Volume 239 - Jew's on First?

 August 5-6-7, 2000

Subject: Dark Days Ahead

 From:  gsmith@hhpn.com

Hey Bartcop,

Its over now.

The Darkness of the Bush administration
will make the Reagan Error look like a movie trailer.

Get ready for the Feature Presentation.
I'm so fucking pissed.

Glenn R. Smith

 Paul Begala To the Rescue!

 So what to make of the 17-point Bush lead in today's USA TODAY-Gallup survey?

 Only that this is a good time to bet heavily on Gore-Lieberman.
 This is the Picket's Charge of the GOP, the high-water mark of the campaign.
 It's all downhill from here.


 Because Gore will dominate the week with favorable reviews of his selection of Lieberman.
 Then he'll have a good convention next week in LA, in which they can pull the mask off the
 GOP's phony "moderate" image.  (I mean, who are they kidding?  Bush campaigned in the
 primaries as Bob Jones and ran his convention as Quincy Jones.)

 Finally, it will be much noted that at the last Democratic convention in Los Angeles,
 my party made history by nominating the first Catholic in history. This year we will
 nominate the first Jewish person to serve on a ticket.  I know there are those who think
 the country isn't "ready" for this.  But I think America's better than that.

 Morally, we Democrats don't want the votes of bigots, so if you couldn't vote for someone
 because of their religion, I suggest you side with Bob Jones and company and support Bush.

 From: btrevarrow@fmaaa.org

I must say, this certainly is a mean-spirited website.
I came looking for information to help make my decision on a candidate.
Your site appears to be nothing but a mockery of the electoral process.


Subject:  Lieberman--A Terrific Choice

From:  sabutai@ix.netcom.com

I believe that Gore's pick of Lieberman as his VP is a good solid choice.
It brings the Jewish vote into play. Also how can the GOP attack the Dems
now on Religion without sounding Anti-Semitic?

Florida is now in play for Gore because of all the retired Jewish voters.
I believe Gore just won NY, also this helps Hillary in
around about way as it energizes the Jewish vote in NY.

Lieberman also helps Gore distance himself in a good way from Clinton.
He was the first Senator of both parties to criticize Clinton from the floor of the Senate.
HE did it in a way that did not upset others in the Demo Party.  No call for Clinton
to resign, just a rebuke kind of like sitting in a corner when you were a kid.

He is also a leader in the DLC. CLinton and Gore were both instrumental
in the formation and growth of this centrist Demo organization.

This was not a decision made on the spur of the moment.
Lots of thought went into this. I'm positive the polls taken in the next few days
will reflect this. Lieberman brings as much if not more to the VP position
for his party that ChainLink did for the GOPers.


 How many times have you heard someone, mostly me, say:
 "Gore couldn't lose this election if he tried?"

 Koresh, I wish he wouldn't try so damn hard.
 Weren't there any black or gay people he could pick, instead?

 Gore is making the same mistake the Democrats made in 1994:
 He's running away from Clinton.
 Remember how 1994 turned out?
 The Nazi's took Congress for the first time in 60 years.

 Geez, if he was going to go with a Nor'Easter, why not John Kerry?
 I only know three things about Lieberman.

 1. He's Jewish, which doesn't hurt him with me bigot-wise, because
     I think all religions are just a bunch on collective insanity, but remember
     that nutty story I ran about Jews hiring people to come over on Saturdays
     and do stupid, menial shit like DIAL A PHONE and hand it to them because
     they're not supposed to "work" like that on a Saturday?
     That's crazy behavior, and I don't care who they are.
     I remember saying that kind of insanity rivaled the Catholics.

 2. He's got that "holier-than-thou" Bill Bennett crap working.
     Boy, that stuff really, really chaps my ass.

 3. He was the first Senator to attack Clinton.

  As of today, Gore's "Can't Lose Victory" has been downgraded to,
 "Let's hope for the best."

 I haven't read a single, positive e-mail since the news was announced.
 Did Al Gore forget how racist this country is?

 Will Gore win any state south of the Mason-Dixon line?
 Besides Florida?

From:  flight_of_stairs@hotmail.com

Subject: Backwards Day


It must be Backwards Day at Gore Campaign Headquarters and it's time to
make decisions:  who to pick for vice presidential candidate.  OK, since it's
Backwards Day why don't we pick a Democrat who is famous for giving aid
and comfort to the enemy during the Impeachment nightmare, and who has
all the charisma and appeal of Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis combined
and isn't even as nice as them.

This will be good because now the celebrity press corps can be happy as they
endlessly discuss how Gore wants to distance himself from the man with no character,
who disgraced the office:  Bill Clinton.

I heard two guys talking at the railroad station of this New England town.

One Yankee said to the other:  "So are we going to have John Kerry as Vice President?"
And the other guy said, "No, he's picking someone else.

And I thought to myself:  "Yeah, Dick Cheney."


Schippers' Book to Reveal Secret Evidence Against Clinton

Washington is buzzing this week, not about the conventions but about the man
who led the failed Clinton Cock-Hunt and what he may reveal in his book,
"Sellout: Why Bill Clinton's Impeachment Was Over Before It Began."

