Volume 297 - Hard-Hearted and Cocky

 October 14, 2000

 Y'know, ...I understand partisanship, I really do.

 We think that we're the good guys and they're the bad guys,
 They think they're the good guys and we're the bad guys.

 That's a very simple concept that even Smirk could understand.
 But check this out from El Pigbo's show Wednesday:

 "Did you see the picture of former President Bush hammering
   a 'Bush for President' sign into his front lawn? He did it with
   his own two hands, didn't have an aide do it for him...

  This is a very American thing, what Bush senior, did,
   this is a very close, very real family here. folks,
   and it proves how much he loves his son."

   What does that mean?
   What could explain this stupidity, besides another stroke, I mean?

   Is he saying if Gore's dad really loved him, he wouldn't have died?
   If Gore was a good candidate, his father would be alive and have
   a sign in his yard to prove he loves his son Algore?

   Rush has always been a racist, partisan pig, but I remember a time
   when Rush made sense...if you were listening with racist pig ears.

   I think the only thing this tells us is that former President Bush
   didn't finally make up his mind which candidate to support for president
   until three weeks before the election, which seems to be a testament
   to Algore's intelligence, experience and cool-headed thinking in a crisis.

   What was the last crisis Smirk faced down?
   Drunk-driving with his brother Marvin in the car?

 From: jmerritt@icnet.net

 Subject: Texas version of  "Survivor"

 Contestants must drive roundtrip from Amarillo via Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston,
 San Antonio through Lubbock and return to Amarillo in a Subaru with a
 bumper sticker that  reads:

  "I'm gay....and I'm here to take your guns"

 First one to arrive back safely is the winner!

 Great Presidential Quotes

 "It's neck and neck ... I'm looking forward to St. Louis.
  I think you'll find that a very entertaining debate.
  I'm looking forward to the next 25 days.
  It's going to be very hot and heavy."

       -- President Gore, setting up what will surely be
       the biggest live event ever on bartcop.com
       Gore says it's neck and neck and predicts a "hot and heavy" finish!

       Tuesday night - here at  bartcop.com

          If there's gonna be a "big hammer" night, this should be it.

   Pickles was startled when reporters caught her
   carrying the Smirk Puppet off the plane in Austin.

Since Vice-President Gore wouldn't come right out and say it, I will:
Gov. Bush Is hard-hearted.

The inept impementation of children's health insurance in Texas under
his watch is a good sign, but what seals the deal is his claiming he is
going to put three men to death for the death of James Byrd.

As you must be aware, only two were sentenced to die, the other was given a
life imprisonment term.  Has Gov. Bush told the family of the third man, that
"No, I was mistaken, I won't be executing your son?"  Has he corrected his
statement, or is he still intent on executing a man not sentenced to die?

Does he still think everyone on Death Row has had fair access to the courts?
He's willing to execute someone sentenced to life imprisonment.  I don't think
he's fit to serve as Chairman of the Parole Board, much less President of the
United States.  What absolutely convinces me he is hard-hearted was his smug,
happy-to-do-it demeanor when he said all three were going to be put to death.

It's one thing to be wrong in the facts; it's another to show glad you'd be to
sign another three death warrants, even if one of them was contrary to law.
He's hard-hearted.

Bruce Weaver

  I know this is supposed to be a humor site,
  but  serious  mail keeps showing up.

 Did Smirk's office ignore a murder confession?

 Click  Here

 Today's Page Two Girl is in uniform, sometimes...

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 From: glockdot40@hotmail.com

 Subject: Hey Bart....

 Have you always been a stupid-fuck?

 Yes, but I'll bet I own more Glocks than you,
 and I'm much better looking.

 ...by the way,

 ...are you holding your breath for a Smirk victory?

 ha ha

 Great Republican Quotes

 "I want a president who has the intelligence to understand the issues."
    says Republican Mayor Lee Clancey of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

     She's voting for Algore.

 He didn't REALLY say this, did he?


 "Iran is a haven for terrorists and that any arms sales
    to Tehran undercuts American policy."
    -- Son-of-the-traitor/arms salesman, Smirky Bush.

 But Smirk, does this mean we should arrest Reagan and your father?

 When your Daddy made that deal with the Ayatollah,
  he was an unemployed oil man from Texas,
  trying to weasel his way into elected office.

 Whatever deal Clinton and Gore may have made for any goddamn thing,
 they did it as the government of the United States with the full authority
 invested in them by the Constitution.

 Maybe Reagan and your Dad should be arrested...

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