Vol 210 - Zombie Wolf

 June 7, 2000

What Clinton did today...

President Bill Clinton today ordered Medicare to pay for the treatment
of senior citizens in clinical trials that test medicines and procedures
to cure illnesses like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's.

What Rush and Fox News will say he did today...

Clinton made a big fuss about a bunch of nothing that nobody cares about
so he can hide his fantastic crime spree and pad his do-nothing legacy and
pretend he actually did something that might've helped an American family.

Gov. Bush shocked the press when he said starting January 20th,
all salutes would be returned with the left hand and a nasty smirk.


 From: guydubet@tomatoweb.com

 Subject: whore laura ingraham

 Hey BC,

 I was channell surfing this morning and saw on the Today show some
 whore named Laura, figures huh, Ingraham who wrote a book on Hillary.
 She is ripping Hillary for staying with Bill, saying she is doing it for political reasons.

 How the fuck do you KNOW THAT?
 She was saying "she was a lawyer who got her clients through Bill".
 She was once voted one of America's top 100 lawyers!

 Katie Couric, who is a troll, was kind of put off by this whore.
 She asked if she had ever met or shaken hands with Hillary.
 "No I have not".

 This whore and Ann Coulter are a couple of  fur traders...


 ha ha

 Thanks to www.mopaul.com

 What's Green and Smells like Miss Piggy?

 From: Hudly55@aol.com

 Subject: Liberal tree hugger


 When you say vote for the liberal tree hugger,
 I am assuming you are talking about Nader,
 but living in Oklahoma like you are I have to ask because,
 ...well,  you know.


 No, actually I meant Al Gore, because this is a two-man race.
 Well, two men and a pro-life, vote-siphoning Pat Buchanan...

 ha ha

 Nader might be more green, but he's not in this race.
 Tell me, have you beaten up any talk show hosts lately? :)

 Ask BartCop

 From: Eddy9297@aol.com

 Subject: Larry Klayman


 I just watched Fishboy and Larry Klayman on Politically Incorrect
 and I only have one question-

 Don't you think it's time that someone bitch-slapped Larry?


 Dear Eddy,



 Richard Pryor Video Update

 If you click on the Richard Pryor Tape (See below)
 it will take you to a site where you can purchase it.

 It'd make a good Father's Day present,  if your Dad is cool...

Thanks to www.mopaul.com

 Subject: Online Polls

 From: randy@e-jam.net

 I think the ditto spanks spend more time at vote.com than at the US Today
 site - all of those polls have R (epublican) written all over them. I can guess
 the outcomes of every single poll there before i even view the results.
 It's actually kind of amusing : )


 Randy, you're right, but I can't figure out why.
 Fox Whore News always shows Gore behind by 12-15.
 Every online poll is horrendously false and faked.

 ANY vote on Dick Morris's vote.org (is that it?) is soooo skered.
 Remember in 1992, Rush had a "sacientific" call-in poll just before
 the election, and Bush beat Clinton 91% to 7%?
 A couple of weeks later, Clinton won and they were so shocked!

 People are tapping into Pigboy's vein of gullibility.
 It's got something to do with why liberals can't make it on radio.

 Democrats just won't buy silly scandal books like the cave-dwellers.
 For instance, at this moment:

 Laura Ingraham             is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 Barbara Olson               is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 Peggy Noonan               is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 Gail Sheedy                   is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 Keith Greenburg            is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 Christopher Andersen    is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 James B Stewart           is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 Keith Watson                is selling an anti-Hillary book.
 Peter Flahtery               is selling an anti-Hillary book,
 Joyce Milton                 is selling an audio anti-Hillary book,

 ...and that's from one page of   amazon.com.

 They're all making reeeeeal money, trust me.
 It's like hotels in Vegas.
 They don't build five and six,
  if three and four are losing money.

 But if somebody wrote a book listing all of Newt's blowjob victims,
 Horrendo would buy it and give us the names, but the author would die broke.
 You can't make any money selling trash to educated people.
 Only Republicans will buy into the "scandals."
 Only Republicans get wood seeing a fixed poll, so to speak.


