Vol 207 - Hellhounds on my Trail

 June 1, 2000

Certified Monkey Mail

From: rotate172@hotmail.com

I sent you an e-mail Wednesday that you have not answered.
I am still waiting.

From: rotate172@hotmail.com

I sent you an e-mail Wednesday that you have not answered.
I am still waiting.

From: rotate172@hotmail.com

I sent you an e-mail Wednesday that you have not answered.
I am still waiting.

Dude, you're going to be waiting a lot longer next time...

You stated:

> Again, if it crashed under Clinton, Rush would say it's
> because Clinton doesn't have the slightest clue about
> the markets "because he's a liberal.

I wasn't asking Rush, I was asking you. I was making reference to a
statement you made, not that Limbaugh made. You don't seem to like
Rush very much, yet you base all your defenses on what Rush MIGHT say.
Sorry, no points for speculation.

Dude, it's called playing defense.
This website, at least until earlier this week,
was called  "Rush Limba - Lying, Nazi Whore."
If I refute a Pigboy lie, and you challenge me on it,
don't accuse me of dragging Rush into the conversation.
That's how we met, remember?

Subject:  Still Waiting
From:   rotate172@hotmail.com
I'm not letting this one slide....still waiting.

Christ, you're a pushy bastard!
If you'd shut the fuck up for 5 minutes, I could finish your response.
Did your Mother forget to give you your Ritalin today?

Here's how it works:
Pigboy tells a pack of lies, and I expose him later that day.
I can understand why you'd want to argue outside Rush's sphere,
because only an idiot would attempt to defend what Rush says.
How skillful of you to abandon his bullshit-show-biz rhetoric in
a doomed attempt to gain a measure of credibility.

You didn't say what the question was, but guessing from my answer,
You asked why Clinton should get the credit for driving the boat.
I don't know how many different ways I can answer the same question.
Fair or not, the president gets the credit or the blame, because it
happened on his watch. Remember in 1996 when Dole said Clinton
was responsible for teens smoking pot because (he claimed) teen
pot use increased while he was president.

Jimmy Carter was defeated primarily because OPEC raised prices
and caused an inflationary spiral that worsened every year.
Presidents get the credit or the blame.
Live with it.

I don't know how you can expect to be taken seriously if you want to
blame Clinton for the bad times, and when things get good, say the
credit belongs to a senile, old fool who couldn't stay awake in meetings,
couldn't recognize his own cabinet members, and introduced Princess
Diana as "Prince William."    Reagan was a real imbicile, Dude.

(At this point, R. Ford gave me a lesson on the stock market.
 It's pretty dry. If you want to read it, click here.)

> Clinton promised 8,000,000 new jobs. He delivered over
> 22,000,000. Remember Rush's "million-dollar" bet?
> One of the five was unemployment levels, so apparently Rush
> was ready to bet $1,000,000 that Clinton would LOSE jobs,
> but since he gained them, you want to know who Clinton hired?"

Did I ever make one reference to anything Rush has said?
Did I ever cite a Limbaugh statement? If you're looking to things
Rush Limbaugh said to fight your battles, you're looking to the wrong guy,

Whoa, Cubby!.
You're claiming I came to you looking for a fight with Rush?
You're the guy asking four times for a reply, so let's not pretend
I came to you demanding anything.

...because he doesn't carry any weight with me. Sorry, I don't remember
Rush's bet because I don't listen to him. I'm not disputing the figures either,
What facilitated the delivery of 22 million jobs?

I don't know what you want.
Do you want a list of bills he signed?
Do you want a list of mistakes he didn't make?
Tell you what, I'm smart enough to know you're not going to believe
anything I say, no matter what, but I have some sourced quotes from
some experts - people with degrees in economics, so I'll let them explain it to you:

 Former Speaker Newt Gingrich:
 "The tax increase will kill jobs and lead to a recession,
 and the recession will force people off of work and onto unemployment
 and will actually increase the deficit."
 [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/6/93]

 GOP Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete Domenici:
 "April Fool, America. This Clinton budget plan will not create jobs,
 will not grow the economy, and will not reduce the deficit."
 [Dallas Morning News, 4/2/93]

 GOP House Budget Committee Chairman John Kasich:
 "This plan will not work.
   If it was to work, then I'd have to become a Democrat."
 [CNN, 7/28/93]

 GOP Majority Leader (and economics professor) Dick Armey:
 "This plan is not a recipe for new jobs, more opportunities for our young
  people; or more secure retirement for our parents. It's a recipe for disaster."
 [Congressional Record, 8/5/93]

Gingrich, Kasich, Armey and Dominici warned us that Clinton would fail.
Incumbent in their warning is the fact that Clinton had the power
to affect the economy, for good or for bad, or else they were lying.
Right, Mr Impatient?
I know you were hoping for a big victory here, but you're not going to get it.

Tell me, when Dick Vermeil won the Super Bowl earlier this year,
he rightfully claimed credit for it, because it was his team..
Did you demand that some St Louis fan explain exactly how he did it?
And if the St Louis fan didn't know as much about football as Vermeil,
would that prove that Reagan actually coached the Rams to victory?

ha ha

I admit, I thought about spending the time to get you the answers
you CLAIM you want, but after a decade of arguing politics, I never once
heard a Republican say, "Looks like you were right and I was wrong."
No amount of proof would ever be enough, would it?

