Vol 222 - Zoot Allures

 June 4-5, 2000

 More on Rudy Giuliani's dad, the thug/convict

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 From:  pvente@vmguys.com

 Subject: Honest (IMHO) pro-lifer


 As a preface, I will state that I am an active Catholic and I am liberal.

 I have grappled with the abortion issue for some time now, and I truly
 believe that abortion should never happen except in the case of the
 mother's life being in danger (of course, I realize that nearly everyone
 shares this view in reality, even the pro-choice side). One of the big
 problems is that many abortions are used as a form of birth control.

 Pete, allow me to point to a parable I like to use.
 (all numbers are out of thin air)
 We lose, what, 30,000 people a year in car accidents?
 But if we parked all the cars and used bicycles, buses and trains,
 we'd save maybe 29,000 of those lives, but we choose NOT to.
 You know why?

 Same with guns.
 We lose, what, maybe 15,000 lives a year to guns?
 We could lose the guns and save those lives, but we chose not to.
 You know why?

 Because it's the price we pay for freedom!

 We could save 45,000 lives a year by losing cars and guns,
 but we accept those deaths as the price for freedom!

 I'm not asking you to forget the aborted fetuses.
 I'm asking you to recognize that freedom brings responsibility.
 Yes, some women will abort without a good reason,
 but that's the price we pay for freedom.

 The only possible alternative would be to appoint a right-wing panel that
 decides which woman's "excuse" is valid and which is not.
 That's not America - that's Limbaugh country.

 I believe that this is wrong (as well as do many pro-choicers) .
 However, I understand the difficult nature here, the reality that if you
 outlaw legal abortion, many young women will have to resort to
 dangerous, and often fatal, alternatives.

 While no solution fits perfectly, I think one possible answer would be
 to outlaw abortions except for the health of the mother (OK flame ...now).

 What you're suggesting would be a gross reduction in personal freedom,
 similar to what Caucescu (sp?) pulled on Romanian women.
 BUT, that loss of freedom might save thousands of "baby" lives.

 Now comes the different tack : The federal government would provide ALL
 the support, pre-natal care and delivery care so that the pregnancy can be
 carried full-term, where adoption would come into play.

 The right would tear you to pieces for that one.
 Problem is, the Republicans don't want to save those lives.
 They want to scream, "SOCIALIST" at you for even thinking about that idea.
 They are lying, and the sane and honest people realize that.

  I am always hearing stories about how long adoption lines are, etc.,
  and this would be a potential help.

 Ohhhhh, don't get me started on adoption lines.
 Those big, fat liars like Jerry Falwell go on Larry King, (I saw this myself)
 and say, "There are dozens of people wanting to adopt EACH black kid
 born with AIDS, but there aren't enough black AIDS kids to go around!"
 Jerry Falwell is a lying bastard.

 But the problem lies in having to make government bigger to do this
 (and it would be VERY expensive), which is a right-wing no-no.
 As I said before, there is no perfect solution to the issue of abortion,
 but if the government wants to take away the choice, it should also
 have to pay the costs.
 I'm willing to pay my part.



 Pete, I enjoyed hearing from you.
 You posed some good arguments.
 Write again.

 Religious Mail

 From: papax7@prodigy.net

 Subject: How would you like better sex...........

 Living in northern MI, that bastion of liberal republicans, I listen to Rush,
 the G-man, etc on WTCM radio 580, on the far left of the dial.

 But everytime this commercial that starts out with some lady saying
 "How would you like better sex" comes on, this station runs its own ad.
 So all i hear is the opening words.

 Now I now you never miss a minute of Rush, the G-man, Dr Laura,
 and probably Michael Reagan, so what is this commercial I keep missing?

 editor Papa's Cyber Weekly

 I'm not familiar with that ad.
 Perhaps there's something in your local Michigan water that causes impotence...?

 As the father of seven, I assume you drink the bottled water...?

