Volume 363 - Dude, Where's My Mandate?

 December 21, 2000

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 UPDATE - It's 9:13 K-Drag time, the forum has crashed.
 They say they'll be back up in 15 - let's hope so.

 Debate - TONIGHT - 9PM CST
 BartCop prosecutes the Snopes Monkey Trial

 Snopes, the Australian Dingo  vs  No-Mercy BartCop

 Snopes has been pre-qualified, so this should be worth a glance.
 He's sent 16 "talking points," and he wants to have them explained to him.
 ha ha
 The medium-sized hammer needs to have the carbon blown out.
 Satisfaction guaranteed or double your money back.

 Clinton Prepared to 'Stand And Fight'


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Clinton said in an interview he
was prepared to "stand and fight" if he was indicted after leaving office.

My man!
He knows how to fight!

In an interview with CBS News Monday, Clinton said he wanted to rest for a while after
leaving the White House, mused about some of his political adversaries, and said he didn't
have a clue if Hillary might run for president.

Dan Rather asked Clinton if he expected to be indicted by Ray the Scumbag.

"Look, I don't have any idea. I don't have any control over that and I don't spend much time
thinking about it," he said.

Asked if he thought Smirk might pardon him, Clinton said: "I haven't given any thought to
that. But I doubt it. I mean, no, I haven't thought about that."

"Since I don't believe I should be charged, I don't want that," he added.
"If that's what they want, I'll be happy to stand and fight."

Go Bill!
Since he's been president, he hasn't been free to fight.
He had to reply on surrogates, but as an ex-president, I assume he'll go on Crossfire
and other shows and defend himself - can't wait for that!

Clinton, asked to say the first thing that came into his mind on a host of topics, offered
some trenchant observations on his eight years in office and on his many adversaries.
Asked about the investigation of Whitewater, he replied:

"Biggest bogus issue in modern American politics. Classic -- it was a fraud from the
get-go and a lot of the people that were propagating it knew it was a fraud," he said.

Newt Gingrich  came off relatively well: "A brilliant adversary, and a complicated man."
Not so for Tom DeLay, the partisan whore scumbag who is known for his bare-knuckled
tactics in enforcing discipline within his party.

"My problem with him is his whole view about how you should treat your opponents is very
different from mine," Clinton said. "He's got a total scorch-and-burn policy -- take them out,
whatever the cost, whatever you have to do."

Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel who presided over the investigation into Clinton's
affair with Lewinsky and his dissembling to conceal it, also came in for some harsh words.

"They put him in there because Robert Fiske was a fair, balanced man and the whole thing
was going to be over before the '96 election and they didn't want that," Clinton said.
"So they put him in there; said drag it out and get a bigger body count ...
 he did just what he was supposed to."

 How President Bush got away with his misdeeds crimes
  By Carla Binion

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 Stupid Rush Quotes

 "The democrats are doing all they can to take away Bush's mandate."

 But Pigboy, he lost the popular vote.
 How could he have a mandate when America voted for the other guy?

 Shania Twain's Come on Over has hit sales of 18,000,000
 making her the top-selling female recording artist of all time.

 Think sex appeal had anything to do with it?
 Unlike Britney's big American breasts, north-of-the-border Shania
 writes her own songs, she can read cue cards and she can actually sing.

 There's a bunch of good stuff at  www.gorewon2000.net

 Do you think the whore press will check every Smirk appointment
 to see if they paid Social Security taxes on their nannies, their lawn boys,
 their pool boys, their limo drivers, their caddies, their private pilots etc?

 Or will Smirk get a free pass there, too?

 Tina says Hi...

 "Just a reminder that you can support bartcop.com  with your Visa card.
  Bart says if enough people use their Visa card through PayPal,
  he'll let me model some sexy outfits for you."

 Whore of the Week

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 Warning: Strong language alert

Dave's Top Ten Questions George W. Bush Asked President Clinton

10."What's the name of that big building shaped like a pentagon?"

 9."Where do you want me to forward your subpoenas?"

 8."Can I buy your '92 inaugural speech from you?"

 7."Who does a guy have to execute to get a drink around here?"

 6."Lemme get this straight -- you won an election without a brother as governor?"