 Question is:

 What do they gain by lying to themselves?
 When they get lied to this time, why can't they rememer their hearts being
  broken in '92 and '96 when "everyone" said they were going to win?

 How many times has Rush, Liddy, Harvey et al said that both Clintons
 were days from indictment, even six years ago?
 Oklahoma's Don Nichols (R-Straddle) is among the worst offenders.
 If I had a dollar for every time Nichols used the words "Hillary" and "indictment"
 in the same sentence, I could buy anti-propaganda commercials on Pigboy's show.

 ...if anyone has a clue why Trogladytes like being jerked the fuck around,
 rush that information to me as soon as you can and we'll use it against 'em.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

 When they run Smirk's mug shot from his cocaine arrest
 and he's forced to step down as a disgraced chisler,
 the Republicans will say, "How did politics ever get this way?"

 ...and Rush and Fox News will tell them, "The Democrats started it."

Thanks to www.mopaul.com

 June 7, 2000

 Conspiracy?  Yes

 From: subgeniusx@yahoo.com

 Subject: Why is the "Left Wing Media" not screaming this off the rooftops?


 How Texas Rates:

 1st Children without Health insurance (%)
 1st Toxic Air Releases.
 1st Smog Days (Houston)
 3rd Hunger (%)
 5th Highest Teen Birth Rate
 45th Mothers Receiving Pre-Natal Care
 46th Public Libraries and Branches
 46th High School Completion Rate
 46th Water Resources Protection
 47th Delivery of Social Services
 48th Per Capita Funding for Public health
 48th Best Place to Raise Children
 48th Spending for Parks and recreation
 48th Spending for the Arts
 49th Spending for the Environment
 50th Teachers' Salaries plus Benefits

 "I am a reformer with a record of results..."George W.Bush

 Christian "SubGenius" Adams

 It's not yet time.
 All that's coming.
 It's like we're watching a movie, and we've just finished the first reel.
 This is where we "get to know" the characters.

 Hints will start to drop soon.
 Trouble will start towards the end of the second reel, about two weeks after
 we hear the first guy (besides Pigboy) say, "Looks like Bush might win this."

 ha ha

 This is going to be great!

 Crooked Pigboy Poll Update

 Just to see, I went back and tried to vote again.
 I was successful.

 If they allow multiple votes from the same computer,
 that means Pigboy is winning because ditto-spanks have nothing
 better to do but vote for his dirty, nasty, didn't-wipe-enough ass.

 USA Today - what a bunch of see-thru whores they are.
 Their poll is about as scientific as Catholic birth control.

 National Polling/Microsoft Question

 A court ruled that Microsoft should be broken up into two separate companies.
 One for the operating system and the other for Microsoft's other products.

 Was the court correct in its ruling?

 Yes or No ?

 Click  Here  then put your answer in the subject line

 Thank you.

 Bob Alexander
 The National Polling Company of the Internet

 Inside the mind of a Ditto-Spank

 At vote.com they're having a bullshit, phoney poll on the topic:
 "Should the rumored book about the sex lives of Clinton's harshest critics
  be published or should we stop such filth dead, right in it's tracks?"

 As you might figure, the Clinton-hating ditto-spanks see the issue quite
 differently when someone is going after THEIR people, so the vote,
 as of right now, is 85 (hide the ditto-perversions) to 15 (fair is fair)

 Click  Here  to see the bullshit first-hand.

 If they wanted to be fair,  (ha ha - listen to me!) the question would be,
 "Should we did into the sex lives of people or not?"

 But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

 If you phrase the question that way, it makes Hardon Kenneth guilty,
 and we can't have that, so we conveniently split the question.

 "Since we've now held live, televised hearings on every lick the president
  may or may not have had on Monica's left breast, and then held live, televised
  hearings on every lick the president may or may not have had on Monica's
  right breast, should we look into the sex lives of his harshest critics?

 Or would THAT be an invasion of their privacy?

 "We ditto-spanks are pro-privacy!"

 ha ha

 Don't you just love'em?

 They're going to be soooooo disappointed when Gore wins.

 Great Ironic Quotes

"There seems to be growing awareness that the death penalty
  is just another government program that doesn't work very well."