After seven scandal-scarred years of the Clinton administration, Republicans have made
restoring honor and integrity to the presidency a key issue in this year's election. But the
bombshells about to be dropped by one-time Chicago mob buster David Schippers
may explode in a number of unpredictable ways.

Yeah, and BartCop may be elected Pope.

Schippers, Henry Hyde's personal pick to head the Cock-Hunt, promises to name names,
including those of Republicans who killed his investigation in the crib and allowed Clinton to
slip the noose on a whole host of allegations that have yet to be fully explained to the country.

He's not going to name any names that count.
He might name a former staffer for somebody, but that's all.
How many times has the right-wing cock-hunters promised some new book
was going to blow the lid off of Clinton, only to end up being a big yawn?

 From:  wiredupchicago@yahoo.com

 Subject: Your site

 I think you site is a joke and you really don't have a
 clue about america. The mere fact that you are excited
 about NBC's attempt to skew reality with "The West Wing"
 is very telling of your pop culture view of the world.

 You might want to try working for a living and maybe you
 will begin to resent the theft that takes place in the IRS.
 George W is going to win this election and with a republcian
 congress and supreme court,. we will begin to dismantle the
 socialism that lazy degenerates like yourself have perpetrated
 on the american people. Enjoy the election and let em know if
 you need any tissues...i'll send you some GWB2000 designer ones.....


For Future Reference


 From: (withheld)

 Subject: Gore is Lame Loser

 Already today Bush makes the news:
"You can tell alot about a man by the company he keeps!"
 Big Cheers.

 Wouldn't it be great if Gore came out and said:
 "I agree, you can tell alot about a guy by the company he keeps.
  By the way, here is my running mate, Medal of Honor winner Bob Kerry."

  But nooooooooooo. Gore will come out and say:
  "Fiddlesticks, and here's my choice for V.P. this guy you never heard of."
   and everyone will go ho hum.

 Gore will be down 10 after the convention and thru labor day.
 He will lose by 5 to 10 and the post election analysis will say that
 the honor and dignity issue was decisive.

 Gore will try to blame Clinton, but its his own stupid fault.

 Armey the Foul-Mouthed Dick

 "Are you really Dick Armey?" Barry asked.

 Armey replied, "Yes, I am Dick Armey. And if there is a dick army,
 Barney Frank would want to join up."

 Full  Story

 I'm listening to the vulgar Pigboy attack "the media," for revealing
 that Cheney has a gay daughter. Pigboy wants to know if "the media"
 will scrutinize Lieberman's kids this way.

 Pigboy, the all-forgetting, has chosen to pretend someone besides 
 broke the story of Cheney's lesbian daughter.
 When Drudge prints a false RUMOR, such as the one claiming Clinton was
 the father of a child with a black crack-whore in Arkansas, he proclaims
 Drudge represents "the new frontier of journalism."

 But when Drudge reports the FACT that Mary Cheney is gay,
 suddenly Rush is outraged at "the media."

 Rush, you know what you are?

 That's right, Rush Limbaugh.
 You're a sick monkey-fuck, nothing more.

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: Bartcop Wins Ferrari


 Pick out your Ferrari.
 It's over.
 Gore lost it all last night.

 I understand why Gore picked Lieberman. Who better than Clinton's
 foremost Democratic scold to point out Smirk's vast moral shortcomings?

 Gore knew that the clinic-bombing Bible-thumpers were never going to
 vote for him anyway. What Gore doesn't realize is just how many closet
 anti-Semites there are out there, who would NEVER admit to any pollster
 that there's no way in hell they'd ever put a Jew anywhere near the White House.

 Now, I don't much like Lieberman.
 Can't figure out why he's a Democrat in the first place.
 And "Lieberman" is too long to fit on a bumper sticker.
 Might as well just print up a bunch saying, "Gore/Jew!"
 The Smirk campaign certainly will.

 Smirk could wake up tomorrow, in a pool of his own vomit, with a naked
 underage Mexican boy, in the gutter in front of CNN HQ, and he'd still win.
 Because Jesus changed his heart.

 On the positive side,
 Hillary just locked up the NY Jewish vote, and with it, her Senate seat.

 As promised, it's time to punish Bo Derek for being GOP.

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   (Men Only)

 Rush Admits Smirk an Inexperienced Idiot!

 "You can tell what a candidate lacks by who he picks for VP."

 OK, El Pigbo, using your rules, that means Smirk picked Cheney because:

 - he's totally clueless about foreign affairs.
 - he's got the gravitas of Daffy Duck
 - he's totally clueless about how Washington works
 - he can't speak without Smirking

 Thank you, Captain Oink for finally admitting the obvious.

 New and Improved!
 Betty Bowers Convention Re-Cap

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 VCR Alert

 NBC is running FOUR episode of West Wing this week.

 Tonight is the pilot episode, which I haven't even seen.
 The night it premiered, I was busy with Alarmboy at BartCop Manor
 and never got around to seeing it.

 Another episode airs Tuesday, then a double shot Wednesday.

