Volume 365 - The Clampdown

 December 23, 2000



 ...but that idiot Smirk will still lead us into war and recession like his daddy,
 and he'll only appoint judges who will help steal future elections, too.

 When did we lose our country?
 Was it in 1994 when the scared-bunny Democrats refused to stand
 with Clinton on the Health care proposal?

 When the GOP attacked Bill and Hillary saying,
 "If they pass this, unqualified black men will be doing surgery on your children"
   (I heard G Gordon Liddy say that myself, so don't write)  so naturally the all-white fascists
 beat that drum as loud as they could to scare the racists into fearing Health Care reform.

 "We can't let Clinton fix Health care - why, it's eating one out of seven dollars.
   We can't attack a problem that big. We should ignore it, instead."

 And what did the scared-bunny Democrats do?

 They fucking apologized, saying, "We're sorry Clinton is such a radical man"
 instead of saying, "You're goddamn right we need to fix a system where
 they charge $200 for an aspirin, or $500,000 for a heart attack."

 That's when Newt took over,

 then the cock hunt began,

 then Helms, Sentelle and Faircloth hires Hardon Kenny because the honest
 investigators were unable or unwilling to fabricate crimes against Clinton,

 then the Supreme Whores ruled Paula's lawsuit was "a really good idea,"

 Reminder: Paula told Joe Conason, "I wanted to settle this lawsuit, but Susan Carpenter
 McWhore and John Whitehead said I shouldn't settle, that it was better to keep on..."

 And the Supreme Court backed Paula and Falwell and Bennett and the rest,
 forcing an end to attorney/client priviledge,
 forcing the Secret Service to testify against him,
 those partisan liars on the Supreme Court ruled against Clinton with the same
 "we're not playing politics" charade they used against Gore a month ago.

 "Oh, that's TERRIBLE," said non-partisan Judge Sandra Day O'Conner,
 former head of the Arozona Republican Party,
 when she heard Gore had won Florida on election night.

 ...allllll because the Democrats didn't have the courage to stand up in 1994.

From: thissteve@yahoo.com

Subject: big day

Frankly, I don't get it.  You're going to break your bank attracting visitors,
and it seems like those visitors will break Perkel's bank with all their traffic.
Have your other problems gone away or something?

I mean, if all these people are customers for a business, of course massive advertising works.
But you apparently have nothing more than a potential spike in contributions.

I don't want bartcop.com to stay small either, but unless you know something I don't,
I also don't want all those new visitors to come back next week and find a crashed server.

(You will tell us where the ads are when the time comes, right?)


Everything I've written is true. (At least about this :)
For reasons I don't fully get, Perkel said the costs were killing him
so he has moved  bartcop.com  "back to the old server."
The new server had advantages, but I don't know what they are.

This means I'm suddenly free to run cartoons again, but for how long?
We're on borrowed time, which might end tomorrow or might end in 2010.

Part of the reason for the "giant flare" would be to attract people who might
be able to smooth the ride. Maybe I'll get lucky and attract an advertiser or two
who wants to pay to have their product or website on  bartcop.com

Every day we get some mail saying "Just found you!"
We need to get more mail like that.

I think the only way we could have a catastrophe is if the old server shuts down
on the 19th. If that happens, I'll get out the credit card and buy enough "traffic"
or whatever it's called to see if there's an "angel" in the newest mail.

By the way, the site for the "big flare" is Salon.com
We checked everywhere, they had the right combination of good demographics
and price, and they're 20 times bigger than  bartcop.com

We'll just pray to Koresh our luck is good..
I know there will be criticism for whichever move I make, so I call can do is
try to stay afloat and keep pounding on Smirk, Rush and the Cro-Mags.

 Too Many Girlie Pictures

 Click  Here

From: jasto@erols.com

Subject: Your Site

Love your site, it's cathartic.
I may be losing my republican friends because of my sending them your rants,
but it's so hard to let the election theft go.

I've taken to responding to every store clerk that says "how are you?" by saying
"I've been in a bad mood since the supreme court stole the election."

Since I live in a very conservative place, watching the double takes is fun
- and hopefully I can make it safe for others to think this!


ha ha

Give 'em hell, Laurie!

From: postroad@hotmail.com

Subject: The Ruby Tape

I just read the following (below) but when I went to find the pages
and sound mentioned, they had been taken away.
Any explanation?


>I Found It
>Years ago, I claimed I had this tape of Jack Ruby - confessing!
>Last time I saw this tape broadcast was 1978.

