Volume 364 - Don't let the Bastard Win

 December 22, 2000

 Laura and Pigboy each had some fun moments today.

 Some lady calls Laura, with her male neighbor on the line, too.
 A toddler had a bathroom problem while the neighbor man was watching him.

 The guy's version is the kid messed his diaper so bad, he needed a bath.
 The mother said the kid merely failed to wipe efficiently (was his name Rush?)
 and questioned the need for the nieghbor to take his pants off.

 Laura IMMEDIATELY branded the man "a liar," at best, and possibly a child molester.
 All that, from a two-minute phone call in which which the guy was willing to participate.
 What a whore.
 It was semi-entertaining tho, and she gets paid to ruin lives, not help people.

 But Pigboy topped her.
 He got some pro-choice Nazi bitch on.
 She said the party had to turn pro-choice to win any elections.
 (Hey, Honeybabe - not while the Supreme Whores are on the payroll)

 Rush said is was murder, "It's not the baby's fault - either way," which means
 he just called HIS president a baby-killer.  Smirk is OK with child-murder in the
 cases of rape and incest, which begs the question,

 "But Rush, isn't that baby blame-free, too?"

 Rush doesn't mind a little child-murder if there's a tax cut in it for him,
 but that wasn't even the most outrageous moment.

 This pro-choice Nazi informed Rush the reason she wanted to allow more abortions
 is because she was tired of her hard-earned tax dollars keeping poor kids alive.

 The true feelings of the Republican party actually found a little air time.

 "Fuck 'em" has always been their motto behind closed doors.
 This Nazi sow must've missed the memo, because she actually said it on the air.

 El Vulgarro immediately hit the "abort caller volume" button and scolded her,
 telling she needed to have "more compasion for America's poor children."
 Gag me with a fucking swastika.

 When the most vulgar of all Pigboys preaches compassion for America's poor,
 that's a guarantee that the Second Coming is upon us.

 You know what that means...

 Back the Dog You Got
    by Christian (M) Livemore

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 Smirk picks Cock-Hunter Ashcroft for Attorney General

 In a clear signal that America deserves another few years on Clinton's cock,
 Smirk has named the religiously-insane, better-than-you John Ashcroft as AG.
 This is the bastard who needed "more and more details" of which of Monica's
 naughty bits Bill touched, when, how long, in what order, etc etc etc etc.

 He might as well have nominated Hardon Kenny, himself.

 Rumors have swirled around Missouri for years that Ashcroft fathered
 several (don't know the word) with various donkeys in Missouri.
 The famous tale of the stubborn Missouri mule?
 That was Ashcroft's ancestors, "messing with" the farm animals.
 This asshole is BIG trouble.

 "A slap in the face to human rights," is what one observer called it.

 This is bad, bad news for centrists and sane people.
 In a few hours, we'll have lots more ammunition.
 How long before Free Speech becomes a thing of the past?

 ...and I'll bet you STILL don't own any guns.

 That's the bad news.
 The worst news?

 I expect the Democrats to roll over and confirm every religiously-insane,
 big-government, invasive Cro-Mag monster that Smirk wants to install.
 God, if we only had some Democrats with balls, someone willing to fight!

 But no, we're Democrats.

 "We don't want to raise a ruckus."
 "We want to work with Smirk, we want to get along."
 "We pledge our cooperation to work with the appointed idiot."
 "We want a honeymoon for Smirk."

 We'd rather beg the rapist to "be gentle" than try to fight back.
 After all, if we fight back, the Republicans might get angry.

 I'm fucking sick.
 How did we become the party without balls?
 How did we become the party of scared little girls?

 For the holidays, we get The Emasculation Proclamation.

 Merry Christmas, America.

 About your contributions...

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 ...more than ever.

From: dwrob@conncoll.edu

Subject: The Inauguration

I have been a supporter of your point of view for some time now.
I think that the right wing fights dirty !...but.... I do not want to join them in the mud pit.

I am not willing to support people who want to give fascist salutes at the inauguration of the Smirk.
Fuck that shit.
Turn our back on the new president ?...
fuck that shit.
We need to show some class and respect before we turn into THEM.


Phil, good point.
I don't think showing disrespect will be very effective,
but let me ask you a question about "fighting dirty."

If your choices are "fighting dirty" or losing, what would you pick?
We're not talking about cheating at football or rigging a beauty contest.
We're fighting the people who tried their best to un-elect Clinton
and who were successful at un-electing Gore.

In the "Contribution" piece above, I used the parallel of rape.
If a woman is about to be raped, and her only way ourt is gouging her
car keys into the rapist's eyes, should she "fight dirty" or surrender?

I have a feeling in this case, you'd say "fight dirty," so that makes our
only disagreement whether or not Smirk poses a real threat.

It's my opinion once we lose the right to vote - that's a real threat.

What's your opinion?

 Historical Marker

Above, you see one of the two votes that counted in 2000.
Scalia had the other one, so in that respect, Smirk won 2 out of 2 votes.
That's a landslide - 100 percent!

So Smirk does have a mandate, after all.

 Smirk's Lesbian Daughters a la South Park

THE creators of the obscenely popular "South Park" portray Smirk's daughters
as incestuous lesbians in an early script for their upcoming sitcom.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker's big-budget live-action Comedy Central show,
"Family First"  set to debut in mid-March, is billed as a "political comedy"
sitcom-satire centered around the president's home life.

Parker has said the show will be "barely legal. We're going to fuck with  reality."

The main characters are Smirk, Pickles, and their hot 19-year-old twin daughters
Barbara and Jenna, who, according to casting notes, are not only "sexy and beautiful,"
but "their 'sisterly' love would raise anyone's eyebrows."

In the script for one audition scene obtained by Aintitcoolnews.com,
Barbara nestles her face into Jenna's fur bustier. Then Jenna tries to get
her lips around an enormous candy cane that Barbara holds in her lap.

ha ha

"It's so big, I can hardly get it in my mouth," Jenna says, while Barbara admonishes,
"Don't bite it!" When Dick Cheney enters and does a double-take, Jenna asks,
"You want a suck, Dick?" sending the vice president into cardiac arrest.
Jenna shrugs and continues licking away.

"This was a sample script that they decided to use for casting purposes," said Comedy Central
spokesman Tony Fox. "There are plans to include the twin Bush daughters in the show.
They will be very hot and sexy, but the use of their names is where reality ends.

"There's no specific bisexuality or lesbianism at the moment. But knowing Matt and Trey,
it will be very provocative and eye-opening."

 Behind Colin Powell's Legend: Part One
  by Robert Parry  (one of the best)

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 Debate Curse

 Well, the debate curse struck again.
 We had a good crowd, and were all ready to go,
 but then the chat-room overlords closed the room for maintenance.

 When it came back online 15 minutes later, the victim, I mean my opponent Snopes
 had some kind of browser problem that prevented him from typing.

 ...or so he claims.

 We tried to move it to the posting forum, but that didn't work, either.
 Snopes said it was mid-afternoon in Dingoland, and there was too much traffic.

 ...or so he claims.

 We agreed to try it another time, but since it's always mid-afternoon in Dingoland
 when it's evening here, we may have to try it on a weekend.

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