The fact that we have the best economy in history speaks for itself.
What I say or fail to say can't change that fact.
Your petty, small-mindedness in trying to take from Clinton what is
Clinton's tells me you and the GOP are jealous that Clinton pulled it off.
You would've preferred America's economy had tanked,
as Gingrich, Kasich, Armey and Dominici predicted,
rather than Clinton get the credit for pulling off the big miracle.

You're a lot more like Rush than you want to admit.

When Burton, Barr, Gingrich, Livingston and the others went after
Clinton's Cock, KNOWING their own whores might be exposed,
they were willing to take that risk because getting Clinton was everything!
They didn't mind being losers, because there was a chance they could
paint Clinton as a loser, too, and that was their only goal.
You seem to fit snuggly into their clothes.

As far as Reagan and Communism go,
I guess we have someone else to blame for those deficits
if we're going to give credit to Tip O'Neill, et al...correct?

Oh, how I wish you had the power to make that stick.
I have the advantage of having read your complete letter, but I'm still
going to be fair, because you at least started out acting like an adult.

The truth is, Reagan defeated communism with his wild spending spree.
(see below)

>From my perspective, Reagan's recognition of communist liberation movements
(called the "Reagan Doctrine"..think Grenada) and Reagan's conception of SDI
were important STEPS in the dismantling of Communism. Of course, Gorbachev
(at Reykjavik) demanded the U.S. dismantle this program (SDI) if they
expected cooperation. Democrats and liberals urged this as well. The
previous SALT talks and ABM treaties were failures, because the U.S.
couldn't seem to be content to let Soviet officials walk away from the table
when things wouldn't go their way (a primary reason the SALT talks were so
dismal for the US and eventually came to favor the Soviets). Such was not
the case with Reagan. Above all, it was his patience that allowed the U.S.
greater bargaining power.  The Soviets always came back, willing to step
down a little more each time, realizing they would not get the quick results
(capitulation?) they had expected with previous administrations (for further
reference see: SALT I, II/Strategic Defense Initiative, "Reagan Doctrine",
"Brezhnev Doctrine" and the invasion of Czechoslovakia).

Many of the Reagan/Gorbachev conferences were not based on the signation of
treaties, and much of this Reagan's brilliance took place during the
bargaining sections of the treaties, NOT the actual, formal acceptance of
the treaties themselves by Congress or foreign governments. Of course,
Communism is deeply flawed and certainly had internal problems
which facilitated its eventually demise as well.

Yes, the Russians were doomed to failure.
Reagan and his "patience" could've spend a few trillion less and waited
a little longer for the Russians to collapse o themselves, but nooooo.
Reagan had to play Cowboy.
Reagan spent America's economic future on a needless gamble.

You mentioned "capitulation?"
I think it was terribly reckless for Reagan to taunt the Russians.
It's real easy to tell an armed robber to "Go fuck yourself,"
but when he shoots your wife dead, it's partly your fault, Cowboy.

Reagan might've felt like a man with a big dick walking out on Gorbachev,
but things could have gone a lot differently than they did.
Cowboy Ronnie could've bungled Russia like he bungled Lebanon.
Then, instead of "just" having 220 dead Marines on his hands, he could've
had a nuclear exchange for Rush, Fox News, and you to explain away.

If you have any questions or challenges, I'm glad to attempt to field them.
Please pardon the length.
I would appreciate a response, either public or private.

You should be begging my pardon for your bad manners, Cubby.
Sending four "Where's my reply?" e-mails in less than 24 hours is childish.
I told you I had almost 1,000 unread e-mails, and couldn't find the time to
get to them all, so you chose to add another four in one day just to be a dick.
Maybe you're not as big a prick as you came off, but why should I bother?

This was your last shot.
So now you can run tell all your little friends how you beat me up so badly,
that I refuse to print any of your "deadly trap" letters anymore,
but we'll both know the truth.

Paul Begala Shoots the Bull


 President Clinton, far from following the Reagan model of
 clearing brush on the ranch and setting up lucrative Japanese
 speaking engagements, continues to lead the world.

 In Lisbon he declared the US would share any missile defense
 technology with other civilized nations; the only ethical thing to do.
 It's also the most strategically sensible thing to do. If our allies are
 truly our allies, we cannot leave them out of our defense umbrella.

 President Clinton's strength and wisdom stands in stark contrast
 to Smirk's juvenile comments of late. He petulantly refused Defense
 Secretary Bill Cohen's gracious offer of a briefing. And the substance
 (or lack thereof) of his defense proposal is scary. Bush has proposed
 a massive missile defense system, while at the same time unilaterally
 reducing America's nuclear arsenal. Here's the problem with that:
 we've spent 17 years and $60 billion on missile defense,
 and have nothing workable to show for it.

Great Negro Quotes

"You don't have to be smart to be president."
 --Uncle OJ Watts, endorsing Smirk

 From: christian06@earthlink.net

  "Gore Coverup Revealed!"

 That was the headline reporters got from the RNC.
 You know what the big scandal is?

  Al Gore wears makeup.

 "This can't be Naomi Wolf's idea of an alpha male!" says Jim Nicholson.


 Well, I guess Al Gore gets written off with all those other sissy boys
 like Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier and George Clooney, who wear makeup.
 Not because a public figure appearing under hot lights needs it so that
 when photographers snap their 1,000 pictures a day, he doesn't look like
 Casper the Friendly Ghost, but so he'll look "purty."

