Volume 338 - Menacing

 November 24, 2000

Fight Back!

Please call and write these sites and phone numbers. Keep calling even if the
line is busy. Call in these talk shows, write emails to all the right and left Media outlets.
Don't let that idiot Smirk steal this election.

Bombard them all.

National TV Shows
Washington Journal, C-SPAN, 7:00 a.m.
Listener Line - Dems - 202-624-1111

Talk Back Live, CNN, 3-4 p.m.
Listener Line - 800-310-4266

Internight, MSNBC, 8-9 p.m.
Listener Line - 888-MSNBC-USA

Hannity and Colmes, Fox News Channel, 9-10 p.m.
Listener Line - 888-TELL FOX

National Radio Shows

Doug Stephan, Radio America, 5-9 a.m.

Ron Owens Show, ABC Radio, 6-8:45 a.m.

The Diner Show with Phil Paleologos, Talk America, 7-9 a.m.

Dave Barber, WKDF, Flint, Michigan, 8 a.m.- Noon

The Hill Reporter with Martin Tolchin, UBN, 9-10 a.m.

Diane Rehm, Public Radio, 10-11 a.m.

Talk of the Nation with Ray Suarez, 2-4 p.m.

Newsmaker with Mike Foudy and Michelle Lexalt, UBN 3-7 p.m.

Beyond the Beltway with Bruce Dumont, 7-9 p.m.

Gil Gross Show, CBS Radio, 8-10 p.m. Tuesdays

Bill Cunningham, WLW, Cincinnati, OH, 9 p.m.- Midnight

Night Talk with Bob Law, American Urban Radio, 9 p.m. - Midnight

Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One Network, 10 p.m. - 1 a.m.

Conservative Talk Shows!

Bob Grant, WOR, New York, 3-7 p.m.

Chuck Harder, Talk America Radio, 2-5 p.m.

Don Imus, Infinity, 6-10 a.m.

G. Gordon Liddy, Infinity, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
800-G G Liddy

El Pigbo Rush Limbaugh, EIB, 12-3 p.m.

Mary Matalin, CBS, 3-7 p.m.

Ollie North, Salem, 3-7 p.m.

Mike Savage, KSFO, San Francisco, 7-10 p.m.

 So, Smirk has gone running to the Supreme Court of idiots and clowns.
 Is there a more incompetent group of losers in America?
 I'd feel more comfortable grabbing 9 adults coming out of the Grinch movie
 and have them decide this than those moronic dorks in black robes.

 Besides, whatever ruling they make, they will be "rewriting the rules, after the election."
 Smirk was whining like a stuck Limba at that prospect yesterday.
 That's exactly what he said he didn't want.

 Great GOP Quotes

"There is absolutely  no hatred  from the Republicans."
    -- David Drier (R-Liar) on Equal Time

 Party Operatives Start ‘Spontaneous’ Demonstrations

 Republican demonstrators celebrate in Miami Wednesday after receiving word
 that the local election board voted unanimously to suspend the county's hand recount.

