Volume 264 - Demos on the Run

 September 12-13, 2000  Pt 1

From: jhopkins@brandywine.net

Subject: What The Fascists Are Saying About Limbaugh & Smirk

Hi, Bart.  Since I often enjoy reading your page, I thought I would pass this on.
Every blue moon, I take a peek at the Council of Conservative Citizens webpage,
just to see what the Trent Lott white-sheet contingent is up to.

I chanced upon an article written by an H. Millard, whose articles often cause me to
experience both belly laughs and nervous chills simultaneously.  This time, his rant was
about how one rich jerk may cause another rich jerk to lose the upcoming election
(as if coke-boy needed help).  Reading this put me in mind of watching a snake
eating its own tail.  Even the most casual of readers may be struck by how this
"conservative" fellow resents the rich and privileged, while simultaneously whining
about how one very rich and privileged George W. Bush could end up losing the election.

All of which makes me wonder exactly what Millard has against Gore.
Anyhow, hope you find the article below at least mildly interesting.

Keep puncturing those hot air balloons.


 Sorry, I didn't find that article mildly interesting,
 I found it to be WILDLY interesting!!!
 Thanks for sending that.
 I don't get to  www.cofcc.org  as much as I'd like :)

by H. Millard (c) 2000

Rush Limbaugh's radio program claims a huge audience and his income is said
to be about $20 million per year. He lives the good life with homes in
Florida and New York and apparently has his own private jet. When he plays
golf, he does so with the rich and famous. When he goes to a football game
he goes with the powerful. We know these things either because Limbaugh
often speaks of them, or they've been widely reported. Of course Limbaugh
pretends that he has the common touch by talking about how he was fired from
a number of jobs and how he didn't make much money until he found his niche
with his political commentary program. However, such comments ring hollow.
Despite his attempt to be just folks, Limbaugh doesn't have the common touch.

In fact he's way out of touch with the needs and concerns of average
Americans, and this is indicated every time his program airs. There's a
subtle arrogance that comes from his mouth that is born of not having to
worry about the little things that keep average people awake at night.

Ordinarily this would be no big deal, and Limbaugh could be dismissed as
just another fat head who doesn't get it. However, this isn't an ordinary year.

This year we're in the midst of a presidential election and Limbaugh
may just help George W. Bush lose to Al Gore. Of course this won't be
intentional, and Limbaugh clearly wants Bush to win. After all, they're both
members in good standing of the Elite Rich and Powerful Fraternity. The
problem is that Limbaugh is so high profile and he's such a cheerleader for
Bush that the things he says are, rightly or wrongly, linked to Bush.

Limbaugh simply lacks the consciousness of ordinary people. For example,
when Al Gore talks about helping the elderly with prescription medicines,
Limbaugh, either through his own words or through carefully selected callers
to his program, insults the elderly and tells them to take care of
themselves or to not eat out at restaurants so often or to rely on their
families. He'll then go on for hours about socialized medicine and various
other abstract concepts. Of course, he doesn't have to worry about paying
for his own medicines.

But, the message he sends is about more than just medicine, it bespeaks an
elite attitude that says that we shouldn't help American people in need.
Most average Americans don't believe that our poor and our elderly should
have to scrimp and save to buy medicine while our government sends American
tax money to foreign governments for the welfare of non-Americans.

Why shouldn't that money be kept right here for the benefit of Americans?

It may be that not many people will vocalize this in this way, but most
people know that the U.S. government takes billions and billions of dollars
from American citizens in taxes and that this money belongs to American
citizens and should directly benefit them, in prescriptions and in other ways.

Instead of understanding that average American citizens do want the benefit
of their money to go to them, Limbaugh talks about selfish geezers and about
how Gore's prescription program isn't needed. And, perhaps it is in this
last assertion that Limbaugh constantly makes about Gore's prescription
program not being needed where Limbaugh most demonstrates how out of touch
he is. The truth is that it doesn't matter whether Gore's prescription
program is needed or not. What matters is that it sends a message to
citizens that Gore cares for them and their needs. And what message do
average citizens get about Bush?

They get Limbaugh's message. And, even if they don't listen to Limbaugh,
they get a similar message from Bush, either because Bush remains silent, or
because others who are in some way associated with Bush say similar things
to what Limbaugh is saying. The conclusion in the popular mind is that Bush
doesn't care about average Americans.

