Volume 255 - Black Gold, Texas Tea

 August 25, 2000

 Papax7 Taken to the Woodshed

 From:  papax7@prodigy.net

 Subject: the latest

 BartCop wrote:
 > Remember, the FIRST thing the Gingrich revolution did when they took power
 > in January of 1995 was look for ways to cut the school lunch program.

 That is a lie and you really ought to know it.
 The GOPpers did NOT want to cut school lunch programs.
 that was just one of the many lies put out by your bosses Clinton/AlphaGore version 8.1

 The GOPpers INCREASED funding for school lunches.

 Papa, you're hysterical.
 Calm down, while I thrash you.
 In your old age, you've become more clever.
 Rush would be proud of you.

 For the new kids, I want you to pay close attention to papa's verbs.
 A. He starts with the verb "WANT."
 B. Then he switches to the word "DID" (increased)

 You see how clever he did that?

 I accused the GOP, truthfully, of wanting to slash school lunches.
 That's the truth, that's what they tried to do, that's what they wanted,
 that was the plan until Clinton and the Democrats stopped them.

 Once Clinton started screaming "They're cutting lunches," they backed off
 and decided to do whatever the polls show America would stand for.

 This trick is a Rush trick - I heard him use it today.
 He starts with one verb, then squeals for a while, and like a good magician
 by the end of the rant he's changed the verb and then claims "I told you so."
 Papa, you're becoming a clever politician.

 As the father of five still in school, every year we get a school lunch form.
 The school wants everybody to fill it out, even if we don't qualify for free/reduced lunches.
 And EVERY YEAR the income level to qualify for free/reduced meals INCREASES.

 I can't speak for what your school is doing, but you seem to be saying it's getting harder
 every year to feed your kids. Is that what this GOP congress is doing to you?
 Trying to take food out of the mouths of your children?
 That means you agree with me, right?
 Big-spender Clinton would throw MORE money at your kid's lunch program.

 Did I keep it short enough for you?

 Papa, editor Papa's Cyber Weekly


 Papax7, this is going to hurt, but it's for your own good.
 You sitting down?

 I notice you went right past the part where I said I was MORE CHRISTIAN
 than those who fail to condemn Pigboy's incest fantasy about Gore's daughter.

 Funny - you had a comment on money matters, but you skipped the moral matters.
 Am I a better Christian than you, Papax7?

 Why did you sit silent while your hero dragged Gore's daughter into the incest mud?
 You, specifically, were asked to comment on Rush's incest fantasy,
 but I guess that subject "slipped" your attention?

 Last time we had this kind of talk, you said you "weren't familiar" with the slur,
 so this time I made sure to deliver it right to your front door.
 When you walked out of your house today, you had to step over the dirty, rotten,
 scumbag incest bullshit that Rush said about the Gore daughters,
 yet you pretend you didn't notice it?

 You Papa, like Bill Bennett, like Dr Laura, like Michael Medved, like allllllllll the
 so-called Christians, chose to remain as silent as a stone while that awful Pigboy
 broadcasts his incest fantasies about Al Gore's daughters.

 Would Jesus Christ sit silent for Rush's incest fantasies?
 Every time we have a talk like this, Papax7, you fail to hold Rush accountable.

 It looks to me like your allegiance is to Rush, and if there's any left over, Jesus.

 Can you hear the cock crowing three times, Papa?
 I can, and so can my dozens of readers.

 Gore 'Bounce' Showing in Battleground States

 Full Boring Story

 WASHINGTON (AP) -- Gore takes the lead New Jersey, California, Intelligencia,
 taken an edge in Minnesota and pulled even with Smirk in Michigan in state polls
 taken after "the kiss" at Demo-Con 2000.

 From:  dbaker41@fuse.net

 Subject: Pigboy

 BC:  Surely you aren't actually surprised at the depths to which Pigboy
 has sunk -- re:  "The Kiss."  This is the same contemptous vermin who
 referred to an innocent child, Chelsea Clinton, as the "White House Dog."

 Rush is lucky he didn't refer to MY daughter that way -- Clinton showed
 incredible restaint, since he HAD to know about it -- I'd have personally
 ripped that sonofabitch's head off right off his lard-packed shoulders with
 my bare hands and shoved it up his ass!  And not one true father in the
 country would vote to convict me for that "crime."