   - Stephen Bright of the Southern Center for Human Rights.

 Great Ditto-Monkey Quotes

 "There's plenty of things I can do besides deal with the headaches
  of this garbage every single day. I'd be a stockbroker probably.
  There's something to be said for having a job that's not just a complete headache."
   -- Rush's favorite racist Baseball player, John Rocker.

 Hey, Dumbass!
 You think being a stockbroker is stress-free?
 Yeah, that's a good choice, being a stockbroker.

Koresh knows that's a stress-free job...

 Is it my imagination?
 Or is Kevin Cunningham getting better with every photo-toon?

ha ha

Good math, Smirky!

Catch all of Cunningham's stuff at cunninghamstrikes.com

 Justice Prevails

 From: brendan@wildduckbrewery.com

 Subject: Subscription?

 I just stumbled your page a week ago and have already read about 1/3 of the past issues.
 What's the subscription process?


 Brendan, it's so sad.
 I got your e-mail last night, and I was in a good mood, so I wrote a semi-long
 reply to your e-mail. I even visited your website at wildduckbrewery.com
 and jokingly asked if you'd buy me a beer if I came to Oregon sometime.

 I explained the loooong version of how we morphed from monthly newsletter
 to update-the-webpage-ten-times-a-day status. If I say so myself, it was
 pretty funny and entertaining. I was BartCop the Charmer, the congenial host.
 I coulda been comp-boy at a big casino in Vegas.
 But then do you know what happened?

 My whole fucking system crashed in mid-sentence.

 I didn't even get one of Bill Gates's "Illegal Error" boxes, nooooooooo.
 MY whole monitor went blank like Smirk during a pop quiz on world leaders,
 and I had to re-boot.  The worst part is, after watching everything crash for
 no goddamn reason, Gates's little message pops up and says,
 "To avoid seeing this message again, and to avoid having to waste time watching
 your computer run scandisk while you're formerly-good mood washes away,
 it's best to shut the system down properly."

 Hey, Bill Gates - EAT ME!

 Well, what do you know?
 As I type this, ABC radio says Microsoft has been busted into pieces.

 ha ha ha

 I hope it breaks into as many pieces as you get when you order "Break Up" milk
 chocolate from the South's Finest Choclates, the Chinaco of great chocolates.

 Good for Robert Bork and the Reagan-appointed judge.

 So, sorry Brendan.
 If I'd bought a Mac years ago, you would've gotten a nice reply.
 But, thanks to Bill Gates and his incompetent, greedy hacks 'n whores,
 all you get is a "thanks for writing."

 Horse Sense

 The horse that won the Kentucky Derby won't be racing at the Belmont.
 (I forget his name.)

 The horse that won the Preakness won't be racing at the Belmont.
 (I forget his name, too.)

 Ain't that a bitch?

 The Horse-Racin' Dudes, or whatever the governing body is, should make
 a rule that you can't run in any of the three races unless you run in all three
 or have a doctor's excuse why your horse shouldn't run.

 This is bullshit, and it hurts horse racing.

 The Kentucky Derby had what, 20 or 22 horses?
 It's a joke, because it's not about the fastest horse, it's about traffic control.
 Sure, there's some skill to that, but if that's the name of the game, let's get
 60 horses and let the best traffic-control manager win the cup.

 Look for low ratings for the Belmont this year.

 Martin Lawrence

 I like Martin Lawrence OK, always have, except for that sexual harrassment
 charge his co-star filed a few years ago, which I thought took guts on her part.

 Anyway, Martin's new movie, "Big Momma's House" grossed $25,000,000
 over the weekend. Can you believe that?
 $25,000,000 for doing his Mrs. Doubtfire impression?

 What makes it extra strange is that it made all that money from his reputation
 and the ads they ran. If it had made $8,000,000 the first week, then $16,000,000
 the next week and $25,000,000, I'd have to think it was a great movie and
 word-of-mouth was what sent it to blockbuster status.

 But $25,000,000 right out of the chute?

 Pigboy Ahead in Poll

 Pigboy's been hinting all day at some poll that he's winning.
 It took me less than 15 seconds to track it down.

 Click  Here  to vote.