 Twice today, I heard El Pigbo bragging about "how great" the movie
 The Patriot, produced by ultra-right-winger Mel Gibson, is doing.
 He says it's doing "so great" because it shows kids shooting guns.

 Hey, Lardass, numbers, like words, mean things!

 The Perfect Storm did $64,000,000 business in 5 days.
 Mel the ditto-monkey's film did $32,000,000 in five days.

 Which is bigger, Rush?
 64,000,000 or 32,000,000?

 No wonder you think Reagan was a good president.
 You can't fucking add!

 Great Gumble Quotes
  from USA Today

 The American Family Association is seeking an apology from Bryant Gumble
 after he was seen uttering a profane comment about a guest on The Early Show.

 Gumbel had just finished interviewing conservative pundit Robert Knight, when the
 camera cut to a weather report. As Gumbel stood up from his chair,  the camera
 suddenly came back and caught him mouthing the words, "What a fucking idiot."

 ha ha

 Go Bryant!

 I'm a little pissed off, so I'm getting out my Bart-wallet.

 I just heard the vulgar Pigboy say,

 "The federal government won't let you pray before a football game."

 This is PURE HORSESHIT, and I'm willing to bet on it.

 If anybody can prove the federal government
 prevented them from praying before a football game,
 I will pay you $100 and go dark for a year.

 Oh, sure, I could make the amount higher, but I wanted it to be low
 enough to be taken seriously. If I bet $1000 or $10,000, you might
 figure it was a BartCop gag, so I'm going with the $100.

 Pigboy is LYING about not being able to pray.
 The idiot Christians are LYING about not being able to pray.
 I don't like liars, and I don't like traitors, but I really get pissed off
 when people lie using God's name, so start telling the truth!

 That's one reason I have NO RESPECT for religious people,
 because they LIE more often than non-religious people.
 Why are the religious people lying?

 Let's BET!

 How will the bet be enforced, you ask?
 How about using the Guest Book feature at bartcop.com?
 If you sent me proof, and I discarded it, you can post something
 on the guest book, which I can't control entirely.

 Rush and you religious fakers are LYING about school prayer.
 There's no power on Earth that can stop you from praying.
 So why are the religious people lying?

 What YOU want is to be SEEN praying out loud with government hardware,
 and Tommy Jefferson said we don't play that, so STOP LYING!

 You religious nuts out there - don't you want to see me go dark for a year?
 C'mon, you lying frauds!

 I'm calling your stupid little bluff.
 Either admit you're lying about this, or shut up about it.

 More GOP Lying

 "Did you know it's controversial to urge parents to put their children first?"
   -- The Schlessinger whore, every hour on her in-show promos.

 Laura, you lying little slut.
 Why do you dishonor your religion this way?
 You tell people you're a Jew and they you lie your bony ass off.
 Why don't you have any respect for your religion, Laura?

 I, BartCop, have more respect for the Jewish faith than this
 awful little gutter-slut, because I don't lie in God's name.

 It's not controversial to urge parents to put kids first.
 It's controversial to call gay Americans "deviants," slut!

 Poor Laura the Martyr - crucified for wanting to help kids.

 How can anybody trust this see-thru fraud?
 You religious idiots out there - explain yourselves!
 How can you follow this lying slut?

 Has Laura the Martyr ever told the truth - ever?
 She may be more honest than the vulgar Pigboy, but that's hardly a
 resume enhancer when you're trying to gain entry into Heaven, Laura.

 The camera straddler tells lie after lie, while claiming she's religious.
 If I was religious, her lies in God's name would piss me off.

 If it doesn't piss YOU off,
 I submit you're a fraud, too.

 I'm going for the lie-exposing tri-fecta.

 I just heard some punk on Hitler's dog's show say,

 "Rush, when Clinton won in 1992, my mother said it would be OK
  because Clinton wouldn't be able to ruin the country too much,
  but, of course, since then, she's had to eat her words."

 See, I told you so!

