Volume 298 - Paralyzed by Worry

 October 15, 2000

 Celebrity Mail

 Subject: Baseball

 I'm throwing you a bone, not that you deserve it.

 It's going to be a no-subway series.

 You owe me one,


          This Just In...

                    In recent weeks, reporters following the Bush campaign have noted
                    the conspicuous absence of senior Bush foreign policy advisor Condoleeza Rice.
                    Questions concerning her whereabouts beginning just prior to Bush's
                    appearance in the first of the presidential debates have raised
                    serious concerns for observers following the race.

                    Some believe that the absence of Ms. Rice been prompted by
                    rumors of an illicit affair between Ms. Rice and Mr. Bush.
                    It should be noted that the rumored affair has not at this time
                    been confirmed.  However, legitimate questions remain.

                    Even if Mr. Bush did not have an affair with an African
                    American women on his staff, if rumors of that affair had
                    prompted her departure, it would be a significant
                    development in the campaign.  Ms. Rice's name has been
                    widely circulated as a potential cabinet member, perhaps
                    even Secretary of State, in a Bush administration. If Ms.
                    Rice has indeed departed the campaign, and the press has
                    withheld this information from the public to squelch rumors
                    of an illicit affair between Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice, it raises
                    the question of whether the press has lived up to its duty to
                    provide the American people with the necessary information
                    in deciding who should occupy the White House.  It also raises
                    the question of whether members of the news media are selectively
                    reporting the news to influence the outcome of the election.

 Hey, who can blame Smirk here?
 That Condi Rice is one hot babe!

 Have you seen her off the clock?

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 Pick Your own Boss

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 There's something about Today's Page Two Girl

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 Send in your questions for the PEOPLE to ask Smirk.
 Jim Lehrer gave him 2 "passes," but I doubt the people of St Louis will.

 Governor, your running mate Cheney, did not vote for you. Why should we?
  (from Grandma)

 How do you feel about U.S. politicians who take money from Asian conglomerates
 with close ties to the Chinese government, such as Charoen Pokphand?

 Send more questions

 Hurry -the debate is tomorrow night!

From: maverickrepublican@prodigy.net


As to BushBaby's military record, here it is in order of best reporting:

(this one, and the following, contain photocopies, scanned for web viewing,
 of the actual documentation obtained of BushBaby's military record
 through the Freedom of Information Act)


The original story, as reported June 18, 2000:


Now I have some serious questions about this story.  Such as, why is the media not all
over this story like bees on watermelon rinds? It would appear that BushBaby is a true
military deserter and got preferential treatment that kept him from being sent to the
stockade or federal prison or 'Nam. Or, just how much is being paid to keep this story
from 'breaking out' to the masses on a wide scale? And by whom?

Two theories come to my mind:

1. The media is 'sitting' on this story just in case Bush pulls ahead by 10 points or more.
Should that occur, the story will break just a week or so before the election. This kind
of timing is crucial as it gives the Bush camp NO TIME to put a spin on it and 'save'
the election. Call it the media's version of an 'October Surprise'.

2. (And this is the most wickedly evil one of all) The media are resigned to their own belief
that Bush will win no matter what they print. The military story sits, gathering dust and falling
from conscious thought until just after Bush takes office and appoints his cabinet officers.
Then, in payback for what the Religious Reich put Clinton through, BLAM!

It's all over the newspapers.

Either way, Payback is gonna be a mother.

Maverick Republican
"do not assume I support the funny mentalists"

 Lip Smackin' Killin' by Smirk

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 I wonder if Ariel Sharon had any contact with Houston before
 he and his "merry men" took their war-starting little stroll?

 Nahh, couldn't be.

 There's no way Israeli Intelligence could contact a former
 head of the CIA without the Democrats finding out about it.

 There's no way the Republican could be affecting our foreign policy
 because that would be illegal and we can trust them not to betray America.


 I feel better.

 Where to eat in Austin?

