Volume 301 - Goldilock's Revenge

 October 18, 2000


 From: plc@m-y.net

 Hey Bart
    I watched all of all three debates(and the vices haha).  I am 66 years
 old and on Medicare.  If they gave me part of my little dab to invest I
 would have not the slightest idea what to buy and so when I go out and
 invest and lose-I would not have any and who is picking up the tab then?
 I would go hungry, that's what.  If younger voters are smart enough,
 it might do them some good but even smart folks can mess up in investing.

 Are thinking folks actually going for this?

 No, but the Republicans are.
 I agree.
 If people invest their own money, many will lose it.
 Then at retirement time, they're broke, so we have to use taxpayer funds
 to bail them out. And if people know a bailout is around the corner,
 they'll invest in the high-risk/high-return stuff and lose it for sure.

 I'm glad you said that about "even the smart folks can get hurt."
 In the last couple of years, I bought Fruit-of-the-Loom, which went bankrupt,
 I bought WillBros which fell to 50% and stayed there, same for Hunt Corp.
 I bought Saf-T-Lok, and it's at 30 cents or something now.
 I bought AOL just before the crash...

 But my luck wasn't just landslides.
 I sold my Symbol Tec just before it went from 11 to 44.
 If it wasn't for Mexican Wal-Mart, I'd be living in my car.

 So if a really sharp dude like me can lose money in the stock market,
 just think how dangerous it would be for the simpler people?

 Besides, Smirk's stock market will crash like a tossed-TV on Sunset Boulevard.

 Today's Page Two Girl is a Queen

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From: christian06@earthlink.net
(Published author)

All right, now Iím mad.

As many of us have heard by now, thanks to an October 13 Salon article,
which some of the mainstream press have finally been shamed into picking up,
George W. Bush ignored a murder confession sent to him that exonerated two
other men currently in prison for the crime.

Achim Josef Marino, who is in prison on an unrelated conviction, wrote the
confession to Governor Bush in February 1998, saying, "I tell you this sir.
I did this awful crime and I was alone."  He even told how evidence linking
him to the crime ­ including the murder weapon ­ could be found.

The weapon could be recovered from police who confiscated it from Marino
when he was arrested for another crime a week later, and the murder victimís
keys and other evidence could be found, he said, at his parentsí house.
They were.

What did Governor Bush do with this letter?

Mike Jones, a spokesman for Governor Bush, defended Bushís action,
or lack thereof, by saying that the governorís office had no legal obligation
to turn the letter over to the district attorney.

Gee, that sounds a lot like Vice President Goreís much ridiculed "no controlling
legal authority" remark about his visit to a Buddhist Temple.  The difference?
Well, there are three differences, actually.  First, Vice President Gore has repeatedly
acknowledged that he regrets the statement, and secondly, he didnít do anything wrong.
The Buddhist Temple visit was not a fundraising event.  Say it with me, folks:
Not a fundraising event.  And third, and most important, there is a huge distinction
between attending a fundraiser (which, I repeat, Vice President Gore DID NOT do)
and withholding exculpatory evidence in a murder trial, which Governor Bush DID.

Mr. Jones said the letter was not turned over to the District Attorneyís office because
Marino said he was mailing them a copy as well.  In such cases, Mr. Jones said, a letter
would not be forwarded, "to avoid duplication."  Well, Thank God for that.
Thank God yet another potentially disastrous "duplicated letter" scenario has been avoided.
Yes, itís much more important to make sure that the District Attorney doesnít get two copies
of a murder confession than it is to see that innocent people are not kept in prison for crimes
they did not commit.  I mean, if the District Attorney got two copies of every murder
confession that got made, why, he might have to buy another filing cabinet.

"There is no doubt in my mind," Bush maintains, "that each person who has been executed
in our state was guilty of the crime committed" and that all of his stateís condemned prisoners
have had "full access to the courtsÖand to a fair trial."

Well, Governor Bush, Iím going to use a favorite phrase of yours:  Guess what?
DNA tests have cleared Christopher Ochoa and Richard Danziger of the rape and murder
for which they have served 12 years in prison.  It is reasonable, then, to assume that at least
some of the other murder convictions handed down in the Texas courts were mistaken,
including the case of Gary Graham, who was convicted on the testimony of one eyewitness
despite five other witnesses who say he wasnít the guy.  Mr. Graham was executed for that
crime a few months ago.