 How many times have I said they'd rather live under Reagan's
 wars and recessions than Clinton's peace and prosperity?
 Have you ever seen such hatred in your whole life?

 You see how they are?
 They say these are BAD times!
 Oh, if we could only get back to Reagan's Paradise, all would be perfect!
 Reagan's Paradise?

 They don't WANT happiness, because Clinton might get the credit.
 They WANT wars, death and poverty so they can praise Reagan, guns and God!

 What the fuck is wrong with you conservatives?

 If Carter and Clinton sent this country into war and recession,
 and Reagan pulled us out with prosperity and peace,
 we'd have no choice but to admit Reagan was the better president,
 but we'll never get that fucking chance because Reagan spent more money
 than every president from Washington thru Carter combined, yet the braindead,
 faith-based conservatives think Reagan was a man who kept his word.

I've said this 100 times: In ANY measurable sense, Clinton wins.
 You can while about "morality and vision and feelings," but Bill Clinton beats
 any recent president hands down if it's something that can be measured.

 But this sicko-fant on Pigboy's hate show says his mother had to eat her words
 because she so under-predicted the "harm" Clinton did to America.

 I need a radio show.
 We need to fight back!
 Aren't you tired of the lies?
 Why can't the truth make it onto the airwaves?

 I've got fucking blisters on my fingers!

 Ask BartCop

 From:  dude7891@yahoo.com

 Subject:  Ask BartCop

 After Gore is elected and the Supreme Court is replenished with judges who
 support a woman's right to choose, does this mean that the Christian Taliban
 will renew the fire bombing of clinics and the murdering of doctors
 in the name of right to life????

 Art Richardson

 Dear Art,

 It is decidedly so,


 Isn't is disgusting the way the vulgar Pigboy feels like he's got a monopoly
 on talking about the Founding Fathers?

 The Founding Father's weren't anything like the vulgar Pigboy.
 What did they have in common with He who Grunts?
 The Founding Father's weren't lying, Nazi whores.

 Rush's sainted daddy, the man who made him wear that dress every day,
 once wrote something about the Founding Fathers, so now,
 any time ANYONE  writes  ANYTHING about them,
 El Pigbo screams, "You stole that from my sainted daddy!"

 You can't copyright a subject or a topic, Your Oinkness!

 Then he attacked the Democrats for "tearing down."

 Hey, Pigboy!
 Who was attacking out Commander-in-Chief when we had men in battle?
 Who was ridiculing the armed forces for killing children around the world?
 Who tells that daily lie about Clinton bombing the innocent aspirin factory?
 Who said 1,000 times Clinton wanted the Chinese Embassy bombed,
  while also claiming Clinton was working for the Chinese?

 There's no doubt about Tokyo Rush.

 I made a mistake Friday.

 It'd been a while since I had some Grey Goose vodka.
 I got home, got relaxed, poured myself a shot and sat back in the big rocker
 to watch Galaxy Quest on the satellite. (Review? Decent, funny)

 I was devastated by the taste.
 It's been a while since I'd tasted the finest vodka in the world.
 Trouble is, it tasted like ....vodka.

 It had no taste.
 It had no personality.
 It had no romance.
 It had no flavor of any kind.
 It had no mystery.
 It had no sense of adventure.
 It had no fullness.
 It had nothing to fight for, nothing to commit to,
 It was nothing more than the roadmap to a hangover.
 It tasted like the cleanest-smelling doctor's office at the Mayo Clinic.

 So, I set it aside.

 Saturday, I bought the real stuff.
 I got home, got relaxed, poured myself a shot and sat back in the big rocker
 to watch Independence Day and eat some popcorn. .

 Damn, that's a nice drink.
 Chinaco Anejo Tequila.

  Remember this from Vol 214?
  I saw Goodfellas the other night.
  Remember the scene where Paul Sorvino was in prison, and even in
  prison they were eating like kings? Sorvino explained to his cellmates
  that the trick to perfect Italian cooking was to get a razor blade
  (no problem getting hold of those in prison) and shave the garlic so thin
  that it melted away in the sauce, leaving no trace but the taste.

