Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm voting for Kerry. Why? I've heard him on several interviews, NPR mainly, and I've always
liked his stand on about every issue really important to me.  I like that he is a Vietnam veteran.

Not only is he a vet, but he saw serious action. He knows what it's like to be sent to war.
And I really like that he came back and joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War. I respect that.
Plus,  his favorite album is 'Abbey Road'. You can't get any better.

Kati Bell

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm voting for Dean.

He is against the war in Iraq.
He understands the problems with the healthcare system in the US, and has a plan to change it.
He is the most liberal.
He is pro-equality for ALL people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or race.
He's not a career politician.
He has passion.

He's not a religious zealot.
I believe the only way Bush & Co. can win this election is to steal it (again).
Electronic voting scares me because the necessary safegaurds have not been implemented.
Diebold is pro-Bush and anti-papertrail.
We shall see. The next year will be interesting.

Keep up the fight to inform.


= Danger, Will Robinson!

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Hey Bart,

I plan to give my vote to Dr. Dean because Dean been hammering the crook in chief since day one
and he been constant with pointing out Dubya failures and lies, Dr. Dean has done something to the
Democrats party what we haven't seen in the party since Bill Clinton he's giving us a voice and giving
the Republicans a dose of their own medicine (no pun attended) with fiery speeches that give many
of us young Democrats hope in unseating the marble mouth fool next November.

But if Dean doesn't get the nod I will support any of the dems whomever the Democrat is we need to
put in all we have to get that person elected because things will not end with Bush leaving office the
PNAC will get Bush to endorse another puppet for them to control.

Kerry, Dean, Clark or Edwards our future as a country is in their hands and ours if we don't fight back
and take the country from the radical right heavens knows where the US will be in next couple of years
if Bush get another chance taking us back 4 decades.

Ditto-monkey crasher in the Motor City

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I am voting for whomever the Democrat nominee heappens to be.  I am very comfortable with Dean
(whom I am now supporting), Kerry, Clark, Kucinich, Sharpton or Edwards. I know I left Joe L. out of
my list but i think he has no chance of nomination.  My opinion is that, after some of the statements he's
recently made combined with the way he "presented" himself to Cheney for that ankle grabbing "debate",
Joe is simply a liberal republican't.  I like the rest of them because they don't drop trou and grab ankle at
any and every opportunity.  I think I am considering what every Democrat who believes in working class
values is considering in my choice: which of these folks is not going to back down from the Rove machine?

I have to say it's going to be Clark for me in the primaries.  I liked his remark on taxes.
I am a single father and I just can't take funding the tax rebates to the Bush gang.

In fact when I read what Clark said about Rove, I had a shot of Porfidio.

John M

ha ha

John, years and years ago, didn't we talk about being Catholics?

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

As of today, I'd have to the candidate with the best chance of beating Bush is John Edwards.  I say this after
initially backing Dean, and then Clark (because of his amazing resume).  My choice has nothing to do with their
policies because, for all intents and purposes, each of our guys is light years ahead of the current regime.

First, Dean can't win anymore because he's been unfairly painted as a psycho.  I mean, come on; his
"I Have a Scream" speech wasn't so bad.  It was, in fact, a totally understandable attempt to keep his troops
from getting discouraged.  To say otherwise, that it shows Dean as an angry out of control loon, is preposterous.
They've managed to successfully Gore-ify Dean.

Clark has everything it takes, on paper, to be the President.  However, after watching him in the debates,
he really doesn't stand out.  He's got no fire.  When he speaks he doesn't captivate the audience (or me anyway).

Which brings me to John Edwards.  The guy's got charisma.  Watching/listening to him, at times, is like
watching/hearing Bill Clinton again.  Of the entire group of candidates, besides Sharpton, he's the most natural speaker.
Unfortunately, as proven in the 2000 election, large numbers of Americans can't separate a candidate's personal
likability from his policies.  Edwards is the only guy in this group who can beat Bush on that front.  And with a guy
like Clark as his choice for VP, we stand our best chance to defeat the unelected usurper once and for all.