Still, Governor Bushís office maintains, "This matter was handled appropriately."

Oh, really?  Letís ask Christopher Ochoa and Richard Danziger if they think this matter was
handled appropriately.  Letís ask them if they feel it was appropriate that theyíve spent 12 years
and counting in prison for a crime they didnít commit.  Letís ask them if they feel it was appropriate
that police exacted a phony confession out of Mr. Ochoa by warning him he would be executed
if he did not confess.  Letís ask Mr. Danziger if he feels it was appropriate that the police tricked a
confession out of Mr. Ochoa by falsely telling him that Mr. Danziger had confessed and was
implicating him.  And letís ask Mr. Ochoa if he feels it was appropriate that he suffered such a severe
beating while in prison for a crime he didnít commit that he has permanent head injuries as a result.

But worst of all is what the Governorís statements implicate about Bushís personality.
They demonstrate a blood-chilling disregard for human life and a breathtaking lack of
seriousness toward his role as arbiter of who lives and who dies in Texas.

Governor, as J.C. Watts, a member of your own party, said, "Character means doing the right thing
even when nobodyís looking."  When nobody was looking, Governor Bush has worked six-hour days,
given tax breaks to oil companies at the expense of childrenís health care, used insider tips to dump
stock for an $850,000 profit with no SEC penalties, used the power of his office to confiscate private
property at rates well below market value to build a baseball stadium for a team he owned and reap
a $15 million profit, and gleefully executed 145 people despite gross prosecutorial and law
enforcement misconduct, inept defense counsel and exculpatory evidence in many cases.

People are finally starting to look, Governor, and frankly, we donít like what weíre seeing.

Ann Richards said, "You can put lipstick on a pig and call it Monique, but itís still a pig."
Well, Governor Bush, you can call yourself a "compassionate conservative" all you want.
The evidence indicates otherwise.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, folks.
Thatís just the real George W. Bush.
Heís just hoping you donít find out until after November 7.


 One second after pressing "send" on my e-mail to Joe Conason, this showed up.

Paula Jones in Penthouse:
You'll Buy It for the Conason Interview
 By David Carr

Staring at the Paula Jones pictorial in the December issue of Penthouse,
you can almost hear the negotiations. ''The good news, Paula, is that if you
take off your clothes, we'll give you six figures. The bad news is that you
have to talk to Joe Conason afterwards.''

Jones, whose charge of sexual harassment against Bill Clinton prompted a
deposition that nearly brought down a presidency, did both for Penthouse. In
the pictures, she comes off as a woman in full control of her destiny. In
the story, she seems like a hapless, not particularly bright waif who was
blown about by forces beyond her control. All in all, not a pretty picture.

Writing in the New York Observer and Salon during the impeachment crisis,
Conason was one of the most aggressive, stalwart defenders of Clinton, doing
more than his share to peel back the alleged vast right-wing conspiracy that
was pursuing the president. He seems an odd choice to interview Jones,
seeing as he did his level best to knock down her story, but then Penthouse
is known for odd couplings. (Penthouse did not return calls for comment.)

''I was interested because Paula agreed to talk to me about how she felt let down
by the conservatives who were working with her on her case,'' Conason says.
''The most important thing that she told me was that she didn't realize that there
 had been a real offer of settlement back in the fall of 1997, before her case
 blew up into an impeachment crisis.''

(Ediotr's Note: Isn't it illegal for a lawyer to withhold an offer from his client?)

In the issue, which reaches newsstands later this week, Conason documents a
scenario in which Jones, searching for personal vindication, became a host
for a series of political pilot fish trying to take down the president.

Jones tells Conason that after her original lawyers resigned from the case,
the second set of lawyers from Texas had no interest in settling the case,
hence the near-mortal, now-infamous Clinton deposition. John Whitehead,
head of the conservative, religious Rutherford Institute was among the people
advising her not to settle, Jones says, as was Susan Carpenter-McMillan, a
confidante and conservative activist. ''Oh, no, she sure didn't want me to settle,''
Jones says in the article. ''She knew that I could prove my case and win.''

Carpenter-McMillan accuses Conason of taking Jones's quotes entirely out of context.
''Joe Conason has his own agenda and it is about as transparent as the one he accuses
Whitehead of having,'' she says. ''He is in the same boat, only on the other side.''