  After watching that, I knew what the weekend plan was:
  I'm going to get me a bottle of God's tequila and I'm going to
  slice it so thin, there'll be nothing left but the taste.
  I'm going to sip teeny-tiny shots, maybe 10 shots to an ounce.
  My plan is to have the taste of super-fine ultra-luxury tequila
  in my mouth allll weekend, without actually drinking a lot.

  Click  Here

 That's what I did.
 It worked just like Paul Sorvino said it would, too.
 I got 15-20 sips out of a shotglass.
 Ohhhh, the taste was spectacular!

 Plus, when you just sip it like that, after about 20 minutes,
 you feel totally immersed in luxury tequila, but there's only
 two ounces missing from the Hershey-kiss-shaped bottle.

 I want to take a Creative Writing night class so I can learn to write the
 words it would take to convey my zeal with Chinaco less annoyingly.

 Ain't nothing like it anywhere else.
 I bought some Chimaya (100% blue agave, always) for margaritas
 but when I did a sip for comparison's sake I thought I was going to spew.
 It tastes like pure agave tequila mixed with tree sap.
 It was aged in too-young barrels, or something.

 About 100 issues back, I remember saying something real intelligent like
 "apparently once you get to 100 percent blue agave tequila, it's all good,"
 and that's still true to a degree, I suppose.
 But when you taste test other tequilas side-by-side with The King of Tequilas
 it's a unanimous decision - Chinaco is the best-tastin' stuff in the world.

 I think my tequila tongue is becoming more discriminating, too.  I can taste
 the pear, the smoke, the baked apple and the vanilla in God's Chinaco Nectar,
 but I'm still reaching for the papaya and the mango.

 You know what really makes it sail?
 After the swallow, after the exhale, on the next breath, if you exhale
 thru the nose and all those flavors rush back into your senses.

 I don't know how many of you old-timers remember Blonde Lebanese hash.
 Blonde Lebanese hash tasted like cinnamon smoke.
 It was awesome.

 Oh, Christ, the romance of some Blonde Lebanese... (sigh)
 It was hard to the touch, so you had to warm it to a workable consistency.
 To do this, you'd wave a flame back and forth below it, making it soft.

 It would splinter into snowflake shapes that you could reshape easily.
 I remember the times I'd mix the Blonde Lebanese with Black Russians.

 Oh, Jesus take me now, cause it won't get much better...

 I'd smoke that Blonde Lebanese even if it didn't vacate the mind,
 and I'd drink Chinaco Anejo even if it had no intoxicating qualities.

 I'm too old and too wise to say, "never again," but it's hard for me
 to imagine ever buying some vodka or run or whiskey again.

 Sure, drinking is fun, but now, having tasted the luxury of Chinaco Anejo,
 drinking something just for it's alcoholic content seems useless and barbaric.


 Great July 4th Quotes

"It never occurred to me that someday I would be Secretary
  of State and have Thomas Jefferson's job."
   --  Madeleine Albright, standing on the steps of Monticello,
        on her immigration to America when she was 11 years old.


 Earlier in this issue, I asked:

 Is there an honest pro-lifer out there?
 Is there just one honest pro-lifer that would admit the obvious?
 Is there one religious person out there with the integrity to be honest?

 So, I get this e-mail:

 From:  bsutherland@ohiohistory.org

 Subject: Your bold religious generalizations.

 I'm a religious person.
 I have been my entire life. I've attended a "fundamentalist" (pejorative or
 non-pejorative, you decide) Baptist church since childhood.

 My family is southern, and although we do not live in the south we hold to
 many "southern" values.  I would have loved to see the GOP compromise for
 the sake of some. I'm used to their betrayals. Hence, I'm not a Republican.
 I support the right to choose.