While there are average Americans with rotten teeth and hungry children
living in Appalachia, Limbaugh and Bush are busy pushing NAFTA and other
internationalist schemes and having lunch at the fanciest restaurants with
their fellow elites or jetting off to France on holidays. While Americans
are burdened with massive waves of illegal aliens, Limbaugh and Bush's pals
are getting rich by sending U.S. factories to foreign nations, along with
bundles of American tax money.

So, how is the campaign going? Well, the latest poll shows Gore about 10
points ahead of Bush and this is even with Ralph Nader taking about 3 points
away from Gore. And, what is Limbaugh's reaction to the lead by Gore?
Limbaugh apparently believes that the lead is the result of a phony poll,
and he spends his time attacking the poll instead of coming down to Earth
and realizing that Bush is losing because he's not conveying that he cares
about average people and intends to help them.

If Bush wants to win this election, he'd better start distancing himself
from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and start getting in touch with average
American citizens, who really are concerned about medical costs and similar
things that the super rich such as Bush and Limbaugh don't have to worry
about. Bush had better head out to the hollows of Appalachia and to inner
cities all around this nation and to middle class suburbs and he'd better
start listening to average American citizens and not to the Rush Limbaugh's
of this world.
# # #

 ha ha

 I fully agree with the White Power dude!

 I hope when Clinton gives his last speech as president, he thanks the
 vulgar bastard Pigboy for keeping American opinion of Clinton so high for so long.

 From:  ekf@hrb.com

 This ditto-sheep transcribes and posts PigBoy's "pearls of wisdom", day by day.


 He must have even more free time than I do!
 Forget that I can rebut every word he posts.
 What's really entertaining is going back a couple of weeks to see how PigBoy's
 predictions have failed to happen, and how his eternal political maxims get
 "retooled" to fit unpleasant new realities.

 I've been taunting this coward for a year, trying to get him to agree to a debate.
 but he just hides, like his coward of a hero.

 He doesn't have a guestbook.
 He doesn't print negative letters.
 But he's so goddamn smug in his ignorance, just like his coward of a hero.

 I'll bet he has a lil' pink throne, just like the Pigboy.

 If there was somebody chasing and taunting me, calling me a coward for refusing
 to debate what I was so damn smug and certain about, I'd get off the damn Internet.

 Buchanan nears $12.6 million
   "Go, Pat, Go!"

 WASHINGTON - Pat Buchanan should get $12.6 million in federal funds this
 weekend, money he will use to finance a blitz of TV advertising in hope of reviving
 his long-shot presidential candidacy, thanks to a ruling yesterday from the FEC.

 With his nationwide support slipping below 1 percent in some polls, Buchanan now gets
 one last chance to shake up this year's election with the infusion of taxpayers' money.

 The Buchanan campaign plans to buy radio and television time selectively across the
 Rust Belt, upper Midwest and border states.

 "We're going after George Bush," said Haley.

 ha ha

 Go, Pat, Go!

 ha ha

 Conservative talk show host throws in towel on Bush

 From:  randy@e-jam.net

 Conservative talk show host Mike Gallager has turned on Bush, and has thrown
 his support behind Buchanan. He says that he can no longer support a wimp
 who won't stand up for his beliefs, or stand up against Gore.

 He has basically conceded that Gore will win because of Bush's incompetence,
 and therefore thinks he should vote for Buchanan, and that he can do so with a clear
 conscience - since a vote for Buchanan can't be considered a vote for Gore -
 considering the fact that Bush can't even beat Gore.

 I think we are going to see an erosion of the Republican base, to a bigger extent than
 we might have suspected. We all knew that Buchanan would appeal the the far right,
 but that he would have trouble getting support if there was no chance of him winning.
 But i think he's gaining a little momentum as people start to feel that Bush can't win either.

 This was supposed to happen in July.
 The Republicans are too goddamn stupid to see the writing on the wall.

 At least Gore vs McCain would've been a race.

 Very, very, very important news

 Sips: Reaching for Better Tequila
  By ERIC ASIMOV of the New York Whore Times

 HEARD about the tequila shortage? It seems that because of a shortfall in
 the supply of agave plants, from which tequila is distilled, the demand for
 this liquor is exceeding the supply.

 But fear not, margarita lovers; plenty of tequila is still around,
 although in a twist, there is now less bad stuff.


 As tequila producers in Mexico wait for the supply of agave to rebound - the
 plant takes eight years to mature - they are cutting back on their least profitable
 products, the cheap, generic tequilas used primarily for slushy frozen margaritas,
 sugary house cocktails or for downing shots with lime and salt.
 Instead, the existing agave is being channeled into the higher-quality tequilas,
 which are generally more profitable.


