priest in La Porte, Texas.
In another deposition, with former Clinton aide Harold Ickes, he
made Ickes so mad that he threatened to piss on Klayman's rug.

(I have video of this. Ickes says, "I need to use the restroom."
 Klayman says, "We're not finished here, yet."
 Ickes says, "Fine, you want new carpet in your office?")

ha ha
Go, Harold!
Nobody fux with Harold Ickes!

Klayman once sued his own mother.
A character on NBC's West Wing named "Harry Klaypool,"
who heads a group called "Freedom Watch," is apparently based on Klayman.

NBC is promising another great West Wing tonight.
"Traitor in the White House," it's called.
Hey, I'll save you guys some time.
Look for a cute Greek.

It's the best show on free TV.
Catch it.


You've seen the X-Files, right?
For years, Mulder has been saying things under his breath.
Mostly sexual double-entendres, if that's how you spell it.
Here's one from last Sunday.

It's got everything.
It's got religion.
It's got Catholics.
It's got snake-handling.
It's got teen sex.

Mulder might be the horniest man on television.
Here's what he said Sunday, but you have to listen very hard....

This is really good.

It's a six-part cartoon, and it'll take a minute to load,
so right click HERE, then hit "Open new window"
then come back and read a minute while it loads.

I guess it would be illogical to say this is the best political cartoon
I've ever seen, but it made me exhale faster than anything I've seen lately.

Lost Weekends?

Have you heard about Butchie's wild weekends in Mexico?
Sounds like in another time, in another place, the Waco Kid
might've been fun to party with - but then again,
I wouldn't want any of my friends to be president.

Click Here

Great Always-Right Quotes

Rush started Monday's show by saying Tennessee and Tampa Bay
were the two teams that were going to play in the Super Bowl.

So, if you thought it was going to be Tennessee and St Louis,
you need to stop lying to yourself and accept Rush's truth.

He doesn't lie,
and he doesn't make mistakes.

Fun Quotes

"I've learned not to put things in my mouth that are bad for me."
     --Monica, on Larry King, promoting Jenny Craig

(Thanks to Jesse Brown)


From:  young@erim-int.com

Re:    A message from Governor You-Know-Who

Very bad taste.
I realize that it just isn't politically correct to be swayed by feelings
and emotions in today's rough and tumble WWF climate,
but I became very uncomfortable reading that.
It wasn't funny.
It wasn't close enough to reality to be satire.
What *was* it?

Peter Young

Wasn't it awful?
I got that from the _hitesonly.com site
(Put a "w" in front of  _hitesonly.com)
I was surprised at what I saw there.
He has pictures that'll make you lose your lunch.
(If you go there, hit "Home" first.
 If he has server logs like I do, he'll know I referred him,
 and I don't want to get anything started with the KKK.)

Yes, it's terrible, and they didn't say who the Governor was,
(Plus, he might kidding about a sitting governor having written that,
 but if it's true, it's a southern Republican governor.)

I didn't write it - it wasn't supposed to be funny.
I wanted people to know those types still exist.
Rush likes to say there is no racism in America anymore,
so that was a like a friendly reminder.


From: ceetee99@hotmail.com

Subject: Bob Kerrey

 .....You couldn't carry Bob Kerrey's prothesis, my friend.

"I didn't read the  health care bill'?
...No sorry, BartCop, Fuck You!

...and I LIKE you.

Chris Tierney


It sounds like you agree with Kerrey,
that Clinton is an arsonist.


For Agave Lovers Only


Just before the opening kick-off, Tampa Bay's Martin Gramitica
made the Sign of the Cross, which leads me to believe he's Catholic.

Sorry, dude.
St Louis is a very Catholic town.

Little known fact:
The Rams haven't lost a football game at home since
the Pope came to St. Louis to kiss Mark McGwire's ring.

No doubt,
God is a Rams fan.

The Bucs Stop here.

Steve Forbes = Idiot

He was on Meet the Catholic with Tim the Whore.

Tim: You want to outlaw abortion completely. If you're successful,
         what happens to the doctor and what happens to the woman?

Idiot: The doctor goes to prison, the woman goes free.

Now, I don't know if Forbes got help from Bob Dole or a Catholic,
but this position is as stupid as hell.  What's wrong with these people?