 If abortion is removed, then what's next? Mandatory prayer in schools?
 Retrograde civil-rights laws? Limitation of the 1st amendment to
 "Protestants only"?

 I love my religion and I love my God, but I love freedom first. Mainly because
 I think it's Godly to give people freewill; a "right to choose" on every decision.


 As to your statements on the religious:

 Don't you dare make such a wild generalization again. Just because plenty of
 religious people are assholes doesn't mean that all of us are. I thought you
 would understand that.

 But then again, there is an open season of intolerance against the religious.
 There should be, right? I mean what right do we have to free speech?
 What was I thinking! Voltaire was full of shit!


 So here's one "religious person with the integrity to be honest" for you.
 Isn't that what many said about African-Americans before the 60's?
 That they were shiftless and without integrity?

 I don't know. I'm an ignorant, bigoted, pea-brained, religious person.
 Who  am I to say?

 Brandon Sutherland

 PS I would hope you would have the integrity to apologize for the slight
 against me, but that would force you to admit your own penchant for
 generalizing those with whom you disagree.

 Brandon, if we're talking about the same topic, I asked:

 Is there an honest pro-lifer out there?
 Is there just one honest pro-lifer that would admit the obvious?
 Is there one religious person out there with the integrity to be honest?

 So far, that person has not written.
 I appreciate your common sense, tho.
 I never met a fundi with common sense before.

 I'm not sure you're "an ignorant, bigoted, pea-brained, religious person,"
 but you're not a hypocrite, and for that I salute you.


 "My father was the finest man I ever knew. My father was the most
  generous and kindest and most charitable man I ever knew."
   --  Rudy, answering reporter's questions about his father doing time
        in Sing Sing prison for armed robbery of a goddamn milkman.

 ha ha

 Rudy, I miss you already.
 I was hoping to beat up on you for another 4 months.

 I just heard Paul Harvey Junior lying on ABC News radio.
 (By the way, is his mother a horse?)

 He said, "More than anything else, Americans want a president
 who will tell them the truth," Harvey lied.

 Hey, Harvey, we had one of those, remember?
 From Jan 20, 1977 to Jan 20, 1981, we weren't lied to,
 but the American voter disliked him and the GOP hated his fucking guts.

 Honesty is the last thing we want from a president.
 And we don't want peace and prosperity, either.

 What we want is a fucking cowboy who will strut us into wars and
 tax-cut us into a Reagan-style depression so we can bring "character"
 back into the lives of a prosperous, peaceful society.


  Watching the July 4th coverage on MSNBC, I heard this:

 "When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he wanted
  to include language scolding England's King George for "imposing" slavery
  on the United States, but Jefferson ran into vigorous opposition to anti-slavery
  rhetoric from the representatives from Carolina and Georgia.


  Thomas Jefferson wanted America to be slave-free,
  but the Reps from Carolina and Georgia stopped him cold?

  Aren't we fortunate, that in the year 2000, we have Lindsey Graham
  and Bob Barr as real-life representatives of that kind of thinking?

  I mean, it's like seeing thru a goddamn Time Scope, watching Graham
  and Barr fight the exact same fight  their ancestors fought 135 years ago..

  How nice it is to have Graham and Barr remind us of the GOP glory days
  when gays didn't even exist, and women & niggers knew their place.

  Vote for Smirk this November.
  Let's see what the 1800's were really like!

 How do we know every president hasn't had Monicas?

 How do we know?
 Can we trust men with absolute power to control their libido?

 ha ha

 I just heard some women say, "...yes..."

 How do we know every president hasn't had a Monica or two?

 We fucking don't, because before this 10-6th ditto-monkey congress, there's never
 been a bunch of vengeful pricks enraged enough at losing two elections to spend
 $60,000,000 to hire more FBI agents than OKC and TWA 800 combined to
 scour Arkansas searching for women who may have known Bill Clinton.

 Did Clinton use his "Most powerful man on Earth" position to flirt with women?
 Only a woman would ask that.