 Is this the biggest Al Gore scandal they can come up with?
 Geez, I'm sure glad it's not something like going AWOL from
 military service for a year, or covering up a cocaine arrest
 or taking kickbacks to squash environmental or drug legislation.

 Boy, if anybody had a candidate like that,
 I guess they'd be pretty worried right about now.


 ha ha

 Great True Quotes

 The era of Reaganomics is dead,
 and President Clinton killed it.

 My good friend, Joe Conason

 Court Rules Elian is Free to Live with his Father

 Amazing ruling stuns family-friendly GOP.

 Turn on a radio.

ha ha

Please, Koresh, let this idiot win.
This country can take it.
We survived Reagan, remember?

Mrs. BartCop is counting on that Jaguar.
She must be made happy.

Something to Make You Think from democratic-alliance.com

Click  Here

Did you catch Larry King last night?

Jon Benet's parents and their chief accuser squared off.
The exchange was more petty than McCain and Smirk arguing
over which of those two whores is the real reformer.
After all these decades, I've become an expert on bullshit,
and you know who was the worst of them all?

I've seen so much bullshit in the last ten years, I thought
I'd seen it all and would be immune to it's effects by now.
It was Larry's three-ring circus last night.

The idiot accuser had no charges to make, and the stupid parents
wanted to make the ex-cop look bad waaaay more than they
wanted to catch their daughter's killer.

Larry King, more and more playing the fool every night on TV,
was less in-command than Chris the Screamer interviewing Smirk,
which is hardly possible, right?

Each time the ex-cop asked Patsy why she refused to talk to
the Boulder homicide detectives, she got away with not answering.
Again, and I know this is sounding like a broken record, but when
it came to Clinton's Cock, "I don't know" was never good enough
for any interviewer in this turned-whore country.

But since all we have here is a dead little girl,
non answers and bullshit plattitudes will do just fine.

One point the ex-cop brought up last night was that the dad was
sleeping at the time of the murder, so Dad and the cop both had to
reply on Patsy's version of events. But each time the cop asked Patsy
to explain her actions, she would reply with,
"Do you have children? When you have children of your own,
you'll realize she's a precious gift from God and you could never
do anything to hurt that precious child," ignoring the thousands of
cases of child abuse every year.

Larry said, again and again, "I'm a new father, and I could never
conceive of killing one of my babies," like that was somehow relevant!
I thought I was going to fucking hurl.

Then John Ramsey said, "Detective, name one piece of evidence
that you have, that's acceptable in a court of law, that me or my wife
had anything to do with this."

The ex-cop had zero - so why was he even on television?
If this bungling fool has no evidence, why are we here?

As always, Larry sat there like Ronald Reagan in his prime:
a big, blank stare, ready and willing to buy a vowel or a clue.
Larry should've set the ground rules in advance, instead of
letting Patsy waste precious air-time explaining how no parent
could ever possibly harm their child.

Swear to Koresh, one of the "expert, probing" questions Larry
asked the Ice Queen is, "Did you love your daughter?" giving
Patsy the stage she needs for her performance. Maybe I'm just a
cynic, but Patsy came off like that NRA Luby's survivor from Texas.

Patsy dressed up Jon Benet to relive her own beauty pageant
experiences - and look here!  Now Patsy has a wordwide stage
on which to perform, just like the Luby's survivor. How lucky
both were to have a tragedy give their simple lives meaning.

Before the hour was up, the ex-cop goaded the Ramsey's into
agreeing to meet with Boulder dectectives this week,

...for the first goddamn time!

But then again, a few weeks ago, they promised to take a
lie-detector test, but weaseled out on that, too.

It's too bad Robin Quivers wasn't allowed to join in.
Nobody slices thru the bullshit quicker than Robin Quivers.

She would've had Patsy's confession before the second commercial.

 Great Brown Air Quotes

 "Environmental groups ought to be praising Governor Bush
  for his efforts to significantly reduce air emissions and improve
  water quality instead of polluting his record,"
   -- Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said Monday.

 Book Review

 The Hunting of the President:
  The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary
  By my good friend  Joe Conason and Gene Lyons

 The Hunting of the President wasn't exactly given the red-carpet treatment
 when it was reviewed in the New York Whore Times. Critic Neil A. Lewis,
 the Washington correspondent for the paper of record, derides the book's
 authors as Clinton apologists, dismissing their credentials before he even
 goes on to consider their argument.

 The review itself, a condescending little affair, misleads readers about the
 intent and content of The Hunting of the President, portraying it as nothing
 more than a "journalistic brief" written in support of Hillary Clinton's
 infamous assertion that a "vast right-wing conspiracy" had mobilized to
 undermine the president.

 Not coincidentally, the Washington Post also recently slammed The Hunting of
 the President. Critic James Bowman -- who also writes for the American
 Spectator and the New Criterion, both staunchly conservative publications --
 labels it an "unashamedly partisan" endeavor, and goes on to ridicule the
 book's "hyped-up rhetoric of 'conspiracy' and 'destruction.'"

 Bowman also questions the authors' ability to pull off a sound piece of
 investigative reporting: "these ... writers can be as willing to believe
 allegations against the [independent counsel] prosecutors as the Clinton
 crazies were about allegations against the president."