Carpenter-McMillan is sticking by her girl, Penthouse undressing or not.
''Paula has been like a kid sister to me and will remain such for the rest of my life,''
McMillan says. ''When someone you love that much makes a mistake, in your
opinion, you don't abandon them. You can see she was used and abused one
more time by the Clinton apologists, and the enticement was money. These people
would pay anything to destroy conservatives and morals in this country.''

 (Ediotr's Note: This baby-killing hypocrite has had two abortions,
  and she's going to lecture us on morals?)

Conason is ready with a response. ''Listen, these are people who have asserted
for several years that Paula Jones is a truthful and sincere person,'' Conason says.
''All of the sudden, they don't like what she is saying about them and their movement,
and that seems a little inconsistent to me.''

Luci the Bat Goldberg, who brokered the Linda Tripp tapes to Newsweek, says
Penthouse knew what it was doing when it picked Conason to reveal the other
side of Paula Jones. ''If they just picked somebody out in the hall, no one
would care, but Conason puts the wrinkle on it,'' she says. ''I was sad that
she did it, sad that she had to spend so much time with Joe Conason, and I
just hope they paid her a boatload of money for it.''

But conservative pundette Ann Coulter, one of the legal ''elves'' who assisted Jones,
is pissed at Jones. ''I totally believed she was the good Christian girl she made herself
out to be,'' Coulter says. ''I was doing this for her, not just to expose Clinton ...
(but) now it turns out she's a fraud -- at least to the extent of pretending to be
an honorable and moral person.''

''Everyone kept saying 'there are no heroes in this story,' which was completely wrong
-- if Paula had been what she claimed to be,'' she says. ''I really did think she was a hero
with dignity and nobility and tremendous courage. Now she's just as gross as Monica.
Clinton sure can pick 'em, can't he?''

...as if there was evidence Clinton "picked" Paula Jones.

 Jake Tapper has some good points

 Full  Story

 But it was the Texas governor whose karma caught up with him this night. A
 lifetime -- surely a campaign season -- of coasting, not enough of that fancy
 book-learnin', came back and took a Texas-size chomp from his Lone Star ass.
 The Chevy Chase of American politics phoned in a real dud of a performance
 Tuesday night, trying to slide by on charm and little else.

From: pbledsoe63@email.msn.com

Subject: Ben Stein


I just finished watching the various talking heads give their post debate spins.
Most were true to form and there were not many surprises.  Although a few
repugs did grudgingly state that Gore "might" have won.  But the thing that
prompted me to write was watching Ben Stein and Elaine Boosler on CNN.

I was just flabbergasted.  I have to admit that from time to time, I have watched
Stein's game show on Comedy Central and did enjoy it.  But his "performance"
tonight ended that forever.  Elaine kept hitting him with statistics (most of which
I have seen in more or less reputable sources elsewhere), and all Stein could do
was rant like the dittohead, former Tricky Dick lackey that he is.  He kept going
on and on about how "Gore is a thug" and saying how all the stats that Elaine
gave him were made-up.

I could've almost written this off to them both being comedians and them just
doing their schtick, but his closing statement made it very clear that he was very
serious about his hatred of Gore and his love of Bush.  He went on about how
Bush was a decent, respectable, honest man who has NEVER had his integrity
questioned.  Thanks to your site, and others, I KNOW BETTER!!!

I have to apologize to you.  When you talked about him in unflattering terms before,
I thought "Man, Bartcop is being too hard on ol' Ben."
But now, I see that you were right on the money.



I don't guess Stein is any worse than the others,
but after Judas Stephanopolous Maximus,
Stein's the one I'd pay the most to hurt.

From:  "..ummie finish..." JennyQ1@aol.com

Ben Stein is on CNN calling Gore a "Thug".
He just said it for the fourth time in one segment.

Ben Stein endorses ETrade and Clear Eyes.

How about posting the email addresses for the PR departments
for those two entities on your site, so that we can contact them
and boycott their products?


Here's what I sent to Etrade:

It's my understanding Ben Stein speaks for you.
I will not do any business with you as long as that's the case.
He is a cheap-shot SOB and as long as you employ him
you will not get any of my money.


Clear Eyes:
They don't list an e-mail address to contact (get it?) them,
but they have a phone number of 1-800-258-7677
Might as well make them pay for that call.