That's my take anyway.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I want to see President Kucinich because I don't have to worry about him being bought,
I perceive him to be the most honest of the bunch,

He knows what it is like to be poor and struggling.
Honestly, He gives me the hope that I can exhale when he is elected.
The rest of them don't do that for me.

I haven't been able to breathe since the unelected moron took over.
I have no health insurance and suffer from chronic pain and want to see a more tolerant accepting world
where if someone is sick, someone will care for them without asking them where the money is coming from.
At this point, I would rather die than give money I don't have to a doctor who will put it as a downpayment
on yet another condo or beach house.

When he digs deep into an issue, the facts uncovered may make him change his position. I like the fact that
he admits he can grow and evolve, instead of keeping a stubborn view, in spite of facts pointing otherwise.

I especially agree with his compassion towards our fellow man, especially in regard to US marijuana laws.
He is for freedom of religion and quality of life from your definition of the term.
I could say so, so much more.... Iraq, farms, human rights.... so much more.
Kathy C.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Lots of people are piling on Dean, saying that he's got a flawed tax strategy
and that he'll get hammered if he demands that the entire Bush tax cut be repealed.

Well, let's see if the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

Got my first pay check of the new year.  Here's the breakdown on Bush's tax cut.

Federal Gross:  down by $96
FICA Withheld:  down by $12
Federal Withheld:  down by $12
State Withheld:  up by $84
Local Withheld:  unchanged
State unemployment:  up by $24
Medicare withheld:  unchanged

So the Bush tax cut is saving me exactly:

$12 for the year!

That $12 is going to allow me to get that rocket powered car I've always wanted.

(Oh, and by the way, my health care contribution went up by $480 this year -- so I'm
actually making quite a bit less now than I was in December.  What a country!)

Anyway, the point is that Dean is right.  The Bush tax cut hasn't saved me a damn thing.
He's telling the truth.  Dems shouldn't bash him for it.  They should look at their own
paystubs -- what they'll find is that we're all getting screwed.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

clark's my choice. he's the only candidate with a chance to beat bush in those bush-red states in the south and midwest.
being a military man, he can get some votes from military families- that's a lot of people.
he's smart enough - 1st in his West Point Class, Rhodes Scholar.
would like to see him debate Bush: the general vs. the "deserter".
if only he can learn the ropes in time - i.e. how to talk to reporters, how to look good on tv, etc.
clark can have dean as v.p. to be the attack dog, while clark, ike-like, takes the high road in the election.
Sheldon Litt
Stockholm, Sweden

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...(in Palm Beach)

Ok, here's my response.

I like Dean, I first picked him up in casual chat in January of 2003, and after researching the field,
I began to center on Dean.  I went to a meetup in Lake Worth, and was hooked.
Dean had a few things that I really latched to...

He's a doctor, he's a Governor (my uncle is a Dem. Gov), and he is pro-gun, as am I.

I was in Palm Beach in 2000, and I was here in 2002, and I'll be here in 2004.   I know we'll be in
the spotlight in 2004, and I hope we'll win, but failing that, I raised $2,000 for the DNC so that even
if Dean doesn't get the nom, my money will go to the nominee.

Bryan in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.00

Bryan, you're in Florida, right?
 (just kidding)

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I am voting for Wesley Clark.  He has been my candidate for a long time.
I signed the petition for him to run and I would support him.
I have sent money to him and will continue to donate to his campaign.

Kerry voted for the war, taxes etc.  How is he going to explain  it?

I'm confused that so little is made if the revelation by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) that the CIA
told the Senate that Saddam could hit the East Coast with checmical weapons drones as they spoke.

I read it myself, so I'm sure they printed the story, so assuming it's true, (Nelson hasn't denied it)
it seems to me that after being told Saddam could hit the East Cost now, I'd like to hear from
the Senators who voted not to pre-empt Saddam  This changes a lot of things, but the problem is
we can't get any straight facts from the administration or from the press.

I wish the press would now and then concentrate on something important!