 One can only hope that sooner or later, the truly decent conservatives
 (and I think there ARE a few of them) will realize what a pompous ass this
 clown is . . . NAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

 Talent on loan from Gaawwwwwd, MY ASS!


 When I first posted that, it was just another, "There he goes again," piece.
 Then I thought about it again, and it pissed me off.

 This is why I'm sue-proof.
 This is why I can say Rush and Bennett and Laura are whores, because
 there's no jury in the world that would disagree with any word I wrote.

 I could let Laura and Pigboy hand-pick a jury and beat them 12-0.
 Matter of fact, I'd insist they pick the jury from church rolls.
 I could insist they only use elderly, church-going widows and still whip ass 12-0
 because I'm telling the truth and those "pillars of decency" are lying scumbags.

  ha ha

 The last minutes of the first hour, El Gruntbo said he was only making
 a piddling 12-14,000 dollars a year under the Reagan administration.

 And he's whining about THIS economy?

 On Piggy's show, I just heard the ad the Smirk campaign had to pull.

 Some woman asks Gore, "Have you or Clinton told a single lie in the last two years?"
 Gore stupidly tried to answer that horseshit question.

 How is it possible for any person to guarantee than another person
 has been totally honest for years at a time?
 Christ, I don't think a Siamese twin could speak for his/her other half!
 So how is Gore supposed to speak for Clinton?

 The best way out of that would be humor.

 "Honey, nobody in America has ever gone 12 hours without telling a lie.
  Every priest, rabbi, preacher and nun, including such Hall of Fame angels as
  Jerry Falwell, Bill Bennett and Dr Laura the LA She-Thing lie every day."

 "Matter of fact, if I said 'That was a good question,' I'd be lying.
  If I said it was nice to spend a few minutes with you, I'd be lying my ass off.
  If I said you didn't look fat in that dress, I'd be lying worse than Rush Limba."

 With Clinton retiring, no matter who wins this race,
 we're going to have to settle for a lesser-than politician.

 The Bush Disaster

 Full Story


  But now it appears that -- like particularly incompetent strategists who fight each war
 as if it were the previous one -- Bush and Cheney were preparing defenses against
 non-existent or obsolete threats while scrapping the best weapons they had against
 the very real threats to which they were blind.


 From: dirosnic@unity.ncsu.edu

 Subject: Rush on air today

 End hour 1/much of hour 2 Pigboy is talking about a caller that lost his job
 to Mexico due to NAFTA.
 He went back to school and is now making less in his sales job than he did in manufacturing.
 Plus, he lost all his benefits.

 Rush calls him a GOP success story.
 Why? Because when a corp kicked him off the economic ladder,
 he managed to grab a lower rung instead of free-falling into total poverty?

 ha ha

 That's GOP success for ya.
 The corp makes major money killing off jobs while the workers lose ground.

 Does anyone wonder why the GOP decries class warfare?
 It's because they're winning!
 Damn Gore!
 Damn Nader for pointing out the inequalities!
 See, they're dividers!

 Liberals divide the workers from right-wing propoganda,
 while the GOP unites the rich against the poor.

 Rush is right again!

 Last night on the way home from work, AM radio DJ Clark Howard said,

 "Never in American history has the job market been as good as it is right now.
  Right now, it's better than it was a month ago.
  Right now, corporations are dropping restrictions such as drug-screening
  and other hurdles to get somebody, anybody to walk thru the door.
  Even the teaching profession has dropped certification requirements so much
  that you can become a certified teacher in THREE WEEKS."

 Maybe Clark Howard is lying, but I doubt it.
 So for El Pigbo to spend an hour or more on how Clinton has destroyed jobs
 is just more prove that he's a lying bastard-on-the-take.

 Did Al Gore Kill a Small Child?


 From: LDALEY@gunder.com

 Subject: Legacy?

 A constant theme for Rush this summer has been how the Clinton's are
 in a panic about this election, because Bill Clinton's "legacy" is at stake.
 "My friends, if Gore loses, there is no legacy".