 This page was last updated on Wednesday, June 07, 2000, at 03:53PM.
 It is updated every minute, reload often for the latest tally of votes.

 1. My first choice for the Monday Night Football booth is:

  39%    3104    Rush Limbaugh - Makes Nazi-hate fun for the whole family
  14%    1131    Sterling Sharpe -  Lives up to his name
    7%     581    Tom Jackson -     Who ever heard of this guy?
    7%     560    Steve Young -      Busy playing for Kansas City
    5%     389    Bob Griese -        Makes skim milk look chocolate
    4%     312    Bill Parcells -       Mean, nasty-tempered crusty bastard
    4%     309    Paul Maguire -    No, I'd rather hear Cathy Rigby
    4%     305    Boomer Esiason - ABC could, and may, do a lot worse
    3%     254    Howard Stern -   Could spank lesbians between plays
    3%     220    Joe Theismann -  Been there, done him

I voted for John Rocker and Howard Stern.
If ABC wants a fucking circus, let's give 'em one.


This is from Landover Baptist Church.
Think that's good?

Check this out:

What will go in little Billy's mouth next?
Keep homos out of the scouts!

ha ha

Landover is Shirley in the Top Ten on the web...

 Rush's Time Machine

 From:  madsatyrist@hotmail.com

 Subject: 2+2 =  ???


 Listened to a few minutes of ol' pigboy today. Had to stop when he started
 going on again about that bullshit of some schools being so liberal they won't
 tell a kid that 2 + 2 = 5 is wrong for fear of damaging the kids ego - he has to
 figure it out for himself.

 That is a fucking lie.

 I promise, if pigboy can find even one public school in the country where
 teachers are that fucked up, I'll personally go there and straighten them out myself.

 Does ANYONE believe that pile of shit?


 MadSatyrist, sadly, yes.

 I've said many times that Rush would be a hoot to listen to if he would only
 admit that he's kidding, and that he's playing a character to rake in hundreds
 of millions of dollars.

 Remember Floyd R Turbo on the old Johnny Carson show?
 He came out and said the nuttiest, stupidest crap, and people laughed.

 Same for Archie Bunker.
 Some of the funniest lines I've ever heard were spoken by Archie Bunker.
 There was a time when America laughed at bigotry and racism,
 because it was so fucking absurd, people realized that you'd have to be
 an uneducated moron from Carolina to buy into that whites-only bullshit.

 But thanks to Rush, hatred and racism is back in style.
 I "credit" Rush with dragging the GOP back into the dark, dark cave.

 Remember, since Rush became a household word,
 the Democrats have won every election except 1994.

 If you have today's USA Today, check page 16A.

 It says Houston's air is  UNHEALTHY  again today.

 Can Smirk carry Texas if  Texans can't breathe?

 When his daddy was savaging Michael Dukakis for Boston's pollution,
 the people of Massachusetts were always able to breathe.

 I guess it's all McCain's fault, right?
 That's what the Wiley brothers said - and they wouldn't lie!


 If you want America to look like Houston, by all means, please vote for Smirk.

 But if you think Al Gore is right about pollution being bad,
 if you think clean air and clean water are worth the time and money it takes,
 if you'd rather live in a country that looks like this,

vote for the liberal tree-hugger.

 New Website


 Mike Jasper does a job on Drudge, the Poached Egg.

 Check his homepage, too.


 Great Quotes from the Master

 " When you in jail, you either funny or you give up the booty.
   Let me tell you, I was the funniest mother-fucker in the LA County jail."

  Richard Pryor, Live in Concert 1979

(Click on Video to order)

  Read my lame review  that I wish I had it to do over.
  Nobody had written a review of The Greatest Show on Earth,
  so I felt it was my duty.

Kudos to one of the best   www.thismodernworld.com

 Stealing is a bad, bad thing

 Click  Here

 From: skisics@yahoo.com

 Subject: L.I.A.R.S.


 Ever wonder why it's the Limbaugh Instititute for Advance Conservative Studies?
 Because, it was originally the

 Instititute for

 Then someone noticed the anacronym.

 skisics surus

 ha ha

 It's twue, it's twue,

 Al Gore's Landlord Troubles

 Justified attack or not?