The fact is, if abortions are completely outlawed, hundreds or thousands
of women will attempt them every year. No "pro-lifer" has the balls to
say, "We put murderers in jail," so they sacrifice their common sense?

If I hire a hit-man to murder Pigboy, and we get caught, according to
the "pro-lifers," the hit-man would do time and I'd be let off scott-free?

Please - somebody try to explain this insanity to me.
How do "pro-lifers" expect to be taken seriously when they want to
send murderer #1 to prison, and free murderer #2?

What's wrong with their brains?
How can they be so blind to the common-sense facts?

If abortion is murder, then have the courage to state the obvious
that murderers belong in jail, and quit hedging, you cowards.

Of course, saying you'll throw thousands of scared young women
into prison every year isn't very popular on the campaign trial,
so you take your common sense and throw it in the fucking river?

You "pro-lifers," - I understand you think you're doing the right thing.
But if you can't defend your position, you'd better do like that coward
at rushonline.com does and run and hide and refuse to face facts.

You think being 50-50 on jailing murderers is "doing the right thing?"

I say it's proof your position can be used to drain spaghetti.

Bob Kerrey = Democratic Traitor

I don't like trashing a Democrat.
I really don't like trashing a war hero Democrat,
but Bob Kerrey has the loyalty of a crack-whore.

"Bill Clinton is a very good liar. I mean, he is an exceptionally good liar,"
  -- Senator Bob Kerrey, attacking his president in 1994

January 23, 2000- Meet the Catholic with Tim the Whore

Tim: Senator Kerrey, what about the idea that Gore stayed and fought
         the Gingrich revolution when Bradley ran off to make a series
         of highly-lucrative speeches, instead of staying to fight.

Kerrey: Tim, remember who caused the revolution - it was Clinton.
              If an arsonist sets fire to a house, you don't give him credit
              for staying around to fight the fire, do you?

Wait - Who caused the Gingrich revolution?

If you and the Democratic MAJORITY had backed your president,
he might've turned that health care proposal into law, but nooooooo.

The Democratic House and the Democratic Senate ran scared!
The Republicans started screaming scare tactics...
- socialist health care,
- you're losing your doctor,
- if you like the post office, you'll love Hillary's bureaucracy,
- unqualified negroes doing surgery, (G. Gordon Liddy)
- worse than Veteran's care
- a ten-year waiting list for surgery

and on and on and on and it made me sick.

In retrospect, Bill Clinton tackled every difficult problem and
he turned it around and made this country such a paradise that
the only thing we have left to argue about is some Cuban kid.

If you, Senator Kerrey, showed us a little of that courage you had
in Vietnam, maybe the other yellow senators might've followed.
Then, maybe if the Senate might've showed some courage,
the scared little weasels in the House would've stood tall.

I admit, I didn't read the health care proposal - I doubt anybody did.
It's one complex son-of-a-bitch that needed thousands of caveats,
but it never saw the light of day because the Democrats turned pussy.

They got pushed around by a vocal minority and crumbled.
They didn't have the balls to fight so they lost.
I'm GLAD you timid sheep lost the House and the Senate.
You deserved losing, you gutless cowards.

...and Senator Kerrey, if you've got a problem with Bill Clinton,
why don't you get the fuck over it for the good of the country?

If Clinton was doing something illegal, like giving missiles to Iran,
Ok - fine.  Stand up and say something. That's your duty!
But since he didn't, you and your colleagues owed your president
and your country a hell of a lot more than you gave.

How dare you portray Clinton's attempt to provide health care
for the millions who can't afford it as "an arsonist setting fires."

You've given Pigboy a week's worth of cackle with that cheap shot.
Hannity, O'Reilly, North, Reagan all of them will repeat that cheap shot,
and they're going to use it against us in November.

Don't you have any loyalty at all?

Senator Kerrey, I really respect what you did for us  in Vietnam,
but right now, all I can offer is a very sincere "Goodbye."
Ollie North and Tim McVeigh served their country, too, Bob,
but that doesn't mean we have to respect their actions afterwards.

Go on and get out of government service, Bob.
We've got too many spineless cowards in the Senate as it is.
You told Tim the Whore you might accept a cabinet position.
If President Gore offers you a cabinet position, it'll surprise me,
because I don't think Gore likes traitors any more than I do.