 Well, lets talk about legacys.
 Rush Limbaugh first became a national figure around 1990, so the first
 presidential election under his "watch" was 1992. After giving President
 Bush a free 15 hour commercial every week, all year, the Republican ticket
 mustered 38% of the vote.

 Although a blow to the Limbaugh ego, this did give his show a great focus...
 surely after a four year Limbaugh attack, Clinton would be easy pickings for
 Rush's 1996 candidate...alas, Dole was lucky to break 40%.

 The Monica scandal was a gift from heaven, but that only led to the 1998
 mid-term bitch slapping for Rush and his ditto-wackies. If Gore wins this
 time, has a successful term, gets re-elected in 2004, that takes us all the
 way to 2008...by then Rush is close to 60, if he's still living.

 What will history say about Rush then?
 Only that he once had a popular radio show, with a huge audience, but really,
 was never much of a factor...so...whose legacy is really at stake here?

 Brian Daley

 I won't be voting for this guy, but he is funny.


 A Bush Too Far
   from Slate.com

 Click  Here

 ha ha

 He deserves it...

 Heil Hannity

 WABC's Sean Hannity broadcast his show last week from Demo-Con 2000
 During Wednesday's show, a self pro-claimed "liberal democrat" walked by
 Hannity's booth and gave him the Hitler Sieg Heil salute. Hannity, who was talking to a
 caller on the air, stopped in mid sentence and called the heckler over to the broadcast table.

 He demanded an apology, and invited the man to sit down at the microphone and
 explain his actions. The man refused to apologize, and couldn't tell Hannity what the host
 had ever done to deserve such an insult. He then left, only to return a few minutes later
 to then offer an apology, which Hannity accepted.

 Hannity told the democrat that he had been brain-washed into hating conservatives
 by people like Al Gore who claim Republicans want to starve children and
 throw old people out of their homes.

 Hannity, who was treated "like a rock star" at Nazi-Con 2000 in Philly (according to
 Rep John Kasich R-Gay)  is obviously not getting that kind of treatment from the
 Democrats, but he said "I'm not going to let anybody get away with that."

 Two things:
 I wouldn't have done the Nazi salute, probably, but if Hannity had asked me
 to sit down and explain about starving the children, he would've gotten an earful
 like I've never seen him get on his Fox show.

 Remember, the FIRST thing the Gingrich revolution did when they took power
 in January of 1995 was look for ways to cut the school lunch program.


 Personally, I don't think they want kids dead, but they're so goddamn greedy,
 they want a tax cut so goddamn bad, that they think nothing of taking food from
 tens of millions of kids so a guy like Pigboy can increase his take-home pay.

 Republicans are so incredibly stupid, they can't see how this makes them look.

 They've tried to relax the clean air and clean water standards, so industry can
 dump tons of toxins in the water and save a penny on the dollar, then they whine

 It's a good thing for him that Hannity and BartCop will probably never cross paths.
 I've never claimed to be the best debater, but the trick is to be on the right side
 of the issues. That way, you can have an IQ of 64 and win debates all day.

From:  dude7891@yahoo.com

        There isn’t a member of the rich white man’s party that doesn’t have some kind of
 sexual dysfunction. This would go a long way to explain the fixation on Clinton’s cock.
 If you had the coupling gear the size of a weasel’s, you would feel the same way.
 Not knowing what a “normal” sexual experience IS they have so sublimate their
 sexual tensions by using their favorite hate filled book to beat  “normal” people with.

 You can be sure if someone is rattling off about morality and complaining that
 America is heading to Sodom and Gomorra that they haven’t had a great,
 blow your fucking head off orgasm in their whole miserable fucking life.
 That should stir up those self righteous, ignorant Christian hypocrites.


 Art, good point.
 Maybe we should take a collection to get the ditto-monkeys laid.

 From:  jsherry@maysteel.com

 Subject: Chinaco

 Sorry bro, but i believe i have you beat in one area and one area only.
 But i do think you can't disagree with me when i say...........Chinaco 100%
 Blue Agave Anejo Tequila can be purchased at Discount Liquor on 50th and
 Oklahoma, Milwaukee WI for $24.99 a bottle, which can only be interpreted as
 a bargain for the opportunity to partake in the consumption of the Liquor of the Gods.

 Again I apologize BC, but i think i have you beat.
 Even if it was only over prices. Shot of Chinaco for you!