 Nov. 24 — In an apparent exercise of spontaneous public outrage, demonstrators
 surged through the county office building in Miami-Dade County Wednesday,
 demanding an end to the hand recount there.
      The shouting demonstrators, accusing Democratic election officials of taking the count
 behind closed doors, contributed to one election supervisor’s vote to end the hand recount.
     “If what I’d envisioned worked out and there were no objections, we’d be up there now counting,”
 election supervisor David Leahy said.
      But that demonstration, ABCNEWS has learned, was neither spontaneous, nor local.
 It was an organized Republican Party protest, run by 75 party operatives out of a headquarters
 in a motor home in Miami, and six Democratic Congressmen have written a letter to the Justice
 Department urging it “to investigate what may be an egregious effort to undermine” the right
 of voters in Dade County.
     In a statement this afternoon, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joe Lieberman
 said he believed the demonstrations intended to stop the recounting of the votes.
   “These demonstrations were clearly designed to intimidate and to prevent a simple count of
 votes from going forward,” Lieberman said. “This is a time to honor the rule of law, not surrender
 to the rule of the mob.”
    Now the operatives and their motor home are in Broward County, where a recount is still going on.
   “There are paid political operatives from out of state who have come down to South Florida”
 and helped stop the recount in Miami, said Congressman Peter Deutsch, D-Fla. “I think we need
 to immediately have a federal investigation of this attempt to stop a fair and accurate count.”
    But Republican Party lawyer Theodore Olson (married to whore Barbara) told ABCNEWS’
 Good Morning America he thought the protests were part of the democratic process.
  “If citizens of the United States are voluntarily objecting to the process where the rules change,
 and where Democratic officials take these ballots behind closed doors where they can’t be
 observers, I think American citizens are entitled to do that sort of thing,” Olson said.
    Lieberman said the demonstrations should stop and asked the Bush-Cheney campaign
 to call off the demonstrators.
  “We need a fair count of the ballots in question and that must include freedom from intimidation,”
 he said. The Bush campaign did not return two phone calls today from ABCNEWS.com.

 Great GOP Quotes

 "Dick Cheney is in good health.
   He did  NOT  have a heart attack."
   -- some lying Pollyanna bastard

 Thanks to the great JennyQ at mediawhoresonline.com

Betty Bowers' Ministry Newsletter

Christmas 2000

Dear Acolyte:

We are just about to celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus!  But before
you brandish your AMEX card, remember that when the Lord said He helps
those who help themselves, He wasn't referring to a second piece of
free-range turkey at Thanksgiving, dear.  It is with this in mind that I
enjoy using this time of year to sharpen my skills at buying Christmas
gifts for others by first lavishing myself with the few things that I
don't already own.  And charity truly begins at home ­ or, in my case,
homes.  When you visit my webpage, you will notice that I have a
"fresher," more glamorous look.  Yes, I was created in God's image, but
that is no reason not to avail myself to the refinements on the Lord's
rough draft that are provided by Los Angeles doctors and Swiss spas.

Would that all of my Sisters-in-Christ had the wherewithal to pay more
scrupulous attention to their look.  While I was recovering at Terme di
Montecatini from some highly successful surgery (some may call it
"elective," but any woman of discernment recognizes an imperative in the
candor of a bathroom mirror), I called my sweet Sister-in-Christ Katherine
Harris in Florida.  Without a trace of rancor or reproach, I reminded her:
"Kath, regardless of how inexpensive your foundations is, I doubt each
bottle was intended to be one application, dear."

ha ha

Speaking of mugs, while you partake in the less engaging task of shopping
for others, take a look at the new Christmas Coffee Mugs designed by Betty
Bowers' Christian Crack Whores.  They can be ordered here:


Proceeds from each mug goes to purchasing "fun furs" for the homeless
through my Christians Having A Righteously Itemized Tax Year ministry.

My Christian Crack Whores have also designed a FREE downloadable Christmas
Card.  What a lovely addition to sign and slip into a box containing a
Betty Bowers t-shirt or mug this Christmas!  You can download this card here:


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And a special Christmas Gift from me is my personal assistant Miss Anne
Thrope's new testimony from her recent Near Death Experience.  Gather your
whole family around the fire and share the charming story of Anne's visit
to God's glory.  I don't usually promote name-droppers, but Anne did
actually speak with Jesus while she was momentarily dead.  His comments
may surprise you.


I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday, surrounded by those you love ­ and
more importantly, those who appreciate your clothes.   Next month, edits
on my new book should be complete and I will have lots of new Epistles of
Profound Christian Advice to share with you.

So close to Jesus, His Christmas shopping is ruining my credit,

Betty Bowers

America's Best Christian

From: DHTRADER@aol.com

Subject: Dr. Laura pics

Hey Bartcop,     I really love your site.
Can you give me a link to the nude pics of Dr. Laura ?
A friend of mind doesn't believe they exist.
Keep up the good work.