 From:  hudson_todd@hotmail.com

 Subject: Chinaco awakening


 This weekend I went to Austin and found myself in a restaurante
 that sells Chinaco Anejo.  I have always had an aversion to tequila,
 because I associate with the kerosine-taste of Jose.

 But I decided your recommendation couldn't be wrong and ordered a FULL GLASS.
 Needless to say, I was very impressed.
 Very smooth and no bite.
 I think I shall purchase some, but noplace in town sells it
 (Caveman Station, TX).

 Where can I order it?

 Todd Hudson

 I don't know.
 There are liquor web sites, do they sell and ship great tequila?
 We may need a lot in the next four years...

 Breaking News...

 From: mkonieczki@rslusa.com



 There is a HUGE story going around the different wire services.
 Remember the Exxon Valdez oil tanker that went aground a few years ago?

 Well, according to the AP, the captain of the ship, Hazelwood,
 WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE for that "crash."

 Turns out, again, according to the AP, that the captain of the ship
 12 years earlier was responsible!!!

 Michael K

 Thanks for the scoop.
 It must be true, because that's how things work.

 Ex-Pres Bush Says He 'Went Too Far'
   Another Too-Late Bush Apology

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former President Bush admitted he went too far
 when he threatened last week to tell Americans what he thought about Clinton,
 Time magazine reported in its latest edition.

 Bush warned that he would attack Clinton continued attacks on his son, Junior

 "What I did was scumbbag politics, and I'm not very pleased with myself,"
  the Elder Bush told reporters.  "Even at my age, I can't help but feel the urge
  to protect my kids, especially Goerge. He's always been a little skittish."

 Clinton, who kicked Smirk Daddy's ass in 1992, recently described Smirk
 as a spoiled rich boy with a thin resume whose "daddy was president"
 and who believed that was enough reason that he should be too.

 Jon Stewart Quotes

 "One of the keys to understanding Dick Cheney is understanding fly fishing."
      --Lynn Cheney, First-chair Harpist

 "Once you've stood in a river wearing rubber wading pants,
   you can't help but vote to keep Nelson Mandela in jail."
      --Jon Stewart, who's been great lately.

     "How much longer, Mr.Cheney?"

 "Gov, Bush has reformed the Texas legal system.
  That legal system now serves all people."
     -- Dick Cheney, Wednesday night

  "Yes, ... serves them a tasty, last meal."
     -- Jon Stewart

 Then, Stewart's cameras noticed something.

 Smirk getting a stiffy watching his coronation?

 Is that what is was?

 It suuuuuure looks like it.
 Stewart said, "Welcome to the johnson administration."

 Smirk, you're disgusting everybody - now get outta here!

 Then, guest commentator Bob Dole got some marching orders
 from his boss who was on the convention floor.

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 From out of the past

 Saw it on  http://cagle.slate.msn.com/art/5RushBBB1.asp

 From: bartcop@bartcop.com

 I have an anti-Rush newsletter.
 I'm on issue 43 and have about 75 subscribers.
 It's all in good fun, of course.
 We don't take anything too seriously
 except the cyst on Rush's ass that kept him
 from fighting in Vietnam.


 Smirk - Walking Into History



 Subject: Cheney Legacy

 From: Voltai29@geocities.com

 Want to see an example of Dick Cheney's leadership while he was
 Secretary of Defense under Daddy Bush?

  Rent "Three Kings."

 Some Focus Group White Guy on This Whore

 What I like about George W. Bush, is he admitted
  that he's not intimidated by having people in his
  administration that are brighter than himself.

 ha ha

 What choice does he have?
 And what signal does that send to our young, impressionables?

 You can't trust the smart people?

Transfer interrupted!

00">  Vote Smirk 2000

 Someone sent me this:
 Did we already do this guy?

 Hypocrisy of "the politics of personal destruction"

 Hey "BartCop," you Lying Sexual McCarthyite, where were you last Saturday
 when our president, after achieving the pinnacle of his legacy, forcefully declared,
 "We must stop the politics of personal destruction"?

 Oh, my mistake, I momentarily forgot that "the politics of personal destruction" is a
 tactic of Clintonite, liberal, leftist, progressive, socialist, communist, etc. hypocrites.

 In future, please contain the spewing of your ignorance to the disgusting, disgraceful,
 despicable, disingenuous, deceptive, depraved, degenerate waste of bandwidth
 that is your web site.

   --Matt Wallace, AKA The Compleat Heretic
 Friday, December 25, 1998 at 11:54:44 (EST)

Just guessing, he sounds like a guy who might've felt
the BartCop lash before, and wants another dance...

 How Guilty is Cheney?

 Cheney Dumped Half His Halliburton Stock

 Cheney Loves Doing Business with Saddam

 Justice Dept. To Indict GOP Donor

 Cheney Hits GOP Fund-Raisers

 Cheney New Backpedal Champ

   ...yet not a peep about Smirk's closet?

Cocaine     DWIsBastards

The blacks in the GOP thing is nothing new. Even twenty years ago,
Clarence Thomas and Uncle OJ Watts (right) were proud to be conservatives.

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