Vol 233 - Nazi-Con 2000

 July 30, 2000

 Clinton Mocks Smirk Audio

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 Cheney Breaks Backpedalling Record
  Considering a trip to Sidney, aides say

  PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Dick Cheney said Sunday he now supports Head Start,
  a ban on ``cop killer'' bullets and might even allow Nelson Mandela out of jail.

  "I would vote differently now,'' Smirk's Veep wannabe said on Face the Whore
  before addressing a welcoming rally at the all-white Nazi-Con 2000.

  Democrats are focusing on Cheney's votes against the school lunch program,
  Head Start and the Clean Air Act in TV ads that have angered the GOP.

  "What does Cheney's record say about their plans?" the ad asks.
  "What are their plans for working families?"

  On a slew of TV talk shows, Cheney continued to defend his voting record.
  "I cast thousands of votes, but the Democrats only focus on the ones that
   hurt the nig- ...I, ...I mean the blacks and the poor."

  He said he would be "happy to entertain'' the idea of banning "cop-killer'' bullets
  and easy-to-smuggle plastic weapons - bans that he opposed in 1985.

  ha ha
  "Happy to entertain?"
  For a shot of Chinaco, I'd be "happy to entertain" becoming a Republican.
  After doing the shot, and "entertaining the idea," I'd decline to join the rat bastards.

  On Meet The Whore, Cheney told Clinton Cock grabber and asshole Tim Russert,
 "I had very strong feelings, and still do under the Second Amendment'' concerning
  the right to keep and bear arms. "I still do," he said, ominously.

  Cheney also backpedalled on the Education Department, after initially opposing its
  creation, calling it "a threat to local education control" and "costly."
  "What we had at the time was adequate,'' Cheney said on Face the Whore.

  Cheney also backpedalled on the Head Start program for children, to fit Smirk's
  election-year promise "that no child would be left behind."

  On ABC's This Whore, Cheney defended his 1986 vote calling for then-imprisoned
  superstar Nelson Mandela to rot in prison like a fucking dog.
  Now, Cheney's election-year opinion is he believes Mandela is "a great man.''

 "He deserves credit for the transformation of South Africa,'' Cheney said
 "But I don't have any problems at all with the vote I cast 20 years ago.''

 Great Smirk Quotes

"This is not a divisive moment. This is a uniting moment,'' Smirk told
 The New York Whore Times, adding that his formal acceptance speech
 Thursday was crafted to drive home the message that he was
 "a different kind of Republican.''

 But Smirk, ...different how?

 If you're a decent guy who "doesn't want to leave any child behind,"
 and you're different from Reagan, Smirk Daddy and Dole,
 doesn't that prove they were nasty, mean-spirited pricks
 who were willing to leave some children behind?

 But Smirk, ...different how?

 You had your chance to be "different" in Carolina, with the Dixie flag,
 but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
 You were a throwback to the mid 1860's then.

 The Dixie flag has never flown higher or prouder than it did the day
 you won the Carolina primary from that other lying, pandering whore.

 ...give me 15 minutes with this smirking idiot, on camera,
 and I could close this gap so fast it'd make his nose run.

 Speaking of lying, pandering whores...

 McCain Booed Over Smirk Reference

 PHILLY (AP) - When McCain asked activists at the ``shadow convention''
 to support special-interests Smirk, he was almost drowned out by boos and hisses.
 Some in the audience kept up the catcalls until the Arizona senator threatened to quit talking.

 The gathering gave everybody's favorite former-hero a standing ovation when commentator
 Arianna Huffington introduced him as ``the most prominent advocate for reform in this country.''

 But when McCain mentioned Smirk, who beat McCain in the Republican primaries with
 dirty personal slurs and under-the-table money from Big Oil and, he was inundated by booing.

 "I am obliged not by party loyalty but by sincere conviction to urge all Americans to support
 my party's nominee, Governor George Bush of Texas,'' McCain said. ``I believe sincerely
 he's the candidate for change, and that the vice president is the candidate of the status quo.''

 Several members of the audience kept interrupting as he continued his speech, and at one point
 McCain said, ``If you would like, I do not need to continue.'' Huffington stepped to the lectern
 and urged the protesters to be quiet so the former hero could continue shilling for Smirk..

 CNN, who's been playing every anti-Clinton sound bite the Smirk has said,
 talked about the McCain speech, and even played a few moments, but cut away
 so Judy Woodruff could EXPLIAN the booing and catcalling, instead of letting
 the viewer see it hor himself.

 Hey, CNN!