Denny Hupp

Your friend is liable to have an accident when he sees them.
Be sure to tell him that there's one picture I can't post
without something covering her lil' Grand Canyon.

 What is R.A.S.?
 And how is it cured?

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From: PFCDylan@aol.com

Subject: Qualified


  This whole crisis we've got going here with the ballot recounts in Florida,
and the obvious disdain for the "voice of the people" by the Bush camp is
really getting old. Also, it's making me nervous. What if, by some freak
twist of fate, the most unqualified man for the job (i.e., George W. Bush)
becomes president of the most powerful country on the planet?

  Partisanship aside, let's take an honest look at who, between Vice
president Al Gore and Governor George "Dubya" Bush, is really qualified to
hold the office of President of the United States of America.

* Vice President Gore *
1.) Vice President Gore has held an elected position in Washington since 1976,
(about the same time George W. Bush was becoming aquatinted with the judicial system).

2.) Gore has been in the House of Representatives and also held a seat in the
Senate. Not only that, but Gore has held the office of Vice President of the
United States for about eight consecutive years.

3.) Gore has military knowledge: He voluntarily fought in Vietnam, (about the
same time George W. Bush went UA). Besides his own service in America's
military, Gore has served as Vice Commander in Chief for about eight years now ...

4.) Gore understands foreign policy.

5.) He also understands domestic policy.

* George "Dubya" Bush *
1.) Bush hasn't held any major elected positions except the govenorship of Texas.

2.) His biggest qualification for the presidency is being a
former-president's son and an almost-graduate of two Ivy-League schools.

3.) Bush understands some foreign policy, but very little.

4.) Even his domestic rhetoric is lacking. Taking Texas for example, this
state under Bush's govenorship is dead last, or next-to-dead last in several
key domestic issues -- issues he claimed to be the front runner on. Issues
such as: Education, health care, women with health insurance, children with
health insurance, environment and etc.

I think it's clear who is most qualified for the White House, but will that man get the job?

PFC Dylan D. Walker

Paul Begala Shoots the Bull

Mob Rule in Miami.  After a frightening crowd of demonstrators shouted, banged on windows
and harassed them, local officials called off the Miami-Dade County recount.  This is frightening.
It suggests that passions in the recount were giving way to mob rule.  But as troubling as that
notion is, what's even more troubling is that reports from Miami reveal that rather than honest
and heartfelt passion from local citizens (albeit carried too far), the near-riot that shut down
the recount in Miami was a calculated, coordinated effort of the Republican Party.

An ABC News report headline reads:
"Bush Operation Orchestrated 'Spontaneous' Miami-Dade County Mob."
ABC reports that "a crowd of demonstrators storming the halls of county offices protesting the
recount" consisted NOT of local citizens, but rather "an orchestrated Republican protest.
...an army of 75 operatives came to Miami to shape public opinion...(and got) directly involved
in leading demonstrations." ABC further reports the Republican goon squad was even
"willing to dress up in seasonal outfits to provide so-called protestor color for local news reports."
"In the end," ABC says, "it apparently made a difference.  Intimidation, some called it."
And the Miami-Dade recount was called off.

The New York Times has also been on top of this story, reporting today that at least one of the
three Miami-Dade County officials who called off the recount admitted to being intimidated.
The Times reports that the near-riot was fueled by a Republican phone bank operation the Times
dubbed a "get-out-the-protest campaign."  The Times also reports that "a lawyer for the Republican
Party helped stir ethnic passions by contending that the recount was biased against Hispanic voters."
And that "the subsequent demonstrations turned violent ... several people were trampled, punched
or kicked."  But "when the ruckus was over," the Times reports, "the protestors had what they had
wanted: a unanimous vote by the board to call off the hand counting."