 Eat where Clinton eats when he's in town - Guero's Taco Bar

 Try the El Presidente, only $8.95

Vets Want Proof of Bush Service

 Politics/Elections News
 Source: Birmingham News

Ten Jefferson County Vietnam veterans are offering $1,000 to anyone
with proof that Smirk actually served in the Alabama National Guard.

He claims he spent time in the Guard here during 1972,
but there are no available records to back him up.
Opponents say he spent his time in the state working on a Senate campaign.

"We don't want anybody like that leading our country," veteran John Stewart said
Friday as nine other veterans surrounded him at Linn Park. "Not me as a veteran."
Stewart said he wants to see documents showing Bush showed up and signed in for Guard drills.

Bush was a pilot with the National Guard in Texas, but he was granted a transfer in 1972 to
continue his duties in Alabama while he worked in Winton "Red" Blount's Senate campaign.
Blount was a friend of Bush's father.

The AP reported this summer that authorities said no documents exist to show Bush actually
performed Guard duty in Alabama. However, two friends who worked with Bush on his Dad's
friend's campaign have said they remember him serving.
When Bush visited Tuscaloosa in June, he had trouble recalling exactly what he did
at drill in Alabama, but he said he did attend.

"I can't remember what I did , but I wasn't flying because they didn't have the same airplane.
I fulfilled my obligation to my country," Bush said in a Birmingham News story.

The question of whether Bush served resurfaced on the Meet the Press television show,
prompting Stewart and others to pitch in $100 each for a reward.

"We're not looking for people to just come off the streets to say, 'I know him and he was there,'
Stewart said. "We're looking for hard-core evidence."
Dan Bartlett, spokesman for the Bush-Cheney Campaign, said there are documents that Bush
met his requirements for every year he served in the Guard.

"They don't call this the silly season for nothing," Bartlett said.
"Gov. Bush, again, met all of his requirements.
He served honorably and was honorably discharged."

(Ediotr's Note: Yeah - that's proof.)

"This gives you more of a picture of the status of the Gore campaign
 than anything else. They seem to grasping at straws."

Veteran Richard Jones said the veterans set out on their own to expose Bush.
"This is not a Democratic National Committee conspiracy.
 This is not a Gore conspiracy," Jones said. "We got tired of hearing it."

 Does Smirk have real blue blood in his veins?

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 Nobody knows less about Louis Farrakhan than I do.
 Well, maybe Smirk and Bob Dole, but they don't count...

 When Farrakhan debates Tim the Whore, what the hell...
 I'll root for the guy without the obsession with Clinton's cock...

  (This segment isn't about Muslin vs Jew, so let's not get into that.
   This is about Tim the Whore having refried beans for brains.)

 On Sunday's Meet the Whore, Timmy put a Farrakhan quote on the screen
 (in what he thinks is the cleverest trick since they invented the comb)
 and read them aloud in an attempt to put the squirm on Farrakhan.

 "Who controls black arts? who controls black sports figures,
   who controls black intellectuals, black politicians, that they can't
   come and sit with me because someone told them,
  'If you sit with Farrakhan, we will hurt you.'

   When I talk to the Jews, I'm talking to the segment of that quorum
    that holds my people in their grip."

  ...then Tim finishes and Farrakhan responds

 Click Here  to hear the short RealAudio file

 Now like I said, I don't want to get into the Muslim/Jew thing,
 but you have to admit Tim the Whore has no grounds to tell Farrakhan
 what he should and should not be upset about.
 If Russert had any brains, (should I even finish this sentence?)
 he would've laid some foundation to rule out Farrakhan being able to
 bitch-slap Timmy's wide, fat face with that giant carp like you just heard!

 The best part was when he just laughed at that fucking idiot's question.
 Finally, somebody shows Tim the Whore the disrespect he deserves.
 Russert didn't do his job.
 Instead of asking questions and revealing information, he was trying
 to be a confrontational prick, a job he does really well.
 I think Russert's lost his ability to think, to process information.
 I think he's been driven mad by his obsession with Clinton's cock.

