Volume 279 - Where's that Confounded Bridge?

 From: david4602@gateway.net


 You are such a fucking okie, snot blowing fool, idiot.
 It makes me laugh.

 The point of the site is humor, some don't understand that.

 You write your website completely in response to Rush Limbaugh's show.
 All you do is denounce him as an idiotic lying  scumbag, yet you use his show
 for everything that is on your site.

 "Everything," might be an exaggeration, don't you think?
 The actual title of the website is "Rush Limba - Lying, Nazi Whore,"
 but we low-key that because of the heavy hits the children give us.

 If you truly hate Limbaugh don't listen, but you can't help it because he is right and you know it.
 You also know that he has more power than you could ever dream of.  He gets between 20
 and 40 million (yes, million) listeners a week.  I bet you could not get that many hits in 10 lifetimes.

 The truth is, Rush has almost 4,000,000 listeners a day.
 Laura, Harvey and Stern all have more listeners than Rush.
 If you have a problem with that math, talk to them, not me.
 True, that's more hits than I get, but I wasn't born into a wealthy family
 where my daddy owned a radio station for me to be banished to
 whenever he got tired of seeing my fat-piggy ass in a dress.

 If you truly hate Rush, which I know you don't because you obviously listen religiously,
 you would stop writing his paycheck with your listernership.

 That part is true.
 The money fairy appears everyday and, when she sees me listening to
 Herr Pigboy's show, she magically puts money in his bank account.
 You're right about that.

 If it were not for Rush you have nothing to rail against.

 Tell me, what does Rush do all day?
 If not for the Clinton Miracle, there'd be no Pigboy.

 However, I am happy that you will have President W. to rail against.

 I should be so lucky!!
 Please, God, make it so!


 Being that your dumb fuck of a candidate, Algore, cannot tell the truth no matter what is,
 or is not at stake.  What kind of dumb fuck thanks a group of people for their endorsement
 by lying to them about falling asleep to a union song when he was a child, when the song
 was not written until he was 27?   A fucking douchebag, that's who.  Algore!!

 You have the wrong song, spoon-fed to you by the vulgar Pigboy.
 The song Gore referred to was written in 1912.
 By the way, did you know others might see what you've written?
 You seem to have a low regard for accuracy.

  ...and your language is unbecoming a Christian ditto-head, but then again,
 I'm used to "Christians" being at the bottom of the cultural barrel.

 Keep filling Rush Limbaugh's pocket Bart, it shows that you,
 and all liberals are idiotic, brain-dead slugs that will miss Clinton forever.
 The wheel has turned, and it is time for them to go!!

 The only way I could be feeding Pigboy is if I was buying Damp Rid.
 You, apparently, think you have proof that I've purchased Damp Rid.
 I, and my dozens of readers would like to see said proof.

 P.S.  You said that Rush's site disabled your back button like a porn site does.
 You are a liar, I read that and went directly to his site so that I could try to go back to yours.
 My back button worked, you have a shitty computer.

 Well, it's a brand new IBM, so you could be right.

 I dare you to print this one Bart.

 I should get a medal for having the courage to print your letter.

 My e-mail says that your readers want more responses from you!


 P.S.S. I'm just kidding. I'm really a fan and just wanted to get mentioned on a great site
 like the one you have. I like you so much, I'd enjoy giving you oral sex.
 You're the best.


 Dear Dave 4602

 Thanks, but I'm hetero, and I'm married.

 From: (withheld)

 I read and write you to help preserve my sanity after I talk to my dittosheep
 father. The brains ran on my mother side. I don't listen to Rush but I can
 tell what he has been saying by what my father has been saying.

 The good news is the dittos have conceded the election.  My dad was saying he
 likes Bush hopes he doesn't get elected because the next four years are going
 to be gloom and doom because of the accumulation of 8 years of Clinton,
 regardless of who is pres.

 The main reason for all this gloom and doom is the oil crisis.  It is all of
 Clinton/Gores fault because they had the EPA shut down dirty refineries, so
 even if we drill in Alaska we can't refine it.