And in an even darker threat, the Times quotes a man it describes as "Paul Crespo, a Bush campaign
worker" saying, "Sure they (the local officials trying to conduct a recount) were under pressure.
They had taken so many illegal decisions that they were on the verge of provoking serious unrest."
And what "illegal decisions" might those be, Mr. Bush-whacker?  The recount had been proceeding
with the full blessing of the Florida Election Code, upheld unanimously by the Supreme Court of Florida.
It seems the Bush Banana Republicans call any decision adverse to them "illegal."
This is dangerous.
This is mob rule.

Without an honest and accurate recount in Miami-Dade, the prospects of counting every vote diminishes
-- and with them the prospects of having a president the entire nation can view as legitimate.  When
thousands of illegal absentee ballot application in Seminole County are fixed by GOP operatives who
were allowed to set up shop in Republican-controlled government offices (while the Democrats were
never offered the same opportunity), it's hard to claim legitimacy.  When tens of thousands of votes are
excluded in Palm Beach County because of an apparently illegal ballot that confused citizens, it's hard
to claim legitimacy.  And when courts that render adverse opinions are trashed, when vote-counters
are intimidated by a mob, when people are punched and kicked and trampled and threatened because
of their political views, it's hard to claim legitimacy.  George W. Bush's father gained the
presidency by running the most ruthless and amoral campaign in modern history, falsely
smearing Mike Dukakis as mentally ill, unpatriotic, and pro-crime.  But Junior is well on
his way toward surpassing Poppy.   From smearing John McCain (also, ironically, as mentally ill
and unpatriotic) to resorting to mob violence, Junior is proving he's every bit as willing as
Poppy to do whatever it takes to take power.


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From: (withheld)

Subject: (withheld)

dear sir:

first, full disclosure.  i served 6 years in the u.s. army
reserve military intelligence as m.o.s. 97e (which means i was
an interrogator), and was honorably discharged at the rank of
sergeant (e5).  my job was to train fresh new faces from the
monterrey language institute in what it means to be an
interrogator. i am a foreign-born (odessa, ukraine, and my u.s.
passport says so), naturalized (circa early eighties) citizen
of the u.s. (otherwise, i wouldn't have been eligible to hold a
clearance).  at the moment, i'm a computer geek and dj.
i'm neither dem (democrat) or rube (republican), but a
parliamentary monarchist (a la great britain), because i believe
that foreign policy should be handled by someone with long-term
interests (like maybe what their progeny will have to deal with),
not someone who thinks they might need a new job in 4 years.

the parallel i am about to draw is very harsh, and i'm not sure
you would publish something this provocative.  i invite you to
exercise your discretion.

back in the days of the evil empire, there was a caste called
the "nomenklatura".  it was very similar to the landed gentry
in a feudal state, except that they were not allowed to own
land.  this caste lived quite comfortably, because their
standard of living was subsidized by the ruling oligarchy (the
central committee of the communist party of the soviet union,
for those who haven't a clue as to what i'm talking about), and
in return, the nomenklatura rigidly supported the oligarchy,
simply to protect their privileges (such as luxury apartment
suites, summer homes, cars, the latest fashions, gourmet meals,
etc.).  new members of the ruling class were chosen from the
nomenklatura, and the system perpetuated itself.  for more
information, i refer you to tom clancy's soviet-era books.
he was fairly accurate, to the limits of anyone who hasn't
actually lived there.

change a few words in the previous paragraph, and suddenly i
have just described the republican party, with the following
changes: private property is actively encouraged.
i never expected that the totalitarian methods of the now-defunct
u.s.s.r. would translate so well to the u.s.
i may have to change coutries again (*sigh*).

do you have any idea how hard it is to get rid of these people,
once you let them grab the reigns?  the situation as it stands:
republican majority in house and senate, and a possible
republican administration in the white house.

i'm feeling quite paranoid right now.  i have created a fake
account to send this email.  none of the information is
correct.  my name is certainly not "ido fayke".  there is
reason for this.

there's an old soviet joke, phrased as a warning. it goes thus:



the virtue of paranoia is that one usually survives to continue to practice it.
bc, i admire you for having the cojones to bait the party machine.
i have no desire to emulate.

best of luck.

