Volume 240 - Kiss the Car Goodbye

 August 8, 2000

 ABC Forced to Apologize for John Stossel Lies

 The ABC television network apologized for a February 4 report on
 20/s0's John Stossel where Stossel lied his Limbaugh-worshipping ass off
 about radiated foods so he could skew the facts away from logic.

 ABC said Stossel relied on "inaccurate information" provided to him
 by others, which is typical corporate double-speak for "We got caught!"
 ABC said it was still deciding what Stossel's punishment will be.

"This wasn't an 'oops,' and it wasn't someone else's fault," said
 an environmental group who caught Stossel's big, fat lies.
"Stossel knew there were problems with the test results,
 but he chose to go on the air with it anyway."

 Ediotr's Note:
 Pigboy regularly singles out Stossel for "honest" reporting.

Subject:    Gang Rushing a ditto-monkey chat room ...

From:  subgeniusx@yahoo.com

To:   jam@unlimitedmedia.com

JM, Bartcop,
JM great letter to Bartcop
 ...Bartcop great responses
 ..... I liked the Idea at the end of gang rushing a ditto-monkey room.
 Lets get this set up and planned.
 The times work ok for me but what room????

 Christian Adams

 I'm game, but if we "rush" a ditto-monkey-controlled room,
 we'll get the thrill of making them throw us out, not much more.

 It's not my favorite or anything, but the "Washington Watch" rooms
 on Yahoo might be the most accessible, and they don't have a "moderator."

 Any suggestions?

 New Dr. Laura Parody Page

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 She deserves it...

From CNN

Four times as many voters say that Lieberman makes them
more likely to vote Democratic than who say he makes them less likely
-- a much higher ratio than Cheney received.

 Since her husband left her,
 life hasn't been good to Paula Jones.


 ha ha

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 Subject:  Kiss the Car Goodbye

 From: peter.hisey@tfn.com

 Smirk and Snarl's "bounce" evaporated last night.
 It's now a dead heat.

 Gore has nowhere to go but up.
 Can you say "landslide?"

 All the best,

 I regret I have but one car to give to my country.


 Philly Suspect Didn't Shoot Cop

 PHILADELPHIA An officer whose gunshot wound led to a frantic police
 chase and a nationally televised police beating of the suspect was actually shot
 by another officer.

 Charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault against suspect Thomas Jones
 were dropped yesterday after ballistics tests indicated he did not shoot anybody.
 Jones is still accused of carjacking, robbery and fleeing police.

 Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham said the shot was fired
 by Officer Cedric Gaines as he and Livewell struggled with Jones.

"My client has always maintained he didn't have a gun," said Jones' attorney, Blake Berenbaum.

 Jones, 30, was initially pulled over for allegedly driving a stolen car. He then drove off in a
 police vehicle. Later, a television helicopter videotaped officers kicking and punching him
 during his arrest. Jones, who had been in critical condition, was released from a hospital yesterday.

 The image of Jones being dragged from a bullet-ridden police cruiser by a crowd of cops who
 kicked and punched him eclipsed Philadelphia's polished image as a renaissance city less
 than three weeks before Nazi-Con 2000, which ended last Thursday.

 From: (withheld)

 Subject:  Lieberman

 I'm glad you got over the Lieberman pick.

 I have no problem with Lieberman, he was mostly an unknown,
 and it's hard to gauge the racism level in America.

 Besides, (I'm a liberal, I have an excuse) remember that on  bartcop.com
 you're getting instant analysis, which almost by definition is a knee-jerk.

 Most "pundits" have hours and hours to read everyone else's opinion
 before they state their own. Some, like Capital Gang or McLaughlin
 have days before they "go out on a limb."

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "If Al Gore really picked up 17 points in one day,
   that's not good news."

 ha ha

 Maha-rushie, losing his walnut-sized brain...

 This reads like a joke.
 Peggy Noonan without the hate?

 Is it for real?

 Can this woman formulate a non-hate sentence?

 You decide.

 Is Bob Shrum good for Gore?