 5."How can I tell Cheney to start wearing a shirt to meetings
     without hurting his feelings?"

 4."Dude, where's my car?"

 3."In that movie 'Independence Day' did the Martians really blow up the White House?"

 2."Do you think the young lady could stop that until we're finished talking?"

 1."Which one of these is the Bat-Phone?"

 Excellent column by Jim Higdon

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 Do me a favor and record this URL somewhere.


 This is the address of the  bartcop.com  forum.
 Should  bartcop.com  ever go dark  for some reason,
 I could still get messages to you there, because it's not on my system.

 So put that in your address book or in your phone number list in case of emergency.
 We don't expect to have one, but that's why they call them "emergencies."

 Did you know this ignorant son of a bitch spent $39 million trashing Hillary?

 They always knew they would lose, but they also knew America would
 tolerate attacks on her during a campaign, so the whites-only GOP gave
 this lightweight bastard $39,000,000 to trash Hillary.

 ...and what did Hillary do to the bullying piece of shit?

Great Oreo Quotes

"I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and well-placed
managed to wangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units during Vietnam.
Of the many tragedies of Vietnam, this raw class discrimination strikes me
as the most damaging to the ideal that all Americans are created equal and
owe equal allegience to their country."
     -- Colin Powell, Smirk's cabanaboy

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

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 Losing my Religion
    by Frances Albertson

 At a time when I needed my faith reaffirmed, it was further challenged.
 Losing my religion became easier as the days and months passed because of
 the beating Christianity took at the mouths of pseudo-Christians like Jerry Falwell,
 Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Henry Hyde, Ralph Reed, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr,
 Dan Burton and the biggest hypocrite of all, William Bennett.
 These characters preach hatred from behind a facade of Christianity.

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 Thanks to onlinejournal.com

 December 20, 2000 

 USA Today TV critic says tonight's West Wing is killer

 Robert Bianco says the West Wing people thought Brad Whitford (Josh)
 deserved the Emmy last year, so they wrote this show for him so they could
 submit his performance to the Academy of I'm-better-than-yous.

   by Judith Haney

December 20, 2000

Dubya did DC today.
He got to ride on the Ferris wheel, ride the bumper cars, and see the fat lady sing.
And, he got to meet the President of the United States.

Seeing Dubya sitting there with the President today and knowing that in a few short weeks
he will assume the office of President gave me pause.
Why you ask?

The answer to that question isn't a simple one.
It would be easy to blow Dubya off as the rank amateur that he is. But that would be too easy a shot.
And easy shots are unethical when it comes to characterizing a substantially inferior individual like Dubya.
No, the reason is more complicated.

To begin with, Dubya's resume tells us that he is not prepared for the job he is about to assume.
Secondly, Dubya's 'performance' today showed us a side of him that foretells bad things to come.
Specifically, he got snippy with veteran reporter Helen Thomas who has been hanging around the
White House since before Dubya was born.

When Helen interjected her two cents worth into the discussion during a press conference,
Dubya verbally pounced on her and told her he "hadn't finished yet."

His tone of voice and demeanor didn't sound nice.
It didn't sound like a man in control of himself.
It didn't sound presidential.

Dubya looked and sounded hostile and arrogant while the cameras were rolling and the world was watching.
And the reason Dubya looked and sounded hostile and arrogant is because he is hostile and arrogant!
Dubya's anger and hostility is one of his character flaws we are going to have to learn to put up with.
After all, he is the president!

So, lookout White House press corp.
Watchout feisty reporters who ask difficult questions.
Dubya will get testy, and arrogant, and hostile.
And he will make fools of you whenever he can get a clean shot at you.
And he will do it in front of the world with the cameras rolling.

Speaking for my 'own' self...hey Dubya?
Take your best shot you amateurish lil' weenie!

Judith Haney, Editor

From:   Steven.Bennett@bytesys.com

Subject:   Bush Inauguration

I read the letter from the gentleman suggesting the facist salute and the chanting of "Sieg Heil"
during the ceremony.  While that does sound dramatic, I'm afraid that action could very well
result in the DC cops getting involved and charges of inciting a riot being made.  I therefore
offer the following suggestion and it's one used by the nazis themselves in 1933 in the Reichstag.