 Today's Page Two Girl is a saloon singer

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 Great Fighter Quotes

 "There's nothing like a dirty, low-down political fight
   to put the roses in your cheeks."
   --The Master, Bill Clinton

  Mr. Gore, why did you keep your biggest hammer in a lockbox?

 Now, I'm worried.
 The dumbest sombitches in the country will decide who will be president.

 We're officially in trouble.
 These ignorant whores never do what's best for the country.
 They're just too goddamn stupid to get anything right.
 Besides that, they're openly pro-Smirk.

 Oh, well, look at the bright side.
 If Smirk wins, Gore won't be assassinated.
 You know they'd murder him, you know they would.

Gore Won't Concede
 Headline in the right-wing, go-to-hell Tulsa newspaper.

From: robphelps@home.com


Thanks for displaying your lack of intelligence for the entire world to see.
Got this website as a joke from someone who knows the truth on issues.
This site is a testimony to the idiocy of many Americans.
You truly dont deserve the freedoms alotted you in our constitution.
Anyway, if you didnt agree with the law of the land, you would just skirt around it anyway.

BTW, Nazi's almost conquered the world.
Thank you for supporting the new Nazi party.
If the truth is still found in America despite the media and brainwashed democrats,
you may find yourself on the wrong end of a revolution.

It is guilt by association now.
You are a liberal democrat.
If you support Clinton/Gore, you are guilty of the crimes that they have commited against our nation.
Communists support you and Gore.
Russia, China and Tony Blair are on your side.
Maybe what Gore fears about losing is that if a REAL justice dept. is in office, he may be convicted of treason.

Rob and Marcy Phelps

Subject: WOW! ME AGAIN!

Wow, I just emailed you after reading some of your retarded reasoning.
After posting , I took the time to read a little more.
Man, you really are a retarded child.
How completly stupid can you be????

Your lovely section, devoted against "pigboy", is the height of stupidity.
You prove two points for me. One is that ALL Clinton/Gore supporters have
their head so far shoved up their ass that they are insane from their own stench.
The other is that any damn moron can have a webpage to spew his lack of intelligence.
Listening to your clips of Limbaugh, then reading your brief overviews, really begs the question;
How high were you??

And if you think the media is stacked conservative, you really need a LOBOTOMY!
Thanks for lowering my expectations of american citizens.
You support a traitor, a liar, and a whore.
Good choice.

Rob and Marcy Phelps

How do you think you'd do in a live debate with a "stupid retard" who was high?
Do you think you could out-think a stupid retard like Ol' BartCop?
Think you could force me into a rhetorical corner and make me squeal?
From the way you're talking, you sound like just the man for the job.

If we debate, you'd be safe inside your home.
You couldn't get beat you up too badly, right?
If you get in trouble, you could always "accidentally" unplug your modem,
so your risks would really be rather low, wouldn't they?

Would you care to back up your big, big talk?
Or would it be safer to run away, and hide behind Marcy's skirt?

Are you a man?
Or are you a mamma's boy, hiding behind mamma's skirt?

We could say you and I are microcosms.
If you're brave enough to come out from behind Marcy's skirt, and join me
in a short on-line debate, and do reasonably well on the issues, we'll say that's
a point for George Bush, and maybe he's not as stupid as everyone says he is.

On the other hand,
if you're only brave enough to hurl some insults from behind Marcy's skirt, that means
George Bush and Rush Limbaugh are everything I say they are, and it means Republicans
are so scared, they can't even debate a "stupid retard,"
and Al Gore is obviously the better choice to run this country.

So, what'll it be, Rob?
Are you a man?

...or a scared little momma's boy, hiding behind Marcy's skirt?


