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> Colorado Coach Calls Rape Victim 'Terrible' Player

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>  Excerpt:
> "You know what guys do, they respect your ability.
>  Katie was a girl, and not only was she a girl, she was terrible.
>  She couldn't kick the ball through the uprights," he said.

> I saw this tape, and thought - "He did not just say that."

> Look, I have an advantage in commenting on this case because I know nothing about it.
> I've probably heard his name before, but he's a total stranger, as is the girl and the situation.

> Having said that, I would first say let's give this coach a chance.
> What he said was so stupid and awful, it must have been a good idea come out wrong.
> Jesus, even Rush only goes there a few times a week.

> If it turns out that he's a flaming-Bible-beating handjob, then I guessed wrong.
> I just have to think his mind and his mouth were getting mixed signals.

My jaw dropped when I read this.

What part of the whole issue of rape don't you understand? I'm sorry Bart, but you're simply niave as
hell in this area. First your absolutely unqualified support of Kobe, now this. What exactly makes you
think this "must have been an good idea come out wrong"?

Dude, you have jumped to the wrong conclusion. We're on the same side.
What Barnett said was so impossibly crude and crazy and vulgar, even for today's GOP,
that he HAD to mean something else, that he MUST have had a brain fart and lost touch
with his common sense, because what he said was sooooooooooooo wrong.

My exact words were:  > What he said was so stupid and awful, it must have been a good idea come out wrong.
That reads like I support rape?   In my world, "stupid" and "awful" are negatives, not signs of support.

As far as my, "absolutely unqualified support of Kobe," you misread, that, too. I wasn't in the room
with Kobe any more than I was on Scott Peterson's boat, so I have no idea if Kobe is guilty or not.

But if it's your opinion that an uppity black man accused of raping a defenseless white girl in
an all-white town and being judged by an all-white jury who will be fed a version of the story
by a team of white people who purchased or received t-shirts showing a cartoon version of Kobe
hanging from a tree after being lynched by the "good people" of Eagle Colorado, then I'd say
your optimism about the death of racism in America was...remarkable.

California wanted Peterson put to death before the evidence came in, and Colorado arrested
Kobe on the girl's word before the lab results came back. In both cases, they pre-judged their guilt.

Pre-judged is kinda like prejudice, don't you think?

I'm not pro-rape and I'm not pro-murder.
Why do I have to say repeat that - again and again?

I'm sorry Bart, but your blind to the whole culture that supports this, and in this area your just like
all the right wing nuts with their head in the sand. Rape is just far more common than you think it is;
it's endemic among athletes and athletic culture; and the fact that you may have no direct experience
with this does not mean it doesn't happen.

I realize you haven't had a chance to read my reply so far, but I am not pro-rape and I do know
quite a bit about subjects when I express a really strong opinion. True, I have no experience with
rape, but that doesn't mean the prosecutors should have t-shirts showing a lynched Kobe.

I'm male, a Chiefs/Jayhawks fan, and I work in a jail counseling inmates. In other words, I'm not
anti-sports, not a doctrinaire feminist, and not a wilting lilly. But I am aware of the prevalence of
rape in our culture the cro-magnon mentality that supports it (like the Colorado coach), and the apathy
and ignorance of too many of us in addressing this reality.

So... Sorry man. I can't read your site. You pissed me off too much.
You ought to take a look and listen and start being part of the solution.


Start being part of the solution?  That's a good idea.
I'm thinking about starting a web page where I expose the hypocrisy of racism and religion.
Would you support a site like that?

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