Volume 373 - Parry and Thrust 
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 What is the rich, fat, bald guy's Ultimate Master Plan?

     "It's mine, all mine..."

 The bastard,
 He's giving the Whore Court Europe, just for going along.

Cock Hunting Clinton-Hater Trial Coming Up

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) _ A judge Thursday refused to dismiss or delay
a sexual assault case against former Green Bay Packers former-tight end Mark Chmura.

Chmura"s attorney, Gerald Boyle, had asked for either of the moves because of what he
termed "prosecutorial misconduct" in the case in which Chmura faces charges of third-degree
sexual assault and child enticement. Chmura, who refused to accompany the Packers to the
White House because Clinton is "so immoral," has been accused of raping a child at a party
at the home of his friend Robert Gessert in April.  Chmura later was thrown off the team
because the Packers don't like perverts any more than you or I do.
The trial is scheduled to begin January 23.

 Lightning Could Strike the GOP Senate
  Gail Collins of the New York Whore Times

 Click  Here   it's good stuff.

From the AP wires...

Bush still may give other officials Cabinet-level status, including the U.S. trade
representative and the ambassador to the United Nations; he is said to be considering
another Democrat, former Indiana representative Lee Hamilton, for the U.N. post.

I'll bet Robert Parry at consortiumnews.com will "be so angry, he'll have a baby," as Strokeboy puts it.
Lee Hamilton ran the House investigation that lazily accepted the word of high-level Reagan staffers
who told him "There's nothing to Iran Contra" and he shut the investigation down.

Now, he's getting his reward for assisting in the cover-up.
Son of a bitch...

 Yesterday, Hannity was buzzing about the massive back-stabbing DeeDee Myers put on Hillary,
 but other matters were pressing and I didn't get to hear it
 I believe it, because that thankless bitch has been trashing Bill and Hillary for years.
 Why else would the whore media hire George Judas Maximus and DeeDee Judessa Maximus?

 Has anyone heard the details of this latest back-stabbing?

From:  ConnieConran1@cs.com

Subject:  Your site stinks and should be banned from the internet.

 I just wanted to let you know that most Americans find you and your site a disgrace.

Connie Conran

1. My site does not stink.
    I'm just telling the truth and you must not like the way the truth smells.
2. I should not be banned from the Internet.
    It's the only medium left where you can find the whore-free truth.
    TV and radio have become Smirkified.
3. "most Americans" have not read  bartcop.com
4. My site is not a disgrace, unless you have something to hide.
5. You don't get much right, do you?
   What does "cs" stand for?
    I have a guess...

 Is now the time to be very afraid?

 Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Donald Rumsfeld
     By Robert Parry of consortiumnews.com

 Click  Here

 Equally unsurprising, former President George H.W. Bush and his about-to-be-president son
 have never explained the family's financial involvement with Rev. Moon, a messianic leader who
 has vowed to build a movement powerful enough to eliminate all individuality and freedom in
 the United States.

 Those questions also aren't likely to come up at the confirmation hearings for Donald Rumsfeld,
 who believes that the United States must now pursue an expensive missile shield  to counter
 the threat posed by North Korea.

 Trust me - read this article.
 Robert Parry is the best.

Abraham To Lead Dept. He Wanted Shut
 By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - For years, Sen. Spencer Abraham tried to abolish the
Department of Energy. Tuesday, he accepted President-elect Bush's offer to lead it.

Full Sad Story

  By Bill Press

 Click  Here

 From: efestag@mail.alac.org

 Subject:   A palindrome



(Sung to the tune of "My Sharona" by The Knack)

Ooh, Chmura, you had some fun, a little fun
Now you're gonna do some jail time, Chmura
Ooh, your motor mouth did run, jumped the gun
Tryin' to toe the right wing line, Chmura

Guess he couldn't stop, messed it up, such a dirty mind
He tried to rough it up with the young jailbaiting kind
My, my, my, my, my, whoa!
M-m-m-Mark Chmura

Look a little closer, huh, a-will ya, huh?
Hypocrisy's what we despise, Chmura
Look back at his history, and you will see
Attacked our President with lies, Chmura

Guess he couldn't stop, messed it up, such a dirty mind
He tried to rough it up with the young jailbaiting kind
My, my, my, my, my, whoa!
M-m-m-Mark Chmura

M-m-m-Mark Chmura
Where is his apology, apology?
For spreading all that right wing slime, Chmura?
P-p-penitentiary, we foresee

Just stick to football games, do you mind, Chmura?
Guess he couldn't stop, messed it up, such a dirty mind
He tried to rough it up with the young jailbaiting kind
My, my, my, my, my, whoa!
M-m-m-Mark Chmura

M-m-m-m-m-m-m-my, my, my, my, my, whoa!
M-m-m-Mark Chmura
M-m-m-Mark Chmura
M-m-m-Mark Chmura
M-m-m-Mark Chmura

(lead guitar solo)

Ooooooo-ohhh, Mark Chmura!
Ooooooo-ohhh, Mark Chmura!
Ooooooo-ohhh, Mark Chmura!

