Volume 286 -All the Leaves are Brown

 October 4, 2000 
 Monster VCR Alert Tonight
 NBC's incest-fest Titans is on right before the two hour premier of The West Wing.
 Any last-minute guesses who was hit?
 Faith Hill  is going to sing, "Breathe" on the CMA on CBS.
 (She didn't-they lied)
 Star Trek Voyager premiers tonight, and thanks to Paramount (go figure)
 for putting last year's cliff-hanger on right before this year's premier.

 From: ceetee99@hotmail.com

 Today Rush said "too bad you can't identify journalists in the womb,
 you could slip a RU486 into the mothers drink..."

 Is this a startling new development in the evolving of Rush Limbaugh?
 Has Rush suddenly become pro-choice or has he further slipped into
 the deep abyss of being a nasty rotten hateful piece of rat shit?


 Now, now...

 It's not polite to make fun of a stroke victim...

 BTW, that KRMG thing below?

 I called them and told them how stupid it was for them to say,
 "There was no clear debate winner, but 4 out of 5 experts say Gore won,"
 so now they've changed the text on their updates.

 BartCop - Changing America for the better.

 Can anybody tell me why USA Today stopped doing daily pollution updates?
 Is it because I was calling too much attention to Houston?

 Why does USA Today want Smirk elected?

 From: riskyschemer@hotmail.com

 WHY hasn't Hillary Clinton been taken to task for refusing to appear on those
 Sunday talk shows? The Media Research Center's Tim Graham has compiled some
 pretty amazing statistics: Since April 1999, when the Clinton for Senator talk began
 picking up steam, she has not appeared on a single one of those network shows -
 where public officials are routinely grilled by the likes of  Tim Russert and Sam Donaldson.

 In contrast, Rick Lazio has appeared on the Sunday shows eight times in that period -
 most recently this past Sunday. The only one who seems to have raised the issue is
 CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who asked top Clinton strategist Harold Ickes about it last May.
 His response: She's been too busy focusing on New York. Not that Mrs. Clinton hasn't
 been given a network forum: CBS, CNN and NBC all gave her town-hall meeting forums
 - a far-less-risky forum at which the questioning was mild and unchallenging.

 How many town-hall meetings did the same networks offer to Rick Lazio?
 You guessed it - zero.


 Hillary wants to talk about the issues that concern her constituents.
 I can't speak for her, but I'm betting she'd agree to talk to Jim Lehrer,
 who, to my knowledge, hasn't been clawing for Clinton's cock for 3 years.
 Russert and Donaldson are only interested in Clinton's cock, especially Russert.

 Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock,
 Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock,
 Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock,
 Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock,

 You see?
 That's all he thinks about.
 He has Clinton's cock-on-the-brain.
 He's addicted to Clinton's cock.

 Why do you want to see Hillary involved in a pornographic production?
 Do you desire Hillary sexually?
 Does that kind of talk turn you on?
 Where are your hands right now?

 Great Republican Quotes

 "The Republicans sent a boy to do a man's job."
    -- Pat Buchanon after the debates, on Fox News

 Ratings up 10 percent for Monday Night Football

 Thank you, Dennis Miller, for making even the bad games fun.

 Maja-Piggie just said he was "flooded" with e-mail last night that said,
 "Our man Bush is getting his ass kicked - hard!"  and,
 "Gore is walking away with this debate, and the election!"

 ha ha

 Rush says he's, "sick and tired" of everybody expecting to lose.
 Hey, Pigboy!

 Maybe that means they finally figured out you're lying?
 After eight years and three elections, they understand?

 ha ha

 Your bovinity is inescapable, Rush.

 I see in the USA Today that Sheryl Crow, Mellissa Ethridge, Heart, Amy Grant
 and others are taping a show for a fund-raiser to raise money for breast cancer research.
 The program will air in the Lifetime Network October 22.

 Why isn't Rush ridiculing them?
 Why isn't he making fun of cancer victims?
 Where's his baby voice, whining about "liberals and their feel good crap?"
 Why isn't he picking on these women for trying to help?

 Maybe his USA Today didn't show up today...

 Even MORE Trouble for Laura

 Dr. Laura has wrong prescription for Canadian TV

 TORONTO, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Two Canadian television stations appear poised to drop
 ``Dr. Laura,'' the U.S. daytime programme hosted by the screeching Laura Schlessinger,
 because of poor ratings and lack of advertising.