Having the CIA tell the-sky-is-falling lies to the Senate is the real crime here, not going to war.
If you (or anyone) disagree, I'd sure like to hear from you

Clark is from the south and he doesn't have any votes to defend.
Dean does not inspire me to vote for him.
I did like the way he came out against Bush while the others very very timid.
He is not ready for Prime Time at this date.

Clark  and Clinton looks good to me.


Clark Clinton is a dream ticket, isn't it?
Clark plays Commander in Chief while Hillary runs domestic policy.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Unfortunately, the Democrats have shown an absence of courage in the face of the demented Cheney and his
neo-con knuckle-draggers.  The Democrats only hope to win the presidency, I believe, is to nominate Wes Clark.

John Kerry will be bashed by the Repugs as another Massachusetts liberal.

They're already saying Kerry voted "more liberal than Ted Kennedy."
That's going to scale some people.
People like the vulgar Pigboy have spent decades trashing the Kennedys,
and making Kerry "more liberal" than them will hurt us in the south.

I think he would lose to Bush. Dr. Dean has indeed energized voters, but he keeps shooting himself in the foot.

Wes Clark is intelligent, hard-working, possesses great leadership ability, and has no fear of Bush. I think he can take the election from
the axis of Evil: Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Al From,  leader of the Democratic Wing of the Republican Party, the DLC.

Kenneth Attaway

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...


New Mexicans know an "A-bomb" when we see one,
and Clark is the "A-bomb" that will blow Bush off the map in November!

Ollie in NM

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Dear Bartcop,
    I am voting for Dennis Kucinich.  This is the candidate the cuts right through every bit of phony blabber
that most of the politicians choose to speak in.  His answers are ALWAYS RIGHT ON!  He has the vision
to make the world the best possible place for everyone.  And as far as electability, he has won in a fairly
conservative suburban area over Republican competitors many times.
    The only problem I see is that people are afraid of hearing how it is straight up.  They want some sort of
sugarcoated messages about "working for change" or "working families" or "tax breaks for the middle class."
When everyone wants a pack of bullshit lies, they should just vote Bush.  When they want Bush Lite with a
droopy dog face, they choose Lieberman.  When they want a sugarcoated, watered down version of how to
fix this BFEE mess, then Edwards, Kerry, or Dean will do just fine.  Note: Sharpton and Clark do not seem
to be full of doody, just not as educated as Kucinich on every single issue.  Either of those two will be fine.
   But I guess at this point, even if that douchebag Lieberman wins somehow, I will have to choose him over Bush.
Aliso Viejo, CA

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm voting for Sen. John Kerry (winner of the Silver Star) - only if his VP pick is former Sen. Bob Kerrey
(winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor).  This would give the Democrats two bona-fide war heroes to run
against Bush and Cheney, two draft avoiding chickenhawks with THREE drunk driving convictions between them.

John K

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Hey Bartcop,
How about Kerry and Dean being big welfare deform supporters.
They make me sick !
Dude, this is about who you're for.

I knew you wouldn't post my explanation of who I'm voting for. I say you are disingenuous sir,
just like most of the rest of em....anybody can outdebate the retardricans... but you don't want
the flaws exposed in your pathetic candidates so you avoid real debate.
Hi, my name's Bart. It's good to meet you...

Why not try someone who can think.
I'm right here.
All I've got's the truth...
what are you afraid of.

You just got here.
When was I suupposed to be afraid of you - before we met?

You see, I don't change my character to fit around my candidates...
I demand my candidates conform to my principles and values...
that's why I'd kick yer ass...without much effort.

Oh that's why you'd kick my ass - because you demand candidates conform.
I admit, you've built an air-tight case there... without much effort.

If it aint real, who gives a fuck !
Lance Del G

ha ha

Dude, do you have that tattooed anywhere?  (snortles...) who is your candidate?  reader "Dean" and the Big Dog

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Dear Bartcop,

The simple answer is, I'm voting for the Democratic candidate.

I don’t live in a state that has any say in the primary, so I have to
wait until the general election to make a difference.

