Volume 285 - l'éducation est bonne

 October 3, 2000


 ABC's Wide World of Sports used to open their show
 with a ski-jumper tumbling off the ramp and crashing.

 Smirk wishes he looked that good tonight.

 More Questions for Gore to ask Smirk Tonight

 Wh(A)t i(S) your view of (S)ubliminal met(H)ods used in p(O)litica(L) adv(E)rtising ?

1. Please describe the Food Stamp program as it is administered in Texas,
    and discuss eligibility requirements, complete with specific numbers.

2. Pronounce "eligibility."

3. Are there any other reporters, other than Adam Clymer of the New York Times,
    of whom you think badly?  If so, name them, and the major league epithets
    by which you would describe them.

4. Pronounce "epithets."

 If you become president, how high wiil you make the pie??

 ha ha

 Great GOP Quotes

 "Al Gore has the most to lose in tonight's debate,
  because he's seen as very intelligent and a good debater."
    -- Steve Largent, (R-Jesus Twin)

  ha ha

 Whereas Smirk is an pinhead-idiot who can't form a sentence?
 Thanks for helping, Steve!

 Cardinals Mauling Braves, Maddux, 6-0 in the first
  Update:   Braves Mauling back, 6-4 in the third.
  Anything good on TV tonight? ha ha
  Update:   Edmonds homers, 7-4 in the eighth, the St Louis crowd is taunting Rocker the Nazi
  Update:     Cards win

 Who:     Mark David Chapman
 When:   Just now
 What:    Parole hearing
 Where: Don't know, don't care
 Why:     Son of a bitch murdered John Lennon
 Status:  Denied
 Remarks: Rot in a cage till you stop breathing, mother-effer

 I wonder if Smirk will even wear a watch tonight?

 BartCop - Educator

 Subject: Letter from France

 From: Luckydog in France

 bartcop I'm glad you finally got this- I was getting woried about your mail
 & it was obvious as we read your site everyday- a letter from France is
 forthcoming now that I know that your mail is working.

 My wife and I are both english teachers (our day jobs) here & I use your site
 to teach English & American politics hence my original "goldmine" response.

 One usefull exercise is to have my students correct bad grammar & spelling
 sent in to your site by the Gee Whiz Dubya's.

 ha ha
 Make him stop!!
 I guess they're learning about "the language most Americans use," too?

 More Rush stuff soon & I wish that I could get a decent shot of Tequila here

 Keep up the good work!!!


 Saw it in the New York Whore Times

 Al Gore spent the weekend practicing for his debate
 with Smith at a shark research station in Florida.

 ha ha

 Smirk, can you hear that?

 Da Duh...
 (Music from Jaws)
 Da Duh...

 Da Duh, Da Duh...
 Da Duh, Da Duh Da Duh, Da Duh...

 ha ha

 Hey, Smirk!
 How are you under pressure?

 From: onehandle@yahoo.com

 I live in Atlanta.  For weeks now, Roger Kahn has been running commercials
 attacking the NRA's number one whore.  He has been running as a anti-Clinton,
 sportsman friendly, traditional Southern Democrat.  I don't know much about him,
 but he doesn't mention that he is a Democrat in his ads.  These are good images
 for running in rural Georgia.  His latest ads (lots of airtime) are attacking Barr for
 supporting HMOs, who are throwing out poor Medicaid seniors in favor of wealthier
 patients (Republicans).  As you may know, it has been a fairly effective campaign.

 I don't know if he will pull it off, and I don't actually live in his district,
 but if he has a "D" next to his name that's good enough for me (usually).

 Anyway last night, I saw my first Barr ad...ever!  (He must be worried).
 The narrator showed an actor who looked a little like Kahn dressed as a farmer
 (In one of Kahn's ads he is speaking to the camera from his farm).
 The narrator called him a carpetbagger, "like Hillary Clinton" it pleads.
 As the farmer stumblebums and falls off of a tractor the narrator talks about
 how Barr is from this district and that Kahn is "from Buckhead"
 (Buckhead is an Atlanta upscale area known mostly for its bar district).
 He won't debate Kahn.
 This is his ideas of an issue ad.
 Typical Republican name calling.