 "The better tequilas haven't doubled and tripled in price - they were
 charging top dollar for them already," said Al Lucero, author of "The Great
 Margarita Book (Ten Speed Press, 1999) and an owner of Maria's New Mexican
 Kitchen in Santa Fe, which offers about 100 brands of tequila.
 "The rotgut stuff was so bad that they were almost giving it away."

 Yet, Cuervo Urine is still the top seller.
 Amazing, isn't it?

 The rise in quality will be subtle. Replacing generic house tequilas with
 more expensive brands like, say, Jose Cuervo White, offers only marginal
 improvement, at a slightly higher price. For example, the classic margarita
 at Mi Cocina in Greenwich Village is now $7, up from $5.50. And it is
 irrelevant with frozen margaritas, which are so intensely sweet that
 you cannot taste the spirit anyway. Both branches of the Manhattan Chili Company
 in Midtown have replaced the cheap tequila in their frozen margaritas with
 cheap rum to create a "rum-a-rita," not that you can tell the difference.

 Fuck a "rum-a-rita."
 I'd rather have a Coke.

 "Most people who are connoisseurs aren't going to order the frozen anyhow,"
 said Ken Kessler, an owner of the Manhattan Chili Company, which still uses
 tequila in its other margaritas.

 ha ha
 Thank you.
 Now I know how to spell connoisseur.
 Koresh, that's so hard to spell, it must be French.
 Look for the French to screw up everything.

 A classic margarita uses two parts tequila to one part Triple Sec and one
 part lime juice, served straight up with or without salt around the rim of
 the glass. A better grade of tequila may point to a day (?) when the cocktail
 may be savored rather than slugged back. Anybody who orders a margarita with
 a better tequila, made of 100 percent agave juice rather than the 51 percent
 required in the cheaper tequilas, will discover a smoother, more complex
 cocktail that cushions the salty, mineral agave flavor of the tequila with
 the orange sweetness of Triple Sec and the sweet-sour edge of lime juice.

 He has a point.
 If you're going to mix your tequila - get the cheap stuff.

 Still, rising prices for tequila raise the question of why variations on the
 martini, using fine rum or vodka, haven't gone over.

 "The flavor of the agave is so distinct that it's hard to replicate it with anything else,"
 said Mr. Lucero, who once made an Absolut margarita but saw it die on the menu.
 "The popularity of tequila is so high that there's no reason to change the formula.
 Why fight success?"

 Wildly-Insane Pigboy Quotes

 "The left is on the run and they are worried."

 ha ha

 He's funnier than Chris Rock!

 WE are scared?

 We're not the one with the failed, idiot, fratboy candidate who's afraid
 to debate, can't speak a coherent sentence and calls his opponent "a rat,"
 while claiming his goal is to elevate the tone of politics in Washington.

 ha ha

 "The left is on the run and they are worried?"

 Bet your cock on that, Rush.

 Or have you already done that?

 Pigboy says

 "Clinton should eliminate the restrictions that keep us from pumping our own oil."

 Pigboy, that would be the law of gravity.

 Clinton could reverse the law of gravity and allow oil prices to rise,
 but why in the hell would he want to do that?

 We've gone over this a few times, Pigboy.
 Do you have a learning disorder?

 Our choices are extremely cheap gas most of the time, or
 higher-priced oil all of the goddamn time.

 We have the former, Rush and the GOP are calling for the latter, I suppose
 to help Smirk's buddies so they could contribute more millions to his campaign.

 If there's anyone in America who disagrees with me on this,
 could you write in immediately?

 There are so few times when I'm absolutely certain about things,
 and this is one of them so let's argue if you have a different point of view.

 Saudi oil is so goddamn cheap, we can't afford to pump our own.
 Their oil is half-refined when it comes out of the ground, for Chrissakes.

 Have you ever heard that we can refine gold from sea water?
 They say that's true, but it costs like $2000 an ounce.
 It's so much easier to pay South Africa or Russia for $300 gold
 than it would be to get gold from the ocean.

 I had several college friends who were engineers and geologists.
 Back in the late 70's, oil cost so much, America was going to all these
 extremes to pump and squeeze and cajole dirty, muddy oil from the ground
 because oil was so expensive back then.

 When oil dropped to $14 a barrel, they drove fucking cabs.

 So don't listen to the lying Pigboy when he says Clinton let us down.