 Click  Here

 The West Wing Snags Six Critics Nominations

 HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The West Wing has snagged six nominations
 for the 16th annual Television Critics Assn. Awards.

 Print journalists from the U.S. and Canada nominated the White House-set show
 for best drama, best new program of the year and program of the year. Two cast
 members (Martin Sheen and Allison Janney) as well as executive producer Aaron
 Sorkin were nominated for individual achievement in drama.

 HBO's critical darling ``The Sopranos'' earned three nods.
 NBC led all networks in total nominations, picking up 12 mentions.

 Winners will be announced Saturday, July 15 during a ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton
 Hotel in Pasadena, with bus-stop-bathroom oral sex specialist Ben Stein set to host.
 Stein paid $40,000 and blew 140 critics and Frasier's dog to land the coveted hosting job.

 Nominations in major categories include:

 PROGRAM OF THE YEAR: ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' (WB); ''Sex in the City'' (HBO);
``The Sopranos'' (HBO); ``The West Wing'' (NBC); ``Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'' (ABC)

 No contest.
 The Sopranos wins, with West Wing getting an honorable mention.

 COMEDY: ``Raymond'' (CBS); ``Frasier'' (NBC); ``Malcolm in the Middle'' (Fox);
 ``Sex and the City'' (HBO); ``Will & Grace'' (NBC)

 No contest.
 Frasier wins without even trying.

 DRAMA: ``Buffy'' (WB); ``Freaks & Geeks'' (NBC); ``Once and Again'' (ABC);
 ``The Sopranos'' (HBO); ``The West Wing'' (NBC); ``The Practice'' (ABC)

 See "Program of the Year" Awards, above.

 NEW PROGRAM: ``Freaks & Geeks'' (NBC); ``Judging Amy'' (CBS); ``Malcolm'' (Fox);
 ``Once and Again''  (ABC); ``The West Wing'' (NBC)

 West Wing should win two awards for the frozen vet show.

 MOVIE, MINISERIES or SPECIAL: ``Annie'' (ABC); ``Arabian Nights'' (ABC);
 ``The Corner'' (HBO); ``Fail Safe'' (CBS);  ''Jesus'' (CBS)

 Anything but Annie.

 Right now, my boss is in Las Vegas.
 He asked me if I knew any great places to eat out there.

 ha ha

 Smirk, after promising that he wouldn't allow the anti-abortion plank
 of the GOP platform to be changed, has agreed to meet with pro-choice
 Republicans to discuss the matter.


 If he's promised not to change the language, what possible purpose
 could there be to a meeting with Republicans for Choice President Ann Stone?

 It's June 7, you know what that means?
 That means it's only about four weeks until the corn harvest.
 (This is not a commercial for Archer-Daniels-Midland)

 Just a handful of miles south of Knuckledrag is Bixby, Oklahoma.
 It was named after Bill Bixby, the Hulk, who once had a flat tire there.
 Anyway, Bixby, Oklahoma is the ultra-luxury corn capitol of the world.

 Remember that episode of MASH when wife-beater Col. Potter said one
 of the joys of life was walking into a corn field, building a fire in a small
 hibatchi and bending a fresh stalk of corn until the ear was over the fire?
 He was telling the truth.

 I'd rather eat the perfect ear of fresh Bixby Merit corn than Rib Eye steak.
 The harvest begins around July 1, and when that happens, we jump inside
 Mrs. BartCop's touring sedan and make a corn run to Bixby!

 It's cheaper than Laura Schlessinger on a first date, too.
 A bushel only costs about $10, and the ears of this delicacy are the size
 of my forearm, and the taste gives Chinaco Anejo a run for it's money.

 Oh, Koresh, make the clock move faster - please!

 Years ago, when I was drowning in ADM money, I bought a freezer so
 I could put up a few bushels for year-round use, but it never works.
 When I was a kid, we'd drive to Jacksonville, AR and buy a station-wagon
 of "Jacksonville Gold," which was really good, but not this good.