 If we paid for a never-ending cock-hunt on every president,
 where would Clinton's morals land him?

 In the Top Ten?
 In the Top Five?
 Second, after Jimmy Carter?

 I don't care what they say about the "selfish" Bill Clinton.
 He could've said "Yes" to Fallwell,
 he could've said, "Yes," to the NRA and
 he could've said, Yes," to the Phillip Morris Cancer Company and had TWICE  the
 money and power he's got now, so I reject the Clinton-opportunist theory.

 But let's get back to winning elections.

 Let's talk more about Monica between now and Nov 7th.
 Let's make the Clinton Cock Hunt an issue this year.

 Smirk's VP Choice


 Potential running mates who've been mentioned.
 Governor Tom Ridge,
 Can't - Catholic and a baby-killer.
 If Bush picks Ridge,  bartcop.com  goes to $1 an issue.

 Congressman John Kasich,
 Can't - he's gay and he's a gun-grabber.
 Have you heard G. Gordon Liddy tear into him on grabbing guns?

 Senator Chuck Hagel
 He scares me, doesn't look like a Nazi, has sane veneer.
 Does anyone know the bad news on Hagel?

 Governor Frank Keating
 A dream come true,  bartcop.com  goes to $2 an issue.

 Have we missed anybody?  Yes.

 Some people are talking about Dick Luger, who helps and hurts.
 Smirk desperately needs someone who people won't laugh at.
 Luger has some "foreign policy expertise" - unlike Smirk, he can spell it.
 But Luger has at leats three problems:
 1. He's too old.  At 88, he should be ret>

Transfer interrupted!

elder statesman, make Smirk look like a spoiled kid.
 3. In the primaries, couldn't set his own pants on fire.

 All in all, Smirk could do worse.
 Gore has the luxury of picking his VP after Smirk does.
 If Smirk picks a relic, Gore might pick a young, energetic type
 and campaign playing flag football and hopping from city to city.

 Smirk and the geezer wouldn't be able to keep up,
 looking hagard and tired in the attempt.

 Some people still say Keating, but what does Keating bring?
 1. He's less of a man than Smirk, that's important.
 2. He's a no-foreign-policy-experience, Catholic oil governor in a state
     Smirk will win handily even if he says Hong Kong is not under the influence
     of the Chinese in a debate with President-Elect Gore.
 3. He's got foot-in-mouth disease, which makes him comedy gold!

 We'll know soon.
 The Whites Only convention starts in 26 days.

 ha ha

 Koresh forgive me, I hope Smirk wins.

 Is Smirk in trouble for lying under oath?

 Click  Here

 There's some good things worth checking out at  http://www.genslab.com/

 From:  hudson_todd@hotmail.com

 Subject: bushrunningmate.com?

 According to their poll, Alan Keyes leads that poll (44%),
 followed by Uncle OJ Watts (10%).

 What the hell is going on?

 Todd Hudson

 ha ha

 Maybe the joke is working...
 Can you imagine, the GOP voting for a black man?

 ha ha

 Great Hollywood Quotes

 "I'd be the perfect ripe peach for Bill Clinton."
    -- Sharon Stone, thursday's USA Today

 Pop Quiz

 Reporter:  Yo, Smirk!
                   Who is the president of Mexico?

 Smirk:      It depends on the definition of the word, "is."
                  I can tell you who the out-going president is.
                  It's Zedillo!  He's my friend.

 Reporter: So, who's the incoming president?

 Smirk:     That new guy!

 I wonder if Mark Chmura, the child-rapist,
 will get to see any fireworks from his prison cell?

 Street Talk

 "I've had enough of the Bushes with his dad.
  I about starved to death under the trickle-down theories.
  For the first time in how many years,
  the little guy has some money in his pocket."
      --  Brendan Klein,
          51-year-old painter who doesn't want another Bush in the White House.

Click on this really ugly pig.