 Of course, neither Lewis nor Bowman -- nor the newspapers they represent --
 can be called disinterested parties in this matter. Both the Times and the
 Washington Post -- long regarded as the reigning outposts of the so-called
 "liberal media" -- come under exhaustive scrutiny in The Hunting of the
 President, which examines how members of the media let the
 allegations of the anti-Clinton camp influence their own reporting.
 The book takes a particularly close look at the American Spectator's
 collusive relationship with the Clinton foes, exploring how the journal
 served as a political tool of arch-conservative conspiracy backer
 and billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife.

 This Guy  was on Pigboy's show Wednesday,
 arguing with that snotty little Mark Levin.

 Hey - any enemy if Pigboy's...

 Smirk on Hardballs

 First, I'd like to thank Chris the Screamer for waiting until the lights
 were down and the cameras were off to perform oral sex on George W.
 I thought that showed a lot of class.

 Watching Matthews as he bent over so Smirk could cream him
 was something I thought I'd never see, until I reminded myself:

 Smirk is getting all this softball crap because everyone knows he's
 going to get his ass kicked harder than Dole and his daddy combined.
 That's why the press is giving him this year-long honeymoon,
 because it's not going to be very pretty when the worm turns,
 and I choose my nouns carefully.

 Last year, when Chris the Catholic went after Clinton's Cock with
 someone from the Clinton administration, he was a pit-bull who
 didn't know the meaning of the word "discretion."

 Wednesday night, Chris stopped every thirty seconds to reassure
 Governor Smirk that he wouldn't catch him in his teeth.

 When Chris has a Republican interviewee, he lets the subject
 pick and choose which questions he'll agree to consider answering.
 Once, Chris asked Smirk how he'd explain to a single woman in her
 late forties that it would be illegal, under Smirk, to have an abortion.

 Smirk said, "If you're asking me if the president should set the tone
 for fewer abortions, the answer is yes!"

 No, asshole, that wasn't the question he asked.

 It was apparently the question your handlers hoped you'd get,
 but it certainly wasn't the question Matthews asked.
 That question is still hanging in the air of some Mexican restaurant
 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, waiting to be answered.

 Smirk puilled that four or five times:

 "Well, if you're asking me about this other subject over here...."
 and Matthews was perfectly content to let Smirk control the interview
 and steer the questions away from where he might have to take a stand.
 I thought I was going to fucking hurl!

 But I just needed to remind myself - this is good for America.
 The press whores surely know what's coming.
 Smirk is about to have the worst summer anyone's ever had.
 What's extra funny is, Smirk thinks he's charmed the press.
 Smirk think's they're going to be this nice all the time.
 He has no idea what's about to happen to him.

 It's like watching a drunk, peeing on a new Harley,
 and you just heard the tavern door open.

 It's going to be so bad, James Carville is going to go on Meet the Whore
 fighting back tears in his eyes and tell Tim the Catholic,

 "They didn't need to go that far..."
  That was the ugliest thing I've ever seen...
  After all, the man has a family, has daughters who look up to him.
  There was no need to destroy the man, personally..."

 Great Messianic Quotes

 "My work is finished, I don't need to hang around here.
  I've already been shot, understand? I've been rejected. . . .
  All I need to do is cover it, cock the pistol back,
  have my thumb on the trigger and my mind on the Psalms."

  Branch Davidian leader David Koresh, planning his suicide a
  month before the GOP claimed Janet Reno murdered him.

 Is there anything more stupid than,

 "It depends on what the definition of "is," is?


 "It depends on your definition of "sex?"

 We have a contender...

 From: Paulwetor@aol.com

 Subject: Found This At ABC News Site

 I found the attached on the ABC News web site on Wednesday night.
 I found this in the Microsoft trial story:

 Microsoft criticized the government for using vague definitions.
 "There must be a definition of the term "Internet browser," they wrote.
 "At the moment there is no indication of what the government is referring to."

 How stupid can this company be?
 Or its lawyers?
 If they can't figure out what it means,
 then get this "Internet Explorer" thing the hell off my PC!

 I'm not a lawyer, and I haven't read the transcript, but it sounds like
 someone asked a really stupid question, and that was the answer they got.
 I think as time goes by, the masses will come to understand
 that legal linguistics are more precise than a nun's handwriting.

 The right has had years of fun with Clinton's "is" comment,
 but let me ax you a question, to further demonstrate:

 "Is Henry Aaron a Home Run King?"

 The only way to answer that honestly and legally
 would be to ask for the definition of the verb "is."

 As stupid as it sounded, Clinton was right.

 Reagan's Legacy


 May 31, 2000

 I think you'll certainly want to  read this.
 It's about the differences between two whores and  

Flashback to Vol 148.5 - Butch Watch

In early April 1986, The Shrub ran into Al Hunt, then the Wall Street
Journal's Washington bureau chief, at a Mexican restaurant in Dallas,
where Hunt was dining with his wife, Judy Woodruff, and their 4-year-old son.

The April edition of Washingtonian magazine had come out featuring
16 pundits predicting who would lead the 1988 GOP ticket.

Hunt had predicted Jack Kemp over Vice President Bush.
(Only half the group said Butch would be the nominee.)

Hunt said Butch approached the table and began cursing at him in front of his child.
Hunt said there was no doubt that Bush had been drinking heavily.