 I'd be a busy mother-shucker and Mom would supervise the "canning,"
 or whatever it's called when you freeze a shitload of corn. Trouble is,
 America is so advanced, they've changed the chemical composition of
 the damn corn, making each ear bigger and tastier, so all the canning books
 have the wrong formula for canning corn, so my tongue only gets a shot
 at Nirvana one month out of the year.

 If anyone knows the secret to canning today's corn, send me e-mail.
 Don't wait until August to send it, either. This corn's coming in soon!

 Start Your Own Church

 Do you speak in tongues?
 Would you like to?

 I don't know how long it's been broke, but the Worldwide BartCop
 button on the front page has been down for a while - nobody told me.

 But it's working now, so if you ever need to translate something from
 French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portugese to good, old readable English,
 just click on the "In Tongues" icon on the front page.


 VCR Alert

 Fishboy and Larry Inchdick Klayman will be on Politically Incorrect tonight!
 Sorry about the confusion yesterday, it's my fault.
 I forgot Sabutai is a day ahead of most people...

 Also tonight, Millionaire goes up against Survivor.
 I'll probably be catching the Cardinals vs Kansas City on ESPN,
 but I'll bet most of you will be watching this crotch-wiggling little tramp

 selling her pre-pubescent ass on the Fox "You Decide" channel.
 Shame on you!
 Is it my imagination, or is she Heather Locklear with fewer miles?

 If you're too old for teen sex, there's always The Sopranos.
 If you don't know what all the hullabaloo is about with The Sopranos,
 this is your chance to get up-to-speed.

 Pretty soon, you'll be using terms like, "Big Pussy," and "Mudder of Christ"
 with those dorks at the office - then they will fear you.

 From One of the Best

 I suppose it would be in my financial interest if Rush Limbaugh were to get
 his wish and become part of the broadcast team for ABC's Monday Night
 Football. My book Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot is still backlisted, and
 Rush's presence on prime time would probably help sales by reminding millions
 of people who had otherwise forgotten what a smug jerk he is.

 The thing is, I'm a football fan. I watch Monday Night Football.
 Please, please, pleeeeeeze, ABC, don't make me have to listen to Rush.
 See, when I was researching my book, I listened to Rush.   A lot.   And once
 I finished my research, I frankly hoped that I'd never have to hear his voice again.

 By the way, it's not so much Rush's politics. If, say, Steve Largent quit Congress
 (which wouldn't be such a bad idea), I'd be happy to listen to him call MNF.
 Let me explain why: Steve Largent knows a lot about football.

 Recently on a Fox News Channel program devoted to this subject, I made the
 point that Rush has absolutely no experience in pro football. The anchor, whom
 I will not embarrass by naming him/her, took issue by saying, "But he did marketing
 for the Royals." Rush did, in fact, work in group sales for the Kansas City Royals,
 a baseball team. As FNC says,  "We report, you decide."

 Rush did, however, play high school football. In fact, Limbaugh has said that he
 received his 4F physical deferment from the draft because of "a football knee
 from high school." Which is actually not true. In reality, Rush got his deferment
 because of a pilonidal cyst, which is a congenital  incomplete closure of the
 neural groove at the base of the spinal cord in which excess tissue and hair
 may collect, causing discomfort and discharge.

 Not as sexy as a football knee, but a pilonidal cyst it was.

 This is more to the point of why I don't want Rush on MNF.
 He's a liar.
 Not the Frank Gifford type, who merely lies about consensual sex, which,
 though an impeachable offense, gives me no reason to doubt a yards-per-carry
 statistic Frank might throw at us. (And unlike Limbaugh, Gifford does not call
 himself "America's Truth Detector.")

 In Rush's world, "there is no conclusive proof that nicotine is addictive."
 "All income groups paid less taxes as a percentage of their income during the
 Reagan years, but the poor received the most relief, the middle class the next and
 the rich, the least." And "there are more acres of forestland in America today than when
 Columbus discovered the continent in 1492." I had considered titling my book Rush
 Limbaugh is a Big Fat Hypocritical Liar. But I thought that was just too confrontational.