All of us outraged patriots meet beforehand at a central location...go as an unified group...and when
the little corporal takes the oath....we execute an about face and turn our backs to the grandstand
and bow our heads.  It's peaceful..non threatening...and the media will jump on it like white on rice
if there are enough people involved.

And the cops can't do a damn thing about it.
And it will be the first time in US history the crowd at an inaugaration showed public disapproval.

Steven Bennett

 There's lots of good stuff at ironictimes.com  but click below to read the
 Celebrity Sandwich menu

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 Another Report from Nick Barlow
   Chief Overseas Correspondent for  bartcop.com

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Supreme Court Rules for Genslab in 5-4 Decision
Justice Thomas Writes Majority Decision

>From the Bartcop News Network
   (by BSmasher)

The Supreme Court has ruled in a 5-4 decision in the case of Ditto Monkeys,
et al. v Genslab & bartcop.com, allowing Genslab, bartcop forum owner to exclude
"persons of objectionable conservative character" from the  bartcop.com  forum.
Justices' Thomas, Scalia, Renquiff, O'Connor, and Kennedy voted the majority.

Genslab, forum owner was happy with the decision.
"I knew it was going to close," he said. "I am grateful to all the little people who have
given me support in the case and I am happy we prevailed.
Ditto Monkeys will think twice before they start calling me 'baconslab' again."

Scumbuster, lead plaintiff for the Ditto Monkeys called the decision, "A rotten day for freedom,
a wrong decision by a bunch of liberal, commie cheaters." "Scummie" went on to say, "this aint over."

Birdbath, another Ditto Monkey plaintiff said, "******* **** ********** ****heads!"

Justice Thomas speaking before an exaltation of high school students gave his
reasoning for the decision and said the justices did not reach an opinion just on a lark.

 "The Genslab case was very similar to the case where the boy scouts didn't want to accept gays
in their organization. I am aware that gays have been taking it up the ass for years, but if the
organization is private, say like the NAACP, and you apply for membership, and you meet all
criteria for membership, but you are a consve...I mean a Klansman, the private organization does
not have to accept you. Same with the Genslab board. It's not a free speech issue."

Justice Thomas went on to tell the high school students that he really did prefer Long Dong Silver
over Big John Holmes, saying it was just "artistic  differences."

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

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Paul Begala Shoots the Bull

During the campaign,  Bush was very disciplined about having almost daily photo-ops
with black folks -- especially children.  He spoke often and earnestly about his commitment
to racial equality.  But talk is cheap and voters are smart.  They figured out that Bush opposes
affirmative action (which Colin Powell supports).  They figured out that Bush wants to take
money away from cash-starved public schools and divert it to elite, private academies.

They figured out that Bush has a callous and cavalier attitude toward the death penalty
- executing a grandmother, a woman who was a born-again Christian, people whose lawyers
slept through their trials, and trying to execute a retarded man -- each on the basis of a
15-minute verbal briefing.  And they figured out that when it took courage to stand for
racial justice, Bush was a coward.  He refused to go to Jasper, Texas to comfort the
family of James Byrd after he was lynched behind that pickup truck.


Yesterday, Bush promised right-wing leader Tom DeLay that he would not allow "them"
(whoever "they" are) to drive a wedge between the modern-day Atilla the Hun and him.

Good for you, George.
You stick like glue to Tom DeLay and even Justice Scalia won't be able to deliver you a second term.

 Colin Powell - not as innocent as they want us to believe.

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  From:  Texas Monthly Magazine, Jan 2001

  Fill in the blanks with what George W. Bush really said.

  l. "I don't think we need to be _______________ about the differences
  between our views on prescription drugs."
  (a) subliminal (b) subliminable (c) sublime (d) key lime

  2. "It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil.
       More and more of  our imports come from ________."
  (a) Iraq (b) Iran (c) I dunno (d) overseas

  3. "A tax cut is really one of the ______ to coming out of an  economic illness"
  (a) antidotes (b) anecdotes (c) antipodes (d) ante up

  4. "We don't believe in planners and ______ making the decisions on behalf of Americans."
  (a) deciders (b) decisivists (c) decisioners (d) deciduous

  5. "Reading is the ______ for all learning."
  (a) basis (b) basics (c) first base (d) home plate

