Volume 348 - The Slippers

 December 3, 2000

 I Found It  (w/feedback)

 Years ago, I claimed I had this tape of Jack Ruby - confessing!
 Last time I saw this tape broadcast was 1978.

 Nobody ever mentions this tape, but it's for real.
 When they do a JFK retro-spective, they NEVER play this clip.


 When JFK Jr died in 1999, they ran every conceivable Kennedy clip,
 but not this one, perhaps second only to Zapruder in historical weight.


 This is one of the most important sound clips of the century,
 and NOBODY has this, so download, listen and save it on your hard drive.
 This is history that nobody wants to admit exists.

 I claimed I had a video tape of the real Jack Ruby, standing before a judge
 cryptically explaining his role in the conspiracy to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.
 Why haven't you seen/heard this tape before?
 Why is the  bartcop.com  website bringing you this Rosetta Stone of JFK's murder?
 Why didn't you get this from CNN or NBC or CBS?

 While going thru my Lennon's-been-shot tapes, (I tape everything, have for 20 years)
 I found this copy of a copy of the "Ruby confession" on cheap tape.
 It was lost because it was labled "RFK."

 This is an audio tape copy of a video tape I have - somewhere.
 When I find the videotape, I'll webcast it, but this proves the tape exists.
 I know  bartcop.com  is a comedy page, but this is as "Swear to Koresh" as I can be.

 You want to get a copy of this.
 Nobody has this tape.
 If anybody else had a copy of this, you would've heard it by now, right?
 Nobody can tell you this isn't real because it is real.

 Make a copy, on your hard drive, so it doesn't get lost in the future

 Click  Here  to hear Ruby explain the conspiracy as an 

 Click  Here  to save it forever  on your hard drive as an MP3 (recommended)

 I also saved it in wav format for when the networks call,
 but you've never heard anything like this before.

 This is the real Jack Ruby, I've seen the film myself - I have the tape, saying that
 the real truth will never come out because the people involved are too high up
 in government and had too much to lose so the truth will remain buried forever.

 Gee, it sounds a lot like the Iran-Contra pardons.

 ...and don't even try to tell me this is a fake.

 I'm old.
 I know what Jack Ruby looked like.
 I know Jack Ruby, I saw this broadcast myself.
 This isn't some e-mail I got from the Lone Gunmen.
 I saw this live and recorded it on a little 1977 Radio Shack Walk-Man type deal,
 and when they broadcast it on TV I got a videotape copy, too, but its "un-cataloged."

 So why isn't this tape in general circulation?

 What's the press's excuse for you having never heard this tape before?


From: BoundsD@AllStatesTech.com

Subject:  Jack Ruby

I checked out the Ruby thing.
Were you drinking when you wrote that bit?

Hmmmm. It was that bad?

Why the media hasn't shown it? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is
that it tells us nothing new. Jack Ruby intimated over and over again that
there was a big plot and that people in high places were involved...but he
never offered any proof. He was very likely telling the truth, but he cakked
and took whatever he knew to the grave. The media has often postulated as
much...(Oliver Stone pretty much took that tack in his movie).  They ran
down all the sleazy underworld and political connections Ruby had...but they
never lead anywhere definitive, at least not back then (yes, maybe the
investigation was bullshit) but now all of them are dead anyway.

So...what's the big deal?

Doug Bounds

This must be one of those times when I have failed to make myself clear.

I'm not saying you MUST believe Ruby.

The "it's for real" comment was meant to convey my opinion to the reader that
this isn't a fabricated tape. My confusion/outrage is that we live in a time where
every wild-ass charge that Clinton had a baby with a crack whore makes it to the
front page of the New York Whore Times, but when a participant of the most
famous crime of the 20th Century confesses, the tape is intentionally buried and ignored.

Others have written to say they have also seen this footage, but it's a fact that
this is a very, very rare tape that doesn't get shown much on television.
When John Jr died, the whore networks dragged out and played every bit of tape
in the whole world that had "Kennedy" in the title, including a retrospective of
Chappaquiddick and the history of "Black Jack" Bouvier, but a tape like this sits
unwatched and undiscussed.

The next time CNN does an hour special on which way Clinton's cock leans,
I submit this tape would make a better, more informative topic, instead.

My question was:
What's the press's excuse for you having never heard this tape before?

You seem to think this tape is no big deal...
Maybe you and the networks are right.

VCR Alert - TONIGHT - The Sopranos

 This may be the last time ever that they play the first and second seasons in order.
 Trust me.
 If you own a TV, it doesn't get any better than this. 

 Great Comedy Quotes

 "The good news is the White House is giving George W. Bush intelligence briefings.
   You know, ...some of these jokes just write themselves."
               --David Letterman

 ha ha

 Good one, Dave.

 You know what's even funnier?
 Bush doesn't get the briefings.

 Condi Rice does.
 The adults at the Pentagon explain everything to Condi so she can translate what she's been told
 into that remarkably-simple "dumb-ass" language George was finally able to learn, and have their
 prop department put together some visual aids so later, when George's Playstation game is over,
 the un-elected Smirk can learn enough about today's subject to fool the fawning whore press.

 Something I've been meaning to say...

 There's been some talk of "frank language" and stuff,
 so I thought I'd repeat the long-standing  bartcop.com  policy which states:

 You don't need permission to copy anything you read here.
 If you want to forward something to someone, it's OK.
 If you like a story or a joke with a bad word in it,
 feel free to change the offending word or passage.

 Some day I'll have some rottweiller-bastard lawyer like Jimmy Page has,
 but until then, get what you want, take what you need.

Thanks to http://www.universalbeatdown.cjb.net/

But I have a question:
In the upper left, ...which one is Smirk?

ha ha

Good stuff!