>Nobody ever mentions this tape, but it's for real.
>When they do a JFK retro-spective, they NEVER play this clip.

>You want to get a copy of this.
>Nobody has this tape.
>If anybody else had a copy of this, you would've heard it by now, right?
>Nobody can tell you this isn't real because it is real.

>Make a copy, on your hard drive, so it doesn't get lost in the future

Click  Here  to hear Ruby explain the conspiracy as an 

Click  Here  to  save it forever  on your hard drive as an MP3 (recommended)

I recommend you download this, because at the first hint of "traffic trouble"
it'll need to come back down - it's a bandwidth hog.

>This is the real Jack Ruby, I've seen the film myself - I have the tape, saying that
>the real truth will never come out because the people involved are too high up in government
>and had too much to lose so the truth will remain buried forever.

>Gee, it sounds a lot like the Iran-Contra pardons.

>...and don't even try to tell me this is a fake.

Fred, when the "bankrupt" panic hit, I took down all the sound files.
Sound files are huge.

We are in a temporary reprieve, so I put it back up.
Thanks for asking, I forgot.

 Just Fred has really jazzed up his web site.
  What his address?


 Great Democrat Quotes

 I still maintain that Bush can be brainwashed with an eyedropper.
    --  Sabutai

From: JOgburn710@aol.com

Subject: Why are we such assholes?

Even though I am a conservative I love your site BC, because even though I
disagree with you on most issues I agree with you on a more fundamental issue:
most conservatives are retarded assholes.

As a conservative, this troubles me greatly and even more so, it troubles me
that I cannot comprehend why.  Given that you are an outsider to the conservative
movement, I was wondering if you could help me answer why conservatism,
a political philosophy  which is hundreds of years old and claims some of history's
great minds  (e.g., Alexander Hamilton, John Adams), is today dominated exclusively
by the memory of a likable simpleton (Reagan) and a vulgar, draft-dodging,
welfare-receiving college dropout (Rush)?

Why do conservatives lionize a draft-dodging coke addict (Smirk)?
Why do conservatives obsess in a frightening manner over the Clintons
(their sex lives, their pasts, their daughter, etc.)?

Why do conservatives simply repeat the same childish mantras that Rush
feeds them over and over again (Rule of law, Algore, Liberals always blah blah)?

Why doesn't Colmes just bring a revolver to work, take it out during the show
and say to Hannity, "You were right, gun control sucks.  Feel like interrupting anyone?"
Why Bartcop, why?
Why are we such assholes?

Ike Ogburn, the Self-defeating Conservative

P.S.  No, I will not debate you, you lovable liberal bastard.  As you can
tell, I'm too demoralized by this entire Smirk debacle to debate anyone but
myself, much like Rush, the original master debater.

Ike, I think the GOP is scared.
Like a schoolyard bully who's afraid he won't fit in, Rush collects the other
scared losers and makes them feel better by attacking the innocent.

And I think if the GOP were to knock of the Clinton cock hunt and their hatred
for blacks, gays the poor and new ideas, they could build their party big enough
to win an election honestly.

Thanks for the note.
I know people will think this is a BartCop gag,
but I could read the sincerity in your words.

 Behind Colin Powell's Legend: Part Two
  by Robert Parry  (one of the best)

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Florida Bumpers Stickers


The last time somebody listened to a Bush,
folks wandered in the desert for 40 years

One person, one vote (may not apply in certain states)



Damn! Al's brother wasn't governor of Tennessee

George W. Bush: The President Quayle We Never Had

Bradley vs. McCain: Sounds Better Now, Huh?

Campaign spending: $184,000,000.
Having your little brother rig the election for you: Priceless.

I voted - Didn't matter

My parents retired to Florida and all I got was this lousy President

Nicaragua was only practice. Florida was the real thing

Disney gave us Mickey, Florida gave us Dumbo

I hope Bush wins, that way the loaded gun I'm stroking right now will be legal.

Bush trusts the people, but not if it involves counting.

Don't Blame me - I Voted With the Majority

 Hey Greenies!
 No difference between Bush and Gore?

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 Great Republican Quotes

"The tree of  liberty must be refreshed from time to time
  with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
   -- Tim (Government is the problem) McVeigh's t-shirt, April 19, 1995

 Hey, Tim.
 Don't forget the kids in that day care center...

 West Wing Moment
   buried in some old mail

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