 Isn't he a little too much like BartCop?
 Isn't he a little too abrasive?
 Isn't he a little too combative?

 I like the guy, but maybe he should be behind the scenes.

 Monday, Larry King said Prescott Bush, namesake of P Bush,
 and Smirk's granddaddy, founded Planned Parenthood.

 Can I get some confirmation on that?

 I have it on tape, he definitely said it - no mistake.


 President Bush was pro-choice until that one afternoon when Reagan
 asked him if he'd have any qualms about screwing those women out of
 their rights for political gain.

 Before the "n" sound from "gain" faded, Bush said,
 "Fuck those women! I want on that ticket!"

 ha ha

 The World is not enough...

 Pigboy's in a REAL bad mood today.

 That means I'm in a REAL good mood.

 ha ha

 Pigboy's going to have to eat another one!

From: kishrandy@hotmail.com

Subject: Al Franken Rules!


Today's Gore VP announcement is a little creepy,

....let's see....AL Franken...1999...the very funny book "Why Not Me?"
AND   "Franken Picks Lieberman as His Running Mate"!!

Al Franken is a genius,not to mention brilliant for envisioning the
"First all Jewish ticket since Reconstruction"
Gore is merely playing catch-up.

The man deserves some respect


Last night, C-Span ran a tape from 99 where Lieberman seemed like
he was into the Manachevitz (sp) and he was talking about what an honor
it was to be chosen Franken's VP.

By the way - VCR Alert!

Al Franken on Dave tonight!

 Seems like the only VCR Alerts that work are repeats.

 Saturday's Pigboy Battery-fest was a washout.
 Fox screwed the whole thing up, but I don't know how.
 I tuned in before noon, nothing was happening,
 so I turned the VCR to "record" and waited.

 At noon, the Fox Sports boys came on and said it was raining
 in St Louis, and they were temporarily taking us to another game.

 Since it was recording, I went to the store for some cookout treats
 As I got into my car, less than a minute after Fox's switch, the car radio
 had Mike Shannon calling the second Cardinal batter at the plate.

 So, K-Drag didn't get to see any of the vulgar Pigboy.

 Then came Monday's USA Today, Rudy Martske's column.
 He said maybe MNF did the right think dumping the race-baiter.
 Rudy said Fox let El Pigbo call part of an inning.
 Rush seemed VERY nervous, he said, then this:

 "Well, here we are in the seventh inning, I mean sixth.." Pigboy said.
 Rudy said it was actually the third inning.

 ha ha

 Sure, anyone can get nervous, but Mr. 30 years of broadcast excellence
 can't tell within three ininngs where the goddamn ballgame is?
 Then Rudy said the others laughed at Rush's fuck-up.

 ha ha

 Then Joe Buck said Al Michaels was probably happy not having El Pigbo
 hogging the microphone because he never let the others get in a word.

 Subject: Right Wing Power

 From:  SCARTAR@aol.com

 What did the Republicans do in a few weeks
  that the Viet-cong could not do in five years??

 ...make John  Mc Cain  ROLLOVER.

 That's damn true.
 The STORY we were fed was that those dirty Viet cong
 hung John McCain by his broken arms to try to break him.

 ...but he said, "Eat me."

 If that's true, if McCain had the mental and physical strength to
 tell his POW torturers to fuck off,  why did he turn into a little girl
 when Smirk brought out his branding iron?

 Conservative Bigots Go Shit-Crazy

 Click  Here

 I'm hearing from a lot of people who, like myself, had a negative first impression.
 After a few hours of discussion, I felt better

 After seeing the new poll data, a feel a LOT better.

 A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll Monday night after Lieberman's selection
 shows that Smirk's lead has almost disappeared among registered voters.

 Bush's lead was reduced to 2 points, 45%-43%, in the poll that included Lieberman
 on the Democratic ticket. That's down from 19 points among registered voters in a USA
 TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll Friday and Saturday.

 Subject:  Happy Anniversary

 From:  boxwood@texas.net

 It's the 26th anniversary of Nixon's resignation.

What was his crime again...consensual sex?
  ...or perversion of the entire Executive branch?