 1. I thought we imported crude.  Don't we then refine it here?  It seems
 pretty risking to ship gasoline.  Sounds like a made up bunch of shit to me
 but I know Cheney about the oil business.

 2. Dittodad says there is as much oil in Alaska where the damn liberals won't
 let us drill. Again, I don't know Cheney but I know Rush makes this shit up.

 3. Dittodad says the can't do America would take five years to get EPA
 compliant refineries up and running so America will have a five year
 blackout. Why do the dittoes always say Americans can't achieve.  Why do they
 have such little faith in the American people, business and know how.

 Finally, he tells me because of all of the doom and gloom we are going to
 have in the next few years to divest from equities and get into cash
 position, but Gore is lying when he says investing in the market is risky.
 Hello, is there anybody in there.

 Is any of what he is saying true?

 Are we shipping gasoline from Saudi Arabia and we don't refine imported crude
 here in America?

 Is America so incompetent and lazy that it would take five years to get
 refineries on line if the above is true?

 Is it a scientific fact that there is as much oil in Alaska as in Saudi?

 New Mexico Dave

 Dave, Click Here, and all will be revealed.

 From: dubsar@montana.com

 Subject: confusion

 hmmm, i must say, i don't "get" your website?

 do i need to think Elton John is a stud and/or Ellen Degeneres a
 representative sample of America to get it?

 it seems mostly like a lot of "Oh yeahs?" and "So there's".
 Kinda  disappointing, i was hoping for some interesting INFORMATION.
 (you know that boring factual stuff, interspersed with interesting commentary)

 Hannah Columbia

 bartcop.com  isn't intended to be a refernce site, tho some use it as such.
 If the thought of Elton John and Ellen Degeneres upsets you,
 you're probably the type who needs bartcop.com the most.

 Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable at rushlimbaugh.com
 He doesn't like them, either.

 By the way, was it Montana where they tied Matthew Shepherd to the fence?
 You were right about one thing, tho...
 I have 277 Issues of ""Oh yeahs," and "So there's."

 So I'm reading my Brill's Content, I think it was, and I saw
 an ad for the Washington Post National Weekly Edition.

 "FIRST FOUR ISSUES FREE," it said, so I signed up.

 Turns out it's nothing but a bunch of cock-grabbin' horseshit.
 Is there not one newspaper in America that doesn't thirst for Clinton's cock?

 I wrote "Go to Hell," on the bill and mailed it.
 Let them sue me.

 Great Show Biz Quotes

 "When you look up 'Republican' in the dictionary,
   it's located between 'reptile' and 'repugnant.' "
     -- Julia Roberts, a  bartcop.com  leg-up girl.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 Pigboy just said, "If Saddam doesn't cut back on oil prices,
                            it will prove Saddam wants Gore to be president."

 Hey, Rush, let's talk about Iraq for a minute.
 And I'm not even talking about Bush's Great Blunder in 1990.

 Remember the USS Stark, Rush?
 I do.

 In the 80's Iraq blew that boat out of the water, killing 37 Americans.
 Under who's watch did Saddam get those Exocet missles, Rush?
 Under who's watch did Iraq get those Mirage jets, Rush?

 Who stood by and watched Iraq obtain weapons so advanced
 that the US Navy had no chance to stop them?

 Tell us, Rush!

 The USS Stark

[¶23.] The attack by an Iraqi Mirage jet on the USS Stark during the Iran-Iraq war is
in many ways similar. On May 17, 1987, the Stark was on routine patrol in the Persian Gulf
to protect neutral shipping. At about 8:00 a.m., a long-range U.S. electronic warning and
control aircraft (AWACS) picked up an F-1 Mirage, positively identified it as an Iraqi aircraft,
and passed the notification on to U.S. Naval units operating in the Gulf.12 A little after 9:00
that morning, the aircraft was picked up as an unknown on the Stark's radar, at a range of
about seventy miles.