 You have a goddamn camera and microphone in the building.

 Why explain what happened instead of showing us?

 Clinton Mocks Young Smirk
      "My daddy was president!"

 July 29, 2000 | BOSTON -- Egged on by an appreciative audience of Democrats,
 including a large complement of Kennedys, Clinton mocked Smirk's privileged
 background and the political tactics of congressional Republicans.
 He summed up the Bush campaign message this way:

 '"How bad could I be? I've been governor of Texas, my daddy was president,
 I own a baseball team, they like me down there, everything is rocking along hunky-dory."'

The crowd of about 450 political supporters of  Patrick Kennedy (D-Icon) chortled
as Clinton continued to parody Bush.

'"Their fraternity had it for eight years, give it to ours for eight years because we're
 compassionate and humane,"' Clinton said.
'"We're not like what you think about us from watching the Congress for the last five years."'

He accused the GOP of trying to "blur, blur, blur" its record, which Clinton calls extreme.

Republicans, he said, hope that voters satisfied with the rosy economy will tune out
the differences between the rich, smirking playboy and Vice President Al Gore.

Still in a wisecracking mood, Clinton said the GOP is slicing their tax cut package into
small pieces and passing them one by one to disguise the package's true size.

"They're doing this in salami tactics, so you won't notice," Clinton said.

The White House claims that Republican tax proposals could consume $2 trillion over time,
and would devour all of the projected budget surplus. Clinton wants to use the money to
safeguard Social Security and Medicare, among other things.

 I Have a Question

 Which night will be hosted by Wayne La Pierre and Charlton Heston?

 Don't we need them out there, spewing hate, screaming that Clinton
 wants more school shootings so he can follow in Hitler's footsteps?

 Let me tell you a little story.

 Years and years ago when I was in college, I had my picture taken
 for the school yearbook. For the picture, I wore what I always wore,
 a nice t-shirt of some kind and blue jeans.

 My friends said that was a really bad idea, because when you get your
 picture taken, you should always wear a suit. My answer was,
 "There's not a single person on this campus that has ever seen me in a suit.
  Why should I put on a costume to have my picture taken?"
  Everybody told me I was crazy to wear what I always wear.

 Reminds me of this week's Nazi-Con 2000.

 The GOP is putting on a suit to have their picture taken.
 They're putting on a Suit of Lies.
 Nobody in America has ever seen the GOP with a black, or a gay,
 and rarely even a woman unless it's time to take their picture.

 We're not going to see the real GOP this week.
 We're going to see a Hollywood version of what they wished to hell
 they looked like when people think about the Republican party.

 Instead of showing us their zeal to grab Clinton's cock,
 instead of showing us Big Tobacco, the NRA and Big Oil,
 instead of showing us Lott, Barr, Burton and Delay,
 instead of showing us Tripp, Jones, Drudge and Starr,
 we're going to see odd singularities like Uncle OJ Watts,
 we're going to see Hispanics and women that we've never seen before.

 Their charade this week is going to be a big fucking lie.

 Pro Wrestler 'The Rock' to Address GOP Convention

 PHILADELPHIA June 3 (Reuters) - Breaking with sanity, Republicans said they plan
 to allow a wrestler known as ``The Rock'' to introduce Dick Cheney, the man who has
 called President Clinton "a national embarrassment."

 Before Dick Cheney speaks, delegates will hear from ``The Rock,'' a wildly popular figure
 within the phoney and staged World Wrestling Federation entertainment organization.

 Organizers plan a GOP version of ``Win Ben Stein's Money,''  a silly game show
 featuring the vicious, Clinton-hating, fucking Jew bastard Ben Stein.

 GOP Regularswith Gov. Ridge

 Many influential GOP fund-raisers were reportedly furious with Gov Tom Ridge
 because they were out raising money on Bush's behalf expecting that Ridge was
 going to get the nod for vice president, even though the governor withdrew
 himself from consideration weeks ago.

 "I raised money for Bush, and I did it because I wanted Tom Ridge to be VP,"
 one insider said. "How do you think I feel?"

 Full Story

 Thanks to BlueJ44

 From: Nmmeeks@aol.com

 Subject: Cheney flip flops


 Dick Cheney, father of a "biological error", said today that he would have
 voted differently on some of the issues that he voted against in the 70s &
 80's, like cop killer bullets and funding head start.

 He said "times have changed" as his excuse for giving up his conservative principles.
 Apparently in the 80's it was OK to kill cops and have stupid kids.

 What is Rush going to say now that Cheney has become a "whiney  liberal"?