 Does anyone know when the new Paula Jones pictures will be out?


 From: Miss "...ummie finish..." herself, JennyQ1@aol.com

 I don't know how the demographics will break for those who watched
 the debate, but I gotta tell ya. As a woman, I was SOOOOOO impressed,
 on a gut level,  with Gore's aggression and command - beginning with
 when he stepped up on W early on.

 He looked like a caged tiger who was fed live prey
 and toyed with it for 90 minutes before devouring it.

 ha ha

 The pacing, the strutting, the invasion of territory..
 It was utterly primitive.
 And Gore was HOT!!!!

 Yes, he's a Democrat.
 Democrats are lusty, zesty men - doers, if you will,

 Making Believers

 Full Story

 He made mean in the first debate, made nice in the
 second, and -- judging from a USA TODAY focus group
 -- Al Gore made believers Tuesday night in the third and
 final presidential debate before Election Day.

 Lying Pigboy Quotes

 "All the Democrats are upset with Gore's performance last night.
  Dane Strother said he was angry because Gore was supposed to
  knock Bush out, was supposed to put Bush away last night,
  but he helped Bush more than he helped himself."

  Who the fuck is Dane Strother?

 ha ha

 Pigboy uses Dane Strother as an example of "all the liberals?"

 I have a rule:
 If I've never heard of some son of a bitch, he can't be anybody.
 (Just kidding, Dane)

 For Pigboy to dig down that far, he would've had to go past 3,000
 legitimate liberals you might've heard of to find Dane Strother.

 Look here, I found his e-mail address:  xyxyxyxy@xyxy..com
 I'm going to write him an e-mail that he'll remember - right now.

 Mr. Strother,

 Rush is using YOU as proof that "all the liberals admit Gore lost" last night.

 Is he lying, or are you that crazy?
 You think that smirking idiot won the debate?
 The guy who couldn't answer any questions without reverting back
 to his standard, memorized stump speeches?

 If you're not seething with rage at Rush's misquote, you must be a ditto-monkey.
 If you're a ditto-monkey, how did you get a job as a Democratic media consultant?

 Why would the Democrats hire a man who would stab them in the back?

 Wouldn't it be better of you worked for Bush?
 That way, you could stab HIM in the back.

 Could you straighten me out on this?


 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "All last night, Gore was invading Bush's face."

 He said that at least five times in a row..
 No, Pigboy, try to remember, write it down if you have to...

 You "invade the other guy's space," or you "get in his face."
 You don't "invade the guy's face," you stupid putz.

 Will the real Slim Smoggy please stand up?

 That's what he did last night.
 He showed us the real Smirk, and everybody gagged.

 By Virginia Postrel, ditto-monkey
 editor-at-large of Reason magazine

 Bush blew it.
 As the vice president's campaign might say, he babbled -- talking first about
 how Gore's savings subsidies would bust the budget, then for some bizarre reason
 bringing up Medicare and promising that we'll live in a peaceful world with more
 educated citizens if he gets elected. Sandwiched in between these random promises
 was what should have been the lead -- "You are going to get tax relief under my plan"
 -- with no follow-up explanation. Bush missed his moment, and the public
 discussion is the poorer for it.

From: (withheld)

When the camera showed Bush's body while Gore spoke,
he made little wiggling movements with his torso and legs.
He looked like a small boy who can't wait to go to the bathroom.

If you have any footage of that, and are capable of making it "fast motion,"
I think everyone will agree with me.

Can one of your technology helpers come up with a little
fast motion Bush wiggle for  bartcop.com?

I got hammered last night, and I feel bad this morning.
Can't they hold these debates on Friday nights?

 Todd Gitlin, professor of culture, journalism and sociology at NYU

For anyone with an open eye and ear, Al Gore revealed himself to be an intelligent,
thorough and confident figure who one could imagine -- without much difficulty --
mastering the Oval Office.

George W. Bush revealed himself to be a shambling, evasive babbler.

Now it's evident that there are a substantial number of Americans, especially in the
contested states, who want their president stupid. If there are enough of those people,
then Bush won this debate by losing it, by demonstrating his hapless incompetence and
almost daffy incapacity.