[¶24.] Under the Rules of Engagement then in force, the Stark was not compelled to wait out
an attack. Three days earlier, an Iraqi aircraft had come within forty miles of the USS Coontz.
The Coontz not only transmitted an interrogation, it turned broadside to the aircraft, unmasked
its radars, armed its chaff dispensers, and mounted an anti-aircraft missile. The Mirage
eventually closed to ten miles, but never turned toward the ship (it went on to attack a tanker).

[¶25.] Once the Mirage had closed to less than seventy miles, the Tactical Operations Officer
(TAO) of the Stark was tracking it continuously. When the aircraft closed to thirteen miles, the
Stark identified itself by radio, and requested identification from the aircraft. A second inquiry at
a range of eleven miles also brought no response. At about 9:11, the operator of electronic intercept
equipment aboard the Stark reported that it had been locked onto by the aircraft's fire control radar.

[¶26.] When the TAO discovered the lock-on by the Mirage's radar, he immediately started to
bring the ship's Phalanx close-in gun system up. He also requested a lock by the ship's air defense
radar. However, the attack was coming in over the port bow, and the primary radar was blocked
by the superstructure. At 9:12, the TAO ordered a secondary radar brought up, but before it could
be activated an Exocet missile hit the ship, severely damaging it and killing thirty-seven aboard.
A second missile impacted shortly thereafter.


 Who ultimately bears responsibility for these  37 lost souls, Rush?

 What's the fastest way to get into Hell?

 I'd imagine this is.

 Have you seen that new show on the History Channel called
 History's Greatest Military Blunders?

 I keep waiting for them to get to Reagan's Bungle in Beirut
 and Bush's massive blunder that caused the Gulf War,
 but so far haven't seen either one.

 This is the one show where Clinton will never have a story.
 To this day, Clinton has never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.

 Nobody else can say that.

 First It Was Frogs…

 Full Death Story

 Then we find out how the compassionate conservative Bush,
 got his jollies as a child:

 "So when he was a kid, George W. enjoyed putting firecrackers into frogs,
 throwing them in the air, and then watching them blow up. Should this be
 cause for alarm? How relevant is a man's childhood behavior to what he
 is like as an adult? And in this case, to what he would be like as president."
 [Baltimore Sun, Sept. 12]

 "Cruelty to animals is a common precursor to later criminal violence.
 But in rural West Texas, where George W. grew up, it was not uncommon
 for some boys to indulge in such cruelty."

 "His blowing up frogs or shooting them with BB guns with friends does not have
 the same significance it would have if, for example, a city boy blew up the family cat.
 In fact, George's childhood friend, Terry Throckmorton, openly and laughingly admits,
 'We were terrible to animals.'"

 Remember, Jeffery Dahmer started the same way.

 The dirty horse molester, Paul Harvey, is at it again.

 He wants to know why Algore is suddenly so goshdarned concerned
 about using the surplus to give seniors free prescription drugs.
 Paul Harvey wants to know why Gore didn't get to this eight years ago.

 Hey, asshole!

 Eight years ago we were all drowning in an ocean of red-ink
 left by the ultimate failures of trckledown Reagaonomics.

 You see, Mr. Horse Molester, it took a few years for Clinton to reverse
 the TWELVE years of spend, spend, spend that Reagan pulled on us.
 The word "surplus" was never even used between 1953 and 1998.

 Did one of your captive horses kick you in the head?

 ha ha

 Now, the Weasel King is stalking Nethercutt, the lying sombitch.

 Smirk Daddy started it all?

 From: christian06@earthlink.net


 A Political Witchhunt the Media Misunderstood
 The Whitewater Charges Originated in the Bush White House

 Whitewater prosecutor Robert Ray wouldn't answer Jim Lehrer's repeated question
 Wednesday night: Since there wasn't enough evidence to indict the Clintons, should
 the case have been brought in the first place? Not my job to make that judgment,
 Ray kept saying until Lehrer, after five tries, finally stopped asking.

 Ray did manage to several times that he had "insufficient evidence" to indict, and that
 the case was delayed by unmeritorious White House litigation, leaving the case open
 to the undying suspicions of conspiracy theorists and Republicans.

 "To report any findings at all [such as insufficient evidence and the alleged delays]
 is unusual and inappropriate," said George Washington University law professor, Steve Salzburg.