``We don't have anything confirmed at this point but there will be confirmation tomorrow,''
 said Lori Rosenberg, programming director at ONtv, but declined to go into specifics
 ahead of the official announcement.

 The show, which premiered September 11, has been dogged by low ratings and poor reviews.

 The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council condemned Laura for referring to gays as
 ``abnormal,'' aberrant,`` deviant,'' ``disordered'' and ``dysfunctional'' on her radio show.
 The Council branded her comments about homosexuality as ``abusively discriminatory''
 and ``in breach of'' Canada's broadcasting code.

 (Ediotr's Note: Not to mention good taste.)

 We haven't mentioned Patrick Farley's great work in a while.

 Everyone should see this at least twice.

 Click  Here

 A list of questions to ask Smirk in next week's debate

 1.  As President making $400,000 a year, how much more -- in dollars --
     will you get back under your tax plan over the four years of your term?

 2.  How much -- in dollars -- will your secretary get back during the same four years?

 After which State is the USS MISSOURI named?

  ha ha

 More Trouble for Laura

 The Ailing ‘Dr. Laura’
 Stations can’t sell her talk show. Is gay protest working?

 Dr. Laura’s ongoing problem with gay-rights activists is prompting
 at least a handful of station executives to pop a few aspirin.

 "We had seven or eight advertisers last week alone saying they don’t
  want to advertise on the show. So, does that have an impact?  Yes it does,"
 says Mary MacMillan, general manager of WBTV(TV) Charlotte, N.C.

 Says KYW-TV Philadelphia spokeswoman Joanne Calabria:
 "At this point, it’s been very difficult to get anyone to advertise on the  show.
 We’ve even had [nonprofit] PSA people call us and ask
 ‘will you please not put our PSAs on her show?'"

 Poor Laura the Ho - she can't give it away.

 K-Drag Nazi radio, KRMG, opens every bi-hourly newscast with,
 "Last night's debate showed no clear winner.
  A panel of five debate experts scored the debate 4-1 for Al Gore."

 Excuse me, but 4-out-of-5 seems pretty clear to me.

 Pigboy just had "Chris the Screamer" on his show.

 Pigboy couldn't get a word in.
 Matthews wouldn't let him.

 More Reaction

 From: turtopia@texas.net
 I watched with the full expectation of W. coming off like an idiot
 ....much to my surprise,he did not. I expected a more fluid Gore
 ...we got it in snippets, when he was passionate about something, it showed
 ...otherwise he was still pretty stiff.
 But hey,that's his personality and people are what they are after all,right?

 I have to say up front that I don't like either one very much.
 ..and my take on this debate was the two of them politely calling each other a liar.
 The obvious gaffe for W. was the tossed in comment about the temple thing.
 ...uncalled for and out of sync. Plus his outright lie about education in Texas...

 Bush clearly is lacking in education here in Texas no matter what smoke he blows.
 My initial impression? They are both manipulating the truth.I need to see more
 before I decide...the Clinton administrations  success is undeniable, but the people
 truely responsible for our prosperity remains in question.
 Maybe it was US doing these  good things in spite of them
 ........on the fence man....on the fence.

 R. The Reptile House

 R, thanks for reminding me about that.
 Last night, Gore used a line I've been using for years.
 When Smirk said the credit for the economy goes to the hard-working people,
 Gore reminded him,"People worked hard for Reagan-Butch, too,
 but trickle-down strangled everbody but the super-rich."

 From: LadyLiberal@webtv.net
 Right now I`m lighting a candle and having a moment of silence
 for the late and unlamented gw.bush campaign.
 Man,I wish I could play taps.

 From: barnekow@postnet.com
 Did you notice how, during the debate tonight, whenever Gore was
 speaking  and tearing into Smirk, Smirk would sniff his nose loudly?
 Is this a habit from his coke days?
 Does he crave some blow to keep him calm?

 At first it just irritated me, but, on further review, it alarmed me!


 Shit for brains talking about Gore's "lack of character".
 Who is the moderator who kept dragging out the Buddist temple bullshit?
 I can't believe we are letting SHIT FOR BRAINS get away with "character" issues.
 Gore should bitch slap that fucking jerkoff.

 BC, do you think that Gore will be President November 7?
 Bush has gotten a free pass by the press and it looks like

 Ediotr's Note:Gore can't lose, no matter what.

