Vol 350 - Jesus Was Soft on Crime

 December 5, 2000

 New Section - and we need your help!  We have a new button on the splash page - Spirits
 This is not a glorification of alcohol, but a forum to discuss the intracacies of the subtleties of the distinctions
 between fine adult spirits.  We need your imput. As goofy as we get on this website, we don't want your
 "I-was-so-drunk-that-I..." stories. Any fool can get drunk.

 What I'd like to see  is what you buy when it's that special occasion.
 Christmas, Super Bowl, anniversary, birthday etc.
 What do you get for your ceremonies?

 Example: Before I discovered the world of fine, luxury tequilas, we bought Kahlua and Stoli's
 (later The Goose) so we could celebrate with Black Russians for special occasions.
 (Mrs BartCop spoils hers with milk)
 Send us your personal recipes for those special celebrations.

 Also, and I'm being serious here, I'd like to hear from the non-drinkers and former-drinkers, too.
 When you non-drinkers get a raise or have an anniversary, how do you celebrate?
 There are a lot more non-drinkers than you'd guess reading bartcop.com

 Lastly - we need a name for the place.
 Please send any suggestion you might have to Jamie the Bartender
 And don't think you can get rowdy and bust the place up.
 We spent a lot of money to make it really nice, so be-have.

 Extra, extra last thing: I'd like to get all the tequila stories rounded up, but that'll take time.
 I remember taking my first shot of Wabo Cabo on-line, and then, the Great Tequila Hunt.
 Oh, I remember it well - the big round-up at the Bamboleo Mexican Restaurant at the Rio
 in Las Vegas and then, the place at which I hope to die, Taqueria Cononita!

      The top shelf at this bar is $30 a shot.

 I'd really like to get those tequila stories all put into one pile.
 Maybe someone with a little extra time could search the back issues and
 compile a list of tequila stories to get the ball rolling. Truth be known,
 I don't remember the exact moment of the crowning of Chinaco Anejo as the king,
 but it's there, somewhere.  If you have a little extra time, e-mail me.

 Meanwhile, visit the new section and send some imput to Jamie the Bartender.
 And if you think we're getting too carried away with this whole alcohol thing,
 remember that Jesus could work miracles all his life. He just chose not to use
 his powers until the Wedding at Canaan ran a little low on the spirits.

 Great Black-on-White Quotes

"Once-in-a-century oddities may leave an election result up in the air for a time,
  but the fundamental strength of our democracy is never in doubt. Better a process
  driven by an army of lawyers than an outrage led by an army with guns."
          --Uncle  O. J. Watts, getting one right

 Standing Firm for a Fair Count

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 The Sopranos

 I saw Episode One for the first time Sunday night.
 I had only missed two, the first one and the one where Big Pussy gets arrested.

 I think The Sopranos premiered around January 1999,
 which means Episode One was show in mid-late 1998.
 The kids looked really young, especially Anthony Jr.

 It's always interesting to see the first show of an established series because
 the characters haven't been clearly defined yet. Tony didn't seem especially
 menacing, except when he ran that guy over and beat his face in.
 Carmella looked and acted more like a teenager than a Don's wife.

 Livia was mean, but not nearly as mean as she'll soon be.
 She was also acting stroke-ish from the very first.  Before we even saw her,
 she was screaming, "Anthony who?" at her son thru the front door.

 Uncle Junior was still undefined.
 Later, we get to know he has a mean streak but more important, a funny streak.
 Uncle Junior delievers some of the best comedy lines in the whole series.

 ...and what's the deal with that priest?

 The priest is using Carmella's faith as a shoe horn to get inside her ...ziti?
 Is food what the priest is hereafter?
 If his intentions are dishonorable, he'll need God to survive.

 Lastly, the soldiers.
 Christopher's first foray into the toughguy business got him a kick in the balls.
 He laid there, grasping his balls in pain while his Don had to do the dirty work.
 Silvio and Paulie were mean enough, and this way we get to trace Paulie's
 journey from maddog underworld hit man to Vatican philosopher.

 If you saw The Sopranos for the first time Sunday,
 feel confident that it will get better every week.

 Another Iron Triangle

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From: LordStarFyre@aol.com

Subject: IPOTUS

Greetings and Salutations Bartcop!