 Remember - our choices are extremely cheap gas most of the time, or
 higher-priced oil all of the goddamn time.

 Today's Page Two Girl is Andrea Langi

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 Here's a great anti-Smirk family rant

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 More RAT Attacks

 Rush is whining (What else is new?) about Smirk's RATS commercial.

 He says, "This isn't even news. Brit Hume had this 2 weeks ago."

 But, Rush!
 But, Rush!

 Yesterday morning on Good Morning Whores on ABC, Smirk said he hadn't
 heard a thing about it until that morning's limo ride to meet Diane the Whore.

 If the idiot candidate hasn't even heard of it, how could it be old news?
 Tell us, Rush.
 Is Smirk too goddamn stupid to know what his own campaign is doing?
 Or was he lying to that whore, Diane Sawyer about not knowing anything?
 (I'll bet it's both: He's an ignorant lying prick.)

 Another thing:

 Rush says it shouldn't be an issue because it was only on the TV screens
 for a fraction of a second.  Is that how we do things now?

 OK, maybe the Democrats should produce an ad that shows Smirk's
 lying, murdering, smirking face and - just for a second - put the words,
 "Draft-dodging, AWOL, asshole son-of-a-butch."

 Since it's only on the screen for a second, that'd be OK, Pigboy?

 You see what happens when you turn Pigboy logic around?

        Ray’s Getting Ready to Smear First Lady

          Anybody who remains unconvinced at this late date that the
          Whitewater prosecution is strictly a partisan production need
          only turn their gaze toward New York, where the final act of
          this long-running legal farce is about to be staged.

          The action will resume when a press release on the stationery of
          the Office of Independent Counsel suddenly pops out of fax machines
          in newsrooms all over the state where Hillary Rodham Clinton happens
          to be running for the United States Senate. Quoting Robert Ray,
          the lawyer who replaced Kenneth Starr as independent counsel last year,
          that press release will contain a brief summary of the long-overdue
          final report on Whitewater.

          The superhot release from Mr. Ray’s office may or may not acknowledge that
          nobody has been indicted in Whitewater since 1995—but it will also almost certainly
          include prosecutorial statements unflattering to Mrs. Clinton, the investigative target
          who has turned out to be so frustratingly innocent in this matter. And those
          statements will make headlines, many of which are likely to be big, bold and
          misleading, just weeks before Election Day.

          Meanwhile, in recent advertisements, the campaign of Mrs. Clinton’s Republican
          opponent Rick Lazio obviously has been preparing for her last Whitewater moment.
          Their tag line, white letters on a dark screen, reads
          "Hillary Clinton. You Just Can’t Trust Her."

          If Mr. Ray stays true to form, his forthcoming press release will be similarly short
          on facts and long on insinuation. Indeed, the specific facts that form the basis of his
          conclusions will be hidden from public view for a while.

          As mandated by law, the independent counsel will file a copy of his complete
          Whitewater report with the special court that oversees his office. But that
          document, the end product of an investigation dating back to early 1994, won’t be
          publicly available until many weeks after Election Day. It will be filed under seal in
          a Washington D.C. courthouse. There his report will remain safe from examination
          by journalists and from challenge by the First Lady and her attorneys. When the
          court does eventually release the independent counsel’s final report on Whitewater,
          any quibbling over its evidence and conclusions will be irrelevant to the political
          process in which Mr. Ray seems so determined to meddle.

          This is exactly the kind of behavior that made Republicans scream back in 1992,
          when a previous independent counsel named Lawrence Walsh indicted a former
          Reagan cabinet secretary for perjury in the Iran-Contra affair on the eve of the
          Presidential election. Ever since, they have blamed that indictment for the defeat of
          President Bush and accused Mr. Walsh, a lifelong Republican, of using dirty tricks
          to sway the election. Mr. Walsh ably defends that controversial decision in his book
          Firewall, but the very least to be said for him is that he had the guts to indict
          someone he felt had committed a serious crime, rather than merely whine about
          why his most important targets got away.

          By contrast, Mr. Ray already has demonstrated that if he doesn’t dare indict, he will
          just as gladly smear. Earlier this year, he issued a press release announcing the
          completion of the O.I.C.’s protracted probe of the White House Travel Office
          matter. His press release suggested that prosecutors had reluctantly refrained from
          indicting Mrs. Clinton because a jury wouldn’t have convicted her on the evidence
          at hand (which, come to think of it, sounds like a textbook definition of innocence,
          but never mind).