 From: jstone@sofnet.com
  Am I wrong?
 Or did Algore kill him right from the start?
 ... noone was expecting much from Dubya" ...

 Tell Mrs. BC to kiss her Jag goodby ...

 From: stewarca@muohio.edu

 Q: What's 2 + 2? Mr. Vice President?
 A: Jim, the answer is four.

 Q: Gov. Bush?
 A: Fuzzy, Washington, liberal-activist math. (pause) Wait, no, it IS four.

 From: wildcat@hit.net
 Man, Dubya's cheap shots are falling *flat*, and Gore's cheap shots
  -- Hey!

 Where are Gore's cheap shots?

 From: cealie@uswest.net
 It was obvious to me throughout the debate that Dubya was a sniveling twit,
 yet Dan Rather and some other nitwit commented that Bush "gained a lot"
 from the debate.  They said there was no clear winner.

 Now I'm hearing Satan himself, Cheney, saying that Gore ignored the questions,
 yet it was the idiot Smirk who had to ask to have a question repeated.
 How can a liberal media myth be perpetuated while this is going on?
 They gave Dubya points just for showing up!!

 Gore washed the floor with him on Kosovo, on Social Security & Medicare
 and he looked confident and presidential.  He made it clear to me that in a crisis
 or unexpected financial downturn, HE would have a grasp on what was going on
 and he'd know what to do.  Bush did a lot of flubbing on information gathering,
 finding out all the facts and general jerking off without making a decision.

 And at the end, there we was stumbling all over his words, begging for my vote.
 He KNEW he took it in the ass.  It was in his voice, you could hear it.
 The CBS internet poll off the internet said 49% Gore won the debate,
 34% Bush won. 19% worse opinion of Bush now.

 Dubya looked and sounded like he was losing his train of thought.
 Why don't they call it like they see it?


 It's not the media's job to be fair or accurate.
 It's their job to pretend it's a race, so tune in tomorrow
 and they'll tell us again just how close it is.

 ...and now, a word from Damp-Rid.


 Hey BC, caught the debate.
 Gore is history, get ready for 4 (8?) years of Republican rule.
 Looks like George isn't the pushover people thought he was going to be.

 If this debate is any indication of what's to come, it'll be an added
 insult to injury and Gore is going to need a shitload of recovery time.
 As far as uneducated, yeah you are.
 Apparently your grammar is quite poor.
 Apparently an UNEDUCATED person such as yourself can't even spell the word.
 Your admirers are no better either, I kind of see it as the blind leading the blind.

 Ha! Ha!

 Anyway, I have to go but I figured that you needed a reality check.

 P.S. I don't listen to Rush, so my opinions are my own and for
 crying out loud, quit hating yourself because you're white.

 Take care..........

 Jorge Gaicedo

 Pigboy thinks Smirk lost

 Instead of gloating, he's whining about, "It wasn't fair!"
 He's VERY pissed off about last night.
 He knows Smirk is roadkill.
 He knows it's all over.
 Three elections in a row.
 El Castrado will help Gore win this year, like he helped in '92 and '96.

 As I type this, Pigboy is SCREAMING!

 ha ha

 He has Smirk-for-brains today.
 "Don't be so depressed," he's whaling!
 "Don't get sucked in!"

 ha ha

 "Ignore all the polls that say Gore won!"
 "Trust my instincts"

 ha ha

 This is the best Pigboy's been in a while.

 More Reaction

 From: vance_everson@yahoo.com
 i was a little disappointed by Al tonite, although i wasn't impressed at all by the smirk.
 Al was a little too repetetive about some issues...i realize some things need to be
 hammered home, but  there is a limit.

 Dumbya seemed tentative and unsure to me, when he wasn't sounding scripted.
 And all of his obviously pre-written sound-bite 'punchlines' were delivered very badly.
 Unfortunately, a lot of the "common man" responses i'm hearing on various outlets
 seem to think smirk did a good job -that makes me nervous.

 From: cdotto@execpc.com
 I can't wait 'til next week's debate.
 It was obvious from tonight's performance that Bush can't think on his feet.
 He's reaaaalllly gonna suck with next week's conversational format.

 Good point.
 Smirk's already shot his, "Buddhist Temple" and "Invented the Internet" wads.