If the majority of the American public is unstampeded by the argument that this
empty-headed jokester is a "uniter and not a divider," then they will see that Al Gore
is up to the task of governing, and W. should return to running ball teams,
especially with public subsidy.

I'm aghast at the shallowness and sheer incompetence of the man. I was trying to
figure out how he could have been so dopey, and I'm wondering if he got some
disturbing news or a punch in the head before the debate, because he struck me as
surprisingly feeble and diminished. He couldn't budge from his script, and he seemed
like a drugged Stepford husband.

That this man could be close to the presidency is appalling beyond words.
How any serious person could find him persuasive is beyond me.
I think the mindless repetition of Republican pieties is what he has to offer.
And if there are enough Republicans out there who think intoning
"tax and spend, tax and spend" is the answer to the problems of the
modern world, then Bush wins. And God help us all.

ha ha

Well put, Professor Gitlin

 From: stevestark@hotmail.com

 Placebo boy (GWB, for those of you who don't recognize that he's just
 spouting sugary rhetoric with no substance) blew it tonight.

 It was kind of pathetic in parts, like when he answered (basically)"What she said."
 That was straight from the SNL skit two weekends ago!

 Also, it was more than a bit prissy and arrogant to refuse to answer some
 of Gore's questions, even if it was following the rules.

 GWB is such a moron.

 Great Smirk Quotes

 "I too want to extend my prayers to the ó and blessings, God's blessings
   on the families whose lives were overturned  last night."

 OVERTURNED?!  What an idiot!

 ha ha

  Phyllis Schlafly, president of Dried up Old Hags for Smirk

 I was very pleased with the way Bush presented himself.
 He was relaxed and informed,

 ha ha

 She's lying!
 She can't possibly be pleased with Mr. I-don't-know

 James Carville's wife called this the "Goldilocks" debate.
 The first Algore was "too mean," she said
 The second Algore was "too nice," she said.

 But the third Algore was "just right."

 ha ha

 Oh, Rush is going to be in a bad mood today...
 Once again, their dreams of the White House are crumbling.
 Their "Buddhist temple" and "invented the internet" strategy has failed.
 They put up the Cotton Candy Kid and he couldn't stop sucking his thumb.

 Remember how it was under Bush and Red-Ink Reagan?

 If some 18-year old kid can't make up his mind, it's because he was only
 ten years old when Clinton took over and solved this country's problems.

 New voters don't remember the Reagan Recessions.
 New voters don't remember the Reagan bank failures.
 New voters don't remember the monster unemployment he caused.
 New voters don't remember the record murder rates and the gang wars.

 It happened to me again - I was watching a Law & Order when George Dundza
 and Chris Noth were the detectives. They were talking to a suspect about a job
 and he said, "Are you kidding? In this economy?"

 The kids don't understand what it was like before the Democrats fixed it.

 From: wezeldog@gate.net

 Subject: Shrub and the "Liberal Media": A conspiracy.

 I can't talk for long.
 The black helicopters are circling.
 Must be the transponder the CIA stuck in my skull that
 let's them know my position at all times.

 You have already said this, but as fellow human being with a IQ of 64
 I am so dense it takes months of repetition to sink in.
 Why is the "liberal media" giving Shrub a free ride?

 Seriously. The guy is dumb as a bag of hammers.

 ha ha

 Add to it his pathetic record and questionable business dealings
 and what do you get? Another 4 years of scandal, that's what.

 Sure, they talk about "Clinton Fatigue", but they can't let
 go now. They can smell REAL scandal. During the CCH
 (Clinton Cock Hunt) the media realized that there is money
 to be made. They won't need $52 Million and Hardon Kenny:

 Bush will self-destruct in front of our eyes.
 Of course, ole Bartcop (along with Letterman, Miller and Leno)
 get four more years of material. A high price to pay for comedy...oof

 Did I mention that he is also a wuss like his dad and will
 spread cheeks the moment someone calls his bluff?
 Remember what a stellar job he did standing up to Al about the debates?
 I can't believe any red-blooded American would
 want that guy to step into the ring. I need a drink.

 Gotta run. I'm gonna pull that transponder out my skull through my nose
  ...with Vise-Grips...


 Smirk the Jerk tried to stand tall.
 Smirk the Jerk had a great fall.
 All the soft money,
 and all the soft men,
 couldn't put Smirky together again.