 You remember Adam Clymer, doncha?
 The guy Smirk called "a major-league asshole."

 Peggy Noonan says it's time for a BIG FIGHT

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From: abbau@msn.com

Subject: Butch's military ballots


In a court case filed in Leon county, FLA Butch is demanding that many
absentee ballots be counted.  Among these ballots are some for which
NO APPLICATION CAN BE FOUND and some in which the signatures
on the ballot and application DO NOT MATCH.
Am i missing something here?

Butch is asking that unverifiable votes be counted while at the same time
giving a Big Time fuck you to voters who actually registered and voted?
And no one is questioning them on this?


 The only thing we're missing is a fair and accurate election process.

The Plot Not Only Thickens, It Spreads
 Those rotten Democrats, always pulling some trick...

     The manipulation and chicanery used in holding up George W. Bush's confirmation
as winner of Florida's electoral votes are part of an obvious Democratic Party plot to
make sure that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     The decision by the Florida Supreme Court to let that state's hand count of election
ballots continue until 5 p.m. Sunday is part of an obvious and underhanded Democratic
Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     The mild heart attack suffered by Republican vice presidential nominee Dick Cheney
is part of an obvious and devious Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets
to be president of the United States.
     The fact that the heavily Democratic county of Miami-Dade has refused to continue its
hand count, a clear blow to Al Gore, is nevertheless somehow part of an obvious and
unbelievably sneaky Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to be president
of the United States.
     The refusal on Thanksgiving Day by the Florida Supreme Court to force Miami-Dade
County to continue its hand count, yet another serious blow to Al Gore's chances, is part
of an obvious (though not at the moment) Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore
gets to be president of the United States.

     The 1976 drunken-driving arrest of George W. Bush was part of an obvious and Byzantine
bordering on Machiavellian 24-year-old Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets
to be president of the United States.
     The theory that Al Gore won the nation's popular vote and should at least find out for certain
whether he won Florida's popular vote, which would make him president of the United States,
is part of an obvious and sour-grapes Democratic Party plot to make Al Gore president of the United States.
     The "dimpled" ballots that a Palm Beach County judge said shouldn't count were obviously all for
Al Gore and nary a one for George W. Bush, all part of an obvious but increasingly desperate
Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     The attempted move of vote-counting to a smaller room where somebody could destroy, pocket
or eat pro-Bush ballots if Republicans don't pound on the door screaming "Let us in!" is just another
clever part of the Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     The claim that Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan accidentally received votes intended
for Al Gore is part of an obvious joint Democratic-Reform Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to
be president of the United States.
     The ingrown hair on Gov. Bush's cheek is part of an obvious Democratic Party plot to do whatever's
necessary to alter Almost President Bush's image with the public, thus making sure that Al Gore gets to be
president of the United States.
     The 1,500-plus overseas absentee ballots voided by Florida election officials, because they hadn't
been postmarked by Nov. 7, are part of an obvious Democratic Party, military commander-in-chief
and postmaster general plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     The lawsuit filed by several Texas residents questioning whether Dick Cheney improperly changed
his primary residence from Texas to Wyoming too late before being placed on the Republican ticket is
part of an obvious Democrat Party prejudice against all Texans in general, and of course to make sure
that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     The possibility that hundreds, dozens or even a single vote could tip the entire election is something
Republicans would never in a million years point out if it were Gov. Bush who trailed by even a single vote,
just one more example of the Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to be president
of the United States.

* * *
     The fact that other states like Iowa and Wisconsin aren't recounting is part of an obvious and
lily-livered Democratic Party plot to make sure that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     The resignation of Peru President Alberto Fujimori, marriage of Michael Douglas to Catherine
Zeta-Jones and USC football victory over UCLA are part of an obvious Democratic Party plot to
make sure that Al Gore gets to be president of the United States.
     But the ultimate triumph of George W. Bush is that he'll win, no matter what dirty rotten tricks anybody tries.

E-mail: mike.downey@latimes.com

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