 From: lind2116@home.com
 CNN pundits immediately labeled Smirk as "holding his own."
 Sure, he was holding it from peeing on the floor. The guy is a jerk!
 VP Gore gave it to him good when he told him  it was not in the USA's interest
 to allow Russia to supervise Molosovic. VP Gore kept laughing at Smirk's stupidity.
 Great cartoon opportunity for K.Cunningham.Smirk delivered flawlessly at the end,
 afterall, it's a script he's been memorizing since last May.
 What a jerk!

 Grandma, New Jersey

 From: lisieux@worldnet.att.net
 Did you hear 'em Bart.?..the two LWA's (Lard-Asses With Attitudes)
 Jackie Judd and Candy Crowley...George Staph Infection,
 Tim "Shit for Brains" Russert, Jeff "nitwit" Greenfield
 ...all spinning for Smirka-bob...all trying to tell us
 that the Texas Twit didn't just melt behind that podium.

"We will fight war so that we will never have to fight wars."
 Did the Texas Chicken Hawk really say that or were my ears deceiving me?
 Did he really say Gore is outspending him in this election (what the hell did
 he do with the 100 million his backers raised for him?)

 When he started with campaign finance reform, Gore shoulda gone over
 to the podium and pulled down Smirkie's trousers and showed the whole world
 where Big Pharma, the HMOs and the Oil Barons tattooed his sorry ass.

 ha ha

 CNN Flash Poll Puts Gore As Winner of Debate

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A flash CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll taken within
 an hour after the finish of the first campaign 2000 presidential debate favored Gore
 as the winner by 48 percent to 41 percent over the hapless Texas Smirk.

 ha ha

 That's a biased poll.
 No way Smirk was only a nine-point loser.

 From: Rmchadburn@aol.com



 Who looked more presidential last night?


 Some people say, "Smirk!"

 The only reason for any TV, newspaper or Internet pundit to say,
 "Smirk held his own," would be because if they told the truth, if they said,
"This race was decided the second Smirk said he wanted to turn our foreign policy
 over to the Russians," there'd be no reason to watch network news, the cable shows,
 or read TIME or Newsweek or listen to the vulgar Pigboy.

 It's crazy-talk when people say,
 "I'll leave this country if so-and-so is elected president."

 But it might make sense to say,
 "I'm afraid to live in a country full of people so blind and stupid
  that they think that idiot Smirk won that debate last night."

 I wouldn't mind if people said, "Gore was mean and condescending last night,
 and we should teach him a lesson and vote for that ignorant Bush boy,"
 but that's not what they're saying. They're saying wild shit like,

 "I thought Bush looked calm and confident, and showed a lot of poise
  and a lot better grasp of the issues than Vice-President Gore."
 That shit scares me to death.

 CNN has the whole transcript, so you can check me out on this, but when
 Lehrer (who did a fine job, I thought. He's nobody's ditto-monkey) said,
 "Gov Bush, if a big catastrophe hit and there was a big emergency,
 what's the first thing you would do?"  and Smirk said,
 "Can you repeat the question?"

 Then he said, "I'd hug the man and cry with him."
 Gee, Smirk, what about a prayer, too?
 I mean, if a tornado just killed his kids and stole his house and car,
 don't you think he needs a hug AND a prayer?

 And on top of everything else, Smirk said he'd look to the federal government
 for some teat milk, after campaigning on "Leave the states alone!"

 Memo to VP Gore:
 Al, in the next debate, when Smirk starts spouting, "I'll work with Democrats,"
 I'd like to see you respond with this:

 "Governor, those stunts you pulled on John McCain were the most unfair,
 uncalled-for personal attacks I've seen in my 24 years in politics.
 Standing of a stage while your stooges said McCain turned his back on the
 Vietnam POW's, and calling McCain "pro-breast cancer," when you knew
 his sister was a victim of it shows us you can't even work with Republicans,
 so why the fuck should we believe your claim that you'll somehow change
 once we entrust you with the great power of the presidency, you lying shit?"

 No charge, Al.
 That's a freebie.

 Last night, after the debate, I was too shocked to type.
 Focus dork after focus dork stood up and said, "Bush was in command,"
 which was just too crazy to understand. My best guess is these were
 ditto-monkeys who told CNN and ABC that they were middle-roaders.

 Your Comments:

 From: rcox@m-y.net
 Is it just me or does Smirk look like Tommy Smothers when he smiles?

 From: smacco@earthlink.net
 It was a tie?  Why was it a tie?  Because Bush didn't mispronounce any words?
 It's a tie because the bar for Bush is so low?