 I have mixed feelings.
 Like his Newtness, Barr is a great name to rally Democrats to remember why they are Democrats.
 I'd really like to see him bite it though.
 When I was a kid Georgia was a solidly Democratic state.
 Racist bastards who discovered that they were actually Republicans.
 We still hold the state senate and Governor's seat and will have both
 Senate seats  after November at least (Go Zell!).

 Now I'm just rambling.

 One Handle,
 Keep us posted on this race, OK?


 We have a new message forum that might replace the old guestbook.
 You ought to give it a try.

  Click  Here  then click "Guestbook."

 So, how's your morning going?

 When you woke up today, did you breathe a sigh of relief that you're not
 going to be ridiculed in front of tens of millions of people by a much smarter person?
 They say one thing Gore has to do is avoid seeming smug or superior to the Smirk,
 which is a damn shame because heavy sarcasm can be so instructive.

 Oh, that reminds me - I should check the mail to see if any questions came in
 for Gore to ask that idiot Smirk tonight.

  Ask him to spell "president."

  Ask him if he still believes that Jews are going to heaven..

  Ask him if he makes fun of everyone before he puts them to death
  or just the women.

  Why are so many of your statements spoken in the pluperfect subjunctive?

  Explain what happens to people who are AWOL from Guard duty.

  What were the Army-McCarthy hearings, and why were they important?

   If two guys are drinking and doing cocaine at the same time, which is the Republican?
  (Answer: the one whose Daddy keeps him out of jail.)

 How do you spell, "subliminable"?

 ha ha

 I'll bet there's more...

 New Feature

 Let's try something new.
 From now on, I will print the pictures of any Monkey-Mailers.

 From: Smease1@aol.com

 Why are you so afraid of the truth?


 Afraid of the truth?

 ha ha

 Hey, that eye?
 "You might want to put some ice on that..."

 ha ha

 Molly Ivins Explains it All,
  She uses the big hammer, too

 Click  Here

 Pat Robertson explains to the little babies why they have to die
 so Smirk can be elected president.

 Full Story

 WASHINGTON - It looked like a perfect opportunity for Pat Robertson to cut loose.
 Last Friday, Robertson opened the annual meeting of the Coathanger Coalition,
 at the Washington Hilton.

 He spoke for 20 minutes and never mentioned RU-486.

 Later, in a backstage interview, he sipped coffee and explained his decision to stay mum:
 He did not want to inject abortion into the presidential campaign. More specifically, he did
 not want to put his boy Smirk on the spot at a time when he's competing with Gore for centrist,
 independent voters. He said that it would be best for Bush if religious conservatives and the
 anti-abortion community kept a low profile.

 Pat Robertson is a chicken-shit.
 He wants Smirk to get elected, and then outlaw abortion
 over the objections of the clear majority of Americans.

 Hey, Pat!
 Why not pretend this is America and let the people decide?
 If Smirk wants to make decisions for all women, let him state that right now.
 Then we'll vote.

 Smirk's Big Lie

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 "More Guns, More Guns," not always the answer

 Full Story

 AUSTIN, Texas--In 1995, four months into his first term as governor, George W. Bush
 signed a bill ending a 125-year ban on concealed handguns in Texas. The new law, he vowed,
 would make the state "a safer place," and he promised Texans that license applicants would
 undergo rigorous background checks.

 But since the law took effect, the state has licensed hundreds of people with prior criminal
 convictions--including rape and armed robbery--and histories of violence, psychological
 disorders and drug or alcohol problems, a Times investigation has found.


 Texan Gets License, Then Kills 2

 Full Story

 LIVINGSTON, Texas--Robert Clinton Hinkle lived life hard--the biker gangs,
 the death threats, the drugs, the gunfights too many to count.
       But then something odd came real easy--his plastic concealed handgun license card
 from the state of Texas.  He mailed in the yellow, 19-question application, passed a written
 exam and a shooting test, and soon became one of the tens of thousands legally walking
 around Texas with a hidden firearm.
       Roughly a year after he received his license, Hinkle killed two men and seriously
 wounded a third in a wild shootout over drugs.

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