From: johnpavlik@stlnet.com

Subject: Fund Raising Idea

Hey Bartcop,

I've got a great money-making idea for you: how about a Strom Thurmond 50-50 Dead Pool?
For a buck anyone can enter (multiple entries encouraged) and whoever gets closest to the actual
retirment/resignation/death of the Senator who was 10 years old when the Titanic sank, gets half the pot,
with the rest going to support Bartcop.com. Variations could include pools guessing the day of Cheney's
next heart attack, Jesse Helms quits the Senate to work with the poor in Africa, and when Trent Lott
gets struck by lightning.

No need to thank me, BC, a simple plaque in the lobby of Bartcop Towers would do just fine.

Johnny P.

Hmmm, sounds like gambling.
Don't forget, we're about to have a religiously-insane cock hunter for AG.
They'd love an excuse to bust me.

 Joe Conason vs. John Ashcroft

 Click  Here

 Taken with his remarks to the Southern Partisan, it seems to place this nominee at a point on the American
 political spectrum from which no Cabinet member should be chosen, least of all an Attorney General.

 Before he receives a single vote of confirmation from any decent legislator, Mr. Ashcroft should be required
 to explain himselfùnot only by Democrats but by the party of Lincoln and the President-elect, who has
 told us that his own heart is free of the sin of racial hatred.

 Great Republican Quotes

 "The reason the Democrats don't like Ashcroft is..."
      -- Tony Snow, launching an hour-long tirade about some guy who killed some people.

 Tony, I could've saved you some time with one phrase:
 Religiously-insane racist bastard

 Read Joe Conason's column about "whites only" Ashcroft, the Lincoln-hater.
 Joe uses words so much better than me:

 By selecting Mr. Ashcroft to take over that office, George W. Bush has re-opened
 a debate that ought to have been settled in 1865. There are ample valid reasons to
 oppose Mr. Ashcroft, including ... his consistently poor record on civil liberties.

 But Tony Snow thinks an emotional, second-by-second embellishment of some crime
 would do a better job of persuading the less-than-informed ditto-monkey.

From: rick_stump@yahoo.com

Subject: Too much

OK, BC, I've had to make a decision, and I hate the one I have to make.

 I've been reading your pages for quite a while and I've written many times, even getting printed and
 praised by you. Very nice. But I just can't bring myself to read your stuff anymore. You are guilty of
 the same hatreds you accuse the right of and, like you, I hate a hypocrite.

 I'll bet you can't back that up.

Your continued attack on all things Catholic is no different than Bob Jones University, or the
anti-semitic bias of much of the right. If I were to replace the word 'Catholic' with the word 'Jew' in
your rants you'd think that Pat Puke-cannon wrote it.

If the Jews sold their soul, you think I'd be too shy to say so?
I don't know much about the Jews, but I was raised by Catholics.

The final straw was the newest rant about annulment.
I know for a fact that you know what an annulment means within the Church
because we traded emails about it.

What's to know?
Here's what I know: Catholics can't re-marry unless their spouse is DEAD
or you write the church a big check.

And yet you repeat the same old attacks claiming the Church is only about money and it can
be bought, etc. If I were to make similar broad statements about Jews being money hungry,
or Blacks, or Gays, you'd take me to task.

Crazy statement.
First, you can't compare minorities to churches. Blacks and gays aren't selling tickets to Heaven.
Second, where's your outrage? You're spending all these words without saying anything.
Instead of saying, "We traded e-mails about it," why don't you state your case?

You can't, because you're stuck.

You can't defend their practice, so you attack me, instead.
At least one of us is crazy, and we're both Catholic - what are the odds?

And the old "No, I don't hate Catholics I hate hypocrisy" line is as threadbare as George DWI's thinking cap.

Cute line, but what does it mean?
You don't mind the hypocrisy?
You don't mind the Catholics "winking" at Sinatra and the Kennedys?
Why is that?
A poor man wants to stay in the Church with his new wife, the Church says no.
A rich man wants to stay in the Church with his new wife, and they say, "Fine, write us a check."
What's wrong with you that you would endorse that?

How many times have you published the phrase 'as stupid as a Catholic', anti-Catholic jokes and slurs
sent in by readers, etc?

I dunno, I'll guess 114.

Hell, you often publish more comments by Catholics (and spend more time
ridiculing them for disagreeing with you) than you do comments by Repugnicans.

You don't mean that - you're upset.
People with blind-faith in a corrupt system amaze me.
If I'm angry that they sell Heaven to the highest bidder, why aren't you?
I hope you noticed I had the sensitivity and restraint not to call them whores.
Tell me, what's a good word for a religion that suspends their rules for money?

I've mentioned this before - until very recently the vast majority of Catholics were hard-core Democrats
with a solid commitment to social justice and civil rights. Now most Catholics are still committed to
social justice and civil rights but fewer and fewer vote Democrat. Why? Probably because they are tired of
being ignored or mocked by the people they would otherwise support. Before the election I wrote to you
about a study by the University of Michigan that showed about 2 million Catholics would be more likely
to vote Democrat rather than anything else if the Democratic part were to simply openly and honestly
discuss issues that are important to Catholics.
Too bad that never happened, huh?

ha ha
So, they voted for the ally of Bob Jones?
Who's mocking the Catholics intelligence level now?