 Last night reminded me of the first Sugar Ray/Hearns fight.

 Before they put on skirts, back when men were men,
 they fought 15 rounds if it was a championship fight.
 It was a hell of a battle, one of the best ever.

 Hearns had been pummeling leonard all night.
 After 14 rounds, most had Hearns ahead, and it looked it.
 Leonard's eyes were almost swollen shut - he looked Chinese.
 Angelo Dundee got in Sugar Ray's face and screamed at him.

 "You're blowing it, son. You're blowing it!
   You wanna to be a fucking bum all your life?"

 ...which is an odd thing to say to a man who was in the
 middle of making $5,000,000 for an hour's work.

 One of the announcers thought that was a harsh way for Dundee
 to speak to his employer, and said so, but the other announcer
 said, "Dundee knows his man, he knows what motivates him."

 Anyway, and this is so seared into my mind, Leonard came out that
 last round and caught Hearns with a windmill right that sent Hearns
 back into the ropes. Smelling victory, Leonard advanced on Hearns
 and while staring at his dazed opponent, motioned with his right hand
 for the referee to step in and stop the fight.

 The referee didn't want to be seen as "obeying" Sugar Ray,
 so he let the fight continue, and Ray turned into an octupus on Desoxin.
 Hearns was catching more leather than Matt Glavin after dark.
 The referee stooped the fight to protect Hearns, and the "fucking bum,"
 was the winner by a technical knockout.

 How does this relate to last night?

 Tipper withheld sex from Al until after he scalped Smirk.

 Christopher Buckley, editor of Forbes FYI magazine

 Maybe the operative question last night should have been,
 "Which one of you two guys would I like to be stuck on a long bus ride with?"
  For me that would settle it very quickly. Jim Lehrer.

 Hey, Dumbass!
 We're not picking a bus-ride partner, you moron.
 We're picking a guy to outwit Saddam and North Korea.
 I doubt Smirk could outwit Kathy Lee Gifford.

 What kind of moron picks a president on how much fun he'd be to travel with?

 A Smirk-voter, that's who, because they know their boy loses
 if the contest is about brains or competence or the ability to think.

 I think  JennyQ1@aol.com   should get some kind of royalty from Smirk
 because all last night he kept saying, "..ummie finish, ummie finish.."

 She wrote that...

 Coming to work, I caught some K-Drag Nazi radio feedback.
 Listening to them eat it was fun:

 "Smirk isn't as stupid as he seemed last night, right?"

 "When Smirk stumbled, and forgot where he was, and urged Jim
  to go on to the next question, it wasn't because he didn't know the answer,
  it was because he'd answered it and didn't want to be redundant."

 "I still think Smirk won, despite his poor showing."

 "Gore wasn't a very nice man last night."

 ha ha

 Rush will be great today!

 Martin Sheen, president Josiah Bartlet

 Bush is a bully.
 I don't think he has any heart.
 That scares me.
 I've seen him. I've watched him.
 He's like a bad comic working the crowd.
 He's too angry.
 He talks too loud.
 He's acting compassionate.
 It's not real.

 As I type this, I'm listening to Clinton speak at the memorial service
 for the 17 sailors who died defending our country.

 I thought about how President Smirk might handle this job.
 Stupid smirking, laughing, making stupid jokes, dancing around the
 podium like a little kid, mangling the names of the fallen,
 probably even mangling the name of the ship, the USS Cole.
 Knowing Smirk, he'd probably call it "The Collie."

 Thank Koresh, America saw the real Slim Smoggy last night.

 From:  matthagin@hotmail.com

 CSPAN Podium watch reveals what an ineffective leader Smirk would be if elected.
 The conservative media really doesn't want anyone to know.

 I taped the Podium Watch version.
 Podium Watch is the split screen version.
 You can see both candidates during the debate.

 In this version of the debate, Gore looked totally Presidental - Bush looked like a fool.
 Bush starts out looking confident and cocky - winking at the audience and smiling.
 By the end, he looks like he's totally tapped out. Gore looked almost too controlled
 - his face reddened a couple of times. That's normal - when you know the media are
 looking for any excuse to screw him. Check out Smirk when Al nails him!

 If Smirk is elected, we will be in trouble. His body language is absolutely appalling
 in situations where he let's his guard down. There is no way he has the stamina to deal
 with the job of president. Even his wife looked depressed at the end of the debate.

 ha ha

 Smirk the Hitcher!!