 If I was a gay-hating Cro-Mag Republican, I'd be worried about having a guy
 who fathered a "deviant" holding the president's hand while he learns the job.

Republican Delegates 95 Percent White

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - The average delegate to Nazi-Con 2000 is white,
over the age of 50, and earns more than $50,000 a year, according to a survey
published today by the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper.

Ninety-five percent of the 652 respondents to a question on race in a survey said
they were white. Just 3.2 percent of respondents were African American, one percent
Native American and less than one percent Asian American.  About a third of the
2,066 convention delegates responded to the survey.

The high percentage of whites contrasts with most recent census figures showing
74 percent of the American voting age population was white, 12 percent black,
nine percent Hispanic, four percent Asian and less than one percent Native American.
As you might expect from an all-white party, officials downplayed the obvious facts.

''It's a reflection of grass-roots activism within the party, not a reflection of people
who vote Republican.'' said Andy Card, co-chairman of Nazi-Con 2000.

 From: ronel@execpc.com

 Subject: RE: Bush threw election

 Interesting theory!
 Here's an addendum: During the height of the Starr "inquiry" (yeah, right),
 Republicans warned Clinton not to pardon any witnesses or himself,
 or he'd face impeachment regardless. And, the Republican tribunal
 demanded that no such pardons would ever be issued, which the
 White House went along with.

 No one in the press corps, ever made the connection back to the Bush pardons.

 Talk about double standards.

 Ron Legro

 You know why, right?
 Arming terrorist nations had nothing to do with Clinton's cock.

 I Have a Question

 Well, actually two questions.

 Will fifteen year old niece Laura Bush be on the convention stage?
 And will she wear a dress than covers her genitalia?

 My, my,
 She's only fifteen, and she knows how to nasty...

 From: veepel@gohip.com

 Subject: Ask Bartcop

 Hi Bart!
 I had the rare displeasure of watching a live broadcast of Smirk's speech.
 He was visiting Missouri Southern State campus here in Joplin on Friday.

 In this speech, Smirk stated that with Dick Cheney (and his whore)
 you not only get one, but you get two for the price of one with your vote.

 Now, didn't the Nazi's bash Bill for saying this same thing in 92? .


 Dear US,

 You may rely on it,


 From:  garic2k@yahoo.com

 Subject: Cheney's Lesbian Daughter....

 Not that I care that Cheney's daughter is openly lesbian but.......

 What if Chelsea Clinton was a lesbian?
 How much do you think the far-right would hoot and cackle,
 about how her father's actions and influences led to her lesbianism.....

 But when it's a Republican's daughter...
 Well maybe it was just something in the water....


 Craig, good point.
 Funny, the GOP leads the charge to say, "It's a choice, not biology,"
 but then we see the Reagan, Cheney, Schaffly, Gingrich, and Kasich families
 raising gay children that don't seem to fit their little hate theory.

 They don't even have the brains to give themselves a fucking break.

 Hatred of gays and blacks is the glue that holds the GOP together.

 This Just In..

 bartcop.com  has obtained what we believe to be an authentic photograph
 of loser-elect Smirk holding what appears to be a white child.

 This is not a BartCop gag.
 Our experts at the  bartcop.com  labs believe the picture is not a hoax.
 We believe the picture to be genuine.

 I Have a Question

 Which night will Tom Delay be hosting?

 Tom Delay, King of the GOP, surely will have a night in the spotlight.
 Anyone know which night it is?

 You figure, Monday would be good.
 You'd want to start the week with your strength,
 and put your best foot forward, right?

 Who could win  more converts than Tom Delay?

 Get ol' Tom Delay, blood-brother to nominee Smirk, on the stage,
 Rally the crowd, give the simple folk everywhere a good look at the
 power structure of the all-white, balding, Christian Republican millionaires.

 Tom Delay is Mr. GOP.
 I'm looking forward to his speech.

 Love him or hate him,
 Tom Delay IS the GOP, and he's one sick bastard.

 Koresh, I love the political season.

 They're showing lots of historical quotes.
 Here's an audio file of Walter Mondale's worst moment.

 How many times on  bartcop.com  have I said honesty has no place in politics?
 You don't ever level with the voters - they can't handle the truth.
 Why do you think Clinton has been so successful?

 Here's a clip I've mentioned a dozen times, at least.
 I have the original tape somehere, in the need-to-be-cataloged room-o-tapes,
 but Tim the Whore showed this on his CNBC "fuzzy" show.