  6. The senator (can't) have it both ways. He can't take the _____  and then claim the low road."
  (a) high road (b) high horse (c) hyena (d) interstate

  7. "This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation.
   It's what you do when you run for president. You gotta __________."
  (a) persevere (b) preserve (c) strawberry preserves (d) jam

  8. "We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation ____________
  (a) hostage (b) hostile (c) hostel (d) hospital

  9. What was Bush talking about when he said, "It's going to require IRA agents?
  (a) Irish foreign policy (b) terrorism (c) individual retirement accounts  (d) Gore's tax-cut plan

  l b, 2 d, 3 b, 4 a, 5 b, 6 b, 7 b, 8 b, 9 d

From: brew@thedailybrew.com

Subject: Why are you so hard on Gore?

I don't get you, BC.
You seem to be mad at Gore for losing the election; like he ran a bad campaign.
But the fact is, HE WON!
Not only did he get the most votes nationally, he got the most votes in Florida too.
And he did it with one Nader tied behind his back.

First, I love a spirited debate!
Look at it like a boxing match.
When you fight in your opponent's home town, you can't barely out-point him
and expect the judges to give you the victory you deserve.
You have to kick his ass so hard that the judges can't award victory
to the guy taken from the ring on a stretcher.

We both think Gore won, but the judges saw it differently.
Gore should never have let this go to the judges.

You might think if he had stressed choice, or hammered Smirk's character,
or embraced Clinton, or a billion other strategies, he might've pulled more votes,
and I might agree, but it is just as likely that any of those strategies might've cost him votes, too.

I think it's safe to say Gore didn't "pull out all the stops."
Nobody can say Gore did everything he could to win.
He constantly passed up chances to make Smirk look bad.
It was tho he refused to win ugly, so Smirk won ugly.

Any criticism you or I may have about the race he ran is pure conjecture.
We can play Monday morning quarterback to his election strategy all day long,
but the one thing that isn't conjecture is that the strategy he picked ACTUALLY WORKED!

True, but he didn't get a knockout.
Handled correctly, I seriously think he could've beaten Smirk up so badly in those debates
that Smirk might've said, "No mas - I just don't want it this badly" and left the stage.
As I've said, his total surrender to Smirk in the debate rules cost him the election.
Even being nice, he could've said, "George, name the members of NATO,"
and when Smirk said he didn't know, Gore could've looked in the camera and said,
"America, it's important to have competent people in charge."
It would've been so goddamn easy, but Gore refused to fight.

It seems to me that any criticism of Gore for what happened in Florida at this point
is like blaming the victim for the rape.

Hmmmm, I disagree.
Gore should've won 400 electoral votes.
He was running against a total idiot.

At the end of the day, Gore did everything he needed to do to win,
but he was fucked by Jeb and Katherine Harris.
You might think he let himself get fucked, but come on.
How the hell was he supposed to stop it?

Gore was behind by 10 points most of the campaign.
His best chance was to knock him out in the debates.
When Gore gave up his right to ask Smirk direct questions, and demand answers,
he put his fate in the hands of the whore press. That was a fatal error as we now know.

Some people say, "But Smirk would've REFUSED to debate Gore that way."

Let him try to dodge the debates.
We put BrainSmasher in a chicken costume to follow Smirk around.
The press would ask Smirk at every stop (because it's good theater)
"Why are you afraid to debate?"

I wasn't the only one expecting Gore to murder him in the debates.
The whole country expected that - even the vulgar Pigboy - thus the famous phrase,
"All I had to do is show up and get my name right and I win."

It would've been so goddamn easy, but Gore refused to fight.

 Bob Schieffer - you're a bad liar and a pitiful whore for the GOP.

Should Smirk be impeached for voter fraud in Florida?

Vote at  http://www.american-politics.com

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

"If W puts Allan Keyes in an important cabinet post,
  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be so mad they'll have babies.
  I'm not kidding, they would literally have babies."

 Uh, your Oinkness...
 What country did you grow up in?
 Some people say, "mad enough to have a cow," or "mad enough to shit bricks,"
 but "mad enough to have baby?"

 Have the cordical islands in your stroke-addled brain eroded that badly?
 Or are you just that stupid?