 Meanwhile, Texas Governor George W. Bush floats above it all, saying (wink, wink)
 he "will restore dignity and integrity" to the White House. Sworn testimony shows,
 however, that it was his own daddy who was responsible for the original charges
 against the Clintons. In the final weeks of the 1992 election when the polls showed
 President Bush losing to Governor Clinton, the Bush White House, including White House
 counsel C. Boyden Gray, colluded with banking investigator L. Jean Lewis to make public
 a criminal referral that named the Clintons as potential "witnesses to" and "beneficiaries of
 "criminal wrongdoing in the failure of an Arkansas savings and loan.

 Of course.
 Bush wanted everyone to look at Clinton so nobody would investigate why Bush had to
 throw the 1992 election so he could pardon the Reagan crooks and hide his crimes.

 If I'm wrong, show me.

 Lennon's Killer Seeks Jail Release

           ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) _ The man who killed John Lennon says the ex-Beatle
 would want him released from prison. Mark David Chapman has almost finished his minimum
 sentence of 20 years in prison for the slaying of Lennon in 1980, and will have his first parole
 hearing Oct. 3. Chapman is serving a life sentence at Attica Correctional Facility.

         In an interview to be aired on Court TV the day before the hearing, Chapman said
 he thinks Lennon would have wanted him to be set free.
           ``I think he would be liberal, I think he would care,'' Chapman said.
 ``I think he would probably want to see me released.''

         Elliot Mintz, a spokesman for Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, said he
 has no idea whether Lennon would have approved of parole for Chapman.
           ``John would have loved to have been here to speak for himself,''
 he told Tuesday's New York Post.
           Chapman, in his first public remarks in eight years, says he
 wants to be released to start a new life.

         ``The mental illness is over. I often sit, particularly lately, and think,
 `Gee, I'm 45 years old, and I'm a living human being,''' Chapman said.
 ``Who knows when I'll get out? But I'm alive. I'm breathing. I'm eating. I'm playing guitar, singing.''
           During the interview, excerpts of which were published in Monday's Rochester Democrat,
 Chapman described how he killed Lennon when the musician and his wife, Yoko Ono, were coming
 home from a late-night recording session.

           ``I grabbed the album I had leaning against the rail and I said 'John, would you sign my album?'
 He said 'Sure' and wrote his name and he handed it back to me. He looked at me and nodded his head
 down and said 'Is that all you want?'''
           Lennon disappeared into a waiting car with his wife.
           When Lennon returned to his Manhattan apartment building later
 that evening, Chapman approached him from behind and fired five bullets.

           ``It was a ruse,'' Chapman said.
 ``I really didn't want his signature, I wanted his life. And I ended up taking both.''

 This piece of shit should get out right after Sirhan does - in the year 2100.

  (I've never been in prison, so I hope too-afraid-to-leave-his-name
  will forgive me for having an opinion on a prison matter.)

 From:  hangman@tonyaharding.org

 I saw your piece on how the Clinton administration is the most ethical in history?
 Can you tell me what members of the Bush and Reagan administrations were
 convicted of felonies? I am arguing with some right wingers on the Jim Rome
 smack chat board. You can join in the fun too if you like.

 The URL is http://chat.jimrome.com/ubb/Forum10/HTML/010234.html

 Hangman, nice addy.
 I didn't even know Tanya Harding had an org.

 ha ha

 I am the wrong person to ask for the list.
 The list does exist, Poindexter and Mcfarland and others were convicted and did time, I think.
 My main bitch with GOP crimes is the crimes Bush PARDONED AWAY before we knew
 exactly what the facts were.  Bush pardoned everybody BEFORE the facts came out.
 But we fully understand because Clinton's cock was not involved.

 If someone knows of a URL that gives the conviction list, I'd print it because
 it'll keep coming up again and again. BTW, www.consortiumnews.com
 would probably be a real good place to start.


 From: Too scared to leave a name

 Everytime you open your yapper about the music business,
 you prove yourself to be a total moron.    (see below)

 First, you go on about guitars and guitar players, but you can't even play one.
 Now you want us to believe that the beatles had poor management.
 Sorry, idiot, the beatles (Lennon and McCartney) are almost alone among
 artists in that they retained the publishing rights to their original songs.