As the days pass, we are getting closer and closer to a world living in Fear
of the Actions of a Convicted Criminal, who, with the help of not only his
corrupt, crime ridden family, but the most vile, and sleaze-addicted facets
of the Republican Party (read ALL Republicans) now stands ready to take the
most powerful office in the world.

For the last few years, these Pud-Pulling Republicans have gleefully called
Clinton, IPOTUS (Impeached President of the United States) I wonder how these
Clinton cock-addicted assholes will enjoy the label, when it's hung around
the neck of the Partially Retarded Spoiled Rich Coke Addicted Convicted
Criminal Asshole they've foisted upon us?

Well, here's my little gift to these Mind Numbed Ditto-Bots who are so happy
about the prosepect of DumbYa becoming the 43rd President.

Remember Bartcop, we have 4 years to prepare for the Eviction of America's
First Illegitimate President, and his Criminal Family...

Lord StarFyre


From: mark@gspg.com

Subject: I agree with my friend, the gentleman from Virginia

Point of order, Mr. Speaker.  The Show-Me-State wishes to weigh in on this matter.

As my good friend JohnDe so eloquently points out, and I would credit the distinguished
gentleman from Virginia and a fine American with converting me to Bartcop.com several
weeks back, the Page Two Girls are an integral part of the growing Bartcop mystique.
The harmless links to these lovely and clothed beauties melds the time-tested musical trend of
"sampling" from another icon of a genre ("Paul Harvey...Page 2") with the irreverent sensibilities
of the "politically incorrect" class in a method unique to the 21st century medium of the Internet.

These images are available to, but not forced upon, the reader.  They convey the host's appreciation
for the feminine form without disparagement.  They are neither demeaning nor even particularly
provocative, per se.  Their very inclusion in a largely political website suggests that even as
groundbreaking political events continue to shake the foundation of our democracy, there is
still room to pause, at the reader's option, for a little benign ogling.

I urge my good friends from the other side of the aisle, the many loyal gentlewomen readers
of this site, who may object to the inclusion of the Page Two Girls to consider the numerous
other merits of the site and be tolerant if the host wishes to express daily his enchantment with,
in his opinion, the aesthetically-pleasing members of their gender.

I cast my vote to continue the Page Two Girls on a daily basis, and urge you Mr. Speaker
to remain committed and true to the venerated ways of this hallowed institution.
I yield the balance of my time.

You must have faith in my ability to be slick.
As stated on more than one occasion, the "female forms" will not disappear,
but a context/packaging alteration can make everybody happy.

It's my best guess all will be good and right by December 11.

From: edvoves@infi.net

Subject: it's your site

Dear bc.

I'm not into photos of comingly young women either ...
But I faced this fact  a long time  ago....bartcop.com  is your site.
It's your  hobby, and a  labor of love...it's yours. So what you like should be there.

As to the language...well it's funny cause Richard Pryor
is the only other guy whose "salty" language  never bothers me either.

This is probably due to two factors. First, the situations you are discussing
call for such words... Also the good heart you guys have is obvious.
You are in pain, and connecting with  everyone else's pain = laughter  etc.

Your political insights have saved my sanity often in the past and  probably will
do so many times in the future ... so that gets you a lot of slack with me naturally  .

Plus,  Mrs. Bartcop ( a woman I greatly respect )  loves you...
so I know you're a good guy

There's my simple Bartcop logic


Annie, thanks.
I'm confident I can make everybody happy.
We've got the John Lennon Special planned for Friday,
I'm out of town Friday and Saturday for a funeral,
so I'll unveil the new plan Monday the 11th.

 VCR Alert

From: Andrew.Wiesner@legis.state.wi.us

Subject: Jack Ruby and the KGB

After hearing the Ruby clip yesterday I found myself watching a show on
Discover-Civilization last night that discussed the secret KGB files on their
investigation into the JFK assassination.  Much to my surprise, the show had a
tiny clip of the video that you discussed.  They only had a blurb, and I believe it
was the part that had him saying "No one will ever know my motive."

I'd highly recommend you watch the show if you can find it on.
The Discovery networks tend to re-air all their programs, so it should be on again.

Keep up the fight.



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