 "Mad enough to have a baby?"

 You'd think a fellow Nazi would help him out...
 Marta, are you hoping he'll stroke out and leave you the millions?

Subject: Spamming the BartCop Forum

Seems a conservative named Hooz has taken a personal dislike to gay on your site,
and is requesting posters from his board to spam your board.
What is interesting here, Hooz is the moderator on his site!
I thought I would pass this along to you to do as you wish.

Hi There. Did you notice that "Hooz," the moderator at "The Duck Blind"
http://www.heyduck.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000471.html is advocating spamming your site???
Here is his 12-09-2000 post;

"Wanna have some fun?
"Come register and post at this forum filled with bonafied queer-bait liberals!

 Click here: http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/82850(the bartcop.com forum)

"Bring up a topic and state your position and see how long it takes them
  to start calling you names. Try it now!!"


Did you know that Hooz has an email account? hooz@heyduck.com
Did you know that Hooz has a homepage?

Did you know Hooz is a retired scum living off the government teat?

Did you know Hooz has an address? Copyright 2000
Hoosier Jim's, Inc.
RR 5 Box AM 20
Spencer, IN 47460

So, I went to his page and posted this:


You could stand up like a man and face me.
Maybe that hit-and-run girlie stuff works with Republicans,
but real men stand up and confront me - or is that too scary for you?

Every Thursday I debate ditto-heads.
Are you man enough to debate me live?

Or would you rather ring the doorbell and run, like a little girl?


They're all alike:
They talk REAL BIG until I invite them to a debate.
Then they shrivel up and slither away like worms.

If he does show up, I'm make him my bitch,
so his "queer" hating friends will get to see him bray like a donkey.


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From: TIME_Magazine@TIME.m0.net

Dear Bart Cop:

Now more than ever, your gift of TIME magazine will be appreciated every week.
That's because when you give the gift of TIME, you are giving someone the nation's
#1 newsweekly, filled with all the award-winning news coverage, entertainment reviews
and in-depth commentary that will help you keep up in the year 2001 and beyond!

 I used to like you guys, I was even a subscriber.
 But then you had that fixation on Clinton's cock and turned into a whore magazine.
 Go to hell.


 Then I got this:

Thank you for contacting Time Customer Service.
Your message was received at 2:32:05 PM on 12/20/00

Your message will be forwarded to a representative as soon as possible for review.
You will receive a response within two business days.

Yeah, have the boss call me.
I'll straighten him out.

From: skisics@yahoo.com

Subject: Ode to Bill Clinton

 by Guns 'n Roses

When we look back eight short years
We see deficits restrained
But the right wing denies you
'Cause you know that they're insane

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we all know fortunes change
And it's hard to hold a candle
To Bill's successful reign

We've been through Tom Delay's made up crimes
Just tryin' to kill Bill's reign
These losers always come and losers always go
And no one's really sure who's gonna go today
Walking away

If we could take the time
To look past their tired lies
You could rest assured
Just knowin' that Bill was fine
Just fine
So if you want to just see
Those people are to blame
Or they'll just end up lyin'
About Bill's successful reign

Don't you see this time...Bill you owe
Don't you see the crime...was Tom's alone
Everybody sees some time...Bush will blow
Don't you know we need some time...all alone

We know it's hard to keep an open heart
When even friends seem out to harm you
But if you could heal the broken parts
No way they can out-charm you

Don't you see this time...Bill you owe
Don't you see the crime...was Tom's alone
Everybody sees some time...Bush will blow
Don't you know we need some time...all alone

And when our fears subside
And shadows still remain
We know that you did you best
Now only Bush is left to blame
So never mind his darkness
We still can find a way
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even a cruel, fraud Bush reign

(musical ending, words in background):

Don't ya think that you need somebody
Don't ya think that you need someone
Everybody wants Bill Clinton
He was the only one
Bush'll never be the one

 Aerosmith and Lip Sync to perform at Super Bowl

 NEW YORK (AP) - Aerosmith and 'N Sync, two of music's biggest acts, will headline
 the halftime show of the Super Bowl on Jan. 28 in Tampa. The game is expected to draw
 130 million viewers in the United States and 750 million worldwide.
 The halftime show will be produced by MTV.

