Volume 340 - The Emporer of Duh!

 November 26, 2000

 "I don't like to use words like this, but this Harris certification is horseshit.
   Bush's bitch has thrown out thousands of valid ballots."


 Come quick, they're stealing the state of Florida!

 A Texas mob celebrates the whites-only election of Emporer Smirk.

 Dirty Politics
 by Rush Limbaugh and Debra

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 Breaking News

 By the powers invested in me by the Bush Campaign,
 I hereby declare George Bush King of America!

 That's all, suckers!

From: mrsjudyochristian@yahoo.com

Subject: Closer to Him!

Dear Liberals,

You liberals need to realize that GOD wants George W.Bush in the White House!
Just give it up and let GOD do his thing!
You will be on your knees for Jesus whether you want to be or not!

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Judy O'Christian

 How to Tell You've Lost the Election

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 For the archives...

From: sniper@cei.net

Subject: An Issue

So, The Supreme Court will intervene on the Republican Issue of "States Rights".
Why do the Bushies want this issue to go to the Feds?

The GOP has suddenly become fans of a big, strong federal government for the
same reason the Democrats are suddenly the champions of states rights.

Both sides want to win very badly, and they're not going to let anything
as small as the law get in their way.

I've talked about this phenomena before.
I called it the "quarter" effect.

In football, at the end of each quarter, the gun sounds
and both sides switch and defend the goal they were just attacking.

 Thanks to Chris


 Florida Secretary of State  not  accepting today's recount
  from Palm Beach County:  She will count results from November 14.

This Just In...
 Swear to Koresh, no joke,

 MCNBC reports that Smirk received medical attention today.
 They say that huge cyst on his face blew up again, and a doctor
 came to the ranch or the capitol, wherever he is, to assist.

 If that smirking idiot breaks out under a little stress,
 and Cheney can't do anything without having a FIFTH heart attack,
 doesn't that make a re-vote a better and better-sounding idea?

 The LAST thing we want is President Hastert.

From: DevilDog4299@go.com

Subject: GOP Thugs

Hey Bartcop,

Why have the Democrats in the Banana Republic of Florida let the republican thugs
hold protests without responding?

And why is the media giving Gov. Snippy Smirk a pass on such issues as his going AWOL,
the abortion that he paid for, his coke bust, and the mess that he has created in Texas?

Your web site is the best!
Keep up the good work!

Alley Cat Rocks.

The second one is easy: The press wants a new toy.
If they can get Smirk elected, they can play with him, chew him up, spit him out,
like they TRIED to do to Clinton.

You'd think with all the abuse we take about the "liberal lapdog media,"
we could command at least 40 percent of the TV spin, but noooooooooo.

As for why the Democrats are acting as scared as little bunnies and refusing to fight,
that's a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, buried inside a puzzle.

I wish I knew.

Did Gore sleep through his two campaigns with Clinton?
He seems to not know how to answer a horseshit charge.

 The Shrub and Sham

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 This Just In...


  At least six suspects arrested in USS Cole bombing,
  a senior Yemeni official tells CNN.

 Fun Pigboy Quotes

 "I hope we haven't gotten to the point in this country where we respect thieves.
   This is not a liberal country, it is not a country predisposed to voting Democrat and liberal.
   They've got to cheat in order to win big."
       --Mr. Limbaugh wets himself on the air, 11-24-2000

 Lo Phat Ham

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 The new scorecard is out...

 As always, liberals were the most accurate and, as always
 George Will came in dead fucking last.

 Look at that bottom five - Clinton-hating whores, each and every one,
 sacrificing their credibility for a chance to grab hold of Clinton's cock.

 And George Will is the worst.
 He knows he's lying when he makes those phoney predictions,
 but since Brill's Content and  bartcop.com  are the only ones holding
 them accountable, whores like George Will continue to lie and lie and lie.

 Great Republican Quotes

 "My party needed me - and I delivered!"
   -- Katherine Harris, GOP employee of the month

 I wonder which ambassadorship Ms. Harris will get?
 There's nobody Smirk needs to thank more than her.
 Will Katherine choose England?    France?    Italy?

From: (withheld)

Subject: It's the peoples right to vote, stupid

I watched 2 hours of discussion from the Right Wing media (Tim Russert etc.)
and heard no discussion of the Peoples Right to Vote.  Isn't the Supreme Court
of the United States the ultimate defender of the Peoples Right to Vote?

Shouldn't they rule that the Florida Legislature has no right to create obstacles
that prevent the people from having their votes counted?

No Deadlines, Poll Taxes, Literacy Tests or Phsysical Strength Tests
that would deny the People's Right to Vote?

Will the Gore people make this argument?
Heard a lot of Right Wing spin blaming voters for the chads and the dimples,
but nothing about all the evidence from the voting machine inventor and manufacturer
that clearly demonstrates the machines are at fault.

Why don't the Gore people speak up?

Gore seems to not want to fight.
He acts like his hands are broken.

I remember the first Ali-Norton fight.
Norton broke Ali's jaw in the second round.

Did Ali quit?
Did he lay down?

No, Ali fought another thirteen rounds, and lost a decision.

Just think - if you had a broken jaw, and a five year old pushed on it
with his little fingers - it would hurt like a son of a bitch.

Now imagine a 230-pound heavyweight, beating on that broken jaw,
again and again, with every ounce of strength he had - and Ali kept fighting!
That's fighting 52-plus minutes with a broken jaw.

Al Gore promised he would fight for us,
and he's laying down, instead.

It's Koresh-damn frustrating.