I don't mind you backing raceboy Bradley,
I don't mind you hating Bill Clinton,
but calling your president "an arsonist?"

Fuck you, Bob.

Have you ever seen The Waco Kid dance?

Show me the dancer.

VCR Alert  1/22

Governor Blow Monkey on CNN's Evans, Novak et al

Somewhere around 5:30 Eastern, check your TV Guide

The Republican's Salute this - every day.


Gov. Bush, Do you support affirmative action?
...and could we have a clear answer, for once?

What I am against is quotas.
I am against hard quotas.
They basically delineate based-upon whatever.
However they delineate, quotas, I think vulcanize society.
So I don't know how that fits into what everybody else is saying,
their relative positions, ...but that's my position.


Why did Paula and Steve Jones Get Divorced?

"What Clinton asked her to do, ...she won't do that.
  I don't want you to feel sorry for me, but she just won't do that."

    -- Steve Jones, explaining why they broke up to Jeffery Toobin.


Larry Klayman Again

Larry Klayman, that no-dick conservative who files dozens
of lawsuits against Clinton every month, has filed another one.

This time he's financing a lawsuit against Hillary R. Clinton
on behalf of Gennifer Flowers and her snake!


Isn't it funny how Rush and Dr. Laura and allllllll the conservatives
hate it when an eighty-year old lady files suit against McDonalds for
third degree burns on her pelvic area, "because it's so frivolous,"
but when Larry Klayman helps the Arkansas trailer park trash
attack the First Lady, they think these suits are just ducky.

Isn't that funny?

It's...  it's...  it's almost like they're inconsistent!

Wait a Minute

The First Lady has to answer questions about fidelity,
but Butchie doesn't have to answer questions about cocaine, a felony?

The First Lady has to answer questions about pot smoking,
but Butchie doesn't have to answer questions about cocaine, a felony?

We know Hillary can handle intense pressure - we're not worried.
But what if we're going to trust The Waco Kid with his finger on the button,
shouldn't we know the extent of his drug and alcohol addiction?

Wait a damn minute

Butchie says the abortion question is "up to her, and I'll support you,"
but he wants a constitutional amendment to PREVENT that woman
from having any goddamn choice at all concerning reproductive rights!!

Hey, Butchie, explain yourself!

First you promise to support her, then you stab her in the back.
You say you're on her side, but then you want to send her to prison.

Hey, Butchie, explain yourself!
Can you?

I think the Waco Kid has been drinking again.

If this race doesn't start making sense real damn quick,

Is it too late for Ol' BartCop to get on the ballot in all 50 states?

I'm gonna try a little homage to Dennis Miller.

Worst that can happen is he'll see it, and throw a fit.
His lawyers will bark, I'll laugh.
His lawyers will sue, I'll counter sue.
His lawyers will settle, I'll jump at the chance,
and I'll settle for a 80K job writing for his show.

Dennis Miller, January 21.


You'll get pictures and sound.
You should get the hang of it.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6

Pic 7

Maybe it worked, maybe not.
Let me know


This doesn't have anything to do with anything,
and I know most people never liked Barry Switzer,
but I always did - and this is pretty funny.

(Remember this joke?  When Bud Wilkenson died, he went to
 Heaven and found out they play football there every day.
 Bud was watching one old man with a white beard on the sidelines
 with a shirt that said, "BS," and Wilkenson asked who that was.
 An angel told him, "That's God. He thinks he's Barry Switzer.")

In Oklahoma, that story will get you a round of drinks.

Anyway, I was reminded of this story from Switzer's book,
"Bootlegger's Boy," when he first met Muhammad Ali.
Switzer said they were both attending some charity function
or Sports Illustrated dinner - something - in Las Vegas.

For some reason Barry found himself in the casino buffet line,
and right behind him was The Greatest - Muhammad Ali.
I think Ali recognized Switzer and spoke first, saying, "Hello," or something.
Switzer, being in awe of seeing The Champ next to him stammered,
"Great to meet you champ, you, ...you look much bigger in person..."

Ali, being in a playful mood and noting Switzer's nervousness, said,
"Who you calling 'nigger?'"

Poor Barry.

This one time, he's 100 percent innocent, and he's star-struck.
"But Champ," Switzer begged, "I never said anything abou..."