 I'm not pro-Farrakhan, and I'm not anti-Israel, but I'm anti-lazy press whore,
 so this round goes to Farrakhan.

 Y'know, I can't tell you what Farrakhan's complaint is.
 Is he that bad at stating?
 Am I that hard to reach?
 Has the press just dropped the give-both-sides ball?

 If I don't know what Farrakhan's problem is, I'll bet a lot of people don't.
 Tim the grand-standing showboat whore could've helped everybody out
 by asking farrakhan for specific examples of specific Jews that have heard
 specific black neighborhoods and then done some fact-checking.
 But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

 And you know why Russert does give a wild shit about this problem?
 It's because it has nothing to do with, ...well, we've been there so many times...

 By the way, we can't let Tim the Whore off the hook that easily.
 This morning, my mail has a recurring question:

 Do they read  bartcop.com  at Saturday Night Live?

 Did you see it last night?
 They did a skit about that partisan MC-Hhore Russert is grilling Hillary while
 throwing nothing but softballs to drooling little Rick the Lick in a live, televised debate.

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 For the speaker-impaired, Hillary calls Russert on his absolute whore-acity,
 Tim the Whore asks her,  "You think I have a hardon for your husband?"

 To which Hillary replies,
 "You are a PIG!
   You have such a damn boner for me and my husband, it's SICK!"

 (Note to the SNL writing staff  It's OK.
  Use anything you want - take anything you need.
  bartcop.com  is a free teaching device available for all who need it.
  No need to bother asking permission, we're all oin the same team,
  go ahead and use what you need, no problemo.)

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "Next week on Fox, the Jacksonville Jagg-offs, ...uh, ...Jaguars."
    -- Pat Summeral, 3:23 CDT on Fox

 ha ha

 You heard it, too...

 Something Good from Bushwatch.com

 Click  here  for the forever version.

From: dt_data@hotmail.com

Subject: Gop Campaign Song

bussshhh dum dum dumb
bussshhh dum dum dumb
bussshhh dum dum dumb
bussshhh dum dum dumb

Here come de' Gub'ner, he come
sneakin' up slowly, he got
missing video, he got
blood gun money, he got
at his feet
Got to be George Bush 'cause he just do what he please

bussshhh dum dum dumb
bussshhh dum dum dumb

He bring no sunshine, he got
Ray-gun-nomics, he got
speaking problem, he try
big election, he say
"Oil Slick Cheney
here with me"
One thing I can tell you is he's no Kennedy
Come together
Right now

bussshhh dum dum dumb
bussshhh dum dum dumb

He bag abortion, he got
air pollution, he go
down to Houston, he say
"tax-break surplus", he got
down degrees
No alcohol or cocaine since he was 43
Come together
Right now

bussshhh dum dum dumb
bussshhh dum dum dumb

He Mess With Texas, he make
fun of 'Disk-lexics', he claim
no dirty campaign, he claim
big heart - no brain, he say
"Limit your
and vote for me."
Got to get them votes but he don't get one from me
Come together
Right now

 ha ha

 Marc Perkel's Candidate Guide

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 Just for grins, John Engler hands a reverse-polarized microphone to Smirk,
 sending 1200 volts thru his skinny ass, causing Smirk to soil his pants.

 Engler said he was, "just trying to cheer Bush up."

 The  St Louis Cardinals  finally exploded on the Mets Saturday.  (Sorry, Rich)
 Maybe they'll explode again tonight.

 Oklahoma  beat up the Wildcats of Kansas State yesterday. (Sorry Wildcat)
 They should be in the Top Five by Sunday night.

 I assume the  Rams  will gore whoever they're playing today.

 "I've never seen a better offense in the history of the NFL
   that what the Rams have right now."
      -- John Madden

 Now, if only the Yankees and Tiger Woods would lose...

 Great Democratic Quotes

"Somebody's got to come up and grab this thing. This is an election
 that's waiting to be won. It strikes me that the one who steps up and does
 something will be the winner. Both sides are paralyzed by worry."
      -- James Carville

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