          Making matters still worse, Mr. Ray appeared on television to discuss those
          strangely ambiguous statements about the Travel Office case. (For some reason,
          however, he never went on TV to discuss the F.B.I. files case, another strenuous
          waste of time and money by the independent counsel; it likewise established only
          that no crimes had been committed.)

          If Mr. Ray were unexpectedly to utter the truth about Whitewater, he might say
          something like the following: There is no evidence that the Clintons did anything
          wrong in this case. They were swindled by their late partner James McDougal and
          lost money on the deal. The Rose Law Firm billing records turned over by the
          White House proved that Mrs. Clinton testified honestly about her minor legal work
          for McDougal, which had nothing to do with Whitewater. The testimony of the
          independent counsel’s star witness against President Clinton has never been
          corroborated and is almost certainly false in its entirety.

          Moreover, he might add, we’ve known that there was nothing to this Whitewater
          nonsense since no later than the spring of 1996, when the Pillsbury Report was
          submitted to the Resolution Trust Corporation and exonerated both Clintons.
          Indeed, this "scandal" has been a hoax from the very beginning—and you, dear
          taxpayers, have footed the entire $50 million bill.

          Hope you’ve enjoyed the show.

 Great Professional Quotes

 "Based on Gov. Bush's speech and behavior, his hyperactivity and impulsivity, you can
  say there is a possibility of some sort of disorder. If he were in a New York City school,
  they would pick up on this and say, 'Let's check out this person.' "
     -- Dr. Irwin Rosenthal,
      New York Association for the Learning Disabled boardmember

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 Smirk the doll with the pull string?

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 This Just In...

 Latrell Spreewell named coach at Indiana!

 Bush Campaign Beset by Tsunami of Feces
  "Truly Fucked," advisors tell weeping candidate

 Excerpt: "When sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions."
                  Bush campaign officials claim "rogue consultants" behind rat attack.

 ha ha

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 ha ha

 Paul Begala Shoots the Bull

 The Bushies have a history of dirty politics that predates even that sleazy
 anti-McCain ad. Who can forget when Bush Senior trashed Mike Dukakis? The
 Republicans (with George W. Bush at their side) spread vicious and malicious
 rumors about Dukakis' mental health, openly impugned his patriotism, and tried
 the same garbage against Bill Clinton in 1992. They got away with it once,
 but Clinton's effective tactic of returning every personal attack to a discussion of
 the economy won the election for the Good Guys. Ever since then, the Republicans
 have returned to fear and smear whenever their backs are against the wall.

 And as if Bush didn't have enough troubles of his own, we now learn (courtesy
 of the Dallas Morning News) that Cheney didn't even bother to vote in 14 of
 the last 16 elections, and that his company, Haliburton, maintained segregated
 restrooms overseas. What a disaster this guy is! He doesn't vote, he doesn't
 give to charity, he cuts medical benefits for retirees then saunters away with
 $30 million. The fact that Bush chose Cheney over McCain, who all but
 volunteered for duty as Veep, is one more piece of proof that Bush lacks the
 requisite judgement to be president.

 They got a map?
 I got one, too.

 I'll bet Gore wins two out of three in Michigan, Ohio and Florida.

 According to this map, Bush would win 266, and Gore 272, but with Ohio and Michigan,
 that brings Gore to a total of (my good Catholic math) 336 and Smirky at 210.

 Shouldn't the states with voters with teeth count more?

 It's not too early to plan your Nov 7 watch party at  bartcop.com
 My team of Puerto Rican girls have agreed to work that night,
 so we'll have the best, up-to-the-minute, state-of-the-art graphics of
 ...of...  ...well,   ...it has to be more exciting than the conventions.

 So, get rid of the kids that Tuesday and we'll party!

 Do they read  bartcop.com  in Oregon?

 The threat that Tiger Woods' (sic) monotonous dominance poses to the game of
 golf - who wants to devote a day to watching a foregone conclusion? - may be
 even more imminent than David Owen fears.

 Scott Dunlap, the golfer who briefly and unexpectedly tied Woods (sic) for the lead
 in last month's PGA championship, said that "his presence is nothing more than
 discouragement for the rest of the field."

 Tiger Woods (sic) is the master of a paradox: despite all his efforts to encourage young
 people to take up golf, he may have a deadening effect on the sport at its highest levels.

 Paul Embler, Portland, Ore.
   -- in a letter to the New Yorker

  Thanks to Paul Jeromack

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