"You [expletive] son of a bitch," Hunt quotes Butch as saying.
"I saw what you wrote. We're not going to forget this."

Hunt said he never gave the incident much more thought until he
was asked about it last spring by Bill Minutaglio, a Dallas Morning Whore
reporter who was writing a book about Bush.

Two weeks later, Hunt unexpectedly received
a gracious call from Smirk, who apologized.

When asked about it in an interview, Butch at first referred the
reporter back to Hunt, who he said would have a better recollection.

When told that the reporter had spoken to Hunt, Smirk said he could
not remember "what was said" in 1986 and could not recall whether
he was drinking. He did acknowledged that his behavior was inappropriate.

"There's no excuse for me offending him in front of his child," Gov Bush said.

"...I regret that,"


...if Robin Williams isn't politically correct in his stand-up act,
doing comedy at a fund-raiser for his friend Bill Clinton,
we should hold Clinton personally responsible?


 Murder in Texas?

 From:  kishrandy@hotmail.com
 Subject:   Cold Blooded Murder In Austin, TX

From my headlines you might think I'm referring to Shrub smirkingly
signing another innocent man's death warrant, but NO, I'm talking about
that letter you posted from the guy who's friend shot a man

I live in Austin, and I remember being apalled at the callouseness of  this
freak after he MURDERED that guy who was trying to steal his girlfriend's
car stereo.

That Son Of A Bitch had the audacity to pose on the front of the courthouse
steps, arms across his chest, Dirty Harry smirk on his face as if to say,
"Yeah, that's right, I killed an UNARMED man! What are you gonna' do
about it?" They ran the picture on the fron page of the Austin American
Statesman after he was indicted. It was disgusting.

You see, here in Texas, killing unarmed people is considered macho.
And even worse, a God-Damned jury acquitted him. Boy, I'm really sure
that thief said his homies were gonna kill him....except the thief had just
moved in from another town 2 days before.

Guess the "Homies" were gonna Greyhound in to set him straight.


Ediotr's note: This e-mail was slightly shortened.


 From:  rotate172@hotmail.com

You said Clinton was responsible for:

"tripling the stock market"
Clinton bought all those shares? I didn't think the president made that
much. (do you even know how the stock market works?)

 Again, if it crashed under Clinton, Rush would say it's because Clinton
 doesn't have the slightest clue about the markets "because he's a liberal."
 I'm not a stock expert, but I'm old, and I learn.
 Are you a stock expert?
 Does one need to be an expert to notice the stock market jumped
 from 3500 to 11,000?

"dropping unemployment to record levels"
Clinton hired all those people? I didn't know he worked in the Human
Resources Department for every company in America.

 I think you're just being goofy.
 Clinton promised 8,000,000 new jobs.
 He delivered over 22,000,000.
 Remember Rush's "million-dollar" bet?
 One of the five was unemployment levels, so apparently Rush was
 ready to bet $1,000,000 that Clinton would LOSE jobs, but since he
 gained them, you want to know who Clinton hired?
 Are you talking goofy just to see your name in print?

"wiping out the deficit and paying down the debt"
Clinton was authorized to do all that?  I thought that was the role of
Congress, who has the authority to spend, not the president.

 But that would mean Tom Foley and Tip O'Neill brought down
 the Berlin Wall, using your rules. A HUNDRED times I've asked
 this question, and I've never gotten an answer, smart guy.

 Why don't YOU be the one to shut me up and explain how Reagan
 destroyed communism without spending a single fucking dime?
 Presidents LEAD OUR COUNTRY, even if someone else writes the check.

Brother, you need to take some government, economics, and political science
classes.  I thought your "64 I.Q." was a joke, but I'm beginning to believe
it more and more each day.

Maybe, but until YOU answer the Reagan/Russia question,
I'll consider my IQ of 64 a step above.
For YEARS I've been asking people smarter than me to answer that question.
Why don't you put me in my place?

Hey, how come when I write to you and challenge your statements,
you never put them on your website?

R. Ford

That should be obvious:
Because your challenges are too much for me!!!!

Koresh knows,
I only print the negative letters.

 From:  christian06@earthlink.net

 Subject: Clinton to be awarded Charlemagne Prize

 On Friday in Aachen, Germany, President Clinton will be awarded the
 International Charlemagne Prize, presented annually to a person who
 has worked toward European unity.

 Other recipients of the award have been Churchill and Francois Mitterrand.
 The only Americans to have received the award have been George C. Marshall,
 author of America's plan to rebuild Europe after World War II, and former
 Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger.

 Did Reagan win the Charlemagne prize?
 Did Bush win the Charlemagne prize?

 Christian Mitchell

 Christian, you're not being fair.
 Reagan and Butch won lots of awards.
 I remember Reagan won the Nippon Award for being the
 greatest goddamn president the nation of Japan ever had.
 Japan gave Reagan $6,000,000 to read two speeches he didn't write.

 And Smirk's daddy, the traitor?
 He's won the Moonie award every year since Clinton kicked his ass.
 Sure, Clinton way win some minor, peacekeeping awards that save lives,
 but he'll never be a man like Reagan and Butch were.