 Roger Ebert:
 I think Bush had a pretty embarrassing response when he was asked about Milosevic,
 calling on Russia to intervene when he clearly didn't know that Russia does not support
 our position. And there were times when you didn't know if Bush could go the whole
 two minutes. For instance, in the question of how he would handle a crisis situation
 -- I wasn't reassured that Bush flew off to floods and fires in Texas. Every governor
 flies off to floods and fires. But that's not what that question was about.
 Gore's response about the conflict in Kosovo I felt was more germane.

 Andrew Sullivan,  victim of Volume 74
 The best way I can think to describe the last hour and a half is "assisted suicide."
 Gore was wooden, condescending, boring, preachy, very liberal.
 Bush was a human being, good-natured, reasonable, smart, sane.
 It was a knockout.

 ha ha

 Andrew, you haven't gotten any smarter since Volume 74, have you?

 Luci the Bat

 Well, I'm not thrilled. I finally was reduced to thinking,
 "If I had to be in traction for six months, who do I want in the next bed?"
  Under those circumstances, Bush won.

 ha ha

 ...and since we're NOT under those circumstances???

 I agree with The Bat.
 When I had my two broken femurs, I was in traction for more than six months.
 Gore would've bored me to death as a roommate, but sarcasm and ridicule can make
 time fly, so yes, I'd rather have Smirk the Hitcher in the traction ward with me.
 Thanks for the insight, Luci!

 David Horowitz, of  slaphillary.com
 Who won the debate? Bush had to defeat the expectations that he was a
 lightweight.  He did.  He showed intelligence and comported himself with dignity.
 Watch the gender gap close.

 Yeah, all the women who want Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond and Jim Inhofe
 to make their personal reproductive decisions for them should vote Smirk.

 The Unknown Pundit:
 Overall: Gore needs to watch a little of his smugness, which put me off a little,
 and go on the offensive more. On the other hand, he put up a *very* strong
 defense and dared the Master of Mr. Dick to fight back, which he didn't.

 From: skisics@yahoo.com
 I wanted to let you know that I didn't watch the debates last night.
 My wife hates politics and after twenty seconds said it was boring.
 We ended up watching a cheesy, 1970's jet disaster movie.
 Kinda reminded me of Dubya's campaign so far.

 From: booradley@postmark.net
 Why does the Today show insist on using Tim-The-Whore for their post
 debate commentary?  He said "last night was pretty much a draw" and
 "there was no real winner".  From where I sat, Al Gore ran circles around Duh-bya.
 "Gore deflected bush, as best he could" and they're bringing up the "Gore Sighs"
 But, they completely neglect the snorts of derision (or coke?) from Bush's podium.
 Every time Gore made a point, Bush snorted.

 ha ha
 That's true as hell. He kept snorting.
 Perhaps he did a line before going onstage, "just to clear his head?"

 Dick Morris:
 ANYONE who wondered why George W. Bush worked overtime to avoid a nationally
 televised debate that we would all watch saw why last night. It wasn't even close - Al Gore
 walked away with the debate.  Gore stayed on offense all night. Bush was off balance.

 Gore scored early with his point about tax cuts to the wealthy. He had the superior plan for
 prescription drugs. He won the exchange over abortion. He let Bush paint himself into a
 corner over the energy/environmental tradeoff.  Bush had difficulty getting out of the box.

 Bush let Gore speak for 60 percent of the time. He fumbled around for words.
 He groped for facts. He seemed frustrated and flustered. Maybe next time, Bush will have
 learned how to debate and will look like he belonged in the same ring with Gore.
 Last night, he didn't.
 Neither man was Bill Clinton: Gore was boring; Bush was scattered.

 But when the debate turned to what crises each man had handled and Gore spoke of war
 and peace while Bush focused on floods and fires, Gore's mastery was complete.
 Gore seemed better prepared.
 He looked more presidential.
 In a word, Gore won big.

 Koresh, we're all in trouble when we agree with Dick Morris.

 Oh! Mr. Greenfield!!!
 I think Bush surprised a lot of people who thought he couldn't complete a sentence.

 From: dr.bomb@usa.net
 The Dubya Shrub is a blinking machine.
 It may be him trying to suppress his smirk or the need for him to lie.
 Gore's eyes were more wide open than the Dubya Shrub's eyes.
 Gore is a statute when compared to Dubya Shrub.