 This is Tim the Catholic, Bill Safire, NYWT partisan whore,
 and Doris Kerns Goodwin, ex-Johnson aide and baseball expert.

 Click  Here

 Rule #1 in politics - You have to have a lot of money.
 Rule #2 in politics - Never, ever tell the truth.

 Smirk pretends he's some "new" kind of Republican.
 Maybe, but he has the ego of an "old" Republican.

 When Smirk heard Shakedown star The Rock would introduce Dick Cheney,
 he looked around for a bigger, better-known TV star to introduce him on Thursday.

 Mr. T.  was busy, so they got Col. Flagg instead.

 June 29, 2000 Part 2

 I'm told Dick Cheney was in charge of Whip Inflation Now.
 You younger kids won't remember, but back in 1974-75,
 inflation was so out-of-control, President Ford had a few thousand
 buttons printed up with that slogan - W.I.N.

 Get it?

 Cheney was one of the masterminds behind that swift move.
 And it would be rude of me to bring up Nixon's Wage and Price Controls.
 You kids don't remember that, either, I'll bet.
 In every grocery store, for instance, there were signs saying,
 "These products subject to Federal Wage & Price Controls."

 I mean, how much more socialistic could a society get?
 The government says tomatos are 19 cents per pound?
 This is America?

 Yeah, Nixon,. Ford and Cheney declared capitalism a failed system!

 But, since the GOP says it takes 12-15 years for a president to have
 a noticeable affect on the economy, we should just blame Ike, right?

 Should Gay Republicans be Imprisoned?

 Click  Here

 Great Leno Quotes

 What do Smirk and the Liberty Bell have in common?

 They both have a crack problem.

 Channel surfing, waiting for the Beltway Boys to come on,
 I found Sammy Hagar on Emeril's cooking show on the Food Network.

 Emeril was marinating ribs in Sammy's Wabo Cabo tequila.
 When they got done with the ribs, Emeril had Sammy up on the stage
 to show him, the expert, how to make margaritas.

 Sammy said you need 1 part lime, 1 part Cointreau, and 2 parts tequila.
 he even added some Blue Curaco so the color would match the glass.

 Sammy, Sammy, Sammy - you missed your chance to educate the masses.

 You should've told Emeril that your tequila is too fine to mix.
 I'm not sure that's true in Sammy's case, but if you're on TV pushing
 your tequila, that costs $45 a bottle, why kill the taste?

 Besides, even with recent price increases, I can still get Chinaco Anejo
 for $31 and change, so why would I spend over $40 for Sammy's less-than?

 I'm sipping on some 100% Certificado Blue Agave Chinaco right now.
 It's NOM 1127, Bottle # L-222323AA00018

 Ummmmmm, boy!
 That's good!

  Dennis Miller had a good show last night.
  His guest was Kevin Bacon.

  Miller said,

 "Did you know Hollow Man premiers next week?
  It's the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia."

 I don't know about where you live, but in Knuckledrag
 Unleaded Regular is down to $1.26.

 ...thank you, Bill Clinton.

 From: JDWRods@aol.com

 Subject: buck up/thanks

 Hey Bart,
 Ya had me worried there for a bit...you sounded quite down
 and the treehouse was strangely quiet.

 First off, screw those folks that felt like you played dirty pool with the story.
 They never learn to play tough, and sadly they almost always get their asses kicked.
 Clinton seems like the only one that isn't afraid to play tough when the going necessitates it.

 I promised ya I get back with what I thought about the story.
 Well, I can't for the life of me figure how Bush would have gotten out of the box.
 Of course, one might argue with the premises and conjecture.
 For instance, I haven't been able to track down the accounts of the press conference,
 which you interpreted as a warning that people were gonna start to roll over, etc.

 Like the Ben Stein attack on Clinton, it happened.

 It all begins with the idea that people were going to be indicted, the cases
 against would be strong, and no one was willing to not fall on their own sword.
 Maybe so, maybe not.

 I want ya to know that I read your page every day...sometimes checking back
 several times each day. If I'm gone away from home, one of the first things I
 do upon my return is to catch up on past columns. You are providing a great
 service and there's no one close to providing the insight mixed with a
 generous supply of humor that you put into every issue. I can only imagine
 the time you invest into this site, so if someone that normally supportive
 has a beef about one piece of writing after all those years....put it in the
 perspective of the larger whole....

 best-jeff wagner


 Do you remember 1996?
 I do.

 Bob Dole didn't agree with the party's platform on abortion,
 but he was unable to convince them to change it, even tho
 he was the nominee.