 Should Aerosmith be lip-synching alonside those effeminate teenage boys?
 Why would they agree to do this?
 How many millions is enough?
 Do they no longer consider themselves artists?
 Should artists take money they don't need for publicity they don't need
 to fraud a performance for a football crowd?

 I know ZZ Top did it last year, but that wasn't right, either.
 It's probably a little different to lip-synch the National Anthem,
 because even good singers screw that up and forget the words,
 but why would these 30-year veterans join N' Synch for this hoax?

 I wonder - will they fake a rock song or a tear-jerker for the Britney Spear's fans?

 Speaking of Britney Spears

 Her big American breasts agreed to host Dick Clark's American Music Awards
 on January 8th, but Dick says she can't read and heave her breasts at the same time
 so LL Cool J, who hasn't missed an awards show in the last 15 years, will "help."

 She's in show business and can't read cue cards?

 Let's see:
 1. She can't act.
 2. She can't sing.
 3. She can't dance.
 4. She can't read.
 5. She can't write songs.

 How can she make a living in show business?
 Oh, that's right.
 She displays her won-the-lottery body.
 Men are pigs, how could I forget?

 She's the biggest star on the planet.

 More Bad News about Tejas

 Click  Here

 Somebody wrote yesterday and asked who was doing the killer graphics on the front page.
 I can't find your e-mail now, but it's Art at  noorvik@nycap.rr.com

 As far as I know, Art's the only one doing that particular kind of art.

    Got plans for Thursday at 9 PM CST?

     Check out this latest salvo from Snopes, the Australian Rotweiller:

     Democrats Live In A Strange World

     Life on Planet Democrat is weird.
     Up is down.
     White is black.

     1) Newt gets $4.5 million for his book but has to give it all back because it's improper
     to profit from being in office. But Hillary gets $8 million and keeps it all, despite winning office.

     2) W. is told by Democrats that his margin of victory is so small he has no mandate for his tax plan.
     But Kennedy's margin was tiny, and he had a mandate to fund the moon landing program, begin the
     war in Vietnam, and sleep with Marilyn Monroe.

     3) W. has an average academic record and is called stupid.
     Gore has an average acdemic record and is called intelligent.

     4) When the Supreme Court votes in favor of W., it is partisan.
     When the Florida Supremes vote in favor of Gore, they are just and honest.

     5) When Perot takes 20% of the conservative vote, it's an affirmation of democracy.
     When Nader takes 3% of the Democrat vote, it destroys democracy.

     6) Welfare cuts are bad. Except when Clinton introduces them.

     The list goes on and on and on ...

     Oh, yeah, I'm starting to salivate over this one.
     The last couple of debates weren't too thrilling because we struggled for topics.

     Bird is half liberal, agreeing with BartCop-ism on several subjects,
     Mr Conservative kept asking. "Why is there air?"
     Oganti was mostly a soul brother,

     ...but the AR is telegraphing his attacks days in adcance.

     It's like I'm deposing him, and he forgot to arrange to depose me.
     It's almost like cheating to see his cards, then bet, but hey,
     if you walk in the tiger cage and pull on his tail, you can't be
     too surprised when the tiger spins around and has dinner, right?

     ha ha


     Be there!

 Remember Vic, the racist dog where I work?

 Well, I had to pay him the $50 since I (sorta) lost the election bet.
 I tried to weasel out, saying our bet was over who won the election,
 but we both knew that wouldn't really fly.

 So I paid him, and then he cracks a pretty good joke:
 "Don't nobody make a bet with BartCop.
   I did - and it took the goddamn Supreme Court to settle it."

 ha ha

 Not bad for a racist pig.
 ...and then he turns around and buys me a bottle of Chinaco for Christmas.

 Sometime, if there's ever time, I'd like to kick around the idea of a nice racist pig.
 We have those, you know.
 This Vic dude is honest, loyal to his boss, generous - he has a lot of good traits.
 On top of that, he has four sons, two of which are gay.
 He gets along with his gay sons just fine, and sometimes I think he goes into all that
 "nigger and faggot" talk just to hear me tell him to knock it off.

 Oklahoma - it's like a whole other country.

 Giant Bag O' Mail and Toons

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