From: powderedtoastman2000@juno.com

Subject: paula jones pics

where oh where can i find the paula jones pics
without having to pay for them???


John Tackett

John, easy.
At the top of this page, on the right, you see "Naked Republicans."

 Latest Florida Update as of  2 PM

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 Directly from the Horse's (or Pig's) Mouth

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Subject: What makes people think Bush has won?
 By Robert Kuttner, Globe Correspondent

ONE OF THE MANY oddities of this cliffhanger election is what might be called
the entitlement gap. Right from election night, the Republicans have behaved as if
the election was theirs, while Vice President Gore has temporized. This sense of
Republican entitlement in turn translates into a partisan rage that if Gore should win,
the election will have been stolen.

But consider: It's pretty clear that more Florida voters intended to vote for Gore.
At least 19,000 votes in Palm Beach County were voided because they were
punched twice, reflecting voter confusion over which hole meant Gore and which
one meant Buchanan. These were nearly all Gore votes. Another 3,000 or so
Palm Beach voters who voted for Buchanan meant to vote for Gore.

There is also the plain illegality that some 15,000 absentee ballot applications in
Seminole County that should have been disqualified as incomplete were cleaned up
by Republican election officials.

So Gore should really be up in Florida by 20,000 to 40,000 votes. And, of course,
Gore is now leading in the national popular vote by more than 300,000.
So if anyone should feel cheated, it's Gore.

Why, then, the entitlement gap?

The first reason is the multiple missteps of the media.
Once the networks mistakenly called the election for Bush (with Bush cousin John Ellis's
thumb on the Fox Networks election scale, it turns out), the idea just stuck that Bush had
won and that Gore was the pretender.

Many media commentators compounded the damage in the first days after Nov. 7 by
painting Gore as a sore loser. And these were not just TV talking airheads. A political
writer as normally astute as The New Yorker's Joe Klein wrote, right after the election,
that Gore ran a more divisive campaign and then reinforced his partisan reputation by
challenging the results in Florida; if he does win the election, his ability to govern will
have been severely compromised.

Really? The evidence strongly suggests that a plurality of Florida voters actually intended
to vote for Gore. Why in the world shouldn't Gore have challenged the initial count?
Can you imagine the Republicans just sitting back and caving in if 23,000 intended Bush
votes had either been voided or mistakenly slotted to Ralph Nader?

The second reason for the entitlement gap is that Bush, having been handed so very much
as he fell his way up the ladder, seems just to feel more entitled. Isn't the presidency his to inherit?

Third, the Republican Party is angrier, having failed to get Bill Clinton's scalp, and more
unified than the Democrats. Right from Nov. 8, some Democrats were already calling on
Gore to step down for the good of the country.

But why?
The man won the national popular vote, and a fair recount could well give him Florida and the election.

Yet the Republicans keep playing hardball while too many Democrats play beanbag.

One happy exception is Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, Democrat of South Dakota.
Daschle has made it clear that if the Senate divides 50-50, he will fight for an equal share of
committee chairmanships. And news reports have him approaching liberal Republican Senators
Olympia Snowe, Republican of Maine, and Lincoln Chafee, Republican of Rhode Island, to switch parties.

More power to Daschle. The pundits insist the public is just sick of all the partisan squabbling,
but somehow fierce Republican partisanship seems to get a free pass. What makes the public
even sicker, I suspect, is leadership that fails to lead and a government that keeps ducking
national problems that cry out for remedy.

The entitlement gap, in turn, prefigures a governing gap. If Gore wins, the Republicans will
oppose him tooth and claw. Gore's plight will be worsened because at least 40 New Democrats
in Congress tend to side with Republicans on such issues as vouchers and Social Security privatization.
It's this bipartisan Trojan horse, and not partisanship, that would hobble Gore.

If Bush wins, by contrast, his own party will quickly rally behind him. All he needs do is put a token
Democrat in his Cabinet, make gestures to the center, and the sense of illegitimacy will fade.
The same faithless Democrats will give him a nice working majority.

I thought Ralph Nader's candidacy was quixotic. But there's not much in his critique of the
Democrats to disagree with. The other serious gaps between the two major parties are
gaps of passion, cohesion, and conviction.

To govern, a President Gore would need to remedy that, and fast.

From: marrsumm@aol.com

Subject: Question

In an older issue there was a picture with Bush, Sr. holding up a picture of
Smirk entitled something like "daddy's dumbass", with Smirk dressed up like a
toddler.  I've been trying to find it to show some people , but no luck so
far. Do you happen to remember what issue it was in? Thanks.

Sorry, I don't even remember that one.
Maybe someone will remember and write in...

 From BushWatch.com

It has not, therefore, surprised me in the slightest to see Bush,
The Man Who Trusts The People, arguing that we really ought to trust the machines instead.

Or that Bush, The Man Who Believes in Tort Reform, has run to court at the first opportunity.

Or that Bush, The Uniter Not a Divider, is accusing the other side of, among other things,
 being "unpatriotic" and anti-military by challenging some unpostmarked ballots.

Or that Bush, The Man Who Is Running On His Texas Record, is distorting the facts
 of a vote-counting law he signed in order to make the process sound sinister.

Or that Bush, The Man Who Would Bring Honor and Integrity to Washington,
 sees no conflict of interest in having his cousin call the election for him on a major TV network,
 or having his tireless campaigner certify the election for him without bothering with such niceties
 as finishing the counting of votes.

As Bush undoubtedly sees it, all those campaign slogans were things he promised to do if he won.
He hasn't won quite yet, so we can't hold him to rules that don't apply until afterwards.
If we want Honor in the White House, we first have to let him win by any ugly means necessary.

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