 The reason Michael Jackson owns them now

 Excuse me, how is that possible?
 You JUST SAID they retained the rights to their songs, idiot.

 The reason Michael Jackson owns them now is because McCartney sold them
 years ago for huge dollars.  Since you have no idea what you are talking about,
 you might want to shut the fuck up.

 One of us is crazy.
 I'll bet on you.
 McCartney didn't sell a goddamn thing to the child molester.

 How stupid could you be to even suggest that?

 In the early 70's Linda's daddy told the Beatles it'd be a good idea to sell
 everything they owned for (I think) a mere $6,000,000 which must've
 seemed like a lot of money at the time.

 Whoever bought them sold them at an auction years later.
 Michael Jackson outbid a desperate Paul McCartney for his own goddamn songs,
 causing a rift between the two old friends that exists today.

 The first thing that whore Michael Jackson did was sell the songs, one by one,
 to Madison Avenue so they could use them to sell fucking cheeseburgers.
 Jackson made untold millions by selling his friend's most cherished possessions, the dirty shit.
 McCartney is crying to this day over the bad advice Linda's daddy gave them

 You are the moron, the too-afraid-to-leave-your-name moron,
 who has no goddamn clue what you're talking about, but thanks for
 being such a faithful reader of  bartcop.com

 Pigboy Gets One Right

 He says Marion Jones, the fastest woman (by far) in the world shouldn't be
 tarred with the sins of her husband.


 Rush cheered Lazio for saying Hillary was guilty by association.
 He is a lying Pigboy displaying slective outrage.
 Someday, I'd like to be in a position to make him pay for that.

 He's going on and on saying "they" are accusing Jones because,
 "She HAD to know."

 Pigboy sees that as an outrage, but somehow Hillary should've known
 her husband was being blown by an intern?

 If Hillary knew, no way she'd be on the Today Show putting comments on tape
 that some disgusting shit like Russert could use in an ambush against her
 while she's being watched by millions of people.

 Pigboy knows Hillary was innocent.
 He just enjoys beating up women, getting even for his fprmative years
 when no woman would look at him until he got his millions.

 Some good Begala I missed:

 Paul Begala Shoots the Bull

 The long national nightmare is over.
 After eight years of hounding by the press, tens of thousands of news stories,
 six years of  Independent Counsel investigation, countless Congressional Committee
 hearings and probably well over $100 million the  Whitewater case is closed.

 The President and First Lady have been cleared on all counts.

 Those of us who said eight years ago that Whitewater was nothing more than a
 failed land deal are vindicated.  Those, both in the media and GOP partisans,
 who hinted, suggested, smeared, accused, denigrated and maligned the Clintons
 have been proved wrong.  I suppose I should feel gleeful.  Instead I just feel sad and
 sickened that our country and the First Family were put through so much hell for so long.

 Now it's time for a character test: those who accused the President and First Lady
 owe them an apology.  On last night's show I asked Rev. Jerry Falwell if he would
 apologize to the Clintons. He not only declined, but he went right back into attack mode.
 That's a shame.  In the heat of partisan combat we all say things we later regret, and
 given the irresponsible journalism that has always surrounded Whitewater, I can understand
 why some on the right were foaming at the mouth. But now that the truth is out, now that
 the President and First Lady have been cleared, it's time for their accusers to take
 responsibility for what they have done to the First Family and the country.

 Let's keep a lookout for the first conservative with the guts to apologize and ask forgiveness.
 Let's also look for any journalists, editors, pundits, commentators and editorial writers who are
 willing to admit their error and say they're sorry. We've seen the President apologize for his
 mistakes more times than I can count. Let's see if his critics are as big and as courageous as he is.

 Don't hold your breath.

 Editor's Note: If the Clintons had just confessed to "Whitewater," in 1995,
 we never would have had to go thru the nightmare of the last few years,
 but I guess the Clintons just refused to put the interests of the country first.


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