 Letter to the Ediotr

 From: (withheld)

 You Democrats are proving what is wrong with today's society.
 Stealing is stealing and totally irrelevant of the amount stolen.

 The same is the case with lying;either you lied or you told the truth.
 President Clinton did not tell the truth about Monica Lewinsky.
 He is, simply, a liar.

 There you go again.
 You don't care that Reagan lied about arms for hostages.
 You don't care that Bush claimed he didn't know about it, either.
 You don't care that Bush lied about, "No new taxes."
 You don't care that Bush lied about Quayle being the "most qualified."
 You don't care that Bush lied about Clarence Thomas being the "most qualified."
 You don't care that Ford lied about not pardoning Richard Nixon.
 You don't care that Nixon lied about ending the Vietnam war in 1975.
 You don't care that Dubya is lying about the cocaine thing or going AWOL.

 ...but if Clinton lied about a blow job, then lying is lying?

 Let me just say it would be  WRONG  to go to  www.bushrunningmate.com
 and cast a vote for someone you thought would be funny,
 instead of a real running mate for El Dupo.

Wrong, indeed, so do NOT click on the banner and go there & vote.

 From: genslab@genslab.com

 Subject: PBA's and Clinton

 The next time some weenie tries to tell you Clinton is a political windsock
 who will pander to any popular cause, talk about his stand against the PBA ban.
 Try to think of another pol who has taken such a principled, unpopular stand
 against a bill which seems like a no-brainer at first glance.

 Yer goddamn right character matters!

 Rob D

 Rob, good point.
 Most of the attacks against Clinton can be characterized two ways:

 A.  He's always going off on some wild, left-wing idea that nobody wants,


 B.  He'll always do whatever the polls tell him because he has no core beliefs.

 How many times have we heard the vulgar Pigboy attack Clinton for,
 "making appointments that 'reflect America's diversity,"
  instead of picking the very best person for the job?

 How many hundreds of attacks has Clinton endured because El Pigbo
 said he was making these "feel good" quota appointments?

 I just pulled this off MSNBC

 Click  Here

 A Republican sent me a long e-mail that included this paragraph.
 This paragragh was meant to to show how intolerant Clinton is.

 It is the exception for "life and health of the mother" that has set
 President Clinton and Congress at odds on partial-birth abortion bans.
 "Health" can be so broadly defined as to mean just about anything a
 doctor wants it to mean.  Bowing to the pressure of feminist organizations,
 the president has vetoed legislation that failed to include this exception.

 Look at what that paragraph says:
 "Since there's a loophole, we're rejecting the legislation altogether."

 So, let's say 100 PBA's will be attempted this year.
 In 20 of those cases, let's say some lying doctor isn't being true to his oath.

 So instead of saving the other 80 "babies,"   ...we'll let them all die?

 Do you see how they're literally throwing the baby out with the bathwater?
 If they can't save 100 "babies," they don't want to save the 80?

 Somebody explain this thinking to me.
 I'm losing patience.

 Something to keep in mind about PBA's

 Clinton has told the ditto-monkeys 1,000 times he'll gladly sign
 the PBA ban if the GOP would simply allow the mother to live.

 They know his signing that bill will save "baby" lives, yet they refuse.

 They'd rather point at Clinton & yell "Baby-killer,"
 than save the what they claim are the innocent lives of children.
 They are lying sons-of-bitches.

 No matter which side you're on, you have to agree with me on that.
 They could stop the "genocide" in one day, but then they'd lose their issue.

 Is there an honest pro-lifer out there?
 Is there just one honest pro-lifer that would admit the obvious?
 Is there one religious person out there with the integrity to be honest?

 Would you rather save "lives"
 or would you rather win the issue?

 ...and now do you see why I say the things I say about "religious" people?

 The last thing I want is a "let's fight about abortion" website,
 But I've gotten so many e-mails that make sense, so let me get this posted
 and another one or two and we'll put this subject away for a while.

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