 Great Moron Quotes

 "Everything Bill Clinton has ever done has been to promote bigger government.
  He's never done anything for the private sector."
   --F. Lee Levin, Pigboy's toady

 tripling the stock market,
 dropping unemployment to record levels,
 wiping out the deficit and paying down the debt,
 an economy so hot, Greenspan's only function is to slow it down,
 and all of this was an unintentional by-product of bigger government?

 Oh, Lawdy Lawd, if we only had Reagan's monster deficits again,
 if we only had Reagan's wars and recessions,
 if we only had more of Reagan's massive layoff-producing corporate raiding,
 if only we had Reagan's Misery Index, we could all be happy once again.

 Remember - More Guns,
                     More God and
                     Less Education is the key to happiness.

 I was surprised how quickly I could come to hate F. Lee Levin.

 Rush has never allowed his voice on the air before, and now we hear why.
 He's got no business on radio - voicewise.

 He wasn't scheduled to be on, either.
 The vulgar Pigboy said Walter Williams and Sean Hannity would sub,
 and now we get F. Lee Levin.

 Funny, but both calls I've heard so far have been liberals.
 Why are the libs able to get thru when Rush isn't there?

 This guy is at least the same pig Rush is, even more argumentative.
 He calls liberals "Clintonoids," he says "because it rhymes with "Hemmorhoids."
 Boy, I'd like to be locked in a room with this prick with a camera on.

 I think I could even call the round where he'd be knocked out.

 He's screaming at Clinton for taking credit for the economy.
 He says the American worker is responsible, not Clinton.
 But like everyone with that phoney claim, he fails to address why
 Americans were willing to work for Clinton, but not Reagan-Butch.

 Like all Republicans,
 they refuse to credit the engineer driver for the safe train ride,
 but when the train jumped the track in 1978, they blamed Carter.

 They want to blame the CURRENT president when things go wrong,
 but credit a PREVIOUS president when things go right.

 They want it both ways, but I won't let them have it.
 They can eat me.


 There's a Yahoo Club called rushlimbalnw
 It's listed as a "hate group" by the Simon Weisenthal Center.

 Matter of fact, I'm a "gang related club" and a "hate link."

 I assume that happened due to the lying NAZI whore thing,
 but since Simon is a NAZI hunter, shouldn't he be listed, too?

 Moses NRA Update

 From: booradley@postmark.net

 Subject: X- Hillary/Lazio poll

 As far as the Chuck Heston Engraved Silver Bullets, it's true- just
 check out the NRA Infomercial sometime. (Usually airs on your local
 religious nut channel, but it may be on normal Late Night TV among the
 other ads for whores.) The Infomercial is by far one of the most disturbing
 bits of Television since they started showing clips of Dr Laura.


 (Worth a click)

 "You know there's no crooked politicians.
  There's never a lie because there is never any truth..."

 Lenny Bruce

 The Texacutioner Strikes Again
  Death Row Inmate's Plea for DNA Retest Denied

 HOUSTON (AP) - An inmate facing execution this week has lost
 a bid for more DNA testing in his case, just days after Gov. Smirk
 advocated the tests to "erase any doubts" in capital murder cases.
 The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied the request from
 Ricky McGinn, who is scheduled to be executed Thursday for the
 1993 rape and killing of his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Stephanie Flanary.

 Last week, McGinn's lawyers persuaded the trial judge to recommend
 retesting of hair and semen. District Judge Steven Ellis referred the
 request to the appeals court, which rejected it on procedural grounds.

 While conceding that there was incriminating evidence against McGinn,
 Maurie Levin, an attorney helping with McGinn's appeals, said some
 items were not collected and tested properly and some evidence wasn't
 tested at all because the DNA technology available at the time
 wasn't good enough.

 "It's good enough now," Levin said. "Testing could be performed that
 would provide conclusive proof of guilt or innocence."

 Levin said more appeals were planned.

 Last week, Bush said: "If the DNA testing helps to settle a case,
 or erase any doubts or concerns, we would support that."

 The Republican presidential front-runner also said he
 is convinced that no innocent person has been executed
 in Texas during his five-plus years in office.

 "Monopoly" Bill Gates Strikes Again

 I used a different Windows font for the Number One Rule of Politics.
 Netscape picks it up fine, but with typical Gates "magic,"
 his Internet Explorer turns it into some ancient heiroglyphics.

 Hey, Bill!
 Why isn't your precious IE as competent as Netscape?
 This is God's way of telling you you have too much money, Bill!
 I hope the Justice Department breaks you into a dozen pieces!
 Maybe if you had to compete against your selfish ass,
 you'd understand what the rest of us have to go thru.

 The Number One Rule of Politics?

 It's Only a Crime if it's Clinton's Cock!

 From:  JennyQ1@aol.com   and  Voltai29@geocities.com

 Better Put Some Ice on That!

Rick Lazio, pulls a Gerald Ford,
proving he can't walk and campaign at the same time.

ha ha

 Have You Seen  Mission Impossible 2 - The Quest for Cash?

 From: young@erim-int.com

 Last week we saw Battlefield Earth, because Mrs. Young hates to be
 dictated to by critics. It was pretty bad in places, but it certainly wouldn't have
 made Ed Wood blush. Friday we took our youngest and his friend to see
 M:I2, for the younger's 13th birthday.

 The *children* were laughing out loud at how stupid the story was.
 Battlefield Earth was an intellectual masterpiece in comparison.