 I heard somewhere that someone is about to cave in when they blinked first.
 It's the eyes.
 The stigmata in this case is that the Dubya Shrub has run out of lies.
 It's the look in his eyes. The betrayal.
 The need not to betray yet the betrayal is right there in the look of his eyes.

 From: seanog@metconnect.com
 I am disappointed that, at 3:45AM EST, you still haven't updated your site -
 didn't Al Gore kick ass tonight? Yes, he did! Did you fall asleep during the debate?
 I was hoping for your promised blow-by-blow commentary, here I am,
 4+ hours later, and you haven't updated your site since early this evening.


 I will contact my doctor - again - and have my brain tumor checked.

 From: Daennara@aol.com
 Smirk remained vague, avoided Gore's remarks about his tax cut proposal
 like the plague, and couldn't stop snorting for more than a minute at a time.
 I mean, it was disgusting, smirk snorting and contorting his face.

 Why did the press notice Al's terrible make-up job, but didn't see smirk's snort?
 I'm even surprised that people actually found this snorting and contorting, lip sucking,
 face twisting, smirking candidate.......a regular guy.
 Smirk still comes across as a clueless idiot

 From: henryporter@bigfoot.com
 Smirk:  People need to be held responsible for the action they take.....

 What about actions like going AWOL?
 Should people be held responsible if they take that action?

 What about snorting coke in direct violation of the laws of your state?
 Should someone be held responsible for that?

 How about cheating the people of Arlington, TX in a land swindle in order
 to make an obscene profit from corporate fat-cats without doing any work?

 From: johncross@prodigy.net
 It is clear that Bush won the first presidential debate.
 First, he managed to say "hostage" instead of "hostile".
 Second, he stayed awake for a whole 90 minutes and didn't drool once
 (although he did seem a bit groggy after about 40 minutes).
 Third, he made the hard choice of delegating our foreign policy in
 Eastern Europe to the Russians, even though they seem to have very
 different interests from ours in the area.

 Don't you just love this era of "lower expectations" for our highest public officials?
 If Bush gets to be president, it can truly be said that ANYONE could be president
 even if they can't find oil in Texas and couldn't tell a Grecian from a petroleum distillate.

 ha ha

 From: craigatl@hotmail.com
 The key to the debate will be Rush's take on it tomorrow - after the Hillary debate,
 he was bullish of course on Ricky...
 "THAT'S what the republicans should do .. be AGGRESSIVE."
 Ricky's poll numbers sank like a rock cause he was so obnoxious.

 So if Rush is all over the airwaves, saying Smirk won it hands down,
 then Gore is in by a landslide.


 From: sabutai@ix.netcom.com
 Did Gore really outspend Bush?
 Here are some figures from the spread sheet at opensecrets.org.
 They get their information from the Federal Election Commission:

                  Raised                     Spent                    Cash on Hand.
 Smirk   $177,124,847         $121,482,519              $55,642,328
 Gore    $126,646,594          $ 60,883,864              $65,762,831
                ___________        ___________          __________
             -$ 50,478,259        -$ 60,598,655             +$10,120,503


 Charlton Heston's cold, dead hands turn 76 today.
 I wonder if he'll shoot anything besides his guns?

 Rachel Lee Cook turns 21 today.

 Rachel, go to Las Vegas.
 Try the tequila bars.

 Conservative Legal Foundation Chief Charged with Indecency
   Ditto-Monkey gets confused, grabs his own cock

 ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- The leader of a conservative legal foundation
 seeking to have President Clinton disbarred was charged with public indecency.

 An undercover federal officer said he saw Matthew J. Glavin fondling himself
 on May 17 on a trail in the Chattahoochee River Park near Atlanta.
 The officer said Glavin also fondled him after the two started talking.

 Glavin, 47, president and chief executive of the Southeastern Legal Foundation,
 said his evil twin was the real culprit. He was in U.S. District Court in connection
 with the case on Tuesday but did not enter a plea because his hearing was rescheduled.

 The foundation, led by Glavin since 1994, fought to abolish Atlanta's affirmative action
 program and sued to have Clinton disbarred for the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

 From: CNN.com
 Thanks to michael@ciswired.com

 Only 108 days until Bill Clinton enters the land of never-ending oral sex.

 "The era of Big Celibacy, ...is over."

 Hang in there, Bill.
 You can do it!

 If I was Bill Clinton, I'd have Sharon Stone's name penciled in on January 21st.

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