 There's a bunch of stuff at  http://www.wewasrobbed.com/

 It's a good anti-Smirk site.

From: skardova@hotmail.com

Subject: Jacksonville

I was reading some stories on www.jacksonville.com
Interesting stuff on the Bush brothers and Katherine Harris.
I didn't know she had run a nasty campaign.
Funny that one of her campaign promises was to clean up Florida voting.
Jebby's a little shit too.

I love Bartcop!
My husband is annoying me on a daily basis by regurgitating Rush and
other conservative talk show host propaganda. He mocks me when I am reading
your stuff and he absolutely hates it that I use your pics as wallpaper every day.

I love it that he has no idea how to change the wallpaper...


ha ha

Forced  bartcop-ism?

...be very afraid.

 This is one of those ideas that's sure to backfire, but I've heard from some
 people who said, "But I don't get HBO" or "I can't afford HBO."

 What if some people with HBO made some copies for those who can't get HBO?
 There's two shows per Sunday night, so somebody could tape both episodes and ship
 the tape to somebody for, say the cost of a tape and postage, about $5.
 Hell, I'd pay it.

 Just a sure-to-backfire thought, and I wouldn't want to be involved myself,
 but if somebody really wanted to see what all the excitement was all about,
 and you can't miss since we know what's there. This is great stuff!
 then maybe you could post something in the forum like "Sopranos needed"
 and someone might e-mail you with the particulars.

 Don't worry about the legal stuff.
 It's not a profit venture, just helping a friend.

 Check this website


 They sent the picture on the splash page.

 I have made a ruling regarding the Page Two Girls controversy.

 It's a multi-faceted Solomonic ruling which some might not like, but after watching
 Bill Clinton for eight years, I think I can slick my way out of it and please everyone.

 Having a designated Page Two Girl every day is kinda piggish.
 Even if they were wearing formal gowns, it'd still be a meat parade.
 A very, very, very fine meat parade, but a meat parade nonetheless.

 I had no idea there were that many women reading  bartcop.com
 and I don't think I got a single ultra-feminist "how dare you" e-mail in the batch.
 Each woman who wrote was logical and made sense, but then I ran into
 an argument I could defend so I had to reconsider.

 If someone told me about this nutty political site that made fun of Shit-for-brains,
 but they had some "Beefcake of the Day" feature, I'd think that was pretty weird.
 I mean, how uncalled-for is a bunch of men, standing their with their shirts off,
 casting "C'mon, Scarlett!" looks at the camera?  It'd sure freak me out.
 I might think the other parts of the site were OK, but beef would throw me.

 Reasons to like this decision:
 If somebody shows me where I'm wrong, I cave in a heartbeat.
 It doesn't happen a lot, trust me, and hardly ever when it comes to politics.
 I listen to the debate and notice which side can defend themselves and choose.
 My political decisions weren''t made because my parents thought that way,
 and since I love them they must be right, so therefore I think "X" and "Y."
 Remember the Clash: "You must not act the way you were brought up..."

 You ditto-monkeys, listen up!
 This is what it looks like when Ol' BartCop caves and says, "I'm a dumbass."

 Now, here comes the slick part:
 There are enough attractive ladies in the headlines that should a story pop up
 about one of them we might easily have some pictures to help tell the story.
 That supermodel girlfriend of that Ice-boy magician fraud is a good example.

 You see, it wasn't the pretty women causing the problem, it was the "Next!"
 quality of their presentation that was unsettling to some, and now I see that.

 So the good news is we'll still have babes on the page now and then,
 but they won't be reduced to the role of trained seals.

 ...ain't nothin' to it,

 Now, we have a ruling on the Bad Language controversy.

 I gotta be me.
 If it doesn't fly, it doesn't fly.
 I've always said YOU can change something if it offends you.
 Rarely do I write something chock-full of vulgarities, so maybe
 the reader just might have to endure a bad word sometimes.

 If you want to send just one article, you can save the page or piece,
 change what you think your friend can''t handle and send it edited.

 And remember,
We're not battling gentlemen. We're fighting the scum of the Earth.
 These are battle-hardened, whites-only tobacco whores, homophobic and religiously insane.
 ...and they are well-armed and cock-hungry, so I need my best weapons.

 I must be allowed the tools to do my job, so the language must stay.

 Great Democratic Quotes

 Mrs. Landingham: Nobody likes a know-it-all, Mr. President.

 President Bartlet:  Nonsense, people like having a smart president.

 It couldn't have been more obvious if the screen was doing this:
                              BUSH = MORON

 ha ha

 Smirk, your presidency won't be getting a honeymoon,
 but I'll bet you tell your friends later that it felt like one.

 ha ha

 Saturday on Capitol Gang, Carville said Bush was "unelected."

 The un-elected Smirk?

 ha ha

 I wish I had a sports ediotr.

 Right now on ABC, Swear to Koresh, Miami and Florida State are arguing
 about a contested computer count that puts Oklahoma and Florida State
 in the championship game instead of Oklahoma and Miami.

 If I remember right, Florida State and Miami each have one loss,
 but Miami beat Florida State and claims that Number Two spot.

 Too bad I don't have a sports ediotr who follows politics who could make
 the appropriate ironic comments about another screwed-up mess in Florida.
 Miami looks like they won the popular count, but Florida State gets the job?

 If you'd like to be the sports ediotr, contact BrainSmasher.
 In a case like this, just 30 minutes a week would really help us out.
 Disliking Tiger Woods helpful, not required.

 You should check out  http://www.geocities.com/theliberalmedia/

 Run by Phoenix talk radio DJ and frequent  bartcop.com  Chat Roomer Odious!

 Take two aspirin and scroll down.

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