 Here we are four years later, and Smirk doesn't agree with
 the party's platform on abortion, and since he's less of a man than Dole,
 so he just said, "Fuck it" and accepted their orders.

 So my question is, Who are they?

 Who gave the orders to both presidential nominees?

 From: Tom in Virginia

 There WERE NO easy, cushy or safe assignments in Vietnam
 --the war was everywhere except in TEXAS!

 Confusion to the enemy!

 From:  jam@unlimitedmedia.com

 Subject: the "big" story

 Mr. Cop,
 Personally, I loved the story. I made a copy and sent it to everyone I know
 (ones that won't turn me in for speaking out against the GOFP). It all makes
 sense and I remember the timing and thinking something was amiss. I also
 remember Reagan being on the stand and the judge being so sweet to him and
 patting him on the head telling him it's ok not t remember all these bad bad
 things and every time the opposition would say anything, the judge would
 bark at him to shut the fuck up and not interrupt this great man.

 I send the link to your site a lot and hope that it will inspire readers to seek
 the truth and not swallow what rush and the other nazis push down their throats.

 Your site has been invaluable to me.
 I bought the book The Hunting Of The President
 and also have quoted your site many many times.

 Just keep up the great work on your site and know it is appreciated.


 From: rskinsfan@unitedstates.com

 Subject: ouch

 I'm sorry but I could not resist sending you this.
 It has to hurt just a little.

 In the race for the White House, George W. Bush now leads in states
 with 328 Electoral Votes and Al Gore leads in states with 88
 Electoral Votes. States with 122 Electoral Votes are in the toss-up
 category. A toss-up means that neither candidate is leading by more
 than the margin of sampling error. For a list of who leads in which
 states, click here. To see a state by state listing of poll results
 in alphabetical order, click here. Polls conducted immediately after
 Super Tuesday found Bush leading Gore by a narrower margin of 207
 Electoral Votes to 198. More recent polls have indicated shifts in
 four states, all in Bush's favor.

 from www.portraitofamerica.com

 Sorry BC.

 Ron Styles

 P.S. I love your site even though I am loyal GOP.

 Ron, thanks.

 Did you know Smirk Daddy had an approval rating of 91 percent
 after the Guld War, and then lost the election to a dope-smoking,
 draft-dodging, skirt-chasing kick from a backwards state?

 During the debates, when Smirk forgets which side we're on in Korea,
 Gore is going to look very good to a whole lot of people.

 From: isaac3rd@mediaone.net

 You've probably had this offer made, but if you would like a copy
 of the legendary Rush Limburger disaster on Pat Sajak,
 I can make a copy and send it to you.

 Keep it up and stay well,
 isaac peterson

 This is my lucky day!

 Yes, I'd love a copy of that.
 I'll put sound bites on the page.
 You win the "Man of the Month" award!

 Rush is Always Right

 From:  war021@earthnet.net

 Subject: Pigboyism

 I was listening to Pigboy yesterday.  He was ranting about Napster.
 One of his callers made the point that using Napster is no different than
 owning a VCR.  Pigboy took this like it was an inflated relative and broke
 into the wide open field with it...he ranted that people said that the VCR
 would kill the movie industry.  He also said that some people said that it
 would put Blockbuster out of business.
 "In fact," he said, "some people sold Blockbuster (stock, I presume) on this news."

 Think about that last one:

 1) Blockbuster rents movies for home viewing on a VCR.
 2) The invention of the VCR would kill Blockbuster.

 As you would say: Ha ha.

 Moose and Squirrel

 It might be crazier than you think.
 There was no Blockbuster in 1980.

 From:  MR_William@KCLIBRARY.ORG

 Subject: Comedians

 Bartcop, you said:

 >On the other hand,
 >Letterman, Miller, Maher and Kilbourne don't want to hurt Smirk.
 >Like me, they'd rather Smirk be president than Gore.
 >Gore will bore everyone to death and drive a stake thru bartcop.com"

 Say it ain't so, you have done pretty well with Clinton as President.
 The Whore and Limba are not going anywhere.
 You have already declared President-Elect Gore...
 Don't let us down.

 William Osment

 A Smirk presidency would be a gold mine for  bartcop.com
 Being white, healthy, not-too-poor, childless, not needing an abortion,
 male and 46, Republican extremism won't be very harmful to me.

 If I were a person of color, with a disability and needing government assistance,
 with kids in school and of child-bearing age, female or retired, it'd be different.

 ...but Gore couldn't lose this race if he tried.

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