 ...and don't forget, it took a pardon to bury the truth forever.
 Clinton never needed to give or get a pardon.

 Notice that both Smirk and Gore reached
 waaaaaaaaay out to the right for their running mate.

                              Gore     ->       JoeL                   Smirk      ->       Cheney

Gore picked a centrist.
Smirk picked a fall-off-the-chart right-winger.

The xxxx's are the undecideds.

 Why Gore Wins by Eight
      by Jeff Makos

 Click  Here

 Traficant Dislocates Brain on Hannity

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 Subject:    'Ol Joe and CNN

 From:    jam@unlimitedmedia.com

 Mr. Cop,

 On CNN, every other word out of their mouths was "Jew."
 Then they interviewed his Rabbi.
 If this wasn't a matter of religion before - it will be.
 CNN is doing everything they can to make this a religion thing.

 They are whores, trying to increase their audience, that's all.

 I couldn't agree with you more about getting rid of "the book".
 It's been the reason for more wars, intolerance and hate than anything else in history.

 I went to the CNN chat room and was astounded by all the hate for Lieberman
 there. One idiot actually called him the murderer of Jesus (the baseball
 player or the "son of god" - I'm not sure which). Then, a pin head asked me
 why he should vote for a democrat.

 The room moderator started on me about my comments.
 He asked "exactly how many jobs has Clinton created?"
 I said about 20,000,000.
 He asked, "Exactly 20,000,000?"

 ha ha
 I love those kinds of arguments.
 That's how "Suck me," got into my debate vocabulary.
 Actually, the job total is over 22,000,000 now.

 Course, you could always counter with, "I don't know exactly
 how many blow jobs Clinton got, so maybe he didn't get any."

 I said "approximately."
 That was a bad move for me.
 Because if I couldn't say "exactly" how many jobs he created, he didn't create any.
 He asked "don't you care about the bad moral behavior of my president?"
 I had to say no, it's none of my business - his job performance
 is more important to me. Bad thing to say. Everyone in the room jumped on my
 back and started calling me a traitor and a communist and a member of the
 party of hate. In a fit of panic, I asked about the Reagan/Bush multiple felonies
 and low and behold - I was thrown out of the room.

 Why would you go in a room controlled by a ditto-monkey?
 Try the Yahoo chats, they don't have "hall monitors."

 What's happened to CNN? This was the last vestige of "slightly closer to the
 middle" journalism left to me in the media.

 On the other hand, I still think that Gore couldn't loose this election if
 he tried and I can't wait for the debates.


 Let's pick a time, like Mon-Wed-Fri at 3PM EST
 and a bunch of us will join a ditto-room and cause trouble.
 Every sentence one of us types, the other 15 could say,
 "That's a great point, and it's so true, too."

 ha ha

 They'd pull their hair out.

 Great Republican Quotes

"Niggers are the beasts of the field.
 Faggots should be killed.

 But Jews are the worst.
 They're the Devil."

 Daniel Carver, KKK-Man on Stern, reading from hid book, the Bible.

 I wonder how the LA She-Thing will react to the Liberal Devil
 picking an Orthodox Jew to run with?

 The poor Harpy!

 She HATES Gore, but now he's done something she likes?

 Yahwee, give her guidance.

P Bush - Burglar

 George P. Bush, nephew of Governor Blow Monkey was the subject of a 1994
 Miami-Dade Police report for Burglary and Criminal Mischief.

 The 24-year-old rising star of the Republican Party was home in the Kendall area
 of Miami-Dade County because he was on winter break from Rice University.

 The Police Report says P broke into the Killian area home of his ex-girlfriend.
 It also accuses him of driving his Ford Explorer through two front lawns, doing an
 estimated $300 in property damage.

 The Police Report, obtained by 7 News, says the family of Bush's ex-girlfriend,
 declined to press charges, no doubt after getting a check from Smirk Daddy..

 Bush is currently campaigning for his Uncle Smirk.
 P plans to attend Law School at the University of Texas later this fall.