I have no expectation that you'll change a thing; its a free country, after all. I assume that you'll keep
mocking Catholics and ignoring the fact that they should be the natural allies of the Left.

Richard, I give you my word, if they stop selling access to Heaven to the rich
I won't bring it up again

Oh, and wondering why Democrats keep losing.

ha ha
I cost Gore this election?
You're obviously too angry to think straight.

-Rick Stump

Rick, all those words and you've said nothing.
You insist on occupying the high horse, but you don't address the problem.
You defend a system that sells God's grace to people who don't deserve it.
Instead of trying to defend the corruption, you attack the guy pointing it out?
What's wrong with you?
You said you hate hypocrites, remember?

The second last line of my "attack" read:
If you're going to live your life as a Catholic, you should at least be able to explain why it's OK
for the rich to write the Church a check to pretend that a 20-year marriage never existed.

The reason you failed to explain is because you can't.

The Catholic Church is for sale.
I call them on it, and you consider that "Catholic-bashing?"

I'm no Bible expert - could you point me to the passage where it says
the rich people don't have to follow the rules?

 BartCop's Stock Tips

 In 17 days, Clinton will be free of 24/7 prying eyes.
 He will be free to pursue his dreams.

 Buy Pfizer - they make Viagra.

From: dennis_higgins@hotmail.com

Subject: Norman Mineta

Looks like you've got another Traitor-crat to add to your list.

I was a DNC delegate in LA.  One morning Norman Mineta spoke to our
delegation breakfast.  He went on for 10 minutes on what a disaster a
Bush presidency would be.

Now he's sold out.

I knew someone would trade their soul in, lending legitimacy to Shrub by
sitting in his Cabinet, but I would not have guessed it would be Mineta.

Have at him, BC.


I've never even heard of the guy.
And after hearing about him, I still haven't heard of the guy.

This is Smirk's idea of having a Democrat in the cabinet?

From:  tonycliftonn@yahoo.com

Subject: Ahab the Arab

Here's a nugget for ya:

I have lived in Michigan for the entirety of Spencer Abraham's senate term.
I didn't know he was "Arab-American" until this morning.

Playing the "diversity card?"
You tell me.


From: isaac3rd@mediaone.net

Subject: Catholics


The next time someone wants to paint you as a religious bigot, will you
please point out one fact?

You were raised as a Catholic and went to a Catholic school. Now it
seems to me that means you've seen it somewhat from the inside.

Contrast that to people who hate "niggers" who have never actually known
a black person, but know all about them.

Or the gay-basher who has never actaually personally known a gay person.
At least not that they were aware of.

Most people who think AIDS victims are being punished for their sins
probably haven't actually known someone with AIDS, etc., etc. At least
from what I have personally observed.

But you've been on the "inside" here, so isn't it possible that you
might have some leg to stand on to have an opinion on this? If you
didn't tell it the way you see it, you run the risk of being Ward
Connolly, a black man running around the country agitating against
affirmative action because he thinks the white man in this country is
getting the shaft. We both know that he's a whore who gets support from
the right to help pull their racist crap. And if you did other than what
you do, well sir, that would make you a whore too.

Isaac, thanks.
What I'd really like is for a Catholic to answer the question.

Why is it OK to sell God to the highest bidder?

 Josh the Hoople

 Watching the Orange Bowl, waiting for the fourth quarter "Dennis fumble..."

 Isn't it sad that Bobby Bowden broke his glasses and had to wear his wife's?
 You'd think with all his millions, he'd have a second pair.

 But the biggest bitch I have is the biased announcers.
 Everything Florida State does is "great," even tho they haven't scored a point.

 And everything Oklahoma does is "trying their best against a much better team."
 Hey, I'm not kidding myself, Oklahoma could still lose this by 30,
 but the announcers are about as "fair and impartial" as Fox News.

 Let's hope the officials don't screw up some major call, giving the championship
 to the state of Florida, of all places, if they don't deserve it.

 Last thing (for now) I never heard of that cowboy who sang the anthem,
 but I don't think he was lip-synching, I think he really sang.

 Good for him.
 I hope Aerosmith is watching the game.

 Orange Bowl Update

 Remember the Barry Switzer factor?

 Some sports writer asked Barry how he expected to do against the
 powerful "Texas scoring machine," and he said.

 "We may play to a tie."

 Puzzled, the reporter asked Barry what he meant by that.

 Barry said, "Well, I don't think Texas can score on the Selmon brothers,
 so if we don't score, the worst Oklahoma can do is a 0-0 tie."

 After three quarters,
 the powerful "Florida State scoring machine" has a goose egg.

 ...and then in the middle of the fourth quarter...

 Florida State University quarterback Chris Weinke fumbles the football as he is tackled by
 Oklahoma's Rocky Calmus during the fourth quarter, January 3, 2001 in the Fed Ex Orange Bowl.
 The fumble set up the only Sooners touchdown, with OU beating FSU 13-2 for the championship.

 ...thanks, Dude.

 Read the  Previous Issue
 It was an eye-opener.

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