 The only good thing about M:I2 was a couple of front wheel motorcycle stunts.
 The rest was awful! You have to see it to apreciate just how awful it was.

 World Wide Wrestling has more believable fights and more empathetic
 characters than M:I2 has. And they even needed a body double for
 the little Asian woman so she wouldn't tower over Shorty Cruise
 in the walk-into-the-sunset scene.

 I just couldn't help myself.
 It's just *that* bad.

 Peter Young

 From: srusten@email.msn.com

 Q:  What did Marilyn Quayle say to Dan on the morning
      after their wedding night ?

 A:  You're no Jack Kennedy.

 I think I just might hurl the next time I hear some news whore say,
 "The 13-year old boy who allegedly shot his teacher in Florida..."

 Hey, the little bastard did it, OK?
 This isn't some murder they've been trying to solve for six months.

 Oh, sure - it was a FACT that Monica blew Clinton six times,
 but the little snot allegedly shot his teacher in the face?

 The whores of the press have their Number One Rule:

 It's Only a Crime if it's Clinton's Cock!

 How many times has Smirk told that stupid, "No New Tux's" joke?

 Is he really telling it at every speech?
 Hasn't everyone heard it about a dozen times now?

 ...and when he gets it right, he's so pleased with himself,
 like Lazio after repeating a vicious personal slur about Hillary.

 Great Uncle OJ Quotes

 family man,
 college football star,
 GOP leader,

 No wonder many Republicans think  Uncle OJ Watts (R-Deadbeat Dad)
 is vice presidential material.  But OJ tells us he's trying to dodge the job.
 Still, he probably wouldn't snub George W. Bush's call.

 'It would almost be like your mother calling.'"


 ha ha

 Chris Rock nailed this back in 1996.
 We're not going to have a black VP, because some black man
 would shoot the president just to see a black man take his place.

 You watch - Uncle OJ will be on the "short list" until the final cut.

 gosh-darn the luck,
 he'll be barely edged out by a white guy.

 From: srusten@email.msn.com

 Jackie Kennedy and Pat Nixon attended a social function
 before the 1960 election and struck up a conversation.

 Pat says to Jackie, "I slept with the future President of the United States last night."

 Jackie responds, "Goddamn that Jack, he'll do ANYTHING to get a vote."

 Professor BartCop

 From: SCARTAR@aol.com

 Subject: smirk

 Whatever happened to the savings and loan scandal wheras
 a bush family member was mentioned several times?
 I think it was to the tune of 56 mil.

 good reason to smirk at us taxpayers.

 You speak of Kneel Bush, also known as The Butcher of Silverado.
 Smirk had his power handed to him, like a breath mint.
 But Kneel knew that real power is something you take!
 Trouble is, he got caught with his red-hot hand in the cookie jar,
 so he's kept in the Bush basement, at least until after Smirk loses.

 Yes, Kneel got away with over a thousand times what the Bill and
 Hillary were alledged to have stolen from Madison Guarantee.

 You must've forgotten the Number One rule of Politics:

 It's Only a Crime if it's Clinton's Cock!

 Begala Shoots the Bull

 When did the military start allowing guys to wander off
 for a year, then show up when they wanted to?
 Has Bush ever heard of Pvt. Eddie Slovik?
 His father was not a powerful politician.

 He didn't show up for part of his Army service during the Second World War.
 And he was shot for desertion.

 I'm not saying Bush deserted. But he darn sure disappeared.
 Frankly, I don't believe him when he says he reported for duty in Alabama.
 No records, no witnesses, no buddies he served with.
 And no follow-up from the George W. Bush Suck-Up chorus that is the national media.

 Bill Clinton's every move regarding the draft was covered by the press in detail.
 There were 1,549 stories focused on Clinton and the draft before the election of
 1992 (and another 1,175 the referred to the controversy as part of a larger story).
 There have been 68 about Bush's service.

 Before Bush gives us any more pious lectures about restoring honesty
 to the Oval Office, he ought to be honest himself.

 Let's see, over 2700 stories digging into Clinton's draft technicalities,
 and 68 about Smirk the Coke Monkey stealing a year from the National Guard.

 Oh, ...that's right.

 It's Only a Crime if it's Clinton's Cock!


 I got a great e-mail from the red Clarence Thomas.

 ...and now it's gone,

 This guy was a native American veteran, and he worships Rush,
 even tho Rush has been trashing the military for 7 years,
 and he loved Reagan, even though Reagan refused to meet with
 Native Americans when he was in the White House...

 ...and this Native American veteran loooooooves conservatives,

 ...and now it's gone,

 Damn Bill Gates and his crashing software...

 Celebrity Mail

 From:  mrsjudyochristian@yahoo.com

 Subject: Charlton Heston bullets?

 Don't know how accurate this is but I understand the
 NRA is offering an incentive to get new members
 -- a bullet with Charlton Heston's name on it.


 Judy O'Christian

 Mrs. Judy O'Christian's Pickled Watermelon Rinds
 are famous among True Christians® the world over!
 One lick of Judy's Pickles, and you'll be a real pickle-licker!
 Visit the Ladies of Landover Online!

 Hear sound files of our voices that will help you in your
 own Godly efforts to stop God's enemies -- the demoncrats!

 VCR Alert

 Tonight, Larry King has three guests:
 John and Patsey Ramsey and one other guy.
 He's a former Boulder detective who wrote a book that said
 the Ransey's did it, and tonight they confront each other.