Ali says, much louder this time, "WHO YOU CALLING 'NIGGER?'"
People stopped and looked to see what the commotion was.

At this point, Barry wasn't real comfortable with his position.
Ali snarled at him a few times, then broke out laughing.
Everybody started laughing and Barry knew it was just a joke.
The Champ was just teasin Ol' Barry Switzer.

What's the moral of the story?

Ohhh, I'm gotta get in trouble for this,
but sometimes the word "nigger" can be funny.

I've had a story in my head for a year or two about what words mean,
especially that word.

Words are tools.
Like any other tool, words can be used or misused..

I should write that story...

Unmasking Sean Hannity

Since Pigboy is off having surgery for another gerbilectomy,
let's dismember that cheap-shot bastard Sean Hannity.

To set this up, you should know that a few weeks ago,
someone sent Pigboy a list of stupid things Al Gore has said.
Truth is, the quotes were all Quayle quotes.
To his stroke-addled brain's credit, Rush saw thru the ruse
and said on the air, "You can't trick me, I'm too smart."

Well, Hannity isn't as smart as the Dirtybutt Pigboy.
Friday, he got it broken off... right in his ass.

I wish I could claim credit for this, but I'm too honest.

Someone sent Hannity a list of stupid things "Gore" said.
I have no idea how he fell for this, because everybody
has heard these stupid Quayle quotes a thousand times.

How in the wide, wide, world of sports could anybody
associate the "The mind is a terrible thing to waste" quote
with anybody besides Danny Quayle?


You'll recognize almost every one of these.
Everything this ambushing bastard attributes to Al Gore
was said by the Loveable Indiana Spud King.

The clip pretty much explains itself, but watch how,
after every stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid quote,
Hannity guarantees to Rush's poor, brainless ditto-monkeys,
he stakes his reputation that these are all true,
one hundred percent swear-to-God true Al Gore quotes.

Check out the cackling, check out the dripping sarcasm,
check out the hate ooooozing from this small, small man.

Now, listen IN REAL TIME (no waiting)
to Sean the prick Hannity fuck himself, right on the air.

Hi, my name's Sean, and I'm a Moron.

(listen to clip)

Hannity, you are a mean-spirited asshole.

I'm going to make you pay.
I'm going to make you eat it, and I'm going to make you say
"I enjoy eating it, Mr. BartCop.  May I eat another?"

Oh, and one other thing, Sean:
That guy you had arrested for sending too many faxes?
Could you try to arrest me, too, you prick?
ha ha

Would you please sue me?
Or get that no-dick Larry Klayman to sue me?
ha ha

Please, why won't anybody sue me?

Is it because I'm telling the truth?

That Bastard

In a move designed to make Rudy look tough on crime,
New York policemen raided homeless shelters throughout
New York when the wind chill was 22 degrees below zero.

The coooooooooooooooooldest night of the whole winter,
and Rudy is busting the balls of the homeless have-nothings?

"They can't be treated differently because they're homeless.
 There's no immunity that says if you're homeless, you then get
 away with committing a crime."

New York police released few details about the raids,
but said most of those arrested appear to have outstanding
warrants for "big crimes" such as public urination.

Hey, Rudy!
On behalf of the homeless, I'm sorry that they can't afford homes
with toilets, so yeah, throw them all in jail, Rudy - be the hero...

Of the 22,500 people in homeless shelters each freezing night,
police successfully served 124 warrants.
If Rudy is successful in scaring them away from the shelters,
maybe they'll just fucking die.   Is that Rudy's thinking?

Must be that new "compassionate conservativism."


From: SpiderN@aol.com

Subject: Good stuff!

Hi Bartcop,


One other thing, I can't get to the website you posted for the great
chocolate. Do you know if they've changed their address?
If so please put the new one on your latest page.

Spider,  go to   http://www.chocolatelovers.com

I just tried it, the link is working.
I'm not sure what their politics are, but their chocolate is so good,
I'd buy it even if they were from the wrong side of the aisle.

Frivolous Litigation?

CNN says Linda the Pigg is suing her plastic surgeon.


I can't tell...
Does she look better or worse?

Thanks to Lord Starfyre@aol.com

Kevin Cunningham Strikes Again



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