 Which brings me to the "big fat" part. When Rush was last on TV regularly,
 he was very, very, very fat. And that, I think, is one of the reasons he wants
 the MNF job. Since my book came out, Rush has lost a lot of weight, and
 I don't blame him for wanting America to see that he is no longer, as doctors
 put it, "morbidly obese." The reality is, I saved the man's life, halting his slide
 into food-assisted suicide. Has he thanked me? No.

 Besides being an ingrate, Limbaugh is also a lout. In 1993 he called 13-year-old
 Chelsea Clinton "the White House dog." If he does MNF, I doubt he'll say anything
 as racist as Howard Cosell's "look at that little monkey go," referring during a 1983
 Monday night game to Alvin Garrett, a black receiver for the Redskins.
 Rush takes great affront at being called a racist, though that didn't stop him from
 making this observation a few years ago:
 "Have you ever noticed how all newspaper composite pictures
 of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"

 But again, in regard to the MNF job, it's not really Limbaugh's politics that
 I object to. For instance, former MNF commentator Dan Dierdorf is a member
 of the Socialist Workers Party. The fact that you probably don't know that
 shows how well he was able to keep it out of his color commentary.

 I just want to be able to watch my Monday Night Football with the sound on

 (Thanks to Leo Carr for sending that)

 Mental Hearing Ordered for Pre-Teen Shooter
 A judge on Tuesday ordered a mental evaluation for a 12-year-old snot
accused of firing five shotgun rounds at a policeman.  Although state law
does not allow youths to raise mental illness as a defense in Juvenile Court,
Judge Stacey Zimmerman ordered that Michael Nichols be tested to see
if the scumbag-in-training has the brains to help in his own defense.

 Nichols is charged with shooting Prairie Grove officer Greg Lovett for
doing his goddamn job, keeping little turd-droppers like Nichols in school.
The pair traded gunshots May 11 in a hay field north of Prairie Grove
Junior High School, where Lovett was assigned and where Michael
was a seventh-grader. Both were wounded.

 Before Zimmerman stopped the proceedings Tuesday, Lovett testified
that he went looking for the boy after he left school early. After tracking
him to a hay field, Lovett said the boy arose and pointed a shotgun at him .

 The youth aimed the shotgun and pulled the trigger and it allegedly went off,
firing five rounds into Lovett before the officer dropped his punk ass with his
service weapon. The boy was shot in the abdomen and hospitalized for several days.

 Lovett was shot in the face, chest, back and buttocks but did not require surgery.
 "He was trying to kill me - it was very obvious," the hero told the court.

Seems to me every family in Prairie Grove owes Officer Lovett a fried chicken dinner.
And the families of kids at that school ought to pay off Lovett's house and car to show
their appreciation for him eating some hot lead so their kids could come home that night.

I could be wrong, but I'm not.

 June 6, 2000

 VCR Alert

 From: sabutai@ix.netcom.com

 Subject: Tonight's Politically Incorrect
 According to the TV listings, Donato Dalrymple and Larry Klayman
 are both on Politically Correct tonight.
 Bill should have a good night.

 ha ha

 I'm there, Dude.


 In case you missed it, yesterday was the 32nd anniversary of the assassination
 of the 37th President of the United States, Robert Francis Kennedy.
 Shot to death by an extreme right wing nut religious fundamentalist
 ....with...a... HANDGUN!

 You know, "get the gun, Rafer, break his fingers but get the gun."
 Of course you do. I'd pay good money to get a copy of that live
 Mutual News broadcast of the event.
 Lot's of you have probably never heard that tape. It's gruesome.
 We need to get a copy of it and put it up as a .WAV here at bartcop.com

 I know I said I don't have a tattoo, not on the outside of me anyway.
 A certain 12 year old Brain Smasher has a tattoo on his spirit from listening to
 that tape and watching the news footage of the assassination. I mean it's imbedded!
 I've scrubbed and scrubbed, lasered it, tried plastic surgery, it won't come off.
 It hurts.
 To this day, it hurts.

 We were having a garage sale, my sainted ma came out of the house
 and with tears streaming down her cheeks, and said, "They killed Kennedy!"
 Smell that smell?
 That was the hot searing burn on my spirit.
 Even at 12, I knew which Kennedy she was talking about.
 Most assuredly, even at 12 years old, Brain Smasher knew who "they" were.
 You fucking bastards.