Why am I voting Democrat?
1. I'm a recent college grad with $20,000 worth of debt (for just a paltry bachelor's degree) who cannot find a decent job.
2. I'm not stupid (and it helps that the expensive piece of paper I bought happens to say "Bachelor of Science: Political Science."
3. I hate liars.
4. Did I mention that I'm not stupid?

I love your site and keep up the good work!

A in Kentucky

A, offer yourself to some temp agencies.
They'll stick you with a company who isn't ready to commit to a long-term thing
but your performace will be so stellar that they'll change their minds and hire you.

Tell 'em Bart sent ya,

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm voting for George W. Bush and Dick "Halliburton-in-my-back-pocket" Cheney because, unlike the majority
of Americans in the 2000 election, I have a complete detachment from anything resembling reality.

I yearn for half-trillion dollar annual deficit increases.

I get emotional erections watching brave, young, mostly poor American troops dying needlessly for war-profiteering
corporations and special interest groups.   I enjoy basking in the afterglow of environmental rape and love the Orwellian
pillow talk leading up to it.

I relish watching the systematic dismantling of the Constitution by religious zealotry masquerading as law enforcement.
It gives me the same adrenaline rush as watching an old building being demolished with high-explosives.

It makes my nipples hard having people who make thousands of times more money than I do annually get the majority
of the tax breaks. Especially when, at the same time, I get the equivalent of $0.82 a day in tax relief that I have to
eventually pay back anyway.


I want the election to go Bush's way (or at least close enough he can steal it illegally again) because it has been far too long
a time since there was a military draft.  It's high time that those punk teenagers and twenty-somethings be forced in to service
again for the ill-gotten gains of the richest, greediest and most power drunk of us all.

And, lest I forget, If Bush doesn't win, who in the hell will the national media fellate on a daily basis?  Who will be the fringe
element crying for justice only to be shouted down?  Without Bush in charge, what will the mainstream media's purpose be?
Without purpose, nothing can thrive.  I wouldn't want to live if I couldn't watch bobbleheads like Bill O'Rielly, Rush Limbaugh,
Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter thrive in their collective destined life purposes.

So if you're like me, and want to see the greatest country the world has ever known get dragged straight down the crapper
by a cadre of myopic pinheads--



The Joker.

-Arkham Asylum

Joker, I thought you were living in Al Gore's house with the Pinhead...


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Basically, I think all politicians are whores.  Especially anyone that wants to be President.
But Kerry stands out this time.  A few years ago, I was reading up on the whole Contra/Cocaine shenanigans,
and read that Kerry chaired a committee investigating the charges.  The report was pretty shocking, that the Contras
were running dope, and the CIA knew it.  You can guess the media play it got.  Kerry was termed a "randy conspiracy buff."
Here's some Robert Parry about it:
At that time, I remember thinking to myself "Kerry is one of the good guys" to go mucking around in something so important
that nobody else wanted any part of.  I haven't been reading your page too much lately, so I don't know if you've gone over this stuff yet.
That is why when I look at the whore lineup, Kerry stands out.

Herb, shame on you not checking in more often.
Yes, Robert Perry is the man.
He and Greg Palast have caught the B.F.E.E. several times.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I'm voting for Dean, because he tells the truth and means what he says.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Howard Dean is my man. He's started campaigning early on because he actually
seems to WANT the job.  That's more than you can say for a lot of the other Democrats,
who seem to be running just because someone put them up to it.

BTW, you can look at bu$h and tell HE never wanted the gig;
Poppy just hung something over his head to make him go along.
Failing Dean, it's General Clark all the way.
Can you IMAGINE what he'd do to bu$h in a debate?
If the nominee should turn out to be Kerry, I reckon I will hold my nose and vote for him anyway--
but I sure don't like the smell of Skull and Bones.
Your Fan,

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Who am I voting for and why?


Wes Clark.


Simple again,

Because he's not that fucking idiot drunk we have in Al Gore's house now!!


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Let me make the argument about why, given the current conditions, Bush must stay.

Koresh forbid!