 Hey - it could be bullshit, but it's live.
 Anything could happen.

 Alert Number Two

 Smirk on tonight's Hardballs with Chris the Screamer!

 Hey - it could be bullshit, but it's live.
 Anything could happen.

 Tune in to see if Chris actually allows Smirk to speak,
 or will he just scream answers to his own questions like always?

 I wonder...

 Are there any blacks in the NRA?
...or is it lily-white,

 like the Republican Party?

 Breathers Beware

 Have you seen the USA Today weather page?
 Just below the map of America, USA Today lists 36 cities.

 Atlanta - Moderate
 Boston - Good
 New York - Good
 Sacramento - Good
 San Francisco - Good
 Houston - Unhealthy


 They list Houston's air as "Unhealthy?"
 Isn't Houston's air regulated by Governor Smirk?
 Smirk regulates the smog in Houston, and he sees "No problem."

 You see, in Texas, the polluters contribute to Smirk's campaign.
 So do you think he's going to anger his contributors and ask them
 to install "needless and expensive" pollution controls?

 All that bullshit about smog being harmful is just a bunch of hooey
 invented by those pointy-headed liberals who want more power!

 Don't let the liberals fool you.
 Smirk knows smog is harmless.

 If it wasn't for the children and the old people,
 and people with asthma or bronchitis,
 smog wouldn't be any trouble at all!

 From: BrianBoddington@aol.com

 Subject: Register Firearms?

 Well, the federal registry of firearms will be a lot better place to find
 them, don't you think? They'll have everyones name and address,
 because the NRA doesn't do background checks or require enrollment.
 The majority of gun owning, law abiding citizens will be in those files,
 while maybe half those numbers at most would be in the NRA files.


 I understand your point, but how many decades do you think
 it would take to confiscate 100,000,000 guns?
 How many thousands of confiscators would be killed trying?

 This reminds me of the second-stupidest movie ever made.
 Red Dawn

 Do you remember it?

 In this incredibly stupid movie, the Ruskies ansd Cubans had tanks
 in Mexico, and one day they pushed north from Mexico and met up
 with Russian troops that had crossed the Aleutians, drove down thru
 Alaska, Canada, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and settled in Colorado.
 The Russians/Cubans then confiscated all the guns.

 But the movie never addressed the obvious question:
 What power on Earth could stop millions of Cro-Mags with their millions
 of guns from driving to Colorado to kick commie ass?

 ha ha

 I'd like to see any army try to come through Texas.
 Jesus Christ, can you say "Alamo?"

 ha ha

 If the Russians and the Cubans invaded Texas, I predict even the
 reddest of the rednecks would join with blacks, Mexican-Americans
 and yes, even the gay Americans, to kick Ivan's sorry ass.

 In our lifetime, nobody will ever try to take guns away from anybody.
 It's not going to happen, no matter how much money the NRA can
 raise by saying "Clinton & Reno are coming for your guns."

 It's not going to happen.

 Like the church, the NRA uses scare tactics to fool the stupid people.
 Like the church, the NRA can't raise money without a devil.

 Texas Shootout
 (This came in last week)

 From: nick@left-links.com

 Subject: The Verdict

 With all the second amendment and concealed handgun/right to carry
 law debate going on, I thought you might be interested in a little
 story going on here in Gov. Bush's adopted home town of Austin, TX.

 One night almost two years ago, a friend of mine was coming out of a
 nightclub after closing time. He hadn't been drinking, his girlfriend
 owns the club and he was picking her up. They both have concealed
 carry permits, because she often takes large amounts of cash out of
 the club in the middle of the night. They were both worried that
 someone might try to rob them.

 On this particular night, when they got to the car in the alley,
 there was a man in the front seat. The door was open. My friend
 pulled out his gun and told the man to get out of the car. His
 girlfriend called 911. The man got out of the car and started to walk
 off. My friend says that he told him, "I know who you are." He also
 says he pulled up his shirt and showed him a gang tattoo and asked,
 "do you know what this means? It means that my homies are gonna
 come shoot you."

 My friend followed this man for two blocks, with his girlfriend
 following along, talking to the 911 operator. The man turned into
 another alley, and my friend says the man reached towards his belt,
 as if to pull a gun, and started to turn. My friend shot the man
 twice in the back. He died instantly.

 As I write this, the jury is deliberating on the charge of murder for
 my friend Paul Saustrap. He may be sentenced to life in prison
 because he bought into the Right Wing/NRA/Shrub/Mass Mediacracy
 story that we should be frightened for our lives and should use any
 means neccesary to protect our property.

 The NRA has it half right.
 Guns don't kill people, they just make it really easy.
 It was too easy for Paul to kill a man.

 Nick Vogel

(This came in today)

Paul Saustrup was acquited.
I'm glad for him, but I'm not sure it's right.


Whenever I pick up my gun with the idea of using it,
I always ask myself how it would look to a jury.
I got used to doing this when I owned The Hard Rock Island club
back in 1985.  But in a club, you almost can't get into legal trouble,
because I was always sober, and the perp was always drunk.

I'm not sure your friend thought about a jury when he followed
the man, but it sounds like he got lucky. It was also incredibly smart
of him to put death threats in the dead man's mouth.
That may have made the difference to the jury.

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