 Don't worry though, I had long before that incident detested republicans.

 What's that you say, Tricky Dick was the 37th president of the US.?
 Over RFK's dead body he was.
 Not to me.
 As a famous philosopher once said, "He's not my president."

 "In our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart
 until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful
 grace of God."--Aeschylus

 Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-1968)


 Are You Like Me?

 Are you ready for the SHAFT movie?

 Words I Could've Written Myself

 From:  astod@frontiernet.net

 Subject: Rush and Rosie

 Dear Bartop,
 I was listening to Rush call Rosie a hypocrite because she had to hire
 an armed security officer to guard her son. After listening to him and
 others pontificate on this, why has no one pointed out that because she
 is outspoken in her views on gun control and uses her show for this
 forum, that she has to protect her 4YEAR OLD SON from death
 threats!!!! And these gun nuts say they are not crazy.

 Ann Stoddard

 "The NRA Cafe', coming to a mall near you, or a school, office, cafeteria, ect.."

 Mail Bag

 From:  randall_guyton@yahoo.com

 Subject: Banned after a single post!

 I posted this to the Free Republic Forumn and got banned after a single post!

 Sheesh...I'm so proud.


 Fascinating to read about how the Freepers still have their heads in the sand,
 weeping and cheering for a total loser, rat, scumbag like Linda Tripp.

 Boy, the Republicans sure had a backfire and took it in the pants
 now that the Impeachment business is over, hey?

 *The first time in 100 years the opposition party to the President
   lost Congressional seats in an off year election.

 *Clinton friend Charles Schumer takes Senate seat from
   Clinton enemy Al "The Frog" D'Amato!

 *Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich bites the dust!

 *New Speaker of the House Bob Livingston Bites the dust!

 *Big news that Klansman David Duke is going to run on
   the GOP ticked for Livingston's seat!

 *Bob Barr and Trent Lott are shown to be aligned with a racist group!

 *After the impeachment vote Bill Clinton's approval rating soared 13 points
  to 73%, higher than Ronald Reagan ever achieved!

 *The approval rating of the GOP drops to 31%!

 *The approval rating on the Democratic Party rises to 57%!

 *And Bill Clinton is the Last Man Standing.

 Arguing that Conservatives represent appropriate moral standards is utter nonsense.

 Look back:

 Who nailed who to a cross?

 Who were the Loyalists to the totalitarian monarchy of King George?

 Who started our greatest war to defend slavery?

 Who fought to keep women as property?

 Who fought against child labor statutes?

 Who fought against the concept of free public education?

 Who fought against the right of women to vote?

 Who fought against anti-trust and monopoly legislation?

 Who fought against workers organizing?

 Who started WW2, murdered 13 million and caused the death of 40 million more?

 Who defended Jim Crow for a hundred years?

 Who fought against voting rights and civil rights?

 Who fought against environmental statutes?

 Who fought against social security, health care for the elderly and minimum wages.

 Who is trying to pass legislation to keep gays from equal rights?

 Who is trying to enact the Racist Right's wish to eliminate affirmative action?

 Who instills in our children the American tragedy of gungoonery?

 Who have always put their wallets above the common good?

 Conservatives or liberals?

 It's the historic undeniable truth of the matter.


 All info provided by www.rackjite.com

 Battery Night

 When John Rocker made a fool of himself the first time, New York chat rooms
 were spreading the word that June 29th was "Battery night" at Shea Stadium.
 That's the first night the Atlanta Braves were scheduled to play New York
 since Mr. Republican spewed his Nazi hate all over the place.

 The friendly New Yorkers were going to honor John with "Battery night."

 I'm not sure what "Battery night" meant, perhaps they were going to honor
 Rocker's fierce committment to the game by donating fresh batteries to the
 Toys for Tots program?

 ha ha

 That would've been eunuch in baseball history - having to stop the game
 because it was raining batteries on the Ku Klux Kloser.


 Oh, by the way, for screwing up, John Rocker was sent to Richmond,
 the capitol of the Confederacy he loves so damn much.

 Who said God has no sense of humor?

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