The incredible amount of debt that Bush has dumped on the country, under the guise of supply side economics,
has not yet taken a significant toll on the economy. Sure, the dollar is down more than 30% against the euro,
and imported oil prices remain on the high side, and there have been several million permanent jobs lost.
But we're not in a recession.

If a Democrat wins, he or she will be saddled with a Republican Congress.
So any promises to roll back the tax cuts for the rich will not be realizable.

Unless the win is BIG and he can claim a mandate.
If it's a squeaker, you're probably right.

We have to get to a point that a real majority of the population realizes that the Republicans - across the board
-- are the party of the top 1%, and that they must be voted out of office at the White House and Capitol Hill, both.
Otherwise, we'll have a Democratic president taking the blame for Bush's supply side economic policies.

Of course, maybe I'm completely wrong. Maybe supply side economics won't lead to another depression.
Maybe deficits and debt don't cause inflation. Maybe all of history is wrong.

I voted for G.H.W. Bush (one generation closer to Nazi collaborator Prescott Bush) for exactly the same reason
I'm explaining here.  Ronnie the Rat's tax cuts and deficits had not caused a recession (due primarily to the collapse
of oil prices, which masked the effects of "give it to the rich" policies).  I was sure that voodoo economics would
lead to a recession.

We may have to endure another severe recession to rid the company of these right wing jackasses.
We need the majority of the country to get their heads out of their limbaughs.


Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I prayed to jesus to send us a righteous man made in the image of god like mr. george herbert walker bush.
i feel strongly my prayers were answered with the "Miracle of Florida" at the turn of the millenium for
that is what His word tells me. Truly the president is His workmanship in whom the spirit of the anointed
Christ indwells. those halos are no accident. instead of health care, Americans should ask W for healing

I don't need to say what voting against him means you might as well get your asbestos water wings out

Narrow is the path, small is the gate.
One man of God, 7 Democrats. Demon, Democrats - how clear does the Beast have to be
before the blind man sees and the lame voter walks upright?

I understand that you are unsaved and that the Devil will prevent you from putting this truth
on your sinner's bug zapper of a web page.

Every right-wing religious nut in America.

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

Hey Bart!

I have two reasons for writing one:  To Discuss Why I voted for Clark and to remind your readers
that their candidates not only need votes but also some “smack” to keep their campaigns effective and financially viable.

Like Bob (Happy Bear), one of your site observers and contributors, I too voted early in the TN Democratic Primary yesterday for General Wesley Clark.  One of your fans and site contributors put it as clearly as it can be said and I agree with her.  That contributor was Carla, who said, quote, “I would really love to see that Mental Midget Bush get bitch slapped by the Rhodes Scholar kick ass General.”  I made my vote without reservation.  Even though I like Dean and Edwards too, I do not want to see another 50:50 U.S. voter split that could hand this election to Bush for a second term.  We cannot take that risk.  A Bush victory is my biggest fear with Dean being far left and Edwards being a relative newcomer, though he seems to have a lot of promise.  Kerry doesn’t get my support despite his early lead in the polls.  I don’t trust him.  He is a typical politician who would also leave the country in a 50:50 split.  We want and need someone going against Bush that will unquestionably defeat him, and by a landslide.  We need someone who can not only get the Democratic voters but who will undoubtedly pull in the Republican voters as well, when it comes down to where the “Rubber meets the road.”  Clark is that man.  There is no doubt in my voting mind that CLARK WILL UNSEAT BUSH if we Democratic Americans are smart enough to give him the chance.  Clark is neither right nor left of the center, which is where a strong candidate needs to be.  That is where Clinton was and that is where a leader should be.  He should be able to work both sides of the aisle and the middle and be able to work out a plan that both sides agree on for the good of the majority of Americans.  During the Clinton years, every class and race benefited to some degree because of Clinton’s middle ground.  No one can argue that point, though they may try.