 Jason, you are a bad, bad person, taunting me like that...
 I'll tell you what happened:
 Store owners are reading in the trade magazines that luxury tequila is the fastest-growing
 segment of the liquor market AND the price is going up, so they're buying mass quantities
 but Joe Six-Pack thinks, "I've tried Cuervo, and tequila's just not that good."

 So the store owner has $1,000 tied up in God's Nectar and can't move it.
 Their cost is in the $27 range, I guess, depending on local taxes.
 If Milwaukee was a little closer, I'd do a credit-card run, but I'd have to
 buy 30-40 bottles to make the trip worth the cost of the gas and hotels.

 Hmmmmm 30-40 bottles of Chinaco...

 Nahh. I'd better not,

 We had a request for information about author and  bartcop.com contributor James Higdon.

 Click  Here

 It wouldn't hurt to  Click  Here

  Bad Language Alert

 Did he do it?
 Did the Vulgar Pigboy tell Gore Incest Jokes?

 Just when you think that stinking, Nazi pig can't go any lower....

 Click  Here

 What a disgusting piece-of-shit he is.

 This asshole is the role model the Republicans look up to?
 Hey, Papax7, defend this no-class mother-effer, huh?

 Did you know he used to kiss his mother with that mouth?

 Mr. Republican just told us about the fantasy in his little pea brain where
 America's Vice President shares a sexual kiss with his daughter,

 ...and conservatives want to lecture us about values?

 You see, folks?

 How many years have I been proving it, day after day?
 Rush Limba is a disgusting whore, and anyone who forgives this crap
 is not a Christian, because I'm not a Christian and I'm better than you
 if you don't condemn this urinal cake's crude behavior.

 Bill Bennett, you, Sir, are a whore.

 Can I make it any clearer for you, Bill?
 You are a whore to go on Timmy's Sunday show and make a big fucking deal
 out of something a liberal MAY HAVE done, but when I put absolute proof
 of your friend Rush telling 5,000,000 impressionable sheep about his Gore-incest
 fantasy right under your little whore nose you say, "It's not my place."

 Republicans, they're all the same.

 Lots of Bible-thumping?
 Oh, yeah, you betcha!

 Lots of moralizing?
 Oh, yeah, they love that shit, ...if it's a liberal
 but it seems every Republican in America has the balls of a Barbie doll.

 Oh, sure, you defended him when he did the tampon jokes in God's name,
 and you defended him when he did the Monica gagging joke in God's name,

 Click  Here  you incest-enabling Republican cowards.

 THERE'S your hero, doing tampons jokes on loan from God.
 THERE'S your idol, doing cock-choking gags on loan from God.

 ...and you defend him?

 You'll listen to him as he rubs the heel of his hand on his cock while he imagines
 Al Gore tongue kissing his daughter in in his sick, disgusting and diseased mind?

  ...and you defend him?

 Dr. Laura, thy name is whore.

 You defend him, because the sick bastard, like you, wants a tax cut.
 Dr. Laura, America's self-appointed nag, brag, and bitch on the rag,
 excusing Rush's incestuous fantasy about Al Gore and his daughter
 because the son-of-a-bitch wants a tax cut just like you do - whore!

 ...and you defend him?

 Dr. Laura - how could you?

 To use the Oklahoma verbacular - he's shit on a leaf

 Is there anybody who'd disagree with that?

 On top of all that, there's one more.

 ...it also has a  Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "Tipper's place would be replaced by her daughter..."

 No, you ignorant, incest-loving bully.
 It's either "Tipper's place would be taken" or
 "Tipper replaced her daughter," you walnut-brained pervert.

 "Place would be replaced?"
 Are you some kind of exchange student from fucking Botswana?

 There has to be one ditto-monkey in cyberspace that will stand up
 and reject this no-class whore to prove you're not all like Rush Limbaugh.

 Is there anyone?

 C'mon, there's gotta be one decent Republican with a modem,

 ...there HAS to be.

 ...there's GOTTA be...


 By the way, if Rush is so into incest, are Marta's kids safe?
 If, down the road, Rush is convicted of incest and child-abuse,
 can the GOP say, "We never had a clue?

 After this episode?



...no further questions, Your Honor.

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