 You see?
 The minute a little fame comes his way, the press searches his past and
 finds his arrest records. We know they've found Smirk's arrest records,
 so what are they waiting for?

 Joe L's Bio is here.

 From: christian06@earthlink.net

 The more I think about it, the more I like it.
 Even Bill Bennett was unable to say anything negative about Lieberman.

 Gore's put them in a box.
 I love it!


 Y'know, this is the last Monday this year without three hours of
 Dennis Miller and a football game. That's good news.

 Miller has 2 more Friday shows, then guess what?
 Starting August 18th, Chris Rock is back!
 That's good news, too

 From:  zjz368@worldnet.att.net

 Subject: You're Scaring Me!


 Are you really worried that Gore's going to lose now
 just because he picked Lieberman?

 Every talk show I've heard today and every TV commentator
 I've heard has essentially said Gore couldn't have picked
 a better VP candidate if he tried.

 Come on, buck up, little camper!

 ha ha
 ...buck up, little camper...

 And stop it with those negative waves!

 Besides, isn't the cocaine arrest photo and hopefully and heretofore unseen
 little brown one (Bush Sr.'s description, not mine) still to be found behind
 Shrub soon? That oughta make things fun, right?

 Don't go car shopping just yet, buddy!

 Dave from Sacramento

 ha ha

 No matter what, it's going to be fun.
 The worse it gets, the more fun it'll be, too.

 The first thing I said was I didn't know much about Lieberman.
 After hearing 10 hours of debate, it seems like he's bulletproof
 when things turn nasty in the next 90 days.

 I wonder...
 Does this mean Gore is taking the high road?

 ha ha

 He better f-ing not!
 Just kidding.

 But I feel better about Lieberman than I did.
 I'll still bet on Gore, but no more five-to-one.

 ha ha

 As far as the Jewish thing?
 It seems particularly funny to me.

 I know less about Jews than I do Lieberman.
 The only Jew I've ever heard speak is the LA She-Thing!

 But what's funny, is Christians and Jews calling each other crazy.
 Once again - they have a different book, so we must kill each other.


 ...if you don't have a book,
 you don't have a problem.

 The book is the problem.

 If there was no book,
 Christians and Jews would have to invent a different reason to hate each other.
 Same for the Shiites and the Sunnis,
 the Catholics & the Protestants.

 No book?
 No problem.

 From: Laura81766@aol.com

 Subject: Lieberman

 I wonder if NAME WITHHELD who was complaining
 about Lieberman, is one of those "closet anti-semites" he speaks of.

 It's surprising how many so-called "liberals" harbor such bigotry
 to think Gore shouldn't choose Lieberman 'cause he's Jewish.
 I have heard alot of Gore supporters complaining about
 this choice and that's one of the reasons they give.

 These morons are worried that the anti-semites will disapprove,
 they think Gore should pander to bigotry.
 This is the 21st century, this should no longer even be an issue.
 And they call the GOP bigoted.


 Laura, since JoeL is the first Jew offered up,
 there's no telling what the voter's reaction will be.

 You sound optimistic, like you think people will say it doesn't matter.
 We all hope you're right.

 What we need is Archie Bunker to explain the race heriarchy.
 Are there any Jewish Republicans?
 They have one gay representative, and one black representative.
 But are there any Jewish Republicans?

 By using Archie Bunker's race heirachy,
 we might find out that blacks are number 2.
 Let's say Hispanics are number 3.
 Do they have Hispanic Republicans?

 That leaves what?
 Jews, gays Puerto Ricans and gypsies, right?

 They have a gay rep, so maybe they're number 4.
 So are Jews 5, or lower?
 That's the part I don't get, how to figure out where the
 Cro-Mag mind ranks Jews compared to the others.
  ...maybe Rush will explain it tomorrow.

 Bottom line, by picking JoeL, Gore is asking,
 "How racist is this country?" and I'm afraid of the answer.


 Watching Patty Hearst, of all people on PI.
  Patti says, "This is a very racist country."

 Thank you, Patty.

 It's hard to believe she can be that normal after being kidnapped,
 tied up, taken away and held for ramsom.

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