I put my vote and a monetary donation towards the Clark campaign.  I would like to remind voters that their votes are needed, but it also takes money to run an effective campaign against the corporate America that Bush represents.  Bush already has $2 million dollars just sitting in the bank collecting interest for his Fall assault on whoever his opponent will be, and he continues to collect more.  He is going to use that money to try and crush whoever his opponent is in the fall.  That’s what he did to Senator John McCain, who was, in my opinion, a far smarter and superior Republican candidate and leader than Bush was in the Republican primaries.  McCain just could nto compete against the “financial warchest” that the Bush camp put together with contributions from big business.  Bush bought and paid for his presidential appointment.  The Democratic candidate, regardless of who comes out on top as Bush’s opponent in the Fall, is going to have a lot less money than the Boy King.  The candidate will have spent a large portion of his money campaigning in the primaries before he even gets to take on Bush.  This is the reason we not only need an UNQUESTIONABLY SUPERIOR AND  ELECTABLE CANDIDATE LIKE CLARK to battle with Bush, but also one that is well-prepared financially.  I am urging people to get behind Clark now and not risk America’s future to another 4 years of Bush.  Clark is a “Sure thing.”  Put your money on the horse that you know can and will win.  We can’t afford to gamble and lose this one.

Dr. Cole,

Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

I know this is a little long, but I'm doing my best to condense it and still make it complete.

Who will I vote for in the primary?  Well, I am in an unenviable position.  I am in Illinois, which has a March 19th primary.  Yes, Illinois is the last state to hold their primary.  So, either my vote will be completely insignificant, or it will be more significant than anyone else’s.  That is a very depressing thought to me, since the candidate I wish I could wholeheartedly support, Dennis Kucinich, has absolutely no chance of going anywhere.  I will vote for him in the Illinois presidential primary if the nominee is determined by then.  If, however, the nominee actually depends on the results in Illinois, I think I will vote for John Kerry.  Allow me to explain my reasoning, which is based on Molly Ivins’ saying that one ought to vote with his heart in the primary, his mind in the general election.

Dennis Kucinich has been truly, wholeheartedly opposed to the Iraq Oil Grab from the beginning.  He is opposed to the USA PATRIOT Act, which has eroded our most basic civil liberties.  He is opposed to the North American Free Trade Agreement and other international agreements and organizations that harm the workers and working classes both here and abroad.  He believes in curtailing exorbitant Pentagon budgets and preserving the ABM and Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaties and the Kyoto Protocol.  He is for universal single-payer health coverage.  He is against the death penalty, opposed to FCC deregulation of the media, and believes in a progressive tax reform that eliminates the loopholes that let corporations cheat their way into huge refunds.  He is a unique candidate, one diametrically opposed to George W. Bush.

Why, then, do I consider John Kerry to be the alternative, the candidate to vote for if someone needs to win Illinois?  First, I see not only a veteran and war hero, but also an experienced politician, an important quality lacked by General Clark (I don’t like Clark otherwise, but I won’t go into that here).  He believes in scaling back the sections of the Patriot Act that infringe on civil liberties, while still encouraging law enforcement groups to share information necessary for the stopping of terrorists.  Kerry supports civil unions for homosexual couples.  As a college student, I support the idea of a College Opportunity tax credit, as well as tax credits as incentive to keep manufacturing jobs in America.

As you can see, my “heart” candidate varies a good deal from my “mind” candidate.  Kucinich is, ideologically, my guy.  I believe very strongly that he is the type of politician who would go into the presidency and actually work for great change in America and the world.  He is the best man for the job at this point in time.  What he desires to do is make us into the superpower that cares, providing reforms that will bring us equal to the rest of the western world on social, environmental, and foreign policy issues.  That being said, I look at John Kerry and see a candidate who realizes that America is split down the middle.  To accomplish anything of substance, a president needs to be able to work with every side.  Do I agree with everything he says?  No.  But I have the same problems with John Edwards, Wesley Clark, and Howard Dean.  When I compare those four, the serious contenders at this point, I have to look at experience, policy, personality, and every intangible that comes to mind.  It won’t be until I step into the booth on March 19th that I’ll know whose number I will punch.

--Rev. Dann McKeegan

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