 I'm gonna miss Ol' Smirk!

 (Editor's Note: Cunningham has a funny photo montage you'd like)

 Click  Here

Thumbs up for Gore
by Roger Ebert

Gore creamed Bush.
Gore was informed, articulate, on topic and persuasive.
Bush was vague, rambling, hesitant.
Bush's Johnny Carson nice-guy act wore out.
Gore finally found the balance between calm and conviction.

Bush did not seem like a man whose attention was fully engaged,
as when he assured the family farmer his agriculture plan was to "feed the world."
Or when he said "insurance" was "a Washington term."

One self-described middle-class, unmarried woman stood up and asked how each
candidate's tax plan would help her. Gore replied with specifics.
Bush's answer weirdly drifted to his plans for a strong military.

Bush lacked specifics. He talked in platitudes.
Gore used platitudes, too, but moved on to specifics.
When Bush tried to cite facts, as in his explanation of his tax plan,
he didn't inspire confidence that he understood what he was talking about.
I knew what he was trying to say about tax rates for the wealthy because
I'd read articles advising him on how he should address that issue.
But he wasn't able to say it clearly.

Bush avoided specifics in replying to the African-American woman who asked
about diversity and affirmative action; you wouldn't learn from his answer that race
had anything to do with the subject. He was even less able to deal with Gore's crossfire.

Bush tried to equate "affirmative action" with "quotas."
Gore pointed out that quotas are illegal.
Bush responded, "if affirmative action means what I just said I was for, I'm for it."
It does not mean that, Gore said, asking how Bush stood on affirmative action
as it has been defined by the Supreme Court.

Did Bush know what the court had said?
He only lamely repeated himself.
Jim Lehrer reprimanded Gore for talking out of turn, which was fair enough,
but didn't give Bush an opportunity to elaborate -- for which the governor
must have been thankful.

ha ha

Gore had command of facts and issues; he was sure of himself.
With Bush, I had the feeling there was little left unsaid, that he
was spinning his wheels trying to get to the two-minute mark.
He reminded me of a student who had crammed for the exam,
knew the names and the terms, but didn't deeply understand them
-- who was substituting generalizations for answers.

Gore won the debate.
More to the point, Bush did not demonstrate competence.
Gore seemed presidential.
Bush did not.

 New York, New York

 "Your're going to hear that song a million times in the next two weeks.
   It's the Mets vs the Yankees."

 Swear to Koresh, I won't hear that song once in the next two weeks.
 The baseball season has ended, as far as I'm concerned.

 Bradley Whitford, West Wing's  Josh Lyman

 You offer up Jesus Christ in a debate,
 and then you execute more people
 than the other governors combined?
 Do you really believe that Jesus,
 who himself was killed because of the death penalty,
 would be pro-death penalty?

 Great Presidential Quotes

"If you want someone who believes we were better off eight years ago
 than we are now and that we ought to go back to the kinds of policies
 we had back then  ... here is your man."
     -- President Algore, pointing to the clueless, smirking idiot.

 From the Washington Post

 ST. LOUIS, Oct. 17 ĖĖ The bigger man never looked so big as he did inside the
 debate hall tonight. Vice President Al Gore has a couple of inches and a couple of
 pounds on Texas Gov. George W. Bush--but it might as well have been feet and tons.

 With his bold strides around the room, with his large gestures and his booming voice,
 and especially with his aggressive attempts to pin Bush to the mat on one painful issue
 after another, Gore seemed to fill 90 percent of the space.

 But does that make a man presidential? Bush read Gore's effort to overshadow him and,
 in an odd way, opted to make himself a little bit smaller. There was something puppylike about him.
 ha ha
 Arf! Arf!

 He began many of his answers with a timid sort of "ummm," and sometimes let his voice drop
 to a whisper. More than once, Bush appealed to the moderator or to the audience to help stop
 Gore's bully-boy ways. He made small jokes and small gestures.

 From the BBC

 The vice-president also made Mr Bush look
 weak on policy details, accusing him of not
 knowing what he was talking about.

 ha ha

 Rush is going to be real upset today...

Hey, Smirk!

Who's fuzzy now?

 ha ha

The "hand of truth" showed up and Smacked Smirk a few times last night.

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